TCU Exclusive: Rob DiQuattro Interview.

(All photos by Levi Marshall)

In this day and age, it is often said that web videos are pointless; that they are uploaded, viewed for less than a week, then disappear into the void that is the internet. Yet amongst all the filler clips, shaky filming and choppy editing, some web videos prove to stand the test of time. Hell, some are put together cleaner and more professionally than some DVD’s. Rob DiQuattro is no beginner to this web edit game. Chances are you’ve seen his less than serious Hood Antics edits, showcasing more of his homies clips rather than his own. I think we all knew that Rob was more than capable of producing a serious video part of his own, and only recently were our presumptions confirmed.

I met up with Rob in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio for a night of bikes and jokes around the OSU campus. The bulk of his interview occurred on the car ride there.

Where are you from, where are you now?

I’m from Medina, which is a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I currently reside in Columbus and right now I’m in Boulder, Colorado doing a bit of filming and hanging out.

What was riding like in Medina?

It kinda sucked. The scene wasn’t that strong, and it was a police town because they didn’t have anything to do so we’d get kicked out of everywhere. We rode a lot of parking lots. I feel like I can 180 really well because of Medina… That’s probably all that Medina gave me. It was really awesome to leave and move to a real scene in Columbus where people ride everyday. I don’t hate it too much, but I don’t bring my bike when I go back to Medina so I guess that says something.

So is that edit all your best footage from what, the past couple years?

Well it’s during Hood Antics 21 and 22. I don’t know… when I see something, like a rail, I just have to do it. It’s not really like I’m really filming for something, it’s just I see a setup so I have to do it. And I don’t put that in Hood Antics because I’m not really trying to trump anyone or be like “oh yeah, look at me… I’m fuckin sick”. It’s more like a journal. I have a terrible memory and I just use Hood Antics to remember my life from the last couple months. So it’s probably like four months worth of shit and then it sat on my computer for about three months because I didn’t want to do anything with it. I put it up as a private video and showed all my friends and then I was gonna delete it and have it not ever exist. The reason it exists is because of that thumbnail for the Vimeo… My buddy Charles made it and I was just so excited about it… It was a logo that had the Cleveland “C”, the Houston Astros “H”, it had a dick cumming on the “I” then it had a Megaman X 8-bit with a VX1 on him filming the entire name. I got super excited and tried to put it out without my name on it. My name isn’t on the edit anywhere, it just says “Chedit”.

Yeah, what is Chedit?

Damian calls me Cheddar, like Cheddar Rob, like Cheddar Bob from the 8 Mile movie. So I used an Eminem track and, you know, it’s just a lot of stupid inside jokes replayed.

Why did you pick that Eminem track?

90% of the reason was just because I thought the song was fucking awesome. I feel a huge trend in videos is opinion-less music , like shit that people won’t hate, but they won’t love, you know. Like boring-ass instrumentals or something like that. I just thought a bunch of people would hate that song, and I really like that song so I thought it was cool. I think it fit perfectly because it was both serious and funny. Eminem kills it in the song but he is never too serious, he’s joking around in a lot of his lyrics. Like the clips were the best I could produce but its all for fun and a laugh at the end of the day. The riding might be serious but the attitude is never too serious.

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