MarieJADE – Milkshake 7 Video + Interview

HERE IT IS! The MarieJade Crew just dropped their new Milkshake 7 video and it’s absolutely amazing! Featuring some dope riding from Nicolas Terrez, Joris Coulomb, Alexandre Valentino, Renaud Coquillon, Benjamin Perrier, Courage Adams, Maxime Terrasson, Arnaud Wolff, Anthony Clain, Anthony Perrin, Nicolas Badet and many other guests.

As one of the most anticipated French video of the year, I asked Alex Valentino (who filmed and edited the whole thing) some questions about the video, the crew and the great French scene. Check out the interview after the jump:


How you doing Alex? What’s new with you?

Yeah, I’m good! Things are rolling as usual with United and Vans. I’m moving to Hastings pretty soon so just preparing and looking forward to that. The Milkshake7 is going to be out soon, has had a good reception at the premiers and the new collection will be ready soon.

Ok so tell us all about how MJ started? When was it and where?

I’ve always had the desire to something independent and seeing so much talent around me, it seemed a waste not to do something with this, one I just woke up and decided to create MJ as an excuse to put everything together. Everybody in the crew was hyped and this was a really good motivation for me.

It’s crazy to think that it is already the 7th Milkshake video! How do you feel about it?

It feels great. The rest of the crew and I are really proud of this one but it’s not the first and it’s definitely not the last Milkshake. Things are always moving and we are really exited for about the next project.


What’s the different between the Milkshake videos and Chut! ?

When we started to do the MJ videos the name that came straight to mind was Milkshake, probably because it’s like a mix of cream,  filmed with positive vibes. As you know there are always a small group of people hating,not doing much but talking a lot, so as a reaction to this we decided to call the project Chut  and the raw meaning is just Shut The Fuck Up at least we’re doing something. The concept is also different because it was in three acts, one for each main street city of France.

Did you travel much for the new video?

We just travelled the same as we’ve done for every other Milkshake, around France.

Who filmed and edited it?

I did, with help of the rest of the crew.

Who’s in it and has full parts?

The crew is in it and the crew has full parts.


Why do you think that the MJ crew is such a tight family?

You can’t explain this. This is just like this.

Any new gear dropping soon that you can tell us about?

Yeah the new collection is dropping very soon. A classic MJ collection with Tshirts, beanies, hoodies, bags and a winter jacket.

The French street scene has been popping off lately, why do you think so?

Who knows, but there is a really good vibe and sense of motivation in France right now. There’s a lot of talented new riders emerging all the time.

Who upcoming rider should we look for? 

The first name that comes to mind Is Tom Deville.


Big thanks to Alex Valentino for it’s time and shoutout to all the crew for killing it! New collection drops at the end of the week so check their website for the goods and follow them on Instagram @mariejadecrew