Adam Grandmaison: “OSS isn’t really a serious parts company”

A guy from a website called The Worst Interviews Ever did an interview with Adam. A lot of it isn’t BMX related, but there are a few interesting things mentioned, including a further explanation of him almost getting sued by Red Bull:

There’s a kid on our team named Craig Passero and he smokes weed all day and drinks Red Bull all day. So I just wanted to make a shirt that said caffeine and marijuana. We were trying to come up with a design and I just took the Red Bull logo basically. But there’s a circle in between the two bulls and we just put a big pot leaf there. We thought it was funny. It was selling alright online but then I got a cease and desist from Red Bull pretty much right away asking me to stop making it. I had to fax forms to them. They take it really serious. And especially in that situation I think they were really upset about their brand being associated with drug use. So we had to modify the image and we have a different version of it coming out. We replaced the bulls with a gorilla and a bear just because it doesn’t make any sense but we thought it was funny.

How TCU got it’s name:

“A lot of people ask about the name and it’s funny because there’s this kid that I used to be friends with, I’m not going to say his name because he’s some nobody, but there was a premiere for one of the Animal videos and there’s this dude Ed Pollio. He got on stage at the premiere and he shouted out this kid and said, “Stop adding me on Myspace. You’re a fucking weirdo. Stop fucking talking to me, stop trying to be my friend.” Everybody was like, “Oh shit.” This kid was already not very popular in BMX at that point anyway. And then as we were leaving he saw me in the hallway. I looked at him and laughed, “Oh shit, you got called out haha.” And he was like, “Damn son, they’re just mad because I came up.” And I was just like, “Oh…god.” And I would always make fun of him for that because were sorta friends. When I started the site I was actually on A.I.M. with that kid and I was like, “Yo, I’m just gonna call it The Come Up.” And he was kinda like, “Ah, fuck you, man. That’s lame, making fun of me.” And I was like, “Whatever,” and somehow it stuck. But it’s funny because a lot of people think that the name of the site basically means that it’s a way for kids to get noticed and make money. They take it as a very literal thing when in actuality it was a parody of that sentiment. I’ve seen a lot of kids who basically became famous or started making good amounts of money because of their talent but their talent was mainly portrayed on the site, that’s the main way that they got noticed. It’s kinda funny, kinda ironic like that. But it definitely wasn’t my original intention”

And how OSS isn’t really a serious parts company anymore:

“I just wanted to start a little parts company in BMX. I had a bunch of dudes who I was riding with who were super good, like Garrett Reeves and Mike Mastroni and Craig Passero. I just thought it’d be fun to do a company. There was a short period where it was supposed to be done really big and official through a company in Canada but that didn’t end up working out. It’s gone from a whole parts company idea to being a crew of friends. We film together and make videos. It doesn’t really make money, I probably lose money on it. We make shirts and hats. We have bars. It’s more like a small thing. There’s another company that I’m influenced by called Duo. They just make grips, tires and seats. It’s all rubber stuff. That’s the direction that we want to go in, just doing smaller things like that and just having it be a crew. We don’t just sponsor dudes who are dope riders, it’s gotta be dudes who we hang out with.”