I posted (on Twitter) a few weeks ago that I was going to write a blog about all the notable BMXers who use Twitter. I took my sweet ass time writing it and a lot of people wrote to me (on Twitter) telling me they were looking forward to it. The thing about Twitter is that it’s a slow growing phenomenon. I first heard about it 6 months ago and thought it sounded stupid (most people think this when they hear the concept of Twitter described, until they actually use it) but then I finally signed up and slowly got more and more into it. This is neither the time nor the place to discuss exactly why Twitter is so addictive. I just wanted to compile a list of important BMX related Twitter users so that any new Twitter users won’t have a hard time populating the list of people to follow. I’m going to periodically update this list (I’ll make a post on the main page whenever I do) once I have a bunch of worthy new users, so if you think you belong on the list or know of someone who does, feel free to leave your links and reasons why in the comments.

@Thecomeup I made the list so I get to put myself first on it!

@edwardkoenning: Used to ride for Volume, was in Nowhere Fast.

@KRTS :Former part-owner of Standard (or something, this one’s a little too old school for me to be specific!)

@quis: Runs and that site with the list of the music in BMX videos that I’m forgetting the link to.

@Chadbacomesh: The legend himself, Chad Degroot. No introduction needed.

@SubrosaBrand : Ryan Sher in the flesh.

@Adambanton : Used to have braces.

@Deluxebmx : Former Ride UK owner and current Deluxe owner, Mark Noble.

@Ryanmagin : I’ve never actually heard of this guy but he says he’s a pro racer, so that’s good enough for me.

@GJReeves88: You might not be too familiar with Garrett Reeves yet but you will be more familiar with him once you see The Come Up’s Austin web videos.

@_aaronbuckley: Tall, red haired, gay photographer.

@larryrhodesjr: Videographer. Did The Come Up DVD and contributes to Vimby and Vital often.

@odysseybmx: Chris C from Odyssey.

@Jaredsouney: Former Ride BMX employee and current dope photographer.

@Brooklynmark: Used to run

@Themangler: Michael McQueen, does the Eastern web videos and various online projects.

@Mutinybikes: Gaz from Mutiny.

@Ridebmx: I assume this is Fat Tony.

@ProfileRacing: Matt Coplon. Actually it’s Christian Henrich I’ve just been informed.

@Sundaybikes: Jim C. Invented the crankslide.

@MarkEaton: Mark Eaton.

@Ellisr: Looks like it’s Gary Ellis, but it’s never been updated.

@Hellonearthcult: Rochester’s gang of mean BMX/MMA bro’s

@Twobyfourbmx: Van Homan

@Eyetod75: The dude with the ponytail in Mega Tour 8. Also works at QBP (or used to?)

@Standardbykeco: Pretty sure this is run by Russ, not Rick Moliterno but Russ is trying to get him to start using it as well.

@Espn_BMX: This is mostly Cody York with some appearances by Brian Tunney. Tunney should get his own Twitter, he’s too big time to share.

@Temperedbikes: The Australian BMX company that isn’t Colony

@BenHucke: That dude who is on Vital every day because he gives Carlson HJ’s (ayo!)

@Cyorkphoto: Cody York’s personal Twitter

@1664BMX: Canadian BMX distro.

@Mattcolisch: Matt’s a good rider and he was in The Come Up DVD, all you need to know.

@Albertmercado: The guy with the glasses from the Kink video. Alternately, the Give D guy who doesn’t owe anyone 100 dollars.

@FIT2009: Robbie Morales himself

@MikeMastroni: The web video king.

@Danscomp: Not sure who runs this but it keeps you up to date on some of the happenings at Dans

@Nigelsylvester: Mr. Feel Me Himself

@FormatNY: Nigel’s shop.

@Harrisonboyce: Your favorite blogger’s favorite blogger.

@Crujones: Is this really him???

@FatBMX: Like The Come Up, but old and foreign

@VinylBMX: Austin based clothing company

@Robinfenlon: UK shredder and Ride UK employee

@Cottle01: Mike Cottle, OBMX owner/employee and overall shredder/alcoholic

@JoeSimon: Mutiny co-owner, shredder and wedding filmer

@THE_REAL_SHAQ: Not even close to BMX related but still a crucial add either way.