TCU Exclusive: JJ Palmere Interview.

Ever since it was announced that JJ Palmere got picked up by Mongoose and Etnies, I have been meaning to get an interview going with him. I finally got around to doing it tonight. We talked about new sponsors, injuries, filming and his dream rail tricks… check it out after the jump.

So first off, I know a lot of people really want to know what happened with you leaving Premium to ride for Mongoose, how did that come about?

Well it came about because I went to NJ for the weekend and Brad Gethard told me that Mongoose asked him who they should pick up and he told them I was they guy they should. So one thing lead to the next and I started talking to them and then they offered to help me out a lil’ more an I’d have a better chance to travel so I took it.

Were you happy riding for Premium and this is a situation where Mongoose just offered you more than Premium could offer, or were you already looking for a new sponsor?

Yeah Premium treated me well, just the travel wasn’t as good as what I was being offered and that’s all I truly wanna do is ride my bike every day all day so I took it. Only live once right?

Makes sense… what are Mongoose expecting of you? Are you going to keep filming and shooting photos like you have been doing or are you going to start going to more contests?

Mongoose came to me looking for a street rider so that’s what I am going to continue to do. Shoot videos and photos like I always have. I have to do 10 web edits a year for Mongoose was the agreement. But as far as contests, I’d like to start riding some of the cool street comps.

10? Shit, that’s pretty hardcore haha.

Haha I know well it’s not too bad. I guess it’s pretty gnarly if I think about it.

Your other big change was switching from Orchid to Etnies, how come you decided to make that switch?

Derek’s a real good guy and I am still friends with him and all, we just weren’t agreeing on things and seeing eye to eye and it was the end of the year so decided to try something new.

Did you quit Demolition too?

Nah that was i weird thing because I was on, then the guy at Stolen wanted to talk to me so I talked to him and then Demolition kinda got weirded out that I was talking to other people but I only talked to him because Bob at Staff told me he wanted to talk to me so it was a giant mess of a mix up and me and Castillo and Enns talked it out and everything’s cool now, I’m staying on Demolition. Plus I can’t ride for a company that makes complete bikes because of Mongoose.

Oh word? That’s interesting.

Yeah my contract says a bunch of craziness.

Haha. Miles Rogoish is on the team now too right, did you pick him to be their other street dude?

Miles was the TM, Chuck’s pick, he mentioned Miles to me and asked me what I thought and I was siked to hear it was him because I have talked to him before that and he’s a cool dude but I’ve never met him in person, so it should be a fun year and we’ll see what happens with me and Miles doing the street program there.

Just you two, nobody else is getting added to the team?

As of now there no plans to add anybody, it’s me, Miles and Cam White. That’s it.

Nice. So you have been injured for a while now… what happened for those that don’t know?

Yeah. Shit, well I was shooting for a Staff ad and went to this 14 set I wanted to tooth hanger and it was the first spot of the day, no warm up’s, just went up to it and doubled it, iced it then tooth hangered it. I got the pic the first time I did it and Kevin asked if I wanted to shoot a wide angel of it and I said “sure, I dont care” so I did it again and over swung my rear end and put my leg out the wrong way and tore my ACL, had the surgery and I have been out for 5 months now. I’ll be riding BMX again in February.

So you’ve been in the gym training to get it stronger though right? How’s that going? Are you nervous about re-injuring it?

I’ve been going to the gym just to get back in shape all around on top of my knee, I’ve been sitting on the couch for 5 months eating nothing but shit so I’m kinda outta shape so I’m getting back in shape and strengthening my knee and making sure it’s where it should be so when I ride again I don’t gotta worry about re-injuring it. I’m not scared of that. But it’s one of the longest and hardest injuries I have ever had to go through.

Yeah man that sucks. So do you have any plans for what you’re going to be filming for and shit once you’re back on your bike?

Yeah right now I know I have to do a web edit for Mongoose and I’m probably going to meet up with Miles in Oklahoma, his home town then make our way to Austin, Texas then go to Cali for a week. Besides that I am filming a section for the new Demolition video. And I gotta film for the Deadline video which I have no clips in right now so I got alot ahead of me once I get back.

Word, well that sounds good. i’m definitely looking forward to seeing the web edits… my last question is kind of weird, but seriously how the fuck did you do that uprail gap uprail barspin in Props??? Haha.

Haha well I just pedaled fast and hoped for the best The first time I tried it I was like “I can definitely make it to the second rail” so I tried it and it worked out. I wanna go back.

Damn. Ok final question… say you roll up to a PERFECT 10 stair right now… and you’re having a good session with your friends, having a lot of fun, and you are really just trying to OD on it, what are you going to do… haha. Like what’s something you’re really dying to do on a rail?

Up to hard truck or opposite truck.

You got that? Or are you street dreaming… hahaha.

I’ve done hard 180 bar and opp. 180 bar so I think it would be sick to try it on a perfect rail that could send you out good enough. Yeah why not, people do hard 3’s out and opposite 3’s. I can do opposite 3’s out never done a hard 3 out though… haha.

Damn that’s sick. Well I’m looking forward to seeing you back on your bike, any last words?

Thanks man me too it’s been sooo long, I hope I can still ride a bike… lol but yeah I’d like to thank all my sponsors, Staff, Mongoose, Demolition and Etnies. And to you Adam for the interview and anyone else that has ever helped me out, you know who you are thanks everyone. Also my Dad.

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