TCU Exclusive: Drew Bezanson Interview.

(Photos by Lee Dennis)

If you want to have a conversation about riders currently on “the come up”, you’d be foolish to leave Drew Bezanson off the list. His recent onslaught of BMXFU web videos already had his name buzzing online, but then he had to go and win Simpel Session, making it even more obvious that he was a force to be reckoned with. I hit him up to find out a little more about DK’s newest wunderkind.

Name, age and where were you born?

Drew Karl Lewis Bezanson. 20 years of age. Born in Halifax Nova Scotia.


DK Bicycles, Fox Rider co, Skull Candy, DC Shoes, The Shadow Conspiracy, POC Helmets, Ryder Distribution.

How did you get into riding?

I got into riding when I was 11. My friend invited me to a youth center that had indoor ramps. After my first real encounter with BMX I was hooked.

Who were the riders that influenced you early on?

I was influenced by local shredders like Sam Lowe, Andy Roode and Dan Buchanan. As for pro’s I grew up looking up to Van Homan, Corey Martinez, Danny Hickerson, Chris Doyle, Morgan Wade, Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Jamie Bestwick, Matt Beringer, I could go on and on.

What’s the scene like in Nova Scotia?

The scene in Nova Scotia is good. Everyone knows everyone, it’s just a super laid back chill scene. Everyone just does their own thing.

How did you end up on DK? Shadow?

I got hooked up with Shadow first in 2007. I met Ronnie B at Ryder Distribution. Ronnie was hanging out at Ryder for a vacation. I was staying there when I was down for the Toronto BMX Jam. Ronnie seen me ride and was psyched, he called me a month later and offered me a flow gig. As for DK I also met Catfish at the Toronto BMX Jam but it wasn’t till years later I got picked up by DK. I guess I just got to know Catfish better over the next few years and he was psyched on me also.

Best Catfish story:

Catfish Catfish Catfish, Where do we even begin with that little man. Every time you hang out with him he has new stories or does something new to talk about. A good one was last year when he found an internet conspiracy video that a bomb was going to go off and effect all of North America. So he went to Walmart and bought everything and anything to survive a disaster. Later that night we did a show and he just warned everyone of the up coming disaster over us riding ha ha.

Most of the stuff we’ve seen from you is tech ramp stuff, is that your favorite thing to ride or are you just as into jumping/street/trails or anything else?

I’m into riding everything but I ride ramps the most. I love just nibbling around with tech stuff on mini ramps or backyard ramp set ups.


Lately you’ve had a bunch of incredible sub box edits popping up via Charlie Crumlish. In the recent sub box one you did a bunch of amazing tricks we haven’t seen like a barspin to toothpick and a hurricane barspin. It seems like you can just kinda wing it and do whatever tricks you want, were those tricks you had planned out ahead of time for that web video or were you just freestyling it?

Some of the tricks I’ve been wanting to do but just haven’t had that little extra motivation to get done. Others were just spur of the moment or suggestions people through out.

The obvious comparisons to your riding are dudes like Harry Main, Scotty Cranmer and Mark Webb. Out of those 3, who is your favorite? Do you feel like that’s an accurate comparison?

All three of those dudes are rad. I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with all three of those guys and there all sweet. As for an accurate comparison I don’t know about that lol. I grew up looking up to all those dudes so it pretty wild to be compared to those guys now.

What is your relationship with the BMXFU crew? Are you an official member? Did you film anything for FU3?

The BMXFU crew are my homies. I do believe I am a part of the family. I didn’t get a chance to film anything for FU3, I just have one clip in it. I hope to film a full section for the next FU video.

I have heard select members of the FU crew have experimented with marijuana. How do you feel about this.

BMXFU… Hippy lettuce… No way.

What’s up with Greg Henry?

I don’t know, what is up with Greg Henry. I just know he’s a sweet dude.

Let’s talk about your big Simpel Session win… was this your first time out in Estonia and how was the contest as a whole?

First time in Tallinn Estonia, it was an awesome time. The Simple Session contest is awesome. The courses are always crazy and unique and its just a super laid back contest. It’s more of just a session with your friends than a contest. The crowd is so into it too, it’s just a good atmosphere.

How shocked were you when you realized you won, beating out a ton of more established pros?

I was shocked for sure, Everyone was killing it. I just tried to do my own thing and it worked i guess.

I didn’t see how much you won, but do you have any big plans for the money you took home?

Unfortunately it’s just going towards paying the bills, nothing exciting.

What else do you have planned for the next year? Have you had any different companies talking to you or anything since you won Simpel?

I really want to do more filming projects and web videos this year. Hit up a few more contests and go on some fun trips with friends and just ride lots. Have fun on little kids bikes. No new offers since Simple Session just my current sponsors are psyched for sure.

Have you ever watched Baywatch?

Negative on the Baywatch, never really watched much TV.

Why is The Come Up the best BMX website?

The Come Up is the best BMX website because it’s like a Wal Mart for BMX websites. You can get everything you need at one place.

Shout outs and thanks:

I’d like to thank all my sponsors for helping me out. Everyone at DK, Ronnie B at Shadow, John and Sue at Ryder Distribution, Fuzzy and Jason Kimball at Skull Candy, Robbie at Fox, Jarka and Erin at POC helmets and Mike at DC. Big thanks to Charlie Crumlish for filming and the BMX FU crew. Then a big thanks to my Mom and Dad the rest of my family, all my friends and my lady.