Chad Kerley Vitaminwater Invitational Results

The results are in for what might have been the best, most progressive contest of 2012. Everyone riding looked like they were having a blast and there were so many wild moves & NBD’s that went down. John Hicks was in the house to cover the event for TCU, so be on the look out for his edit to pop up soon. Big shoutout to Chad Kerley, Brian Kachinsky & Vitaminwater for putting on an awesome contest.

Obstacle 1: (red/blue rails)
1st- Garrett Reynolds
2nd- Alex Kennedy
3rd- Rob Wise

Obstacle 2: (green rail & box)
1st- Garrett Reynolds
2nd- Stevie Churchill
3rd- Sean Sexton

Obstacle 3: (the island)
1st- Garrett Reynolds
2nd- Rob Wise
3rd- Stevie Churchill

Obstacle 4: (new railhop, winner takes all)
Stevie Churchill

Overall Rider of the Day:
Garrett Reynolds