Rob Diquattro Deserves Better.

This is way too good to only have 15,000 views. I refuse to accept that amazing, important street riding like this is only worth 15,000 views. But this only adds strength to my argument that park riding may be pulling out in front of street riding in popularity. That Kriss Kyle edit I just posted? 60,000 in 4 days. Does it deserve it? Sure. It’s A+ level skatepark riding by one of the most exciting ramp riders out. But Rob’s edit is essentially the street equivalent. Sure, he’s not particularly well known (yet) but I’d hope that for an edit this good, that wouldn’t matter.

Luckily, how popular this video is doesn’t really matter. Because who cares? I know it’s good. Everyone I know saw it and loved it. So while it may not be as popular as I’d like, it seems it’s certainly made an impact, just maybe not with a large enough cross-section of BMX to rake in a 6 finger view count.

It’s got a sense of humor. There are all kinds of jokes abound. Compare that to the average banger video part these days. They’re always serious, somber and very rarely break character. And that’s kind of weird. Because BMX is fun and I like when videos show that. The vision of BMX that Rob presents here makes a lot more sense to me than what I’m used to seeing these days. I think a lot of people feel the same way.

Best use of Eminem in a video part since Scotty Eaton.

How long til The Albion buys Bancroft a ticket to Ohio to document the dramatic ALYK/Hood Antics break up from a few years ago? It’ll probably be more fun than his last trip to The Buckeye State.