Getting Into The “How To” Game.

As often happens though, I’ve learned a lot about online marketing and social network marketing in particular the past few years and I’ve decided it’s for the best that we start doing how to’s. Here’s the logic behind doing these and how we’ll be proceeding with them.

Lately I’ve been really focused on maximizing TCU’s traffic. I’ve taken a bunch of steps to help get our numbers up. We’ve been pushing the TCU Twitter hard (and we’ve almost tripled our followers in the past month). We’ve been doing a lot to get more followers to our Facebook (speaking of, go hit that like button). And I’ve increased the engagement with both of those big time, we’re getting way more click through’s, likes, comments and everything else which is really good for our traffic. I’ve been working with some SEO experts to get our Google rank up (we’ve literally never put any effort into search engine optimization, which is ridiculous, and we aren’t even on the first page of results for “BMX” searches even though almost all of the sites that come up on Google get less traffic than us). We’ve been working on getting The Board running properly again and promoting that through the blog. We’ve even got a new mobile site that is about to go up. And we’ve been pushing the new sections (The Oven and Chicken & Rice), plus working on a bunch of new sections that I’m excited about.

All these things are important but one thing we really need to focus on is getting beginner level riders to the site. This is something that our competition are better at than us. And that’s a problem, because once they’re used to looking at some other site (and let’s face it, all the other sites suck in comparison to TCU) it’s hard to break people’s habits.

How to’s are a great way to drive younger riders to your site… have you seen how many views those things get? It makes sense, if you were a kid who just started riding you might go type “how to bunnyhop” into Youtube, and that’s why our new how to video with Sean Morr is important for us to reach younger riders.

We wanted to do a good job though so here are a few of the ground rules we laid down:

-each how to will feature a different pro rider. This is good because it means our how to’s get seen more often on Youtube and Google searches for those rider’s names. It also helps us help our friends out by getting them contingency from their sponsors.

-we’re going to start small with basic tricks. We just dropped bunnyhops, we’ve got a good t-bog one ready and we’re filming smith grinds and feeble 180’s this week. Eventually once we’ve covered a lot of basic tricks we’ll start doing flip whips and 900’s.

-each edit will be less than 2 minutes long. We’re actually putting effort into making these things watchable and helpful instead of 5 minutes of some pro rambling about god-knows-what.

-each section will end with a “banger” of sorts, basically just the rider doing a bigger version of the trick on a legit set up.

And I guess that’s about it. I never saw us getting into doing how to’s but if we’ve got to do things that are slightly weird to help promote the site, we want to do a better job than everyone else. I appreciate any thoughts you guys want to leave in the comments.