TCU TV – The Tyler Fernengel & Mikey Tyra Interview

02:30 Growing up riding together
07:00 Getting into motocross at the age of 3
08:30 Moving to Woodward to go to school
10:30 When Tyler met Charlie Crumlish and Adam
15:00 Mikey’s move to California
18:00 Hypothetical Games of BIKE
21:30 Getting on MARKIT and Red Bull
28:00 The Michigan Video
33:00 The roof to rail from Tyler’s MARKIT video
38:00 Favorite foods
43:30 Learning barspins
52:00 Tyler’s Superdome video
1:06:40 Devon Smillie’s new video
1:08:30 Getting attacked by dogs
1:16:00 2016 plans

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TCU TV – The Mike Hinkens Interview

This week on TCU TV we had Midwest legend Mike Hinkens in the studio. This conversation went exceptionally well so we let it run long, talking for over 2 hours in total. Check the list of topics discussed below and leave a comment if you enjoyed this!

00:30 Where you from
11:30 Straight Edge
14:00 Finding your identify through BMX
22:00 Barcelona
26:00 BMX after high school
31:00 Riding for The Take
39:00 Becoming BFF’s with Grant
40:30 Going to school and moving to Nicaragua
51:00 Fighting
58:00 Raging out
1:02:00 Romanticizing the past
1:06:00 Adam LZ and BMX as a popularity contest
1:14:00 FBM
1:23:00 My blackout drunk barber shows up
1:25:00 DC and moving around
1:39:00 Hanging out with little kids
1:43:00 Adam’s fleshlight
1:48:00 Plastic
1:55:00 Doing long feeble on rails with front brakes to slow you down
1:57:00 Never reproducing or growing up
2:02:00 Teaching
2:11:00 Dan Kruk & Bae & Dab
2:15:00 K Rob stories

TCU TV – The Micah Kranz Interview

02:00 Steve Crandall
07:00 A goalpost fell down and broke his leg
10:30 How he got started in the BMX industry
16:00 Meeting Catfish
20:00 The business of doing shows
29:00 Nitro Circus
37:00 Deleting all social media
39:00 Adam attempts to go buy drinks
45:00 Music
53:00 Moving back in with Mom
59:00 Bizzle
1:04:45 Being overweight
1:08:00 Micah’s beef with Clint Millar over the Division name
1:23:00 How pros act around kids
1:34:00 Micah is like Adele

TCU TV – The Craig Passero Interview

05:00 Skateboarding
07:30 Moving to Boston
13:00 Dropping out of college
18:30 Littering
24:30 Video parts
28:00 Losing followers when you die
36:00 Best up and coming riders in NY
39:00 Favorite riders
40:30 Metal vs plastic pegs
44:00 Relationships
47:00 Tech riding
50:30 180 barring huge sets
55:30 Nude beaches
59:00 Flat rails

TCU TV – The Todd Lyons Interview

01:40 The Journals
11:53 Having a blue tail
14:30 Getting photos in magazines
20:30 Catfish meets Todd Lyons
32:30 Dave Clymer
34:00 When Darcy stole a cop car
39:00 Getting on Haro
1:06:15 RRDBlocks

TCU TV – The Will Stroud Interview

00:30 Growing up in North Carolina
03:00 Starting out filming with Chris Doyle
05:00 His brother David getting on Mosh
09:00 Becoming a filmer
11:00 Is college worth it?
13:30 The System DVD
23:20 Partnering up with Chad Shack
26:00 Taj’s Electronical section
29:30 The Levis video
35:30 Dave Thompson
38:00 Riding
39:50 Getting divorced
43:30 Changes in BMX
45:00 Pushing mongo
47:00 Neil
50:00 Favorite filmers
52:00 Long term plans
54:00 The etnies video

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TCU TV – The Odyssey BMX Interview

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00:00 Early history
08:00 Bauer goes to college
11:30 Odyssey’s origins
18:00 California
23:00 Early era social media
25:30 Jim C
29:30 Forks
33:00 The weight weenie revolution
40:00 Commodification
44:40 “Moeller comes down with a bowl of cereal”
52:00 Issues with the Wolmbolt cranks
54:30 Freecoasters and Wave downtubes
1:02:00 Bottom brackets
1:04:30 Plastic pegs
1:12:45 Aaron Ross and social media dominance
1:19:00 Odyssey opening up an Austin branch
1:22:00 Fairdale
1:27:00 Texas Toast
1:49:30 Social media’s effect on BMX websites
1:56:00 BMX brands going under
2:07:00 Longevity for pro riders

TCU TV – The Charlie Crumlish Interview

00:00 Charlie’s music career
07:20 “Don’t get too high and talk about being in the womb”
10:30 Biking
14:00 Meeting Catfish
16:00 The Group Text
19:00 Buffalo
21:45 BMXFU
27:00 Getting on Stranger and making the move to S&M
35:45 Biking every day
38:30 Favorite rail of all time
41:00 Austin
45:00 S&M
50:30 Team Weed
54:30 Adult circumcision
57:30 Could you beat up Craig Passero?
59:30 Street vs skatepark
1:01:45 Biking
1:05:30 Kareem
1:06:30 Weed
1:10:00 Merritt
1:12:00 RYWS
1:15:00 Brakes
1:18:00 The Fu Bars

TCU TV – The Simon O’Brien Interview

Simon O’Brien is considered one of the all time greats in the flatland world. He won an X Games gold medal. He’s put out 2 solo DVDs. He’s invented countless tricks. He has quite possibly the second most viewed BMX video on YouTube. Basically the dude is a bad ass and although I would have loved to interview him with the assistance of my usual co-host Catfish, he was in Japan or something so I held down the interview myself and did my best to help tell the story of a man so hopelessly obsessed with bike riding that he built a concrete slab in his front yard just to practice flatland tricks on. I was joined by Simon’s friend and fellow flatland luminary, Bobby Carter.

01:00 Getting started riding BMX in a town of 500 people
04:00 Lonely flatland lifestyle
07:50 First trip to the USA
11:30 Mexican food
18:30 Building a slab of concrete in his front yard
22:30 Winning the last flatland X Games gold medal
28:00 Doing his first solo DVD
35:30 Contest tricks vs bangers
39:00 Keeping brakes on
43:00 What’s it like having arguably the most viewed web video of all time?

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TCU TV – The Tim Knoll Interview

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00:30 Catfish
01:30 Getting into BMX
04:30 Staying in BMX after high school
06:45 The influence from doing shows on his riding
08:20 Early BMX videos
13:30 Rodney Mullen inspiration
17:00 Tim’s first video which went semi-viral
22:00 Top 5 Most Creative Bike Riders list
33:30 Tate Roskelley
36:00 Intent to offend
40:00 Helmets
41:00 When your video goes viral
45:10 Facebook and facebooting
49:00 Sponsorship
52:20 Making money off YouTube
56:00 Adam LZ
1:00:30 Tim’s next video
1:06:30 Making How To videos for money
1:10:30 Is YouTube dying?
1:14:10 Mom filming

TCU TV – The Ralph Sinisi Interview

-Everyone, 2015

Nobody has made much mention of it in the media, but it’s been a quiet couple of years for Animal. After over a decade as one of the top brands, things started to slow down a few years back and the rest of the BMX world was forced to talk amongst themselves about what was happening behind the scenes and why it was becoming increasingly difficult to get your hands on Animal products. Rumors swirled. For guys like me who grew up on Animal, it was hard to comprehend.

Just over a month ago, Animal’s Instagram account began to light up with photos and videos indicating that the brand was ready to make a comeback of sorts, but details remained scarce. So imagine how surprised I was when I heard that Animal founder Ralph Sinisi was interested in coming all the way out to LA so that he could talk about everything Animal has gone through and what they have planned for 2016. Of course we had to spend some time talking about Ralph’s long career in BMX too but around the half way we took a bathroom break and when we started back up, I got down to brass tacks and asked Ralph for the real scoop on all of Animal’s financial and operational issues and what they’ve got coming up. Overall it was an awesome interview and I’m honored to have been a part of it, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

Huge thanks to Catfish, Shane Rossi and Glenn PP Milligan for co-hosting as well as Ed Pollio for helping get this interview done.

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02:00 Don’t Quit Your Day Job
04:30 Getting started riding
08:00 The death of BMX
17:00 Street
21:30 Joe Tiseo
26:30 Nowhere Fast
35:00 FBM
42:00 Starting Animal
54:00 The first Animal video
1:02:00 Can I Eat
1:10:30 Joe Tiseo’s passing
1:16:00 Animal running into trouble financially
1:20:00 Shane Rossi
1:25:00 Trouble with the bank
1:36:00 Turning the corner
1:39:00 #theanimalhouse
1:44:00 Bob Scerbo leaving Animal
1:49:30 What do you think has made Animal so popular
1:51:00 Merritt and Mike Brennan leaving Animal
2:06:30 George D

TCU TV – The Bill Allen (Cru Jones) Interview

04:45 When did you realize Rad was a cult hit?
08:00 Lori Laughlin
12:00 Rad’s importance
15:30 Sequels and DVD releases
22:00 The dance scene
26:00 The backflip
29:00 On-air chemistry with Lori
40:00 Escapism
42:00 What Bill’s up to right now
45:45 Old school shows with tribute bands

TCU TV – The Joel Moody Interview

Portrait by Scott Marceau

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TCU TV – The Morgan Long & Dan Kruk Interview

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02:30 Morgan’s story
06:00 Injuries
09:00 Pegless riding
12:00 Long Beach
17:00 Cassettes vs coasters
18:30 Cement Face
22:00 Morgan’s experience with a shady doctor
27:30 Morgan’s new Hoodbird promo he filmed with Miles
31:00 What do your parents think of you being a pro rider?
34:30 The time Morgan got jumped for his bike and Gabe Brooks saved the day
38:20 Dan Kruk’s relationship with California
41:00 Mike Hinkens
44:45 Grant C
48:15 We The People
50:00 Dan’s Barcelona trip
57:00 Crazy set up’s vs flat ledges
1:00:00 Pegless skinhead conspiracy
1:03:00 Favorite numbers
1:09:20 Drinking

TCU TV – The Augie Simoncini Interview

01:00 Adam LZ and leaving Stranger
12:00 My article, Augie, Adam LZ & The BMX Generation Gap
18:00 Growing up in Staten Island
21:00 9/11
27:00 Catfish has a Wu Tang tramp stamp
34:00 The Brooklyn Banks
38:40 Scotty Cranmer
41:00 Garrett
45:00 Ducks
48:00 Moving to California
54:00 Barcelona fight story
1:03:00 #youfuckingseeit
1:04:00 Animal
1:06:00 Supporting the scene
1:10:00 Fracturing his skull

Adam LZ on Stranger + New TCU TV Interview

I had Adam LZ on TCU TV just 5 months ago but a lot has changed since then. Most importantly, Adam just landed a pro deal with Stranger! After many years without a sponsor Adam recently joined forces with Rich Hirsch and the boys at TIP. In this interview we discuss many things but most importantly we talk about how this deal came to fruition and what’s next for the LZ BMX empire. Enjoy! Click here to Follow us on SoundCloud or here to Subscribe on iTunes.



TCU TV – The Alfredo Mancuso Interview

00:50 Growing up in LA
04:00 Alf’s Father
12:00 Early hustles
20:00 Early days riding
26:30 The Lakewood Spur Posse
35:00 Your Mom catching you having sex
39:30 First getting coverage
47:00 Getting on KHE
54:30 Fat Tony
01:05:00 Epic BMX and moving product on eBay
01:13:30 Getting off KHE and on Volume
01:20:00 The Volume “Legends” trip
01:23:30 DC dropping BMX
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TCU TV – The Kareem Williams Interview

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00:00 So what have you been up to and where are you from?
05:20 Getting mistaken for a girl
10:00 Gangbanging
15:30 BMX DVD’s
19:30 V Club
23:00 Randy Taylor
26:30 BMX is not cool and it’s TCU’s fault
35:00 When Kareem met Adam
42:00 Poop Girl
45:00 Ozzfest
58:50 Have you dealt with racism in BMX?
1:03:40 Reader questions
1:06:00 Begin blames Stevie for the bed bugs
1:10:00 Smoking crack
1:14:00 Metal pegs and cassettes
1:20:00 Taking acid on stage at a rap show

TCU TV – The Mike Mastroni Interview Part 2

00:00 Picking music for the Volume DVD
10:30 Getting Broc’s ender
15:40 Castillo
17:30 Putting the video online
22:50 How have your thoughts on filming changed between 2009 and 2014
30:00 Filming inspirations
37:40 Mastroni as a rider and filming his Volume DVD section
48:00 Richie Jackson
56:30 The new Volume video project “Volumes”
58:30 Never doing another DVD
1:00:00 Filming forever
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TCU TV – The Mike Mastroni Interview Part 1

00:00 What hats do you wear at Volume?
01:30 How did we first start working together?
05:00 The progression of Mastroni’s self filmed web videos
10:00 Driving around looking for spots to ride by yourself
16:30 Mastroni and I met via a girl we both hooked up with from Myspace
19:00 The original OSS team
20:00 Filming with dollies
22:30 Craig Passero the Boston Strangler
28:00 Realizing you’re the filmer
33:00 Realizing you can do whatever you want
40:00 Making the move to California
51:00 Denver Nugs
44:30 Getting on Volume
1:00:00 Kicking people off the team and adding riders to Volume