No Jumper – The Connor Keating Interview

No Jumper – The Brandon Begin Interview

TCU TV – The Clay Johnson Interview

TCU TV – The Ethan Corriere & Denim Cox Interview

No Jumper – The @RRDBLOCKS Interview

TCU TV – The Colt Fake Interview

Side note; I did this interview on 3 hours sleep so if I seem a little wonky there’s a reason.

TCU TV – The Reed Stark Interview

If you missed it, Adam LZ’s No Jumper episode dropped yesterday.

TCU TV – The Fernando Laczko Interview

TCU TV – The Ronnie Bonner Interview

Check it out on Soundcloud here.

TCU TV – The Boqer BMX Interview

TCU TV – The Kink Bikes Interview

TCU TV – The Shawn Mcintosh & Reed Stark Interview

02:00 Drinking at Black
05:45 Shitty’s freestyle
06:30 Meth tales
13:00 How Shitty got into BMX
16:00 Congratulations Brian Kachinsky
21:00 Making friends as an adult
25:00 Kendama
27:30 Tetris
29:50 Ben Hucke’s Dig cover
32:00 Favorite photos
34:00 The time Reed creeped Tyler, The Creator out
38:00 Catfish is an idiot
41:00 Eskimo brother lifestyle
42:30 The state of BMX in 2016
44:30 Dan Conway off Fit
47:00 Toughest BMX pros
51:00 When Shitty met the Road Fools crew
55:00 Bit by a toucan
56:30 Shitty vs Mastroni
59:20 Freestyle session

TCU TV – The Chris Duncan Interview

TCU TV – The Mike Brennan Interview

TCU TV – The Sean Ricany Interview

Follow Sean Ricany, Catfish and I on Da Gram.

TCU TV – The Van Homan Interview

00:30 Traveling
04:00 Pressure
07:30 Getting into riding
11:20 How Van got a section in Trail Blazers
14:30 Getting sponsored
18:00 Seek & Destroy dropping
21:00 Criminal Mischief
27:30 Leaving Schwinn for Fit
34:00 Helmets
36:00 Tattoos
37:45 Attention spans
41:30 Impact
46:00 Two By Four
50:30 Typical day
53:00 Changes in BMX
56:00 Passion
1:04:30 Falling
1:10:00 Adam Banton
1:10:30 Gambling

TCU TV – The Steve Crandall Interview

Also yes Gilly’s eyes are closed because Catfish doesn’t know how to take a photograph.

06:00 Getting started riding BMX
14:00 Going on adventures and getting guns pulled on them
17:00 Starting FBM
26:00 Moving past t shirts
31:00 Gilly digging professionally
34:30 Taking it up a notch
39:30 Getting a metal leg
41:00 FBM’s alumni
44:30 Age of information
52:00 Kelly Baker
55:30 FBM’s videos

TCU TV – The Sean Morr Interview

TCU TV – The Broc Raiford Interview

TCU TV – The LFS Interview

Side note: I’m still working on getting this uploaded to Soundcloud/iTunes on Argentinian wifi but it should be up soon.