Colony – 2016 Sweet Tooth Pro Complete Bike

Introducing Brandon Begin’s Fit x OSS Collab Complete Bike

Even as a kid, Fit was always Brandon Begin’s favorite bike brand. So the fact that he’s been given a signature complete bike after less than 2 years on the brand says a lot about how much work this kid has been putting in. As for me, I’ve never been into the idea of OSS collaborating with bike companies, but as soon as Chris Moeller got in touch, I knew this was a perfect place to start. We wanted to make this bike look as much like our bikes as possible and while we were forced to include a cassette hub (freecoasters are expensive), we still managed to get 4 piece bars and the word “Scumbag” on there. More information on Begin’s frame and bars coming soon, check out the complete bike after the jump and the specs here.
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Products: Mike Hoder’s Signature S&M Grips

Sometimes I have nightmares where I’m a newly hired product designer at a major BMX brand and on my first day on the job they tell me to design a new and exciting BMX grip. Okay obviously that’s not true but it seems like some pretty decent subject matter for a nightmare. What could you possibly do to set your grips apart from the already flooded marketplace? Almost every idea has been tried. Long grips. Short grips. Grips of customizable length. Grips with flanges. Grips with no flanges. Grips with flange levels somewhere in the middle. Grips in every color of the rainbow. Hard grips. Soft grips. What are you going to do to set yourself apart from in this competitive marketplace? You’re a product designer! You better think up something and you better do it fast.

When Mike Hoder designed these new signature S&M grips he may not have thought up anything terribly outlandish to separate them from the fray but nonetheless I have heard many BMX luminaries call them the best grips they’ve ever rode. It was enough to make me give them a try and sure enough, they feel amazing. S&M chose to have them made in the USA by ODI and while I’m not in the position to say that American rubber is any better than any other, the proof is in the pudding; these things feel sensational.

In Focus – Eclat Mercury & Phantom rim

Thinking back on the history of Eclat they have always made innovative products with great design and the strength to keep Sean Burns’s bike rolling (which says a lot). Their new Mercury and Phantom rims are nothing less and you can find out a little more about them right here in Eclat’s new “In Focus” product article.

Madera “Signet” Sprocket Available Now

Madera have a new sprocket available called the Signet:

“The Signet Sprocket has a 24mm thru hole (for use with 24mm cranks) and will come with both 22mm and 19mm adapter hat washers. With that in mind, the Signet will adapt to bolt-on cranks in 19, 22, and 24mm spindle sizes.

Made in the USA by Profile Racing.

Retail: $29.99”

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S&M’s Charlie Crumlish & Craig Passero Signature Frame Specs.

Craig Passero and Charlie Crumlish’s new S&M frames are en route to your favorite mail order or bike shop (including ours) right now. Check out the photos and specs after the jump and if you’re in need of a new frame, consider one of these things.
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Alex Donnachie’s New Signature BSD “ALVX” Frame.

We just had Alex Donnachie out here for a couple weeks. He’s awesome. BSD are giving him a signature frame called the ALVX (Alvin + VX = ALVX, I’m guessing) and as of today we’ve got a bunch of photos and specs. Check it after the jump:
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How The Tripod Seat System Works

Everything you need to know about the Tripod seat system can be found in the above video with more detailed specs and photos on Nearly every parts company and ton of your favorite pros have made the switch to the Tripod system and after seeing this, you’re probaby going to want to as well.

WeThePeople Smuggler Seat Out Now

The seat you’re in right now doesn’t have pockets and the one on your bike probably doesn’t either. If you want to make some functional space out of what you sit on, get yourself one of these Smuggler seats from WeThePeople. This pairs nicely with their socket seatpost, giving you the ability to fix your bike on the go. The seat includes a 5mm, 6mm and 8mm allen wrenches and is available from your local shop or mailorder now.

For more information and photos, hit

Colony’s Guardian Forks

Colony tells you everything you need to know about their Guardian forks in only 20 seconds.

Free Subrosa Power Wax


For a limited time, you’ll receive a fistful of Power Wax for free with the purchase of (almost) any T-shirt from the Subrosa Corner Store.

Alex Hiam Colony Ad


Here’s the latest in print for Colony, Alex Hiam roasting a big flair no hander at the skatepark in honor of their “Wasp” hubs!

Profile Elite 14mm Hubs Available in RHD and LHD


“After many requests, we have finally designed and created both a 14mm RHD and LHD version of the Elite hub!

Same Elite hub shell, same Elite driver, with the added ability to ride pegs. Thanks for the support and love!

Here’s the complete breakdown on availability.

-14mm Rear GDH chromo Elite axles (sold separately): This axle kit (like the Mini/Totem/Madera) will come with cones and jam nuts to adapt existing Elite hubs from 3/8 to 14mm.

-RHD Elite hubs (considering its the same shell for 3/8) will be available in:
Colors: Black, Polished, Matte Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, White, and Aqua.

RHD can use existing 9 and 10t drivers.

-LHD Elite hubs:
Black or Polished only (for now)
9t chromo drivers only”

TCU Products: DK Iron Cross Pedals

It’s Monday morning in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania. I’m surrounded by elbow pads and ramps. A cabin filled with pre-pubescent boys slowly wakes up from dreams of Topanga from “Boy Meets World” or that Mariah Carey music video where those kids kiss underwater.

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TCU Products: BSD Race Stem V2

I was sitting at JFK waiting for my flight to San Francisco. I heard a slight commotion over my right shoulder so I turned and saw a girl, maybe 8 years old crying her eyes out. She was staring at the two men sitting across from me, who I must admit I had also been […]

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TCU Products: The Banned “Budsaw” Sprocket

I was a huge 50 Cent fan in the early 2000s. I got into him after reading about a compilation, “Guess Who’s Back” which came out in 2002 and basically just compiled a lot of his best mixtape songs and radio freestyles. Soon after he got signed by Eminem and Dre, then his debut album […]

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TCU Products: The Cult Deathrow Dakota Colorway.

I’ve got a horrible sense of direction. I always have. When I turned 16 my friends and I started driving 20 or 30 miles to ride spots in neighboring towns and inevitably, we would get lost. It was a lot easier to get lost back then because we didn’t have smartphones or GPS, we would […]

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