No Jumper – The Itsthereal Interview

For our third (and not final) episode of the week we had Jeff and Eric Rosenthal of Itsthereal on the podcast. These days the guys are most known for their extremely funny podcast, A Waste Of Time where they prepare food for each guest in the confines of their own home and then pepper them with questions. In keeping with the food theme I decided to bring two slices of Joe’s Pizza for these New Yorkers to try in order to establish that there is at least some half decent pizza in Los Angeles and the guys, quite possibly drunk off tomato sauce and baked cheese allowed me to interview them for almost an hour and a half afterwards. A great conversation that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

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No Jumper – The Wifisfuneral Interview

The other day when I interviewed Lil Yachty I also had Wifisfuneral in the studio. If you ain’t in the know, Wifisfuneral is a duo from Florida consisting of Isaiah and Gabe and these boys sure do make some mean rap tunes. Check out our conversation and make sure you check them out on Soundcloud.

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No Jumper – The Lil Yachty Interview

I’ve been DMing with Lil Yachty for a few weeks but I was lucky enough to get him in the studio for an interview just before his first show in LA, which by the way was so sold out that thousands of people were turned away at the door. Alongside him was Coach K, the don of Atlanta hip hop who is most known for managing both Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy through the early days of their careers. Faced with the task of interviewing one of Atlanta’s new shining stars along with one of it’s most esteemed elderstatesmen I think I actually did a half decent job learning about these two and the resulting interview was pretty awesome. Enjoy!

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No Jumper Streetwear Review #1

I’ve been getting a ton of shirts and hats in the mail from young aspiring streetwear brands so I decided to do a vlog where I took a look at all the stuff I’ve gotten in the mail over the last month. Independent BMX brands, feel free to send stuff in as well and maybe I can make a similar video showing off some BMX stuff in the future. Let me know what you think and thanks to everyone who sent shit in.

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No Jumper – The Craig Xen Interview

I found out about Craig Xen a few months back through the magic of Soundcloud and his star has been steadily rising since. Tyler Grosso recently became a fan and has been working closely with Craig so it seems big things are on the horizon. I got him in the studio for an interview and found out that there’s much more to the man than meets the eyes. Enjoy the interview.

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No Jumper – The Goth Money Records Interview

We already had Black Kray on the podcast a few months so I figured it was time to get a few more of his Goth Money partners in crime on the show to further flesh out their movement. Marcy Mane AKA MFK and Kane Grocerys came through the studio for an interview in which we discussed their stylistic influences, growing up in DC, why Wale is rap’s punching bag and much much more.

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No Jumper – The Beagle Interview

No Jumper – The Rob $tone Interview

Rob $tone tweeted a video at me of a crazy live performance of his song Chill Bill which currently has over 6 million Soundcloud plays. I liked it and was interested in what he had going on down in San Diego, so I told him to come up to LA for an interview. I sat down with Rob, his boy J Spooks and friend of both No Jumper and Rob’s crew, Celes Karter for an interesting conversation that I am sure you will all enjoy.

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No Jumper – The Divine Council Interview

Last weekend my dude Adam from Ham On Everything hit me up saying that he had booked a group called Divine Council to open for Keith Ape and that I should interview them because they were dope as hell. I checked out their music and quickly realized that Divine Council included Cyrax of “I Like” fame, the same dude who Yung Weej shouted out on his podcast. I perused a bit more of their catalog and soon decided they were worthy of the No Jumper co-sign. And man I sure am glad I did. These dudes are young, but also fucking hilarious. We had a great conversation about everything from Mortal Kombat to how we wish our teachers had tried to bang us in high school. Watch this interview and then get your Googles on and check out some music from these boys, I promise there are big things to come.

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No Jumper – The Asspizza Interview

Today we had Asspizza on the show to talk about the Ian Connor/Playboi Carti fight and much more.

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No Jumper – The Yung Simmie Interview

You either know about Yung Simmie or you don’t. And if you don’t, you should really do some Googles and learn a thing or two. We got this mysterious man in the studio along with fellow 275 member Yung Yogi and Don Krez of the Buffett Boys for some in depth insight into where Simmie comes from and where he’s going. Enjoy and please follow No Jumper on Soundcloud.

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No Jumper – The Speak Interview

Today’s episode features the one and only Speak. Speak is many thing. A truly amazing rapper. A writer for himself and others. A man of taste, wise beyond his years who can speak articulately about just about any topic you throw at him. I got him in the studio and we proceeded to have an amazing conversation that I think almost anyone could learn something from. Enjoy!

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No Jumper – The Ryan Holiday Interview

I was truly excited to get Ryan Holiday on the show. Not only is he a bestselling author and an unbelievably successful entrepreneur, he has introduced me to countless amazing books through his reading list including the best marketing book I’ve ever read, his first, Trust Me I’m Lying. I spotted Ryan in one of Casey Neistat’s vlogs the other day and a few emails later, I had him locked in to do the podcast during a quick trip to LA. We had a great conversation for over an hour and I think you’ll all enjoy it! If you do, buy Ryan’s books via the link below and make sure to subscribe to his mailing list to stay up on some great book recommendations.

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No Jumper – Gabe of Uzi & Mike The Ruler Interview

For this week’s second episode of No Jumper we’ve got Gabe of Uzi and Mike The Ruler on along with Mike’s friend Henry Salke. We had an awesome conversation and I think I learned a lot about these upstanding young gentlemen.

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No Jumper – The HurtboyAG Interview

On the Antwuan Dixon podcast I mentioned that I was interested in interviewing Hurt, who you probably already subconsciously know courtesy of his “HURT WHAT IT DO!” producer tag. Hurt saw that interview and got in touch and soon after we met up for this interesting conversation in which we talked about how he got into producing, all of the superstars (Future, Chief Keef, Fredo Santana!) he’s worked with and he even told us about the time that Arnold Schwarzenegger knocked on his front door. Enjoy and look for another episode of No Jumper dropping Thursday!

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No Jumper: The John Ross & Yung Weej Interview

This week on No Jumper we have a couple of bright young fashion minds on the show, John Ross and his sidekick, Yung Weej. We talked about everything from Christmas to Supreme reselling to going viral off taking a selfie with some girl’s butt. Enjoy!

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No Jumper – The Golgo DFT Interview

Golgo is a street artist (for lack of a better term) from Mexico City who has worked with brands like Nike, Reebok, SSUR and Black Scale and who currently works as creative director for OSS. He’s also collaborated with artists like Futura2000 and he’s done merch for bands like The Misfits. Basically he’s just a super fascinating and successful guy and I was extremely excited to get him on No Jumper to tell us how he made it out of Mexico and prospered in America. Enjoy!

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No Jumper – The Mike G of Odd Future Interview

00:00 Watching interviews online
03:00 Soundcloud and releasing music online
06:00 Blogs and hip hop journalism
09:45 Early experiences with The Internet
13:30 Baby Scumbag’s arrest
18:30 The Oldie video
22:00 Creative process
25:30 Kendrick and Future
35:00 Chopped and screwed
37:00 Joining Odd Future
40:00 Craziest stories from tour
43:00 DJ Khaled
47:00 Advice for kids
50:00 Hodgy calling Tyler a fraud at The Carnival
51:00 Odd Future
56:30 Wasting time on Twitter
59:00 Vince Staples
1:02:00 Eminem vs Benzino beef
1:05:00 Award Tour II
1:06:30 Girls
1:09:00 Drugs
1:10:00 Christmas

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No Jumper – The V Nasty Interview

The stars aligned this week and I was able to get V Nasty herself on the podcast. You might know V Nasty as one third of the infamous White Girl Mob along with Kreayshawn and Lil Debbie, but she is also a truly hilarious person who has a really hard time not being honest in any given situation. I personally really enjoyed this conversation, especially the part where V said she was down for Waka Floka. Enjoy!

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No Jumper – The Getter Interview

Getter is a pretty interesting dude. Not only is he a pretty big time EDM (which I admittedly know close to nothing about) DJ but he also does hip hop beats for artists like Pouya and Fat Nick and he’s pretty well known on social media for pumping out LOL inspiring Vines with his homeboy Nick Colletti. I got Getter and Nick in the studio along with Catfish (his first time co-hosting on an episode of No Jumper) and we delved deep and learned all about the mysterious man with the colorful hair.

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