Ethan in front of the lens, Francis Castro behind it and Smokepurpp on the beat. Need I say more? Click play, this bangs.

No Jumper – The Francis Castro Interview

No Jumper – The Lahsaan Kobza Interview

No Jumper – The Tony Malouf Interview

No Jumper – The @RRDBLOCKS Interview

No Jumper – The 40 Oz Van Interview

I was on the road for a few weeks so we haven’t put out an interview in a while but we’re back and better than ever. Our first guest back is none other than 40 Oz Van. It’s not easy to describe exactly what it is 40 does since he’s involved with so many things but in this interview we went deep and learned everything you need to know about this young boss. Enjoy and Subscribe/Follow No Jumper on social media!

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No Jumper – The Evan Breen Interview

Who is Evan Breen? Going into this interview, much like you, I didn’t know much about him except that he’s a funny ass dude who shares his bizarre ideas with the world through Vine. Our boys Getter and Nick Colletti helped get Evan in the studio along with Catfish and Robesman (and Getter’s girlfriend Yayvery) for our biggest podcast so far. Along the way we learned all about what makes Evan tick. Enjoy!

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No Jumper – The Da$h Interview

As we tend to do, we managed to get Da$H on the podcast just before he rocked Ham On Everything this past Friday. We spoke about a wide range of topics and despite being pretty leaned out by the end of it, Da$H came through with plenty of dope stories, most importantly the time he beat the shit out of No Jumper’s unofficial team mascot, SpaceGhostPurrp.

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No Jumper – Let’s Talk About Sex.

The other day I had the No Jumper crew on set in order to conduct 2 interviews but then both canceled so instead we just talked amongst ourselves (with some help from my friend Alysia Brunst) about topics mostly pertaining to sex and dating. Enjoy and tune in later this week for our interview with Da$H.

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No Jumper – The Danny Duncan & Ryan Beckford Interview

Danny Duncan and Ryan Beckford are two Internet pranksters from the mean streets of Florida who both recently made the move to LA in order to advance their Internet notoriety. If you still feel like you have no idea what these guys do, that’s okay, press play and take this journey with us.

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No Jumper – The Softest Hard & Madeleine Rose Interview

Today, rounding out our jam packed week of interviews we’ve got a chat that Robesman and I had with every cloud-rap Twitter user’s WCWs, Softest Hard and Madeleine Rose. Softest is a DJ. Madeleine runs a clothing line/girl power movement called Girl Gang. But really they’re just a couple of chill young girls making moves and inspiring a lot of young woman to pursue their dreams. Enjoy!

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No Jumper – The Janice Griffith Interview

I’ve had a ton of No Jumper fans ask me to interview some porn stars but I knew that if I was going to dip my toe into the porn pond that I had to get somebody official. Cue Janice Griffith, one of the hottest young starlets on the scene and an outspoken feminist. Janice came through the store and we proceeded to get high as fuck and talk about life, weed, porn and puking. Enjoy!

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No Jumper – The @darthlux & @phiphibb Interview

Today’s interview is a product of Robesman’s vast, strange social life. He hit me up last week asking me if I wanted to interview 2 Instagram models with 720k and 88k followers. Never one to turn down an opportunity to chat up some hotties who are popular on the Internet I agreed and what we have here is the resulting conversation. Follow @darthlux, @phiphibb, @adamtwentytwo and @robesman if you wanna interact on The Gram. Enjoy!

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No Jumper – Posh God of Metro Zu & Phil of Dertbag Interview

I just met Tubs the other day during the Itsthereal interview but it didn’t take long for him to hit my DMs asking if I wanted to do an interview with Phil Post, owner of respected east coast streetwear enterprise, Dertbag and Posh God of heralded Miami rap/art collective, Metro Zu. Recognizing the opportunity before my eyes I quickly accepted and Tubs even ended up co-hosting. Enjoy the podcast and do us a favor by giving No Jumper that Soundcloud follow.

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No Jumper – The Maxo Kream Interview

Maxo Kream has become one of my favorite rappers over the last year or so since he dropped his iconic Maxo 187 mixtape on the world. Thanks to massive amounts of fans tweeting at him telling him to come on No Jumper we finally got the man himself in the studio and got him to open up about just about everything. Enjoy and hit us with that Soundcloud follow!

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No Jumper – The Robb Bank$ Interview

I’d been planning on interviewing Robb Bank$ for a while now as a long time fan of his music but I also wanted to talk to him about some of the beef that had been simmering between Robb and certain members of a certain popular LA rap group. After clearing up that stuff we went on to talk about a variety of topics that I wanted to know about as well as quite a few reader questions. Enjoy!

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No Jumper – The Blake Vapes Interview

Ever heard of Blake Vapes? He’s just a regular guy who loves to vape and who endures an absurd amount of hate via social media for simply having the gall to live his life the way he sees fit. Immediately after the Dillon Francis interview, Dillon shifted into co-host mode along with Getter and Nick Colletti and we learned a lot about the man they call Blake Vapes and just how complicated he really is.

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No Jumper – The Dylan Ross Interview

Yesterday morning I sat down with Team Sesh’s very own Dylan Ross, an interview I have been badgered and harassed by the fans to get done for many months now, and we had a great chat about Juggalo culture, depression, Team Sesh and much more. Enjoy!!

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No Jumper – The Dillon Francis Interview

Dillon Francis is a world famous DJ with a video on YouTube with over a quarter billion views so I figured it would be a good idea to get him on the podcast and just talk about poop and cum the whole time. Getter and Nick Colletti (of Suh Dude fame) joined me and we basically just demonstrated our immaturity and inability to take anything seriously for an hour and change. Enjoy!

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No Jumper – Kanye West “The Life Of Pablo” Review

We’re trying out something new this week; a podcast about an album. This is a review of Kanye’s new album, The Life Of Pablo featuring Adam22, Robesman and Brandon Wardell.

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