Instagram Slam 22: Terry Adams & Matthias Dandois

Instagram Slam 21: Broc Raiford & Josh Clemens.

If you missed it, here’s last week’s episode with Rob Diquattro and Arik Elstran:

INSTAGRAM SLAM 20: Rob Diquattro & Erik Elstran in Arizona.

Also if you missed it, peep last week’s Instagram Slam with the Primo/Stranger/Lotek squad:

Instagram Slam 19: Primo/Stranger/Lotek Ramps

Instagram Slam 19 features Shawn Mcintosh, Tony Neyer, Aaron Brenner, Caleb Quanbeck, Garrett Reeves and Denim Cox getting down at the Primo warehouse ledges. Denim utilizes the bank to wall setup in a previously unseen way. Subscribe to our Youtube and follow our Instagram.

Instagram Slam 18: #HAZYINAZ with Jackson Ratima, Jourdan Barba & Raul Ruiz.

Featuring Jackson Ratima, Jourdan Barbra, Raul Ruiz, Glen Girbovan and Robbie Owen

Instagram Slam 17 with Dan Norvell, Chijioke Okafo & Mike Gray.

hunt final insta

Instagram Slam 16: BSD Halloween Edition.

Kriss Kyle
Tony Malouf
David Grant
Joey Motta
Dan Paley

Instagram Slam 15 With Biz, Rooftop & Jason Enns

For our 15th Instagram Slam, we recruited @BizJordan, @JasonEnns and @MikeEscamilla, knowing they’d come back with a good one. This is the perfect mix of talkin’ shit, dusting off some old tricks and doing some things they wouldn’t normally do. Awesome to see Rooftop still flexing that front brake, Biz bringing back the half bar and some vintage mini ramp Enns making an appearance!

Be sure to follow all these dudes and @thecomeupbmx to get your tricks in on the next Instagram Slam.

Instagram Slam 14: The Albes BMX Edition.

Instagram Slam 13: Dew Tour BMX Dirt.

Grant Germain California Sessions

Young gun Grant Germain recently spent some time in SoCal and filmed some serious heat while visiting. Last few clips are straight fire. Also check out our latest Instagram Slam featuring Grant in NYC with Craig Passero, Russ Barone and Blackman.

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Instagram Slam 12 with Craig Passero, Blackman, Grant Germain & Russ Barone.

Instagram Slam 11 with the Boqer123 Crew.

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Instagram Slam 10 with Dylan Stark, Jourdan Barba, Matt Closson, Dan Norvell & Larry Alvarado.

Instagram Slam 9: Dakota Roche, Nathan Williams & Dan Lacey.

Make sure to follow Dak, Nathan and Dan on Instagram and keep an eye out for our next Instagram Slam with Dylan Stark, Matt Closson and Jordan Barba next Friday.

Instagram Slam 8: Chris Courtenay at Vans Skatepark.

We usually drop an Instagram Slam weekly on every Friday but we ended up with 2 this week. So enjoy this one and look out for a new one from Dan Lacey, Nathan Williams and Dakota Roche dropping tomorrow.

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Instagram Slam 7: Morgan Long & Raul Ruiz.

Instagram Slam 6 with Gabe Brooks, Sean Morr & Catfish.

Filmed and edited by John Hicks.

And just because I like it, here’s last week’s Instagram Slam with the Merritt team and Mark Burnett:

Instagram Slam 5: The Merritt BMX Team + Mark Burnett.

Instagram Slam 4 with Brock Olive and Nick Kajewski

Instagram Slam 3 with Chad Kerley

Instagram Slam 2 with Dan Foley

Instagram Slam 1 with Alex Hiam, Dakota Roche and Ryan Guettler

Instagram Slam #4: Brock Olive & Nick Kajewski.

For the 4th installment of the Instagram Slam series, our dude Frenchie got together with TCU team rider Brock Olive and some friends at the Beerwah skatepark in Queensland, Australia. Big shoutout to Brock, Nick, Frenchie and everyone who sent in comments, this turned out awesome.