Subrosa – How to Double Peg

Subrosa just launched a new series of How-To videos and here’s the first episode featuring their flow riders Lars Tepaske and Francisco Jimenez teaching you double peg grinds on a Subrosa rail. More to come soon!

How To Tailwhip With Lewis Morgan

How To Crankflip With Dan Foley (WARNING: CONTAINS CRANKFLIPS)

Dan’s Comp How-To Series: Headset Installation & Maintenance

Got a loose headset or need some tips on installing a new one? This how-to from the fine folks at Dan’s Comp will give you the ins and outs of proper headset installation and maintenance. Don’t be a Kareem, every rider should know how to perform basic maintenance and repairs on their bike!

How To Wallie 180 with Ben Lewis

Benny L gives you the lowdown on one of his favorite tricks, the wallie 180, in this new how-to. He’ll take you through it all from the wallie all the way up to the wallie 360. So give this a watch and throw one in a line the next time you’re out riding.

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How To Feeble Hard 360 with Jacob Cable

If you’ve got a decent handle on the feeble 1-8 and want to start giving the three a try, take some tips from Jacob Cable in this new how-to. He breaks it all down from the kind of ledge to learn on, angle of approach and wax level for both metal and plastic pegs. So give this a watch, then head to your nearest flat ledge!

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How To Do Peg Chingers With Jay Dalton

Jay Dalton hits us with a how to today in which he informs you about “peg chingers”, a more politically correct term for the daily chink which I instructed you on a few months back. He covers a few scenarios I didn’t, namely doing them on quarters, so this could be of use to you.

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How To Turndown With Harry Main

Here we have Liverpool’s Harry Main teaching you how to turndown as part of his recent web video campaign.

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How To Flair with Logan Martin

If you’ve been thinking about starting to send flairs, get some tips from Logan Martin in this new how-to video. If you don’t have access to a foam pit or a resi quarter, the mattress from your bed should do just fine.

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How To Bunnyhop Wallride with Garrett Reeves

Get some tips on bunnyhop wallrides from your favorite rider’s favorite horticulturist, Garrett Reeves, in this new how-to. Even if it’s just a few wallrides, its still awesome to see Garrett on his bike!

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Dan’s Comp How To Series: Pedal Install & Double Peg Grinds

Dan’s Comp kicks off their new how-to series with a couple of videos showing you how to properly install a new pair of Fit Mac pedals and get your double peg grinds on lock with the Subrosa Street Rail. Look for more how-to’s from the folks at Dan’s Comp in the coming months!

How To Backwards Manual with Devon Smillie

Devon Smillie is one smooth dude rolling fakie, so who better to teach you the art of the backwards manual. In this new how-to, he schools you on the basics from pick-up manuals rolling backwards all the way up to the bar in cab out shit. Now get out there and put that coaster to work!

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How To Over Grind With Van Homan

If you’ve conquered your first handrail and want to start stepping your game up, check this new how-to video with Van Homan giving you some tips on overgrinds. Next week: how to tailwhip the snake run at Kona.

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How To Tabletop with Harry Main

Watch this video if you want to learn tabletops with Harry Main. According to him, an invert and a table are the same thing…

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Subrosa – How To Fastplant with Kyle Hart

Kyle Hart is a boss when it comes to fastplant tricks and this awesome new Subrosa how-to video will show you everything you need to know about them.

[Re-up] How To Barspin With Craig Passero.

How To Knoll Roll With Tim Knoll

There’s not a lot of Tim Knoll‘s tricks us mere mortals could pick up from a how-to, but he put together this one featuring his signature Knoll Roll. Before you take this to the hood of a car, you’d better practice on some pallets…

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Getting Sideways With TJ Ellis

Kickouts are simple, stylish and classic. Take some tips from TJ Ellis and he’ll have you sittin sideways over dirt jumps in no time.

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Tim Knoll Presents: How To Slidewind.

How To Whiplash With Terry Adams

Joel Moody must’ve had an audition the day they were going to film this how-to, so take some tips on the infamous rolling whiplash from flatland jedi Terry Adams instead.

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