Instagram Slam At The World’s Worst Skatepark

Nate, Ben Silver, TrevMags, Micheal Harkous and more IGS it up at a park that, despite what the title says, looks like alot of fun. Trevor’s xup stall on the back rail was sick!

Merritt – Charlie Crumlish Tarheel Blue Kit

Charlie hits a weird lil’ line on his way to the bodega to buy up all the blue itemz they have to offer. That bike must have been perfect for Easter. Also, vertical YouTube videos are kinda weirddd but I like it.

The Weekly Come Up Vol. 12 – The Best Of IG

Ten of the hottest Instagram clips from the last week. They’re all pretty nuts but Mark Burnett and Courage Adams‘ had to be my favorite, so much bike control!

Primo X The Hourglass Theory – LOVE Ft. Yumi Tsukuda

Bugged out lo-fi edit from Yumi Tsukuda and Primo. Some solid riding in there, tight ramp to smith was dope! Filmed and edited by Stephan August.

Game Of Bike – Micheal Harkous Vs Antonio Chavez

Powerhouse Micheal Harkous battles it out with the super-dialed Antonio Chavez in a game of BIKE for today’s exclusive. Hit play and see who came out on top!

Press Rewind: Searching Acronyms Forever

BMXFU just uploaded this blast from the past featuring full parts from Chris Carter, Marc Meuwissen, Evan Gallager, Jason Byoun, Jeremy Andregg, Ewip, Rosie, and myself.

Had some of the best times of my life filming this video, this is making me all nostalgic now, haven’t Seen Anyofthesefoolsin Forever.

Odyssey – Matt Nordstrom – No Kickflips

The hate got to Matt Nordstrom‘s head and he spent a year filming a video part without a single kickflip (kind of…there’s definitely a few in here actually). Masterfully filmed and edited by Walter Peringer.

Listen Up With Ethan Corriere

Ethan Corriere runs you through his top ten favorite songs at the moment. Check it out then drop a comment below or on YouTube and let us know who else you’d like to see on Listen Up.

Ethan Corriere And Andy Garcia Play The World’s Hottest Game Of BIKE

Ethan Corriere and Andy Garcia square off in a game of BIKE with a twist, they have to take a little dip of Carolina Reaper (allegedly the hottest hot sauce in the world) after each letter. Brutal!

BSD – Andriy Podoba Edit

Andriy Podoba reps for BSD‘s Worldwide Crew and is superrrr dialed on the bike. He makes all this stuff look too easy, some of the manual links in here are outrageous!

Lewis Mils Eclat Edit

There was alot of e-hype leading up to this edit and the riding definitely lived up to it, the kid is next level. That song choice on the other hand…..

But yeah, the riding is insane, huge kinker to quick manual feeble 180 was my favorite clip I think, 180 bar backwards crook was nuts too. Hit play!

PeepGame – Stressed Sundays

The posse congregates in a schoolyard with a few sets of moveable bleachers for a chill session. Rolly ice 180 was fire 🔥

Adam22 And Nate Richter Review This Week’s Web Videos And More

Adam and Nate sit down for their weekly livestream reviewing web videos. Jonathan Bronson was definitely this week’s highlight for me, that kid sends it!

WeThePeople – Late Shift

Felix Prangenberg, Tom Weikert, and Giano Vacca hit a late night session at a plaza in Berlin on a recent WTP filming trip. It’s wild how commonplace double peg to hard truck is becoming!

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CellaDoors – Runa Hattori Edit

18 year old Runa Hattori does his thing in the streets of Japan in the name of CellaDoors. Kid’s got a very enjoyable, fluid street style, don’t skip this one!

Haro – Lisbon 2019

Dennis Enarson, Mike Gray, Matthias Dandois , Chad Kerley, and Ryan Freakin’ Nyquist hit up Lisbon back in March amd filmed this belter of an edit with Doeby behind the lens. Everyone killed it, check it out!

Is Jonathan Bronson The Next Big Park Rider?

Holy hell, this dude sends it! Tons of wild flips, spins, and handplants throughout this 6 minute compilation edit. Hyped to see a few tire grabs in there as well, hit play, you wont be disappointed.

OSS X ExoticPop 420 Streetride

OSS teamed up with ExoticPop for one hell of a 420 street-ride/jam. Tons of live action in here featuring the likes of Ethan Corriere, Micheal Harkous, and many, many more. I’m trying to get my hands on some of this exotic soda, that list of flavors on their site is outrageous!

World Deece – Most Podernism

For todays exclusive we have another mope dixtape from the World Deece crew, titled Most Pondernism. Tons of heat packed into ten minutes, hit play!

FISE Hiroshima 2019 Best Trick Highlights

720-bar-bar-bar. 360 bikeflip to whip. 360 triple whip to bar. Park biking is getting out of control!

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