Dan Price – Shikan Street

UK street legend Dan Price uploaded this treat of a video that he put together with some footage he had from different sessions between Hastings and London. Featuring riding from Dan himself, Dan Hartley, Amos Burke, Micheal Attewell, Keiren Barnbrook and Bobby Skinn

Sosh Urban Motion 2017 – Bruno Hoffmann & Markus Wilke (4th Place)

Here’s the 4ph place entry of the 2017 Sosh Urban Motion featuring Bruno Hoffmann and legendary filmer Markus Wilke. The German pair produced a very dope video for the contest and it’s a great watch!

Dan Paley Soulja BSD Edit!

Dan Paley originally set out to make this video back in 2015 for the release of his Soulja frame. Unfortunately at the start of filming the Donny Soulja was seriously hurt, he dislocated his knee sideways, snapping 3 of his 4 ligaments.

The doctors told him he might not walk again, let alone ride. Dan’s strong will, determination and some serious physiotherapy got him back on his bike and riding again in less than a year, blowing the minds of his doctors and physio team.

He’s now back, better and stronger than ever. This edit was filmed over the last 9 months in Paris, San Jose, Madrid, Lisbon, Malaga and Glasgow.

Watch the Soulja go to war on these serious city streets, over and out! BSD FOREVER!

CultCrew X Tienda Bmx – Andres Ochoa Edit

Cult’s Colombian connect Andres Ochoa shreds his homeland with a nice little sprinkle of NJ/NYC footy in there too. Dubs hard on the Princeton kinker was a highlight for me, check it out!

FBM = Fun Backyard Miniramp???

Dillon Leeper, Latane Coghill, BadMatty and more jam out on a dialed backyard mini ramp to raise money for relief in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria hit. Lots of sweet mid-school coping tech and an appearance from Rob Tibbs, how can you go wrong?

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Animal – Street’s Finest Vol 3: LFS

Animal keeps their Street’s Finest series rolling with an awesome edit from the LFS dudes. Everyone kills it but Smallfry and Steve Jones went extra hard, that smith 5cab down the drop looked so wild!

Kink X Berks St Jam Edit

1. This looks like it was a ton of fun

2. Mad Mike Guth is a goddamn savage

3. Matt Miller is the undisputed king of the cassette cab.

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5050 Skatepark Donates Ramps To The Brooklyn Banks

Always keeping the community in mind, the good people over at 5050 Skatepark in Staten Island built/donated a bunch of new ledges and ramps to the Brooklyn Banks since all the old ones were destroyed. Click through and check out the video and be sure to say thanks if you see any of the 5050 crew out at the banks!

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Rickey Bates and Gary Dimartine Banned 5 Sections

Colt Fake blessed the web with the Banned 5 intro a little while back and now today we have Rickey Bates and Gary D‘s video ending section. Take a few minutes to watch these two dude’s last sections ever and pour one out for the homies.

BSD Dan Paley Soula Trailer

Tomorrow at 10am we will be dropping the new BSD Dan Paley “Soulja” edit and its riddled with some of the craziest bangers of 2017! Paley goes HARD!

Bruxelles Mes Cluut – Mixtape 2017

Rachid Ben Addi and the Cluut crew guys are back with a new mixtape filmed around the Belgian capital and it’s a fucking treat!! This features some great riding from a lot of different guys and if you can understand French, Rachid will make you laugh your ass off!

Battle of Hastings 2017 – Team Roche Plaza Edit 4th Place

Nathan Williams and Sean Ricany landed themselves a 4th place with their plaza entry and you can now watch why. Some insane clips in this!

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Sosh Urban Motion 2017 – Joris Coulomb & Romain Fel (5th Place)

Here’s the 5th place entry of the 2017 Sosh Urban Motion video contest featuring Joris Coulomb and filmer Romain Fel and it’s so sick! Joco makes everything looks so easy and steezy and it’s a treat to watch!

Odyssey – Winter ’17 Softgoods Available Now

Odyssey just dropped their Winter ’17 softgoods collection and damn do they look fresh. Go ahead and click through the lookbook, if you like what you see all the products shown are available right here.

Kenzo De Witte Alive Industry Edit

This was awesome from beginning to end, Alive’s Belgian connect Kenzo De Witte creatively kills the streets with a great eye for spots. The first clip was awesome and that bank to bank threader…that was tight (literally)


Tom Villareal, Dan Norvell, Cody Perry. and Matt DarkChocolate play a four way game of bike at a skatepark for the lens of Nate Richter. Dgaf Dan’s last trick was super impressive, check it out!

Cult X Ethik – Chase Dehart Promo

Hell yeah, some fresh Chase D footage to start your weekend off right. This time it’s to premote his new Cult X Ethik collab gear (which you can cop right here). Loved that dubs manny 180 down the stairs and the bank bench gap bank line. Hit play and get siked, this made me want to go pedal for sure.

Sosh Urban Motion 2017 – Demarcus Paul and Doeby (6th Place)

Demarcus Paul and filmer Doeby teamed up for this years Sosh Urban motion contest and came home with 6th place. Demarcus always rides crazy stuff and makes it look awesome. That double peg 180 up that bent rail was tiiiight.

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S&M – Joe Simpson Edit

Mongoose Japan Tour

Follow Kevin Peraza, Ben Wallace and Brayden Barrett-Hay during their recent Mongoose tour around Japan. Lot’s of great spots in this and some awesome riding too!

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