W BASE BGM 2018 Video

Teh alwasy entertaining Beer Girls Money guys from Japan are back with a quick new peice and it’s a great watch!

OSS/EF Hollywood Street Jam

OnSomeShit and Everyone’s Fuckin’ joined forces to throw an epic jam in Hollywood and Nate was on hand to capture all the madness. Denim Cox is a freakin’ legend, multiple tricks on Hollywood High rail on a little girls bike?!? WTF.

Lost In Porto

Jordan Godwin, Fernando Laczko, and more wreck shit in Portugal’s second largest city, Porto. Insane level of riding across the board (for example there’s a bar ice hard 180 bar in here), hit play!

Ison Bogosian – 15 Year Old Rail Slayer

Damn, this kid is only 15 and is already a handrail boss. Pretty unbelievable really, can’t wait to see more from this kid, rail feeble at 3:00 was insane!

New Blood – Logan Penberg

Mutiny just added young Logan Penberg to their crew and this welcome video is fucking sick! Make sure you watch it till the end because that banger is crazy!

Trey Turner – 30K

Trey Turner hang nothings all over Ohio in celebration of hitting 30k followers on Instagram. More than a few original combos in there, check it out!

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DutsComp (Full DVD)

I’ve only heard great things about this and after watching I can say it definitely lived up to the hype. This really has been a great year for high quality, independently produced, full length videos. Enjoy!

One Dude One Day – Felix Donat

The Freedom BMX guys spent a day filming at a local park with German shredder Felix Donat and they came back with some incredible riding! Felix kills it!

Doomed ‘Are We Having Fun Yet’

The Doomed crew consisting of Sam Jones, Jordan Godwin, Felix Prangenberg and Jordan O’Kane recently spent 2 weeks in England/Wales and here’s the sick video from their trip. Loved the vibe of the whole thing and the riding was amazing!

Subrosa/Shadow World Tour – Duncan Creek Skatepark

The Subrosa and Shadow Crews continue their “World Tour” with a session at Duncan Creek Skatepark during the filming of their “One” edit. Looks like everyone had a good time!

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Sunday Vs. Germany

Goddamn this one hits hard. Chris Childs, Gary Young, Erik Elstran, Jake Seeley, and more leave their mark on Germany in this 11 minute epic. I was supposed to write a paper today but now I’m going to go ride for a bit first, hit play and get siked!

Andrew MicksTape Vol.2

Andrew Mick is back with a second mixtape and much like the first instalment, it’s a fucking treat!!! Some amazing riding in this! MUST WATCH!

Colton Walker – From Army to Energy

Colton Walker just got the bump to the 2018 Monster Energy pro team and they’ve released this new video where he talks about his experience with Monster so far. There’s also some crazy riding in this!

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Kareem Vs Railride Of Death

Kareem gets broke off attempting a pretty outrageous railride during the filming of his Hot Dogs Who Cant Read section. Brutal!

Over The Bars #4 – Stevie Churchill

Rich Hirsch and Phil catch up with ya boy Stevie Churchill in the latest episode of Over The Bars. Good listen, click through and check it out!

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BMX Street Station 2018


The BMX Street Station is back for another year thanks to the good guys over at Bros Bike Store in Lyon, France and if you are in the area you should definitely stop by. More info here.

Federal – Command Pedal Test With Jordan Aleppo

Jordan Aleppo tests out Federal’s new Command Pedals at his local skatepark. Dude is super dialed and those pedals look awesome! Love the idea of the thicker body for pedal grinds!

Brett Silva Forecaster Promo

Brett Silva put his 2019 Forecaster signature complete bike to the test in this new promo for Sunday!

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Sergio Layos – One Minute Run @ Miranda

Sergio Layos shreds the Miranda concrete park in this new “One Minute Run” video for FlyBikes. Steeze lord!

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Julian Jamerson Edit

Julian Jamerson reps DailyGrind and WhtHous out in Montana and put together this edit for them. Tires-jam bar and that roof clip ender were both sick, check it out!