Maiden America Tour – Santa Cruz

Hey guys, PQ here reporting live from Declan Murray Fan Club Headquarters. Pocket 360 can can plant to fakie in a pool with more vert than tranny. If you need more than that to click through and hit play…well…I don’t know what to tell you.

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Animal – Chad Douglas NYC Mix

NYC and Animal’s own Chad Douglas stunts all over NYC in his new edit. Stoormdoor to wallride over the rail was so sick!

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TCU Exclusive: How To Nosebonk 180 With Lahsaan Kobza

Lahsaan gives you the rundown on the ever popular nosebonk 180. Hit play and take some notes, then hit the streets and give it a shot!


Peep Lahsaan’s awesome BLNTD section from last year if you need a little extra motivation to get out there today.

Shadow X Ethik – Snowbird Line Promo

Shadow and Ethik just dropped this split promo for their new Snowbird line. Mark Burnett, Matt Ray, and Jiri Blabol take on NYC and come out on top. Mark’s manny 1 on the round rail and the clip right after that were both pretty outrageous. Damn!

Maiden America Tour V – The Road Never Ends

Last week we got to see what went down at the shop stops on the fifth Maiden America Tour and now today we get to see the skatepark and street portions of the trip. Once again, everyone kills it but Declan and Holladay really bring the heat, that polejam threader setup had me green with spot-envy!

TCU Exclusive: Bombing Hills In San Francisco

Nate met up with Jackson Ratima and a handful of other BayGame affiliates and hit the streets of SF. Hills were bombed and dumpsters were sessioned before the rain hit and the squad retreated back to the shop to dry off and check out what Jackson has going on over there. Hit play!

Justin Coble – Tulsa Street Edit

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals! To celebrate the holiday, our homie Sauce (Austin Quick) gifted us up with this awesome part by the Tulsa, Oklahoma shredder Justin Coble! This edit has a really cool vibe to it, lots of creative riding, with a good mix of tech and big 360’s, Justin has a timeless style that wont disappoint you!

Mike Gray – Indian Summer

Mike Gray bailed on the cold Canadian fall and spent a few weeks in sunny San Doego stacking up footy with Doeby. Dude kills it but we already knew that. Merry Christmas everyone!

Sparky’s Jam 2018

Sparkys threw their annual jam/warehouse sale a few weeks back and the whole Central Florida scene (and a bunch of visitors) showed up to rip! Whoever built that ramp setup did an awesome job, that in and out slanted curved wall looks too fun! Mark Burnett and Jabe Jones kill it extra hard, those guys are too good!

Animal – Live From NYC

Animal just dropped the NYC counterpart to last month’s Philladelphia edit. LukePedals, Matt Miller, Twin, Augie Simoncini, and more wreak havok on the five boroughs with Sam Downs behind the lens. Augie is such a beast and the rest of these guys are no slouches either, hit play!

GT – Jeff Purdy And Albert Mercado In AZ

Veteran rider Albert Mercado and rising star Jeff Purdy linked up in AZ and cranked out this heavy hitting edit for their shared sponsor, GT. Loved Albert’s tomahawk at :50 (that’s risky business with the foot on the rail and all) and Jeff is just an all around powerhouse. Worth a watch, hit play!

BSD – Ride UK Warehouse Project

BSD collabed with Ride UK for their Warehouse Project back in 2013 and just re-uped the video onto their YouTube for your enjoyment. Donnachie, Kriss Kyle, Mike Taylor, and more…wallride to nosepress (1:48) was wild!

TCU Exclusive: Security Guards Hate BMX

Nate and company get hasseled by security once again in today’s exclusive. You know that kicked out or not the boys hooked some moves along the way. LBC stand up!

United – Jordan O’kane – Air Jordan Promo

Jordan O’kane balls out for United in this promo for his new signature bars, the Air Jordans. Some big moves in here and the bars look great, check it out!

Dan Coller – Contender Promo

First came the jokes and now the bangers. Dan is such a beast. If he trusts that frame I would too!


This is Courage Adams‘ first full video part for Vans and it’s every bit as out of hand as you would expect. Truck down the Dan Lacey gap is fucked up! No one’s on the same level as Courage right now!

Broc Raiford Volume X Disco Stew

Broc Raiford (and friends) hold it down in this promo for the latest colorway of his signature frame. Broc is such a boss, crankarm hard 180 is probably so freakin’ hard and he makes it look easy!

Billy Perry Signature Grip Promo

Billy Perry brings 2 minutes of heat to promote his new signature grips from Merritt. Loved that water smith nose bar and the double bar off the cab, good stuff!

TCU Exclusive: Biking The Best Miniramp Ever

Get a peek at the new OSS line then catch a sesh at Brooklyn Projects’ dialed backyard ramp set up. That mini really does look amazing, hit play!

BMXFU – Ryota Miyaji Edit

This kid kills it and ended up on the prestigeous BMXFU roster one way or another. Are pink bikes making a comeback? Lawnmower line was so sick!