Los Angeles Street Mix 2017

Fernando put together this cool mix with a bunch of clips he’s been gathering in the street of L.A and it’s great. Featuring Anthony “Boy” Flores , Tom Villarreal, Andrew Jackson, Raul Ruiz, Stephan August, Johnny Atencio, Augie Simocini, Shawn McIntosh and more!

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Karlis Leitis Spring Samurai

Kārlis Leitis lays out some sweet moves in this new edit that he filmed during two sessions at one of Riga’s concrete park. Good shit!

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Fitbikeco – F-LOG 10

Check out the 10th F-LOG episode that Fitbikeco just dropped featuring Begin packing for Coachella, a pretty funny Tom Dugan call, a visit to the new OSS store, some riding and a team update from Tony Malouf.

“Alive & Well” Trailer

The “Alive & Well” DVD will be available for free on May 5th for everybody’s viewing pleasure and here’s the epic trailer for it.

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Dove Shit Kru – Valentin Moder 2017

The Dove Shit Kru homies just dropped a new video with their boy Valentin Moder and it’s pretty dope! Lots of cool smooth clips in this and super sick last clip!

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Alec Siemon 2017 Video

What the actual fuck?! Alec Siemon just dropped this banging new video for Sunday and it’s a must watch! Alec isn’t human and some of these clips are unreal, make sure you watch it till the end end cause that last clip is unbelievable!

Chad DeGroot In Cuba

While on a recent trip to Puerto Rico, Chad DeGroot opted to change his return flight and check out what Cuba had to offer. Awesome architecture, sights, and old cars complimented with some of Chad’s signature flatland moves. Let’s just hope he didn’t lie to anyone about previously meeting Johnny Ola down there.

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Calvin Kosovich Illustrated Section

Handrail madness from Australia’s Calvin Kosovich, dude is not scared to bomb down some shit. The over-feebs at 2:43 was awesome and the banger is a pretty common move but with the danger level cranked wayyyy up.

Vagabonds In New Zealand

Matt Priest, Andrew Thompson, and Lima Eltham spent some time down in New Zealand and put together this awesome 15 minute video from their adventure. They tear up a few sets of trails and skateparks, along with some general sightseeing. NZ looks incredible.

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Billy Perry/Josh Clemens Split Edit

Billy Perry and Josh Clemens teamed up with Mike Mastroni to promote their new split signature frame from Volume. Both these guys kill it but Josh really brings that ice-180 heat and the last handful clips are all awesome, loved that multi-kink to straight over the L.

Zac Hutera 2017 Video

Steve Mulder 360 Bikeflip

This was insane, apparently it was filmed on this guy’s 46th birthday too, which is impressive on its own. Try to wrap your head around how difficult this would be to actually attempt, Steve made it look easy.

Weird And Revered – Island Boys

Justin Schwanke and Thomas Henderson spent ten days riding and exploring in Hawaii and put together this edit from their travels. Solid vibes and beautiful scenery, click through and check it out.

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Matteo Vitali Video

Matteo Vitali is the newest WTP Italian rider and here’s his awesome welcome to the team video. The last hanger 180 at the Macba out ledge was dope!

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Corey Martinez Compilation

Corey Martinez has put out some unbelievable sections over the last ten years with his sponsor, United. Here’s some of the craziest moves remixed into one 7 minute banger. Hard cab to ice has got to be one of the scariest/hardest/least room for error handrail tricks ever pulled off. Seriously inspiring he still kills it like this, hell, the guy had a heavy part in Can I Eat? in 2003 (that’s probably before some of you reading this were born)!

Montana Ricky Early Spring Edit

Ricky spins roughly 5400 degrees while tailtapping/fullcabbing (no joke, I just added that shit up sitting in my statistics class) then proceeds to ride across a cop car. Something light to start your day, check it out.

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“Capital City” Video

Derek Morgan put together this awesome “Capital City” video with a bunch of footage he’s been gathering the BC locals and it’s dope! Featuring Garrett Bell, Ky Brisebois, Yannick Tesl, Chad Ferch, August Nesbitt and Derek himself!

Antonio Chavez Bike Check

Antonio Chavez runs through his Primo X Fiend build and clips up at the skatepark!

CultCrew – Florida Style With Trey Jones, Dan Foley, And Corey Walsh

Trey Jones, Dan Foley, and Corey Walsh sample some of Florida’s best in this new video from Cult. They hit up the SwampFest, Maitland trannys, an abandoned indoor skatepark and more. All these guys kill it (including the featured but non-titled Russ Barone, Alex Duleba, and Vic Behm), very enjoyable watch, hit play.

Odyssey Path Pro Tires Available Now


Odyssey’s Path Pro tires are now available in 2.25 and 2.4 at retailers worldwide. And yes, they squeak.