Filming with Devon Smillie + Common Crew

For this week’s Squad Goals me and my pals ventured off to Los Angeles in hopes of filming clips. Despite arriving to the first spot at 4 we still managed to get a bunch of footage. Shit got motivational real fast and we all had a grand time. This features riding from: Devon Smillie, Ethan Corriere, Dylan Stark, Stevie Churchill, and more.

BudBmx – Dev Gyal Dem 6

These kids consistantly put out webedits that are far more entertaining than most. 2:40 was awesome and that one guy sure rips those 180 bars.

Montana Ricky Video

Montana Ricky is back with another video, this time featuring some footage from crazy skateparks in his home state plus the Jersey/NYC streets. This is one of his better edits in my opinion, check it out.

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ABQDNV – Three Day Trip

This is raw footage from a mini ABQDNV trip but there’s definitely some solid riding in there, that toothhang right near the beginning looked gooood.

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Ty Morrow TripTape B-Sides

Ty Morrow brought the hammers for his Trip Tape section and today we get to see all the b-roll and extra footage from during the filming. Grinding that Garrett Reynolds feeble to 540 ledge backwards is nuts!

Jacob Sanstrom Connetication Section

This is Jacob Sanstrom’s opening section from Sam Jones’ awesome New England scene video, Connetication. If you missed it the first time around I recommend checking out the whole thing right here.

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Taylor Bonds Edit

Taylor Bonds technically assaults the streets and ditches out in Colorado to promote Deco’s new/reincarnated Mustache Bars. Last two clips were particularly crazy, click through and check it out.

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Manish Crew – This Is Livin

Feeble to 360 to smith on a single flatledge! No drop-down, no curve, no g-turn, just pop (17:12). The rest of the video was very enjoyable too, based in Quebec, the Manish dudes covered some serious ground filming this, traveling as far as Virginia Beach. Good stuff, def worth watching if you have twenty minutes to spare.

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New Cult Website/Weekend Sale


Cult just launched a brand new website and to celebrate they’re having a sale in their webstore where you can save 15% using the promo code “newsite”. It only runs through the weekend though so don’t sleep!

Press Rewind: Gino Schetini Downfall Section

I saw this dude pop a first try smith to feeble to crankflip-barspin at the banks the first time I ever rode in NYC as a kid and thought he was a goddamn sorcerer. Twelve or so years later and his moves from that era are still pretty shocking. Crankflip-bar into and out of multiple different grinds in here along with a hardway-xup smith to bar (2:06). Take notes kids. Shout out Ryan Howard for uploading this one.

Joe Embrey Outset Edit

Joe Embrey caught an early morning session at a local park and filmed this edit for his sponsor, FBM. Dude rips and the filming is a little different than your average skatepark edit, check it out.

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“Who’s Mans Is This?” – Hilario Olivos

Hilario is relatively unknown but a complete shredder from Temecula, California. As far as I know he’s never dropped a real web video before but Stephan August and his VX did a hell of a job popping his cherry. This came out super dope and y’all should go FOLLOW HILARIO ON INSTAGRAM for daily bangs.

Shadow – Albert Mercado Bike Check


Albert Mercado has a super detailed bike check up on the Shadow website and you can peep all the photos and full list of parts b following this link.

Tom Sanders – “Back To Civilisation” Section

Tom Sanders’ section from the “Back To Civilisation” is by far my favorite and Marv uploaded the whole thing for your viewing pleasure! This is such a treat and a must watch for everybody!

Larry Edgar – Volcano Line Promo Video

Larry Edgar teamed up with legendary filmer Mike Manzoori to capture a bunch of sick riding at this local skatepark in California in order to promote his signature Flybikes Volcano line.

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Gary Young Illustrated Section

I don’t really think there’s ever been a less than stellar Gary Young video part but this one is pretty wild. Speed, precision and creativity all rolled into one. That switch curved wall to overgrind near the end doesn’t even look possible.

Joeri Veul -Welcome To Ciao Crew Edit

Short but sweet edit of Joeri Veul for the Ciao Crew. That nosewheelie dropdown ice 180 looked sooo good!

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FitBikeCo- F-LOG 13 Party Planning

Begin, Morgan Long, Tony Malouf, and more meet up to ride some rooftop ramps above their friend Terry’s art gallery. Give it a watch then check out the rest fo the F-LOG series right here.

Odyssey – Travel Tool

Odyssey gives you everything you need to fix your bike in one pocket sized combo tool, might have to pick one of these up!

“Our first multi-tool includes all the key bits to assemble and disassemble your bike on-the-go and retails at $29.99, making it the most affordable compact multi-tool available. Includes a 15mm and 17mm swappable pedal wrench, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm hex wrenches and a 17mm socket with an integrated storage compartment. The Travel Tool is light and easy to carry, but big enough to allow you to actually tighten everything down properly.

4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm hex wrenches
17mm deep socket
Integrated storage compartment
Pedal Wrench (15mm and 17mm spanners included)
8″ Full length arm for proper leverage”

Cinema – S/S ’17 Apparel Lookbook

Cinema just dropped this lookbook featuring all of their new apparel for Spring/Summer 2017. Everything looks great and as a bonus there’s a few riding photos of Corey Martinez and Nathan Willaims in there too.