Isaac Lesser MK10

Isaac Lesser has been riding for Mankind for a decade now and in order to celebrate this great achievement he teamed up with Mike King to produce this awesome edit! That last clip was so good!

Dove Shit Kru – Barcelona ’18 Holiday

The Dove Shit Kru homies took a trip to Barcelona around Easter time and here’s the footage from their vacation. Featuring riding from Josef Weber, Valentin Moder and Tobias Koller.

Ghetto Games 2018 Street Highlights

Some crazy riding went down during this year’s edition of the Ghetto Games in Germany and here are some highlights from the street event. Featuring riding from Mati Lasgoity, Igor Bespaliy, Reed Stark, Felix Prangenberg, Eddie Baum and more!

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BSD – Kriss Kyle Passenger Bike Check

Kriss Kyle runs you through his latest Passenger setup in this new BSD joint. That frame color looks dope with the white tires, check it out!

Artem Norg 2018

Artem Norg from Minsk, Belarus delivers some really tech and impressive riding in this new video and it’s a good watch! Tha last clip was wild!

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Dennis Enarson – Caps Lock

This is straight up savage, banger after banger after banger. That last clip made me laugh out loud it was so ridiculous, absolute must watch.

Kareem Vs Hollywood High

Kareem takes a brutal slam at Hollywood High while filming for his HDWCR section. One more crank and he would have had it!

Press Rewind: Craig Passero Lotek Video

Because we haven’t done a press rewind in a while I thought that posting the amazing Craig Passero Lotek video was a good idea. Whammo at his best, filmed/edited by Charlie Crumlish of course!

H1xtape v11

The H1xtape are back with a new piece and once again, it’s a treat to watch! Featuring riding from Knifeurlung, Noah Hicks, Josh Petrie, Emil Drewit, Kieran Barnbrook, Aidan Green, Matt Fisco, Ed rush, Luke ‘Kozzie’ Cosma and Kris Bunnage.

New Wave Germany Tour 2018

Check out some quick clips from Dan Coller, Travis Hughes, Ben Basford and more during a recent Kink trip in Germany.

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From Chad To CPH

After spending two years off the bike living in the country of Chad (central Africa for those geographically challenged), Nico Estaban returned home to Copenhagen and wasted no time filming this new edit. Not bad for not riding for 2 years, actually…not bad for anyone! That crank arm on that tall ass downledge near the end was insane!

Chuck Covey – No Handed Handplant Frontflip

This is insane! Chuck Covey slaps both hands down on the deck of a box jump mid frontflip, didn’t see this one coming. Wierd wild stuff.

Artem Norg 2018

Artem Norg hails from Belarus (which looks awesome for riding btw) and put together this edit over the last year or so. I gotta say, 1:20 has to be one of the most fluid, in a line, hop 180 downside whips I’ve seen to date. Last 3 clips were all pretty nuts too, check it out!

CultCrew – BTS Softgood Part 1


CultCrew just released some more softgoods and it’s looking really fresh! Check out all the good here and cop some!


Vieja Escuela Vol.1

Check out this dope new mixtape coming straight out of the streets of Arica, Chile and featuring 20 minutes worth of awesome riding!

Jake Norris Welcome Video

Jake Norris just got added to the LUXBMX team out in Queensland, Australia and here’s his impressive welcome to the crew video. Some killer shit in this!

Falafel Sandwich With Garmonbozia

Ji Hoon Lee just dropped another strangely titled edit ft smart street riding on choice Korean spots (and one banger from the Brooklyn Banks). Awesome stuff throughout but the last 3 clips are legendary, must watch for any street riding fan.

Unfiltered – Dakota Roche And Dan Lacey In California

Dakota Roche and Dan Lacey bop around the California coastline with Rich Forne in tow in the latest edit from Vans’ Unfiltered series. Both these guys seem like they were on the warpath this trip, so many wild clips! Crook to manual on the kinker was so sick!

Are We In Michigan?

Some of the DailyGrind crew went up to Michigan for a few days and filmed this edit. Grant Ueberroth’s backwards crook feeble to indian was so dialed!

5050 Skatepark – Tiki Boys Shred Louisville

The 5050 crew is always on the move, this time part of the crew headed to Louisville to ride the skatepark and the dirt jumps in that Mega Cavern which might be the coolest possible location for dirt jumps in the world, check it out!