Mark Burnett’ Field Notes – Florida

Mark Burnett, Trey Jones, Matt Ray and more jib around Florida in the latest episode of the Field Notes series from Shadow. Matt Ray is a machine!

Bud Bmx – Dev Gyal Dem 7

This new Bud Bmx park edit comes with the promise that “luda crew gets even more lude than the last six times we got lude prior to this time we got lude”, whatever that means haha. 1:35 was funny and surprisingly smooth. These dudes have a good time and it shows! Press play.

La Dolce Vita Milan Trip

The DIY crew consisting of Corentin Demeirler, Clement Carpentier, Anthony Delalande, Fabin Dulong, Flavien Langlois and Quentin Lemaitre recently took a trip to Milan and here’s the awesome video of their adventure!

FU666 (Full Video)

It’s finally here in all its glory, I know what I’m doing for the next hour or so. BMXFU

Daniel Tunte – 2017 in 2018

Daniel Tunte has been killing it for what seems like a decade (…get it?), and this latest edit is no exception. Awesome mix of tech and burly in here, that last trick is wild!

Joe Hanusiewicz ShiftLife Edit

I don’t know where this kid is from or what his story is (the only description on YouTube was “Joey TS”), but his riding is definitely on point. The wall ride to bar at 47 seconds in and the clip right after that were both really dope!

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Drop The Pin With Nate Richter

Nate linked up with Jeff Z for the latest edition of Drop The Pin and ended up in the heart of Compton. Nate knows how to navigate his way through some tight trannies, that carve to double peg on the tall Jersey barrier was impressively smooth!

Role Crew – SANCA

These dudes are out of Sao Carlos, Brazil and put together this nicely packaged 5 minute edit filmed on their home turf. Mangled rail at 3:00 was dope and I definitely didnt expect that banger, though he was going to smith it or something. Solid watch, hit play!

DIY BMX Worlds Stop 2 – Gnarrboro

Round two of the DIY BMX Worlds just went down at Gnarrboro and this time around Declan Murray took home the gold cinder block (1st place). Looks like it was another amazing jam overall, if you’re in the area be sure to make it out to the third and final stop at The Slab in Maryland this Saturday 6/9/18 (no addresses are being given…apply yourself kids).

Max Heitmann – Fixate

Max Heitmann tears up the streets if California and Vegas with a collection of dialed moves including some we dont see all too often (i.e. smith to vader nosewheelie) and a few bigger handrails to cap it off. Click through and check it out.

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Bastien Robert 2018 Video

Bastien Robert kills it in this new video that he’s been busy filming around his home of Albi located in the South West of France.

Real BMX 2018 – Stew Johnson Interview

Stew Johnson and Brian Tunney sit down with Brandon Granham to talk about this year’s edition of X-Games Real BMX and it’s pretty entertaining.

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Miguel Smajli In California

Germany’s Miguel Smajli left the cold behind last winter and went to California for a BMX vacation. To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this dude but he absolutely kills it in this, loved that tooth to luc-e to 3 and that rail manual to manual 180 was wild! Definitely a good watch, press play!

Hunter Cuming – 4 Days In AZ

Hunter Cuming spent 4 days in Arizona with Dalton Voss and stacked up an impressive amount of clips during his short stay. Lots of xup rides and other unique variations in there, click through and check it out.

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Nico Cambon 2018 Video

French legend Nico Cambon his now riding for Mutant bikes and his welcome video is awesome! Lots of creative moves in this but that last handplant clip was a standout!

Posted Up 3

Sam Downs just uploaded the third installment of his Posted UP video series that he films with the NYC locals and once again it’s a great watch.

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Bowl of Gumbo

Check out a week worst of contest riding in South Africa that the Endless guys put together. Featuring riding from Greg Illingworth, Pat Casey, Gary Young, Corey Bohan and more.

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Vans Slip On Promo Ft. Scotty Cranmer

Scotty Cranmer footage is always wild and although this is essentially a remix of his Vans DVD part its still a great watch. That 360 tailtap/barspin in the beginning is nuts!

All Day Bmx Shop 8 Year Jam

All Day just celebrated their 8th anniversary of being open and threw a huge two day jam to celebrate. Looks like everyone had a great time, congratulations to Alex and the rest of the crew over there for keeping it going so long. Also, backwards crook to forwards pegs (1:01) was super impressive.

For Us, By Us – Interlude

Bevan Cowan and Poissou teamed up once again and filmed this great little piece at a Melbourne DIY spot.

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