Shadow – Trey Jones Bike Check


Take a look at Trey Jone’s brand new setup including his signature “Wild Child” frame prototype in this new bike check that the guys over at Shadow put together. Full thing here.

Anthony Perrin @ Lyon Skatepark

Anthony Perrin destroys his local Lyon skatepark in this new VX edit and it’s pretty impressive! The last few clips are dope!

BSD In Riga

Alex Donnachie, Sam Jones, and Greg Layden do their thing out in Riga, Latvia in the name of BSD. That nollie drop feeble in the beginning was pretty wild and it goes without saying at this point but Alex D is shockingly good at riding bmx. I’m about to watch this one again.

5050 Skatepark – Street Riding In Passaic

I think it’s really sick that 5050 Skatepark has a crew and films edits riding street and other parks rather than only at their own park all the time. This also gets bonus points for all the Spam footage in there. These guys always look like they have a great time whatever they’re riding, check it out!


Chris Silva just sent through the latest full legnth from the Canadian based ICC crew. This is their 6th DVD (which is impressive on its own) and there’s some really dope stuff in there. That yellow rail spot around 6:00 looks so fun!

OffTheTeam – Finna Eat Trailer

PeteyPabs and his crew get pretty reckless, this trailer kind of has that old school FBM/Bonedeth type vibe to it and I love it. Out the door to grind the rail and jumping onto the bike/door to drop were both really sick. I’m sold, copies will be available 3/20/18.

Agustin Gutierrez La Banger Edit

Animal’s international connect Agustin Gutierrez just dropped some fresh heat filmed in the dark streets of Cordoba, Argentina. That long dubs to quick smith was tight and the feeble through the fountain looked awesome as well. Check it out!

BRRR Jam Highlights

Tons of heads from all over were gathered in Denver last weekend for the DutsComp Premiere followed by the 2nd annual Brrr Jam and filmer Andrew Knight was on hand to document all the crazy shit that went down. That red letter spot took quite a beating and overall this looks like it was an awesome day. Check it out then pick up a copy of the DutsComp DVD right here.

Charlie Crumlish & Craig Passero – Buffalo POV

Charlie Crumlish and Craig Passero filmed this POV video in the streets of Buffalo NY when the weather was still nice and this is definitely awesome!

Spectacle BMX – A Play Presented By Meseroll Shop

Well this is unique, Brooklyn’s Meseroll Shop is putting on a live play based around BMX and physics. Sounds interesting. Check out more info/show times after the jump and scoop some tickets right here.

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Paul Ryan & Ben Lewis @ Rampworx

Paul Ryan and Ben Lewis call the shots during one winter session at the infamous Rampworx indoor park. Some good riding in this and plenty of banter.

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The Dirty Sniff – Juuso Kosonen & Robby Nelson Section

You might not reconize these names but both of these guys kill it. Juuso rides similar to goofy footed legend Albie Bennett (no 20 stair 360s to old ladies in here tho), and Robbie holds it down with some original moves and a big ol’ feeble grind off a roof. Definitely worth a watch.

Subrosa – Fakie News 007 – Ask Subrosa With Kyle Hart

Ryan Sher sits down with Subrosa pro Kyle Hart in the latest episode of Fakie News. Kyle answers your instagram submitted questions with his signature blend of humor and charisma. Check it out then go rewatch Kyle’s most recent video part, some wild stuff in there!

Moore Large – South Coasting Roadtrip

Follow Dean Cueson, Brad McNicol, Sven Hackett and Mole during a road trip down the South Coast of England they took this past summer. Lots of awesome park and trail footage in this!

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Common Crew – Edventures Episode 6

Episode 6 of the Commom Crew’s Edventures just dropped and this time the boys are out in Europe, more precisely in Barcelona and Estonia, shredding and partying. Feauting clips from Simone Barraco, Mark Burnett, Lahsann Kobza, Justin Spriet, Travis Hughes and many more.

All Day BMX – Demarcus Paul Sig Hat Promo

Demarcus Paul teamed up with All Day BMX Shop to design his very own hat and here’s a quick video to promote it. You can cop it here.

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Cult – $ub$cribe Youtube Promo

The Cult Crew has been hard at work on their new DVD, It’s Later Than You Think, and they just cut up this quick promo to remind everyone to subscribe to their Youtube channel. There’s some sweet riding in here (tabletop/wallbonk thing was wild!) and their videos are always pretty great, SUBSCRIBE!

Shadow – Joris Coulomb – Maya Edit

Shadow‘s Joris Coulomb put in some serious work for this one and it payed off. Love this guy’s trick selection and overall steeze. Here’s some words from the man himself:

“This Maya edit is all clips from many different trips, filmed over the past two years. We went to Germany, France, Switzerland and couple states in the US… Chadwick did an amazing job behind the camera on all these trips and without him and the rest of boys in the crew none of this would have happened. Thank you guys so much, everyone at The Shadow Conspiracy and Ronnie B for being the man behind everything ! I really appreciate the fact that I got to edit this. It’s a special one that comes from the heart. Hope you’ll like it too. Go out, ride you bike with some friends, love, Hare Krishna!”

Quickie With Billy Perry & Casey Starling

Billy Perry and Casey Starling put their Option Tires to work in this new Merritt promo video!

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Kyle Painter & Josh Delarosa Banned 5 Part

Kyle Painter and Josh Delarosa’s split section from the Banned 5 video is now online for your viewing pleasure and it’s pretty fucking nuts! So many insane roof drops in this!