Cult – Dakota Roche Nativeland 1 Raw Footage

Cult just uploaded some of the raw footy from the original Nativeland edit while we all wait for Dakota and to hit us over the head with Nativeland 3. All this stuff is still really freakin insane, check it out and while you’re at it you might as well revisit Nativeland 2 too!

Dan Lacey – BEYÔND

OH MY GOD THIS IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Dan Lacey’s new BEYÔND video just dropped and it’s an absolute must watch! Dan is a straight up savage and lands some of the biggest 360s BMX has ever seen!

“In 2014 we released ABOVE BELOW to the BMX world showing some of the most epic street riding in history as well as what it took to get there. In January 2015, Monster Energy BMX rider Dan Lacey decided he had to go back for some unfinished business from the last project and BEYÔND was born. Here we have part 2 BEYÔND which is the action and Dan’s heaviest part to date! Sit back and prepare to be shocked!”

Battle of Hastings 2017 – Qualifying & Best Trick Highlights

Check out some highlights from the Battle of Hastings qualifying & best trick sessions! Some crazy riding in this from Dan Lacey, Dakota Roche, Greg Illingworth, Kriss Kyle, Chad Kerley, Sean Ricany, Dennis Enarson, Chris Doyle and many more!

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Cult – Dakota Roche Bike Check


Cult put together a cool bike check with Dakota Roche’s new whip which features some of his brand new signature parts. Peep the full thing here.

Posted Up 2

A nice follow up to Sam Down’s Posted Up mixtape from back in May. Featuring a ton of up and comers from the NYC scene, feeble to suicide on the Pace ledge was dope!

Matt Perkins Summer 2017 Edit

Matt P rides fast and to flat on some gnarly stuff from Florida to West Virgina. If you can get past how bad this song is for a bmx edit and his corny little message in the beginning there is actually a handful of really sick moves in here.

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Battle Of Hastings – First Look

Nearly 20 minutes of footage from the first practice session from what’s sure to be one of the craziest contests of the year. Featuring Garrett Reynolds, Chase Hawk, Dennis Enarson, Broc Raiford, and many, many more. Can’t wait to see what goes down during the actual contest if this is the kind of stuff that happens in practice.

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Press Rewind: Bruce Crisman 2002 Video Part

Bruce Crisman’s awesome part from the Dig 25 video came out in 2002 and I remember watching this like it was yesterday! Shoutout to Snakebite for uploading this! There’s also some guest clips from a young Justin Inman!

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BSD – Liam Zingbergs Daze Off

Arguably BSD‘s steeziest team rider (and definitely their most Australian), Liam Zingbergs filmed this edit in Barcelona on the tail end of a three month worldwide bmx vacation. The second half of this gets pretty wild. Check it out and then if youre hungry for more Leezy fire, you can go rewatch Thunder Down Under because that one went dumb hard too.

Stranger – Strangers In ABQ

Some of the Stranger crew (Connor Keating, Ryan Pipkin, Nate Richter, and Dylan Stark) made the trip from Cali down to Abq for Double Ditch and managed to sqeeze in some street clips while they were there. Nate’s disaster on the triangle was cool and Dylan Stark is just an all around beast, hit play!

Simone Barraco – Behind The Scenes

Check out some cool second angles, crashes and other behind the scene clips from Simone Barraco’s mind blowing video that dropped a few week ago. Simone is too good!

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Mathieu Peladan 2017 Video

PM has been living in Melbourne, Australia for over a year now and here’s a bunch of killer shit he filmed around the city for BMX Avenue. That last clip was sick!

MPEG Crew – Only Took A Year

Dan Kurk put together this super dope mixtape with some clips he filmed back home during the summer/fall of 2016. Lots of cool awesome riding in this one so make sure you press play!

Double Ditch Jam 2017

The final Double Ditch Jam popped off in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Nate Richter was there to capture all the madness. That longest ditch to ditch gap contest got pretty nuts, some of those kids got broke!

Shadow – Trey’s World Episode 003

Trey and company are back with another episode of Trey’s World presented by The Shadow Conspiracy. This time they discuss Taj Mihelich’ Forward section, wacky hairstyles, and so much more. If you missed any of the previous episodes you can check them out right here.

Tom Deville – Grande Rue Entracte Ep. 3

Young French shredder Tom Deville teamed up with filmer Arnaud Wolff to produced this dope new piece for Grande Rue and it’s a treat! Amazing images and the riding is on point!

PROPS Is Back!


Yes, that’s right!!! Props have just announced on their Instagram account that they are back with a one-time special issue and that all proceeds will be donated to Chris Hallman!

“Some of you may have heard rumors, but here is the official announcement: PROPS IS BACK. This is a one-time special new Issue and all proceeds will be donated to Chris Hallman @hallperson to help pay for medical bills related to his cancer treatment. Chris is an east coast #bmx legend, incredible photographer, and was the editor of the great Midschool publication, Tread Magazine. His outlook is very positive! #fuckcancer
We will be revealing the contents list and more info soon, with additional sections being created by @skapegoat256 @darryltocco @crandallfbm @murderbike & @infelise. Huge thanks to everyone helping get this project together and to all advertisers supporting as well. Special thanks to Bob Scerbo for kickstarting this idea.

We’ll be opening pre-orders up in the coming weeks and expect a late-October ship date. Issue 79 will be available on DVD and Bluray.

Congrats to @bobbiealtiser for scoring the cover!”

Common Crew Street Ride Video

Check out what went down during the Common Crew street jam that the guys organised this past weekend. Great turn out, awesome vibes and some sick riding!

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2017 Sparky’s Halloween Jam & Warehouse Sale


The 2017 edition of the Sparky’s Halloween Jam and Warehouse Sale will go down on October 28 in LongWood, FL and it looks like it’s gonna be awesome! Tons of Shadow and Subrosa pros will be on-site and a lot of cool contest will take place! More details on the flyer or here.

Mark Burnett Complete Bike Promo

Watch Mark Burnett as he builds up his 20178 signature Forecaster complete bike and put it to the test down at his local skatepark. Mark is too good!

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