What Frame Do You Ride? (Survey)


Jeff “WithGlasses” Ludwig needs your help! Click this link, answer the super quick ten question survey about your bike and be automatically entered to win a $100 Visa gift card. It takes 30 seconds, go do that!

Skworl “Washed Up” Mixtape

It’s been a minute since we’ve last seen some stuff from the Skworl crew and this new mixtape that they’ve just dropped is pretty awesome!! Great vibes and riding in this!

Kareem Invitational Winners / Finals Edit!

Colin Varanyak – SD Skatepark Session

Colin Varanyak linked up with Garrett Reynolds at a local SD pre-fab skate park in destroyed the place! 180 backward pegs cab manual to rail ride switch whip?? Damn!

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Matt Nordstrom Pro Part

Fit and Odyssey’s nu-school superbiker Matt Nordstrom preforms outrageous spinning, barspinning, crankfliping, backwards manualing combos with videogame-like precision in this new video part. Damn this kid is sick.

Matt Ray Reacts To His 2017 Shadow X Subrosa Part

I can’t believe that 540 was suppose to be a 720! Sit back, relax, and enjoy Matt Ray tell you all about his time filming for his latest street part that dropped yesterday!

Another big shout out to his sponsors, check them out below!



Alex Valentino Still United Bonus Footage

The ever-stylish Alex Valentino stacked up enough clips during the filming of Still United to have a full part plus this five minute bonus section. Definitely awesome seeing this dude get down on some Jersey/Philly spots.

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For this episode of squad goals the gang sailed south aboard the SS HMC 150. The seas were rough but we still managed to have a swell time. Click play to see if Jacob pulled his latest tech combo or if he was forced to walk the plank.

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Colin Varanyak – Downtown SD Cruise

Colin Varanyak and Garrett Reynolds celebrated the first day of daylight savings by going out on a cruise around downtown San Diego and filmed a bunch of cool shit during their session. That 3 over the bench from Garrett was too good!

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Skyler Pingree Spring 2017 Edit

Damn this was so good! Skyler Pingree isn’t a name that I’m too familiar with but the dude can sure shred his bike!! From roof drops, to crazy park moves and a 180 whip at Berringer’s new backyard set-up, Skyler can do it all!

Ben Gea Welcome Video

French steeze lord Ben Gea is now riding for Vans and here’s quick raw line through a village filmed to officially welcome him to the team.

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OSS Riot Explanation

Mike Gray Joyride Hibernation

Mike Gray spent the Winter at home in Toronto stacking up clips for this edit at Joyride. Dude is too dialed, bar-tbog-fakie and that last line both looked amazing.

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Matt Ray TCU X Subrosa X Shadow 2017 Part

When you’re done having your brain melted, make sure to check out Matt’s wonderful sponsors that made this video possible!


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CultCrew – TripTape Premiere At The Clubhouse

Cult hosted an all ages premiere/jam at their clubhouse for the release of the TripTape. Lots of dialed moves in here from a bunch of young shredders along with Dakota and Garrett Reynolds. I keep hearing how good the video is, you can get that shit right here (’bout to cop one right now myself).

EJ Petersen Edit

Connecticut’s EJ Petersen threw down pretty hard for his new edit. That big whip down that flight of stairs surprised me, but not as much as what came next!

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Animal Bikes – Steven Hamilton Bike Check


Not only Steven Hamilton dropped an awesome video today, he also had a detailed bike check over on the Animal Bikes website that you can peep right here!

Dan Foley – On Deck At Five Dock

Some of the dude that were in town for the Vans Pro Cup went to ride the legendary Five Dock bowl in Sydney and Dan Foley was on deck to captured it all! Featuring some crazy riding from Larry Edgar, Ryan Nyquist, Dylan Lewis, Kris Fox, Jason Watts, Cody Pollard, Chris James, and Corey Walsh.

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Joeri Veul – Winter escape

Joeri Veul recently moved to sunny Barcelona in order to escape the cold Amsterdam winter and he’s been busy riding and filming some cool shit around the city. Loved that pole jam to wallride clip!

Trent Lutzke Welcome Edit

Trent Lutzke has landed himself a spot on the DailyGrind team and here we have his welcome edit. 2:35 and everything after was pretty damn sick. The banger is hard to see but definitely worth the squint, kid is a savage.

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