Longboy – Josh Rassmussen Section

Josh Rassmussen throws down a nice variety of moves in the first part from the Western Australian based “PHSH Longboy” Couple nice ledge-hangers in there (both sides too), click through and check it out.

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Pusher BMX in Las Vegas

The Pusher BMX guys recently went on a Las Vegas trip in order to escape the cold Colorado winter and here’s some great footage from their adventure. Featuring Clay Brown, Devin Burks, Dillon Greybeal, Josh Dunn, Mat Olson, Matt Closson and Preston Levi.

Mati Lasgoity Welcome to DUB

The homie Mati Lasgoity is now riding fro DUB BMX and this welcome to the crew video filmed in the streets of Barcelona is definitely a great watch!

Dean Hartley 60 Seconds Of Heat

Check out 1 minute worth of killer riding form WTP Canadian rider Dean Hartley! That last clip was nuts!

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Ty Morrow – Éclat 2018

We know you guys have been waiting for this video since Ty Morrow first joined the Éclat team back in July of last year and it surely didn’t disappoint! Some crazy riding in this one form the boss man!

StreetBerry Jam 2018

Mike Sheridan and Frelo Bikes threw a street jam down in South Florida last weekend and it definitely popped off! Shoutout to Edgar Rivera for taking home top honors and throwing a wild looking feeble to whip off a flat ledge. This looks like it was a great day!

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Cult – Dakota Roche Black + Green (Patina)

These are leftovers from Dakota’s section in the upcoming Cult DVD (and damnnn that part is going to be wild if these are the leftovers). Who else is crooking up kinked rails?!?

Odyssey – Electronical 10 Year Anniversary

Odyssey‘s classic DVD, Electronical, just turned 10 and to celebrate they uploaded it to YouTube its entirety. Timeless sections from Jim C, Taj, Aitken, Jimmy Levan, Chase Hawk and more. If you’ve never seen this I highly recommend you get some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show.

The Weeky Come Up #5

Dan Foley, Mark Burnett, Eric Lichtenberger, Connor Keating and more send the craziest clips from the last week. What are you waiting for? Hit play!

Strangeways x The Make – Bomb The Suburbs

WHAT A FUCKING TREAT! The Strangeways lads, in association with The Make, recently went on a Parisian vacation and they came back with 10 minutes worth of amazing riding! Featuring riding from Marv, Clarky, Shanky, Loz Taylor, Tom Sanders, Addy Snowdon, Cookie, Sam Waller and The Count.

Ryoya Tajima Edit

Dope edit from Ryoya Tajima, this one kind of has a 2000’s vibe to it mixed with some modern flavor. There’s some awesome fastplant clips in there, check it out!

Gold Blood Collective – VX3000

Matt Windsor was tired of lugging a backpack around for filming so he filmed this whole edit on his iPhone with a fisheye aka his “VX3000.” Featuring Brady Tweedy, David Pembleton, and more!

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Pavel Tencik Video

Lots of cool shit in this new video that Czech Republic’s shredder Pavel Tencik just dropped!

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Bmx Superbowl I At Breaking Free Skatepark

Breaking Free Skatepark hosted their first annual BMX Superbowl during the weekend of the “big game”, complete with a field goal post and all. Shoutout to Dave Raffa for throwing such a sick event and 15 year old super-biker Jayden Mucha for taking the win in both Expert and High Jump. Filmed and edited by Josh Babu.

LFS Xanwax Promo

Check out some quick clips from the LFS dudes in order to promote their new Xanwax than you can cop here.

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Left In The Deck 5

I slacked on watching this for the last four days (looks like everyone else did too) but it’s pretty sick and definitely got me motivated to ride. Not quite as loko as part 4, but def hit play then go watch Rahlin’s Badventures edit if you missed that the first time around.

Stephan August – Drop The Pin

This is a pretty cool concept edit where Stephan August aka “BootyGroceries” drops a pin at a random spot in Long Beach, then starts the day there and sees where the alleys take him. Guest appearance from Ben Silver.

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Animal – Street Lights Promo

John Yoh and the Niranonta bros keep it lit in the dark streets of Philly with their Animal Street Lights. These really are great, cop a set right here.

TCU Bikecheck – Rich Hirsch’ Stranger X Primo Build

Stranger and Primo head-honcho (along with longtime pro) Rich Hirsch runs you through his newest whip. He’s running a bunch of prototype parts at the moment, give it a watch then drop a comment and let them know which new of the new products you guys are most excited for.

Trey Turner Edit

Apparently Eastern is still a thing and their team consists of at least Trey Turner, who just dropped this fresh winter edit. Xup grind to hang nothing is one you probably haven’t seen before, check it out!

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