Artem Agarkov – Park Party Video

Artem Agarkov with some quick fire filmed at his local indoor park. That g-turn to smith down the ledge was dope!

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Tony Neyer 2017 Video

Tony Neyer just came through with some heat for this new video he filmed with Fernando around some local L.A spots and it’s a must watch! Neyer is a beast!

Press Rewind: At Home With Kurt Rasmusson

The Snakebite guys just uploaded this treat of an edit that Dean Dickinson put together back in 2009 with the one and only Kurt Rasmusson! Wish he was still riding, Kurt was so good!

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Alfredo Mancuso & Max Vu Shred A Mini Ramp!

First things first, big shout out to our neighbors at The Brooklyn Projects for always letting us come through and shred. Watch as Alf and Max session (and take a serious beating) at the mini ramp and even teach a skater how to drop in on a bike! Subscribe to Alf’s channel for more daily content just like this!

Simone Barraco Bike Check

Check out Simone’s Subrosa X Shadow whip to find out what keeps the jib god rolling!

Word 6 Promo

Awesome promo for the sixth full length installment of the Word saga. Tons of riders in there including some recognizable names like Rob Diquattro, Erik Elstran, Jordan Stump, and Scott Marceau, along with plenty of lesser known shredders. This made me want to ride really bad, great watch if you have fifteen minutes to spare.

Kink – Mike Garcia Edit

Kink flow bro Mike Garcia puts a goofy-footed beating on the greater Fresno area in this new edit. Notable moves include several different manual to grinds down handrails and one hell of an icepick. Kid kills everything, hit play.

Sean Ricany, Andrew Castaneda & Iz Pulido Skatepark Edit

Check out some quick fire from Sean Ricany, Andrew Castaneda and Iz Pulido filmed at a SoCal concrete park by the homie Fernando! There’s even a Robbie Morales guest clip in this!

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Grow Up – Doubles Section

This team double section from the Sunday “Grow Up” video was definitely my favorite. The curved wall ride clip at the end with Aaron Ross and Erik Elstran at the end is so wild!

Press Rewind: Bruce Crisman Blueprint Section

Bit of a history lesson here. Bruce Crisman’s amazing Blueprint section (that dropped in 2001) just got uploaded and if you’ve never seen this, press play right now! Legendary!

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Dan Foley – Kinda Spring 2017

Dan Foley took a break from dropping daily Vlogs and put together this great new edit with some footage he’s been gathering over the past few months. Signature steeze and smoothness makes this a treat to watch!

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Squad Goals 5: Subrosa Rail Contest

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Chicken and Waffles Two Full Video

The wait is over, Chicken and Waffles two has arrived for the world to relish in. The Chicagoland Chicken and Waffles squad filmed this over 2016. Featuring fully loaded clips from Alex Duleba, John G, Alex Emig, Timmy Theus and more. Alex Emig is the truth, conquering what could possibly be the longest rail in Cook County. If you get the exact middle finger count the crew will cook you breakfast.

Couchlocked 2017 Trailer

JD Whitehead and Co uploaded a new trailer for their long-time-in-the-making video project, “Couchlocked.” Very much looking forward to this one, hopefully it drops this year and we don’t have to wait till our beards reach our dicks to see it.

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March Madness 2017 Highlights

Full Factory had their annual March Madness jam over the weekend and it looks like it was nuts! They had tons of different events including Broc Raiford’s highest bunny hop, Jake Seeley’s ledge party, Justin Spriet’s rail challenge, the Gauntlet of Death, and more!

Brian Wizmerski’s Bike Is For Sale

This is a pretty irregular post but bmx legend Brian Wizmerski is going through some harsh times and is selling his bike on eBay. I bet there’s more than a few of you midschool nerds out there that would love to add it to your collection. Give his timeless Wide Awake Nightmare section a watch then go bid on the whip.

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Ryan Pipkin California Instagram Compilation

Primo and Stranger’s new recruit Ryan Pipkin just spent a month out in California and phone-filmed this collection of clips during his time there. Backwards to forwards smith over the lil gap was tiiight.

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Local Rep – Axel Andrez For KinkBMX

Axel Andrez has been shredding the local South of France skateparks for years and here’s a fresh new edit for Kink featuring some hot moves from the man himself.

Ratkid’s “What Goes On” Zine


Ratkid put together an awesome 32 page photography magazine named “What Goes On” featuring pics from The Make “Executioners from Shaolin” trip and it’s sick. Only a 100 copies are available and you can cop one here and read and interview with the man himself here.

Nearly 2014 Leftovers

Check out some more awesome leftovers from the Nealy guys that Alex Donnachie filmed in 2014. Featuring riding from Alex, Kriss Kyle, Jason Phelan, David Grant and more!