Cinema/Fiending The 13th Jam Edit

The Cinema and Fiend teams put on a hell of a jam this past Friday the 13th. It goes without saying but these guys are some of the best, check it out!

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The Central Library – Dan Price Interview


The Central Library just put online a super awesome interview with street riding legend Dan Price and it’s a great read! This interview was originally featured in the Red Steps – Issue 2 zine and you can still buy it here. Read the full thing by following this link(Photo Dan Jukes)

Animal Bikes – Johnny Raekes Bike Check


Johnny Raekes has a very cool and detailed bike check over on the Animal Bikes where you can see some close ups of his current ride as well as the full list of parts and some quick questions about what he’s running. Check it out here.

WDGF Shredlife

9 minutes of worldwide street heat from WDGF Raiders. The description says these are leftovers from the past year but theres some awesome stuff mixed in there, including one of the burliest handrail smith grinds in recent memory.

Tristen Cooper 5050 Edit

SLC local Tristen Cooper shreds the hell out some skateparks in the name of 5050. There’s some street bangers near the end that hit pretty damn hard, press play!

Van Homan’s French Transition Trip

Van Homan spent 6 days in France riding the best DIY spots and natural trannies the country has to offer. So many classic moves in here (including some vintage footage from Van’s previous trips to France), check it out!

Jadekaste – Late Night Tea

The Jadekaste crew samples some “Late Night Tea” via some almost-too-dark-to-film nightspots. Solid vibe throughout, definitely made me want to go for a pedal, click through and check it out!

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MurkyBMX – Scrap VX Clips

Check out a bunch of awesome scrap clips gathered over the past few months by the Murky BMX guys with their trusted VX!

Nico Bernede 2017 Edit

Bordeaux shredders Nico Bernede just dropped a new video for Demolition that he filmed with Jeremie Carrere and it’s a great watch. Some of those spots are looking so fun!

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Jerry Vandervalk “Toey” Section

Jerry Vandervalk’s section from the “Toey” DvD is now online for your viewing pleasure and you should definitely press play on this one! Jerry’s bike control is just amazing!

Battle of Hastings 2017 – Team Peraza Plaza Edit (7th Place)

Kevin Peraza and Ben Lewis filmed some crazy good shit at The Source park for their 2017 Battle of Hastings plaza edit. That first clips was nuts!

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The Boilermaker Special

Anthony Cannon is a biotech student/Bmx rider at Purdue University and filmed this mixtape over the last year and a half there. Acording to his submission, the scene there was pretty dead but has really developed into something over the last few years, which is always good to hear. Lots of sick stuff in here, Jordan Stump kills it!

Ryan Eles Welcome To The Trip

Canadian ripper Ryan Eles has been added to the Trip crew and dropped this short edit to make it official. That oppo over dubs hard looked sweet.

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Common Crew Drop 1

Alec Siemon, Jacob Cable, Andy Garcia and more straight murder a bunch of flat ledge spots in this promo for the latest Common Crew gear. Alec’s last hanger was sooo dope!

Insane Fiend Jam At HB Skatepark

Fiend threw a big jam over at the HB Vans park and Nate Richter was on hand to document all the madness. Everyone really killed it in this, press play!

FlyBikes Sales Manager Job Opportunity

FlyBikes is looking for a new in-house Sales and eCommerce Manager. The position is located in Spain and applicants must be fluent in the English and Spanish languages (among other qualifications). Anyone interested can get all the info right here.

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Gone Biking – Summer 2017 Mix

Great four minute mix featuring the likes of Morgan Long, Eben Fischer, Eric Lichtenberger, Adam Accardi, Zach Krejmas, Reed StarkKevin Porter (<–if any of you kids out there don’t know that name hit that link), and many more! I love the way Eben Fischer uses his front brake and damnnnnn that car jump was awesome, check it out!

Jonny Mackellar Welcome To S&M Edit

S&M just added Aussie ripper Jonny Mackellar to their international roster and after watching this edit you’ll see why. Tons of speed, style, and gaps. Those turn-your-head-against-the-spin 360s look so nuts!

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ABQDNV GrindWheels Video Challenge Edit

The ABQDNV crew took home first place in their local shop’s video challenge (points awarded for specific clips, think Ride To Glory or King Of The Road). Theres definitely some funny/impressive stuff in here, jumping trails sitting down, bumpjumping the homie, grinding a rail on fire, etc. Hit play and start your day off smiling.

Federal Bikes – Jakub Juza Video

Federal Bikes Czech rider Jakub Juza just dropped some new heat and it’s definitely worth the watch! That last clips was fire!!