Charlie Crumlish CrossCheck Grip Promo

For the second consecutive Charlie Crumlish post we have a quick promo for his CrossCheck grips from Merritt. Pegs on all 4 sides of the square for the win!

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FU666 – Charlie Crumlish Section

Charlie invents the fufanu to grind all over again in his section from FU666. I honestly don’t know if I prefer this section or his three song epic in HDWCR, hit play and decide for yourself.

Four41 – Yellow Ledge Jam Promo

Four41 is throwing a jam at one of Orlando’s best little ledge spots on November 4th and put together this promo for it. These guys really seem like they’re progressing more and more every week, I’m sure the jam will be a great time, be sure to make it out if you’re in the area.

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TrevMags Welcome To Animal

Long Island to Long Beach transplant Trevor “Mags” Holotka is now officially riding for Animal and filmed this two minute heater to go with the news. Loved that hop to smith at 1:39 and the banger was dope too. Looking forward to seeing more footage of this dude.

Over The Bars #5 – Jeff Z

Rich Hirsch sits down with Jeff Z in the latest episode of Over The Bars. Jeff is arguably the most iconic photographer in bmx history and has definitely seen his fair share of crazy stuff over the years. Click through and hear what the man has to say!

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That’s It! – CLVND Mixtape

Despite what you may think from the name, this ten minute mixtape comes not from Ohio, but Brisbane, Australia and features Boyd Hilder, Guy Perrett, Tim Storey and so many more. Boyd is so dialed, loved his mini section in there!

Malagestado Dos Full Length Video Now Online

The IRRS Crew from Chile released the Malagestado Dos DVD a few year ago but they’ve now put the whole thing online for your viewing pleasure! These guys are the best!

Strangeways Vol. 4 Promo

No you are not dreaming, a new Strangeways video is in the works and here’s the very first promo for it! CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!!! Featuring clips from Wozzy, Tommy Gore, Gaz Hunt, Tim Evans, Addy Snowdon, Sam Waller, Sandy, Jambul, Clarky and Leo McKenna.

Ben Linschoten DutsComp Section

Ben had a standout section in the DutsComp DVD (which says alot because that video was awesome all around) huge grinds, wild polejam moves, and a super gnarly 180 threader drop. Don’t sleep on this kid!

FU666 – Shawn Swain, Chris Childs, and Dr. BonusGrind

YouTube copyright issues are a pain in the ass but Charlie is slowly figuring out ways to get all the FU666 sections up. Both these parts are amazing (Swain on top and Childs/Mayo below), Shawn rides on such a bizzare out-of-this-world level most people couldn’t even dream about.


Casey Starling Welcome to Pro

Merritt recently added Casey Starling to their pro team and it’s now official thanks to this new video filmed/edited by Charlie Crumlish. Casey fucking kills it and that last clip was insane!

Cult x Vans in Hawaii – Cruel World Send Rescue

Part of the Cult crew went on a trip to Hawaii to celebrate their last Vans collab and came back with some awesome footage. Featuring from Dakota Roche, Sean Ricany, Andrew Castaneda, and Dan Foley.

Federal Bikes – Lost It Vol. 4


“This is “Lost it” Volume 4 in the ongoing series chronicling the progress of Federal’s full length “FTC” project and features riding from  Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffman, Anthony Perrin, Joe Jarvis, Stevie Churchill, Ryan Eles, and James Cunningham.” – Federal Bikes

FBM – Declan Murray Gypsy

FBM just dropped this new Declan Murray video and it’s a must watch! Declan brings some very creative pegless moves and it’s an abbsolute treat!!

Karl Poynter Hometown Edit

After 20 long years, Karl Poynter’s hometown of New Castle, IN finally got a new skatepark and it’s so good to see the backward genius shredding it! That last manual line was ridiculous!

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Darren Oatley Video

South African Fit rider Darren Oatley’s been busy filming for this edit for the last 2 years and the final result is definitely awesome! Some crazy moves in this!

Brandon Steele – Welcome to Proper

WallerBMX crew member Brandon Steele just got added to the Proper team and they’ve just dropped this really dope new welcome video! Brandon kills it!

Tomasz “Granat” Hanuszewicz 2018 Video

Some good riding from Tomasz “Granat” Hanuszewicz in this new HashBMX video filmed during a 2 week span in Poland.

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This weekend we brought back the @ONSOMESHIT street ride, and this was our first official one at the Melrose (Hollywood) location for the OSS x Everyones Fuckin collab! The vast majority of the OSS team was on hand; @BrandonBegin, @connorkeating, @steviec_churchill, @adam22, @michaelharkous, @thedenimcox, @charleslittlejohn, @trevvysiklocks, @adrianshreds and many many more! Thank you to everyone that came out, and we’re all wishing Connor Keating a speedy recovery!!

P.s. If you have the chance, please take a moment to head over to: Dad’s Cancer Medical Expenses and donate anything you can to one of our closest friends, @JohnHicks . We’re all pulling for you and your family!

Erik Elstran Signature 2019 EX Complete Promo

Erik Elstran rides one of his signature Sunday EX complete bikes around Minneapolis and like all things Elstran, it’s awesome. Running man railhop for the win!