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X Games Zoom Photography Contest


BMX gladiator Brandon Perez and photographer Chris Marshall teamed up and landed themselves as the only BMX contenders in this year’s World Of X Games: Zoom Photography Contest. Much like last summer’s BMX Real Street contest, you can vote for this photo of Brandon doing a monster sized tailwhip and help them take home an X Games medal. Hit this link  right here, you can vote every day until January 27th, help bring this one home for BMX!

3 Day Metro Pass – Vancouver

The 3 Day Metro Pass is back and this time we have Sergio Layos, Dan Foley, Kris Fox and Corey Walsh shredding some of Vancouver’s best concrete. Check out the full story and some nice photos of the trip here.

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Cody Thomas – Hood Antics TM

Rob D just upload this fantastic new Hood Antics video of his buddy Cody Thomas and it’s a great watch!! The whole thing is a treat and all those rail clips towards the end were sick!

Dima Prykhodko Video

Dima Prykhodko just dropped this new WTP video filmed in the awesome streets of Frankfurt and it’s pretty sick! Dima is a tech lord and comes up with some crazy combos/trick in this especially that last one)!

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Shadow – 2017 Tires Collection

Here’s a quick promo for Shadow’s 2017 Tire Collection with some fire clips from Mark Burnett, Eric Bahlman, Simone, Lahsaan Kobza, and Matt Ray. For more information about the collection follow this link right here.

Stacked BMX Jam Webisode

Montana Ricky – East Coast Winters Suck!

Ricky can’t not ride so he’s been dealing with the East Coast winters in what’s really the only realistic way, riding indoor skateparks. Filled with the wacky combos and original moves you expect, check it out.

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Pusher in Colorado

Rob Darden, Seth Klinger and Ryan “Biz” Jordan went on a trip to Colorado with Christian Rigal behind the lenses and the final result is awesome! Street, parks and trails, the guys killed everything!

StackedBMX x NLT Crew – “Come Have Fun”

Stephan August was on site for the Come Have Fun jam that StackedBMX and the NLT Crew organized this past Saturday and he put together this great video from the event. Lots of great riding in this!

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Justin Spriet Bikecheck

FitBikeCo – F-LOG 02 Mini Bmx Jam

Ethan Corriere, Brandon Begin, Justin Spriet, and Tony Malouf meet up with a bunch of other riders for an impromptu street jam in the second episode of the F-Log, check (F)it out.

BSD Transmission – It Never Hurts To Try Again

BSD just uploaded the crash section from their epic DVD, Transmission. Some of these are pretty gnarly and hard to watch, check it out.

Brant Moore – Dont Wanna Be You

Liptrick warlord Brant Moore continues his tradition of showcasing insanely hard and complex stunts and pairing them with really bad music. Loved that tight curved wall/edger to lil icepick and those 270 over CaptainMorgan-stance icepicks are crazy every single time (What’s that really called? Power mower icepick?). Just think about attempting that last trick on a sub rail out of a 5 foot quarter…

Mike Varga – Home Turf Evolution

Ever seen a 900 tailwhip or a 1260?? Well, there you have it! Mike Varga just dropped this crazy new Monster video filmed in his gigantic backyard/property and the riding he produced for it is just mind blowing!!

Bas Keep “Walls” Video

Almost 2 years after the insane Baz Keep cover of the final issue of Ride UK the actual footage is out and it’s even more crazier that what I expected. This also features a bunch of incredible other ramp to wall clips and it’s a must watch! Read about the whole thing here.

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Calvin Kosovich Welcome To Kink Pro

Kink has added recent TCU TV guest and all around wild-man Calvin Kosovich to the Pro team. This edit goes pretty hard, not gonna spoil anything just press play.

“Calvin has been a part of Kink for a few years now, and we are proud to officially add him to the Kink Pro Team for 2017! After helping Calvin make the move to the USA from Perth, Australia, he has been working his ass off in front and behind the camera while residing in Southern California. Calvin is the epitome of how staying true to yourself, working hard, and always pushing will get you to the next level. We are stoked to continue supporting Calvin and to see what he continues to produce for Kink and BMX this year!” —Jay Roe, Kink TM

Markus Hoyte Edit

Markus Hoyte shreds NYC in this edit for his new sponsor, Animal Bikes. He lays down a fresh move on the Williamsburg gap to rail, along with a crazy ass ender. Very enjoyable, hope to see more out of this kid soon, hit play.

Dirty Side Of The Street Pt. 1

This is an edit the guys at Pedaller Bike Shop in Lansdale, PA have been working on for the last few months and it came together quite nicely. There’s three sections from Okie, Aeden Feher, and Jimi Fritz, check it out.

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Nik Ford Timebomb Edit

From what I gather this dude Nik Ford has been perpetually dealing with serious injuries but managed to hold it together long enough to film this edit. There’s some cool original moves in there, sprocket stall to x grind down the ledge was tight, check it out.

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