Stacking Momentum With The Halahan Clan

These kids rule. The Halahan bros train through the ever-expanding trails on their family property outside of Pittsburgh. This quote could be straight out of a feel-good movie about a bmx family, keep killing it guys!

We call it 9 Acres. We moved out of the city to this property in 2013. Our parents searched homes for a while. They would go inside with the realtor and we would sneak off into the woods digging holes looking for clay, dreaming of what we could create to ride in our own backyard.”

MESSO666 (Full Length Hungarian Biking Movie)

Dialed full length video from Oliver Farkas and his crew of Hungarian shredders. Filmed all over Hungary along with a few clips coming from Buffalo, New York. Bonus points for cameos from Charlie and Bad Matty (stormdoor/windowsill hurricane was nuuuuts). Good watch to get you siked for a weekend of street riding, hit play!

Too Fast For Food – Jay Wilson

Awesome minute long section from Australian king Jay Wilson. Super straightforward riding, this could have come out 20 years ago and been just as rad, hell yeah!

Merritt – Ride To Ride

Mike Brennan, Zack, and Justin took their motorcycles up North to meet Charlie and the rest of the squad for the FatTrax jam a few weeks back and stopped at that legendary CT ghetto-bank spot on the way. I could watch that ice to disaster clip allll day long. We all need more OD Mike Brennan footage in our lives.

Lewis Colascione Welcome To Shadow/Subrosa

Next level technical links from Sparky’s latest official recruit, Lewis Colascione. Is 11 tricks in one 4 second combo too much? Generally I would say yeah, but Lew makes it look great. Fast hands on this kid!

S&M – Number One Mixtape

Dialed mid-length offering from the $&M boys. Mike Stahl opens with some heavy moves and Hoder closes it out with his signature speed and total lack of regard for how skinny the thing he’s gapping onto is. Kareem has a little bit of heat mixed in there as well, press play!

OSS – All The Smoke Premiere Party

A little behind the scenes action from the premiere of OSS’ epic new video, All The Smoke. Go watch that if you haven’t already, its pretty damn wild!

Fit – iStreet With Joey Bagz

Awesome stuff from start to finish in this one, Joe Battaglia always kills it! Loved that 3 un-table thing in the beginning and there was a bunch of cool curved wall stuff in there too, check it out!

Cult Does London/UK

AK, Chase Dehart, Ollie Shields, Jordan Aleppo, and Anthony Panza tear through London (and beyond) for a week with Veesh behind the camera. UK spots and Chase D’s steeze are a match made in heaven. Also great to be reminded that AK is still one of the best ever. Great video, really enjoyed this one! CultCrew.


ONSOMESHIT #ALLTHESMOKE was filmed during a two week road trip from LA to Reno to Denver. Featuring Brandon Begin, Mikey Tyra, Ethan Corriere, Denim Cox, Alfredo Mancuso, Nate Richter and more! To get the all new OSS Fall 2019 #ALLTHESMOKE gear click here:

Film/Edit: Sauce

Devin Boehm Edit

This kid works at Woodward (it shows in his riding) and stacked up all this footy during the last few weeks of camp. Through the handlebar seat grabber could possibly be the most dangerous jumping trick out there, imagine getting stuck in one of those…damn!

Merritt – Eeshond Kirk 2019

This kid seems to get exponentially better by the day. Every time he drops footage it’s crazier than the last. Lots of good stuff in this one, love the steeze!

Courage Adams & Devon Smillie In BCN

Holy cow, both these dudes are so beyond dialed. Last clip has to be up there for the craziest nose wheelie of all time. Unparalleled skill on display here, press play!

Zack Gerber Us/Them Full Section

I’m sure most of you have seen this, or most of this, before. It’s been out for a while and most of the bangers have been floating around social media for a minute now but here’s the full section in all it’s glory. Straight up insane.

Dylan Costanzo 2019 Edit

Dylan Costanzo sent me this a few days ago and it totally slipped my mind until right now, sorry Dylan! There are definetly a few gems in here, that last gap to wall is bigger than it looks!

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Shadow – Trey Jones’ Northeast Vacation

Trey Jones takes a break from the Florida heat to kick it up North and ride some of the best trails in the world (along with Bam’s house and the Lost Bowl). Typical Trey roasting and having a good time, check it out!

Sunday – Justin Schual – Official Homie

This kid kills it for Sunday’s homie team (along with Team Husky). Dude has some powerful grind combos in here, 5:07 was particularly rad, hit play!

Van Pro Cup HB Best Trick And Women’s High Air Highlights

See some of the wildest moves that went down during best trick along with some ladies absolutely roasting the bowl for high air. That footjam whip on the Vans sign was insaneee!

Vans Pro Cup Got Wild!

Nate was on site for day 2 of last weekend’s Vans Pro Cup Bowl Jam out in Huntington Beach and it looks like it did in fact get wild! Those nac-nac nose wheelies that Jason Watts casually does will never get old to me!

First Look – Goldan Days – Nate Ritcher’s New Bike Shop In Long Beach

Nate takes you step by step through his latest venture, Goldan Days Bike Co, a brand new bike shop in Long Beach, CA. That ramp looks super fun, best of luck to ya Nate!