Bjarki Hardarson Welcome To Subrosa Edit

Subrosa just added Iceland to Florida transplant Bjarki Hardarson to their squad and damn, this edit goes hard! Really blown away by how big this kid goes, that double peg hard 3 on the outrail right in the beginning was outrageous!

The Week In Review With Nate Richter And Mario Gorman

Nate sits down with Mario Gorman to watch some of the best web videos of the last week or so including Cult’s Raw Ams 2, Luc Legrand’s epic new BSD joint, and more. Really love that Luc edit, that guy rides the coolest spots!

TCU TV: RRDBlocks And Todd Lyons

In this very special new episode of TCU TV Catfish sits down with the notorious RRDBlocks and SE head honcho, Todd Lyons, AKA The Wildman. Give it a listen then go pop some wheelies!

Stranger – Times Is Weird

Stranger just dropped this new piece filmed during Seb’s first time in LA. He was rollin’ with Rich Hirsch, Stephan August and Diego Bravo so you know he got the tour of all the fun little spots LA has to offer. Double set barspins are gnarly! (Also plus ten points for sending it with a backpack on!)

CultCrew – Raw Ams 2

Nearly 12 minutes of heat from Preston OkertPoor Homie Rich, and the rest of the Cult AM squad. Great follow up to this banger, hit play!

RRDBlocks RideOut In Huntington Beach

Catfish, Denim Cox, Trevor Sigloch, and many, many more join NYC’s notorious RRDBlocks on his rideout in HB. Anytiem you get that many hikes together its going to be insane! Hit play and watch the mob get loose!

Matt Closson – Stacked BMX 2019

Desert warrior Matt Closson tears up Las Vegas in his latest edit for Stacked. Bank to uprail to hopover hard around 2:00 and that nosewheelie down the rail were both fire! Hit play!

TCU TV – The Pat Casey Interview

Catfish and Nate sit down with world renowned park and dirt destroyer, Pat Casey, to shoot the shit about a variety of topics including his son, his crazy yard, getting stiffed on contest winnings, and so much more. Hit play and hear what the man has to say!

Mini Ramp Session With Max Vu

Nate streamed this from Vans last night but here it is for anyone who didnt catch it live. 15 year old phenom Max Vu tears up the mini with support from Eddie Cuellar and Nate himself. Max kills it as always and Eddie and Nate bring the heat as well!


The DailyGrind crew stays on the move and their most recent venture was a three day stint in ATL. Features Dan Conway, Jeff Purdy, Noah Huntzinger, Gremlin, and more. Jeff is going to be a BMX superstar, his riding is so strong and on top of that he’s a really nice dude. That manual 180 down the double set is fuuuucked up!

BadVentures – Can’t Wait To Get To Heaven

8 minutes of crusty dudes doing crusty moves on the crustiest of setups. Really enjoyed this one. Must watch for any street rider.

Jonathan Medina 2018

Jonathan Medina stacked up this footage with Preston Okert all through 2018 and dropped it online yesterday. From tech manual links to big drops, the kid is dialed. Love that last line with the manual to double peg hard at speed!

TCU TV: The Mario Gorman And Brandon James Interview

Mario Gorman and Brandon James (aka SmokedSignals and Cheif Brando) are two Native American shredders who have made their way from New Mexico to California in search of a better life. Give it a listen then go check out Mario’s Picture This if you missed that the first time around.

Tuner Evolution 2019 Jam/Demo Highlights

The boys brought Thee Rigg to this year’s Tuner Evolution convention and unfolded the beast to put on a show for the crowds over there. Begin, Micheal Harkous, Ethan Corriere, and many more were out there stomping it. Seems like there was a ton of energy in that room, nice work dudes!

TCU TV: The Tony Malouf Interview

Catfish sits down with Fit TM turned Fit Pro, Tony Malouf. Tony’s made alot of awesome videos over the years and is no stranger to killing it on his own bike. Good listen, hit play!

LBC Session With Eric Lichtenberger, Tom Villarreal, Ben Silver And More

Nate hits the streets of LBC with Eric Lichtenberger, Tom Villarreal, Ben Silver, and more. Eric’s two tires into that bike rack thing was so wild! Looks like it was a sick day, check it out!

Shoot2Kill Edit

7 minutes of street riding from the Shoot2Kill crew out of Texas. As usual it’s full of awesome spots and solid moves going down on them, really seems like kickout toothpick grinds are making a comeback this year.

CYB Crew: Mixed Drink

Mark Burnett and Co absolutly stomp it on home turf (the greater Albany, NY area). Gap to smith at :57 is one of the sickest things I’ve seen in a while and Devon Swahlan’s ender clip goes hard too. Makes me want to check out Albany one of these days, hit play!

TCU TV – The Dave And Kole Voelker Interview

Catfish sits down with the ledgendary Dave Voelker and his son Kole in the latest TCU TV. I’d bet alot of you kids out there have no clue who The Lord is but hopefully this interview will change that. I put a few old videos Dave is featured in after the jump for you guys to check out as well, trust me, they’re gnarly!

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ChillTape Vol 1 (Full Mixtape)

The Ill Intentions crew out of VA/NC clipped up and put together this 20 minute mixtape to make the memories last forever. Bunch of sick tricks and good vibes in here, shoutout to Lee Green for putting it all together!