Kink – Saturday Selects Episode 2: Tony Hamlin in Mexico City

For the second installment of the Kink‘s “Saturday Selects” video series Tony Hamlin destroys the Mexico City streets and it’s fucking sick! That last clip still amazes me!

X-Games 2017 – Kyle Baldock Wins Dave Mirra’s Best Trick

Kyle Baldock threw down an insane 720 double whip of the box jump and earned himself a gold medal at the Dave Mirra’s best trick contest! nuts!

X-Games 2017 – Colton Walker Wins BMX Dirt

Colton Walker created the surprise today by taking the gold that the 2017 X-Games Dirt event in front of Logan Martin and Kyle Baldock. Check their runs after the jump: Continue reading

X-Games 2017 – Kevin Peraza Wins BMX Park

The results are in and your 2017 X-Games gold medalist is Kevin Peraza! His run was amazing as you can see in the above video and he finished in front of Logan Martin and Daniel Sandoval. You can watch their runs after the jump: Continue reading

X-Games 2017 – James Foster Wins BMX Big Air

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.43.21 pm

James Foster threw down a flip triple whip and a barspin to triple down whip and won gold at the X-Games 2017 Big Air Contest. Vince Byron finished second and Kurtis Downs third.

X-Games 2017 – Dirt Qualifying Highlights

Check out some footage from the 2017 X-Games dirt qualifying that went down earlier today! Featuring riding from Kyle Baldock, Nick Bruce, Logan Martin, Colton Walker, Brian Fox, Ryan Nyquist, Pat Casey, Chris Doyle ,Hucker, TJ Ellis and more.

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X-Games 2017 – Garrett Reynolds Wins BMX Street

Another year, another X-Games BMX street gold medal for Garrett Reynolds! The boss took first place in front of Devon Smillie and Simone Barraco.

The Boys Are Back In Town Part 1

Begin, Charlie Crumlish, Greg Henry, Billy Perry, Casey Starling and more of the Merritt squad clipped up all over the tri-state area and are putting out a series of edits from the trip. Highlights for me were Charlie’s blackrail clip, Muffinman camera kiss cameo, and Begin’s banger on Ralph rail. Keep your eyes peeled for part two next week.

Alec Siemon On Sunday Pro

Alec Siemon‘s teammates surprise him at the airport with the big news that he’s now officially pro for Sunday. Click through to see his reaction.

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Press Rewind: Dave Mirra & Ryan Nyquist Adidas Promo

Wow this is amazing! Check out this 16 minute long, never seen before, Adidas promo video featuring Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist that was filmed back in 2000!

“I have been sitting on this video for a little and I’m pretty sure most people have not seen it since I think it was made as a promotional item for Adidas when they had a BMX team in the late 90’s to early 2000’s. There is some awesome riding from a very young Nyquist and Mirra in his absolute prime!”

Delighted Crew Mixtape

Check out his dope new mixtape from Delighted Crew that the Common Crew guys just uploaded. Awesome vibe through the whole thing and the riding was on point! Featuring Alec Siemon, Hunter Guidabaldi, Trevor Antillon, Thomas Garcilazo, Brody Snyder, Justin Schual, Jacob Lockman, Garrett Acker, Richard Hernandez, and Joel Bush.

Skapegoat Projects “Paracosm” Now Available

Bob Scerbo’s newest full length Skapegoat project, “Paracosm” is now available and you should definitely get a copy while they last! It also includes a 76 page photo zine!

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X-Games 2017 – Vince Byron Wins BMX Vert


Vince Byron just took the gold at this year’s X-Games BMX Vert contest in front of Jamie Bestwick and Coco Zurita!

Shadow – Ollie Shields Welcome To The Family

Shadow welcomes the UK’s Ollie Shields to the family with this incredible welcome edit. Speed, tricks, steeze, setups, the kid has it all, looking forward to seeing more from him and Shadow in the future.

CultCrew – Vick Behm 01

About ten years ago this kid Victor used to come through my buddy’s house down in South Jersey and rip 360s over a five foot spine to flat. Fast forward to 2017 and he’s a world class racer and an all around animal on a bike. Dude just wants to rip on every possible terrain and that’s awesome in my book. Doing it for Cult (who have a new race frame dropping soon, keep your eyes peeled for that).

PS: If you’ve never seen him and his friends riding beach cruisers off roofs I highly suggest you go find that on his IG (@vickbehm), seriously one of the craziest things you’ll ever see.

Randumb Mixtape #2

James Lucas, Eric Holladay, Latane Coghill, the Leeper Bros, and more throw down in this short but sweet FBM edit, check it out!

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Jordan Siudy 2017 Video

Jordan Siudy just came through with this brand new video and he spent the last year filming around Vancouver B.C.with filmer Riley Abramyk and it’s freaking awesome! Luc-e grind lord!

Mike Varga 2017

Mike Varga destroys his very own backyard ramp set-up is this new DK video and it’s pretty impressive! That last clip was pretty nuts!

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Justin Schual 2017 Video

The Common Crew boys just dropped this brand new Justin Schual street part and it’s fire! The kid fucking kills it and all those kickflip combos were just insane! Press play on this one for sure!

Ty Morrow Welcome to Eclat

Eclat is slowly building up a dream team and they’ve just announced the addition of Ty Morrow!! Check out this quick welcome to the crew video featuring one crazy ass clip!

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