Kink – Mike Garcia’s Redwood Build

Kink’s flow team rider, Mike Garcia, breaks down his new Redwood setup so everyone can see what he’s riding, then proceeds to shred his local concrete park. While you’re at it go ahead and watch Connor Lodes’ Redwood Frame Promo once more.

Coming Down – The Story Of Garrett Byrnes Trailer

Quick trailer for a Stew Johnson produced Garrett Byrnes documentary style video that has been in the works for over a year. I’m personally really siked to see this, there’s few riders with stunts as memorable as the ones Mr. Byrnes pulled off in his prime.

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Corey Martinez – West Bound Biking

Corey Martinez just spent four weeks road tripping across the country with Matthias Dondois and came out with this 9 minute edit. With these two guys you know the riding is definitely worth hitting play, I don’t even have to mention the cameos from Aaron Ross, Tom Dugan, and Dakota Roche, or the wild backwards-grind ender.

Brian Foster – Warehouse Adjustments

Brian Foster stopped by Merritt Headquarters, moved a couple ramps around and threw down some lines only he could come up with. Always love any fresh Foster footy.

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Anthony Panza in Barcelona

After experiencing the madness of Simple Session in Tallinn, Estonia, Anthony Panza went to ride Barcelona for a few days and here’s some quick clips he filmed during his visit.

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Shadow & Subrosa World Tour – Germany

Part of the Shadow and Subrosa team were recently in Germany for their world shop tour and here’s the video of their trip featuring some insane riding from Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Matt Ray, Slayer Tom, Janek Wentzky and Mark Burnett. That last clips was savage!

Wolb Tapes Vol.1

The Wolb Crew from SoCal just dropped this quick new mixtape filmed between January and February and it’s definitely a great watch! The feeble hard down the handrail @ 2.47 was fire!

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CultCrew – Nick Tellez Bike Check


Head over the Cult website to check out a very detailed bike check of Nick Tellez’s current set-up. Peep the whole thing here.

Animal – John Yoh Bike Check


Animal/Chocolate Truck affiliate John Yoh has a fresh bike check up on the Animal site. See what kind of parts he’s rocking right here.

Worst Street Biking Quarterpipe


Who the hell is Chris Eiland?

Haha I ask myself the same thing sometimes. I started riding bmx in high school with Alec Shmalec and after we got a little better I tagged along on filming missions and we started riding with the Common Crew. I’m not super good or that involved with any one thing but i like to try my best at wherever is going on around me, I ain’t picky.

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BSD – Undercover 2 – Alex Donnachie, Kriss Kyle, And Dan Paley At Unit23

This is without a doubt one of the best/most progressive/most enjoyable indoor park edits I’ve ever seen. All three of these guys are really pushing the game in their respective directions(Chaz Mailey has some awesome guest clips as well). Filmed and edited by BSD’s Dave Sowerby.

Christian Rigal Still United Bonus Footage

Christan Rigal went to war with a ton of handrail setups for Still United and here we get some behind the scenes action along with some unseen clips. The three over that lil box jump was tight and that double peg to gap over the fence would have been insane, I can’t believe he even tried that.

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Atlantis Vancouver – “Spyglass” DVD Promo

The newest production from the Atlantis Vancouver homies “Spyglass” is now available in DVD and you can cop on here!!

“24 minutes of street riding from our shop team, filmed in British Columbia in 2016. Full parts from Jordan Hango, Owen Dawson, Carl Arnette, Andrew Schubert, Matt Desson, Wink Grant & Brad Hill”

Tom Roddy – “3rd Time Lucky” Section

My boy Tom Roddy just uploaded his part from the “3rd Time Lucky” mixtape that was filmed around the Perth area and if you’ve never seen this press play now because it’s a treat!

Jeff Wescott – 10 in 2 @ Woodward

Jeff Wescott filmed 10 clips within 2 hours at 10 different spots at Woodward East and here’s the video from it! Good shit!

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Justin Shorty Edit

Cali local Justin Shorty stacked up two minutes worth of footage with Chris Bracamonte for this new edit. There’s some awesome stuff in there but that last kinker/don’t-get-knocked-out-on-that-beam stunt was out of hand.

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Jib Tape Number Four Final Promo

Here’s the second and final promo for Jib Tape Number Four. If you havnt seen this yet you’re seriously slacking, get on it!


Fitbikeco – F-LOG 06 “You Can’t See Everything”

Follow Fitbikeco teammates Tony Malouf, Morgan Long, Matt Nordstrom and Ethan Corriere in this new F-LOG episode as they cruise around a couple of different SoCal school and filmed some shit.

Kriss Kyle @ Unit 23 Skatepark

Check out a bunch of crazy good Kriss Kyle raw clips filmed at his favorite park aka the Unit 23 Skatepark. Kriss just destroyed the place!

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