Animal Bikes -Javi Quintero Welcome To Am

Animal just gave Javi Quintero the bump up to AM and he filmed one hell of an edit. From bombing handrails to complicated tech moves this kid can do it all, looking forward to seeing more from him in the future.

5050 Skatepark – Bethlehem/Penn Skate Day Trip

Some of the 5050 crew took a day trip out to the Lehigh Valley to hit up a couple spots and PennSkate. Pretty badass that Alex hit that kinker in front of the Plaza, those poles make it pretty scary. Check it out and then if you’re hungry for more there’s another video of Augie and Dom Simoncini riding 5050 after the jump.

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Michael Fleck – A Dreadful Process

If you’ve ever been to Barcelona and rode with the locals then there’s a good chance you’ve met Michael Fleck. The kid has been progressing at an impressive rate and this new video he just dropped is fucking sick!

Tom Millar Welcome Video

Toulouse local Tom Millar is now riding for the French shop BikeSquare and Unleaded Distro and here’s awesome welcome to the team video!

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Sebastien Babineau – RLS1

Check out some quick Sebastien Babineau’s clips filmed this winter to promote La Cribs shop. Good shit!

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Joseph Frans – Days Gone By …

This footage of Joseph Frans might be 2 years old but it’s still so sick! Filmed/edited by Joe Rich.

Kareemsworld Kribs

This new Kareemsworld MTV cribs edition take you through the S&M/FIT warehouse and as per usual it’s hilarious!

Press Rewind: Kink Intervention

In the last few years there have only been 4 or 5 videos that really stand out from the rest and this is definitely one of them. This is Darryl Tocco’s masterpiece, everything about this video rules. Also, Chris Doyle, Chris Doyle, Chris Doyle. (Hit that link to scoop a shirt and help the man out in his time of need)

90East – “Neighborhood Watch” Full Video Online just put online their latest full-length video “Neighborhood Watch” and it’s one hell of a treat!!! Real street shit from Shane Byrne, Kyle Richards-Conolly, Abdul Fofanah, Sam Jones, Seth Ethier, Lino Gonzalez, Justin Dickinson, Zack Cooke, Webster Jake, Terrence O’Brien, James Meliota, Kyle Anzelotti and Jake Frost.

Head over their online shop to purchase the hard copy which comes with a bonus section featuring all of their “Daily Operation” edits previously only seen on Instagram @90EAST, a friends section, a fall section and a 16-page zine!

Joeri Veul 2018

Young Dutch shredder Joeri Veul coming through with some killer moves in this new video he spent the last few months filming for around Europe! Last clip was sick!

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Hobie Doan “Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read” Section

Hobie Doan’s awesome from the S&M “Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read” is now online for your viewing pleasure and that’s what’s up! That last line was so crazy!

Dan Kruk & Felix Prangenberg – Cheeky VX

WTP teammates Dan Kruk and Felix Prangenberg filmed some cool shit with a VX during one session at a SoCal plaza.

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Subrosa – Fakie News Episode 008 – Ask Subrosa With Slayer Tom

Subrosa‘s German shredder Slayer Tom sits down with Ryan Sher in the latest Fakie News. Press play and get to know Tom a little better and stay tuned to Subrosa’s Instagram for your chance to submit a question for an upcoming episode featuring Subrosa’s newest pros, Trey Jones and Mark Burnett.

Banned 5 – Erk Carment Section

The nine-fingered wonder Erk Carment comes through with what’s probably his wildest section yet. 2:40 is one of the craziest polejam clips ever (and he did it twice for two angles) and that drop in attempt at 3:17 is wayyyy gnarlier than it looks in here (and it looks pretty gnarly).

Full disclosure, I filmed half of this and have a couple clips in there too (along with Knick Smith) so yeah, I’m a little biased on this one but hit play!

Nicolas Bernede & Gervais Rousseau – Poolallier #2

French BMX legends Nicolas Bernede and Gervais Rousseau took a trip to sunny SoCal back in September to ride some tasty pools and they came back with this super awesome video filmed only with a Super8 cam!

BMXFU @ Woodward East

Billy Perry, Justin Care, Jordan Capece, Anthony Catlow, Casey Starling, Greg Henry and Charlie Crumlish went to Woodward East and their video from their session is fucking hilarious. Shoutout to soap shoes and rail foam pits!

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Kris Bunnage CustomRiders 2018 Edit

Young tech-god Harry Barrett just sent through this edit of his buddy Kris Bunnage killing it out in the streets of the UK (there’s a couple of Barcelona clips in there as well). Hanger 180 up the little rail was dope!


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Fed Up With The Bullshit – Scotty Wemmer

ALYK vet Scotty Wemmer comes through with a super straightforward, awesome video part for Fed Up With The Bullshit. Stormdoors, trannies, and wallrides…need I say more?

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Eclat – Andrew Schubert Welcome To The Team

Eclat welcomes Canadian ripper Andrew Schubert to the international team with this welcome edit. Andrew rocks the classic 2 pegs and cassette style and it plays nicely. Really dug that ice-in/manual-180 line near the end!

PeepGame At Woodward West

Woodward West let the posse come through on a rainy day and they stacked up enough footage for this edit, which also comes with the announcement that they will be hosting the first week of camp this year. So if you’re planning on going to Woodward this summer and always wanted to hang out with Steve-O and the gang make sure to book for week one!