Experience: Ecuador With Joris Coulomb

Shadow’s own Joris Coulomb spent some time down in Ecuador and documented the finer parts of the trip for us to enjoy. Not a whole lot of riding in here but a ton of awesome scenery and great vibes. Click through and check it out!

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Max O’Neill – 4 years later

4 years have gone past since Max O’Neil dropped his last video, but he’s back with a dope new piece and it’s worth the watch! 9 minutes of raw and dialed street riding!

SD AM Complete Promo With Dennis Enarson

Dennis Enarson tears it up with Doeby behind the lens to promote his latest complete from Haro, the SD AM. That ditch looks like its right out of Skate 3, unreal.

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TCU Exclusive: BMX For Beginners – What You Need To Know When Buying Your First Bike

Buying your first bike can be tricky, especially if you dont know what you’re looking at, but Phu from Epic has your back. In this video he runs you through the do and don’t of buying your first bike. See you guys at the skatepark!

Rex Carroll RIP City Trip

Rex Carroll spent 12 days in Portland with his buddy Jon Tinsley behind the lens and the result is this excellent new video! Really enjoyed the vibe of the whole thing and Rex’s pegless coaster riding is a treat!

01925BMX – Winter 2018

Always a big fan of the 01925BMX videos and this new Winter mix is no exception! Some dope raw street riding in this so hit play!

Champion Vs Contender – Dan Coller Signature Frame Promo

This made me chuckle, honestly the most creative, original, and funny frame promo we’ve seen in a long time. My only complaint is that the knockout should have been delivered by a hard swing of the frame to the Champion’s face. Either way though this was great, Dan is such a Savage, if he trusts this frame you should too.

TCU Exclusive: A Day With Charles LittleJohn

Nate spent the day with up and coming AM, Charles LittleJohn, and put together this lil’ segment for y’all to enjoy. Charles seems like a very likeable guy and you already know he’s an animal on the bike so hit play!


If you liked this video you’ll probably also enjoy our Day In The Life With Trevor Sigloch from little while back.

T$B Crew – Raw Street Mix 2018

Brandon Zasada from the T$B crew sent through this raw street edit he filmed over the last year in Iowa/Wisconsin and it features some cool clips from Josh Reuter, Eric Copeland, Austin Engstrom, Levi Yocom, Brayden Moore, Alex Duleba and Scott Marceau.

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Nico Badet in the USA

Nico Badet went to the US a few months ago and filmed a bunch of awesome clips with Tony Malouf while he was over there. Le Bad’s creative pegless riding is just a treat to watch!

Common Crew – Edventures Episode 8

Check out the latest installment of the Edventures video series featuring the usual suspects shredding, partying and just having a good time!

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Reagan Riley Welcome to the Team

Reagan Riley is now part of the Merritt crew and his new welcome to the team video is fucking amazing! Press play now!

BMXFU – Artificially Intelligent Warehouse Bikers

CC, GH, LD, and more filmed some of their training at the BMXFU winter TF, DADS. Lee’s 360 to smith to fakie was awesome and GH is just an all around great biker. The song is works well but I think it may have been composed by Johnny 5, the robots are taking over!

TCU Exclusive: Anthem Skatepark Jam

The gang hosted a big ol’ jam at Anthem Skatepark in Vegas a few days back and it looks like it was a great success! It was really cool to see those kids in the beginning so hyped to meet some pro’s for the first time. Awesome stuff, check it out and be sure to subscribe to our channel to stay up to date on all the latest TCU uploads.

BSD – Corey Holdgate Mate!

BSD just dropped this heater from their Worldwide Crew member, Corey Holdgate. The kid has some serious moves, hard spins off big ass downrails, tailwhips out of grinds like it’s nothing, crazy looking bars…the works. Very enjoyable, hope to see more of this kid in the future.

Cinema – Garrett Reynolds Signature Sessions

Goddamn…Cali, Barcelona, and Montreal get laid to waste by the best in the ‘biz. Maybe one day the rest of bmx will catch up with Garrett…maybe.

TCU Exclusive: Getting Destroyed At The Vegas DIY

Nate Richter, Alfredo Mancuso, Ryan Mills, and a few more of the homies shred some street and a ditch out in LasVegas before heading to a pretty sweet looking DIY spot. Looks like it got kind of crazy, people (and bikes) were getting broke, check it out!

From The Archive: Van Homan’s Little Devil Seek And Destroy Section

Long before stall combos on flat ledges were socially acceptable we had Van Homan sending huge rails, gaps, and kinkers in the greater Philadelphia area. His Criminal Mischief part is so revered I feel like sometimes this one gets overlooked but it’s equally crazy in it’s own right, great way to get siked for that Sunday pedal.

Odyssey – Rolling Denver

Some of the Odyssey crew (Justin Spriet, Preston Okert, Matt Nordstrom, Travis Hughes, and Tommy Dugan) spent some time in Denver recently and really left their mark. Dugan has been getting progressively gnarlier over the years, that guy is not fucking around. Travis Hughes‘ last clip in here is way to clean for how wild it is too, great watch.

Trevor Sigloch – Still Peaking

Trevor has been peaking for quite some time now with no signs of tipping over the other side. This edit is 5 minutes of straight rippage from the Pacific Northwest to New Mexico and everywhere in between. Bonging a beer through your signature frame is G as fuuuck.