Game Of Bike – Lahsaan Kobza Vs Grant Germain

Grant Germain and Lahsaan square up for today’s Game Of Bike. Who will reign victorious? Hit play and find out!

Andrew Lazaruk Bike Check

California tranny-slayer Andrew Lazaruk runs you through the bike he’s riding for 2019. There’s a bunch of clips of Andrew ripping a big ol’ bowl in there too, check it out!

Matt Coplon – Year 42

Matt Coplon’s birthday edits get more impressive every year, he’s 42 years old and still shredding like he’s 24! Loved that doible peg across and down off the quarter with the screwed up coping. Inspiring stuff, hit play!

Merritt – Memorial Day In LA

Justin Seillier and Marc Ramos made the trip out to LA for Memorial Day Weekend and stacked up a soild minute of clips during their quick trip. Looks like they had a lot of fun hitting all those classic spots, click through and check it out!

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Preston Okert Welcome To Odyssey AM

Preston Okert just got the well deserved bump to Odyssey AM and put togeyher this belter of an edit to make it official. Some of these manual links are incredible, so much bike control!

Ryan Mills Three Years Sober Jam

Ryan Mills just hit three years sober (which is fucking awesome, keep killing it dude) and the Las Vegas scene congregated for a celebratory jam. Looks like everyone had a great time, hit play and see what went down!

RIP Tony Mortenson

RIP to a true mid-school legend, Tony Mortenson. The banger in here is outrageous and both those 540 transfers are super badass! Our condolences to all Tony’s friends and family.

Las Vegas Skatepark Sesh With Ryan Mills And The Locals

Nate treks out to Vegas to catch a skatepark sesh with Ryan Mills and a ton of locals. Always loved Ryan’s handplants, glad to see he’s still tweaking ’em!

Brian Foster – Living The Dream

Brian Foster just recently became a Doctor of Physical Therapy (congratulations BF, you’re the man) and Navaz was kind enough to remind us via Instagram comments that we never posted this video when it dropped at the end of last year. It really is incredible Brian can still ride on this level despite having an insane school schedule and being comparable in age to my father. All hail the Blue Falcon!

PeepGame Tokyo Takeover

Steve Croteau, Billy Perry, Rehito, Van Homan, and a ton of Japanese locals tear up Tokyo in the latest PeepGame edit. Tons of amazing spots and solid clips, that mini handi-hop looks so fun!


Mikey Tyra and Michael Harkous shred the Hollywood TF during a brief torrential downpour in Southern California. Follow them both and check back daily on both the The Come Up and My Youtube channels for a lot more BMX content!

FBM – Splatter Rock Street Mix

Declan Murray, Kaleb Bolton, Neil Hise, Latane Coghill, Leeper Bros, and more wreak havok in the streets in this latest FBM joint. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Declan is the truth! Raw talent mixed with the mind of an evil genius, hit play and see what he’s cooked up this time!

Johnny Raekes Headlights Section

Incredible display of technical ability from Johnny Raekes as seen in RideBMX’s Headlights video. Glad to see these parts making it online, after the whole Ride shutdown thing I was wondering if these would be lost in the abyss. Johnny is such a shredder, can’t wait to see what he’s got in store next!

BSD – 2018 Battle Of Hastings Highlights

Alex Donnachie and fellow BSD heads Liam Zingbergs, Kriss Kyle, and Sam Jones teamed up for the 2018 Battle Of Hastings and The Source put together this highlight reel of their efforts. All four of these guys are insanely talented and that park really highlights their creativity and abilities, hit play!

CultCrew – Dakota Roche In “It’s Later Than You Think” (Full Part)

Cult just dropped Dak’s ILTYT section online for all to enjoy and it is a dooozy. All 6 minutes are filled with hammers but the last minute or so gets extra crazy. Absolute must watch!

Julian Arteaga – Dig X Eclat 2019

Long-ass video part from Julian Arteaga, really though, this is 9 minutes long and it’s almost all riding. Backwards feeble to nollie indian was super dope and that banger is outrageous. Good stuff!

Philly BMXlife Benifit T-Shirt PreOrder


BMXlife, a Philly based program to keep inner city kids on bikes and out of trouble, has partnered with Illumine Connect to offer a limited run of t-shirts to benifit the program. Digging the old-school design and the proceeds go to a great cause, pre-order runs through 5/27, pick one up right here.

SD Trip/Garrett Darr Injury Update

Nate, Charles LittleJohn, Eric Lichtenberger and more enjoy a good afternoon of riding before Nate heads out to catch up with Garett Darr (check this piece about his BMX Van from last week if you missed it), who is unfortunately going to need wrist surgery. Heal up quick dude!

Declan Murray – Plate Of Shrimp

Damn, this dude is on some whole other shit. Pedal grind 180 saran wrap and 180 can plant over the rail were both insane, hit play!

KareemsWorld – The Complete History Of BMX Video Games

Kareem runs you through the history of BMX video games. Dave Mirra 2’s got my vote for the greatest of all time but I haven’t played PIPE yet so what do I know. ‘Reem and Charlie killed it on this one, check it out!