Chris Eiland 2017 Video

Chris Eiland isn’t just the talented Common Crew photo guy, the dude can also shred the shit out of this bike! There’s some awesome riding in this and that last clip was so insane! There’s also some cool Lahsaan Kobza guest clips!

Mongoose Jam 2017 – Team Peraza

Team Peraza, consisting of Kevin and Victor Peraza, Mike Grey, and camper Oliver Foster, teamed up for this year’s Mongoose jam and this is what they came up with. All four of these guys are so dialed, check it out.

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CultCrew – Dakota Roche Black Patina Signature Frame Promo

Dakota Roche hits up a bunch of sidewalk spots to promote his signature black patina frame from Cult. It’s a very short list of riders that could have made that banger look as good as he did, check it out then go re-watch the promo for his Green Patina frame from a little while back.

Chicken & Waffles Jam Video

The Chicken & Waffles dudes had organized a #BMXDAY jam in the streets of Chicago but the the UIC police cut it short and even confiscated the tape! But instead of calling it a day, everybody went downtown to the Grant Plaza skatepark and continued to shred!

Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read Bonus Footage #2

Here’s some more leftover footage from the Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read DVD that our dude Charlie Crumlish put together. Some sick shit in this from Kareem J Williams, Derek Dorame, Keith Hartwell, Mike Vitatoe, Mike Hoder, Hobie Doan, Hucker, Dan Norvell, Trevor Sigloch and more.

Scotty Cranmer – Paralyzed to BMX Riding in 10 Months!

So much respect and admiration for Scotty Cranmer as he rides his BMX for the first time since his terrible accident that happened 10 months ago! Scotty was expected to be paralyzed from the neck down and his determination to recover has been amazing! This is also the celebration of his Youtube Channel hitting the 1 million subscribers mark so congrats on that too!

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Lip Lords Jam Session

The official Lip Lords quarter pipe got quite a workout at a recent jam and rumor has it Brant Moore filmed all of these clips while in an icepick stall. Lots of awesome tech, old school, and just generally out of the box moves in here, that tiregrab-boneless was executed perfectly.

Mongoose Jam 2017 – Team Casey

Pat Casey, Mike Varga, Jack Clark, and Woodward camper Jake Senger teamed up for this year’s Mongoose Jam Video contest and put a beating on all Woodward’s different ramp setups. Grinding that container to flat was badass!

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Stranger – Nate Richter Zia Line Preview

Get a peak at the new Zia product line Nate has been working on with Stranger. All that stuff looks pretty cool and the first riding clip in here was awesome, check it out!

Huscija Crew – Lost In Londona (Takeover Bonus)

Check out some quick but dope leftover clips from the Huscija Crew captured during their London trip whilst they were filming for the “Takeover” DVD.

Chad Osburn Pool Party

Kink’s Chad Osburn is a pool riding master and this is a collection of his best clips from Darryl Tocco’s archives. Straight in off the diving board had to be soooo scary.

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Foundation “Viva Barcelona” Video

Watch Alaric Streiff, Charles Tschumy and Axel Andrez as they cruise the street of Barcelona in this new video for the french part brand Foundation. Lots of cool shit in this!

WTP in Vancouver

Dillon Lloyd, Jordan Godwin, Dean Hartley, Justin Hughes, and Jared Chilko recently spent a week in beautiful Vancouver, Canada and absolutely destroyed the place!! There’s some incredible riding in this but that last clip is so fucking nuts!

Animal – Shawn “Elf” Walters

Animal just dropped this amazing new section from SLC’s legendary Shawn Elf Walters. Elf consistently puts out quality stuff and this is no different. So much wild stuff in here, that banger is insane!

Mike Hinkens In Ecuador

Mike Hinkens is currently living in Ecuador and spent three weeks with Grant C filming this edit down there. Lots of cassette fakie tailtapping and some cool looking spots, that right to left to hopover on those green rails near the end was awesome.

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Jib Tape Number Four – Jon Schimpf

Jib head honcho Jon Schimpf comes through with another awesome, creative section for the fourth installment of the Jib series. Jon has a good eye for weird little setups and always makes xup rides look cool, check it out then go watch Nick Bott’s awesome section if you missed it the first time around.

Roman Gilimzyanov Edit

Mind blowing ramp-tech from Roman Gilimzyanov. Dude pops a bar to footjam to whip, a fakie doublewhip, and a decade to footjam whip to bar, just to name a few. Wild stuff!

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BSD – New David Grant Baller Seat


After the Dunk grips, David Grant and BSD have teamed up once again to produce his signature “Baller” seat that will be available mid-August. Read more info about it here and go shoot some hoops.

Steven Hamilton – Gardenhead Video

There’s nothing like some new Steven Hamilton footage and this new video is definitely worth the watch! Plenty of curved wall rides, nose manual clips and other goodness in this!

Shadow – Trey’s World Episode 001

This here’s the first episode of the new bi-weekly show from Shadow, TreyJabe and Jessco Jones. Don’t take it too serious, it’s all in good fun. Check it out and be sure to check back for upcoming episodes of this show along with fresh episodes of Fakie News.