Austin Augie First Ever Edit

Austin Augie just uploaded for our viewing pleasure his very first BMX edit that David Grant put together 5/6 years ago when they used to ride together in Indiana and it’s pretty good. That last rail drop is definitely crazy!

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CultCrew – Desert Reign Jam

The Kings Ride Shop guys threw down the very first Desert Reign Jam in Palm Spring this past weekend and the CultCrew lads made the trip out West and here’s the video from the event! Great turnout and awesome riding!

Jack Mould Video

UK ramp shredder Jack Mould is the latest addition to the Demolition team and he just dropped this banging new welcome video and it’s pretty impressive! That last clip was madness!

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Rollin Mix 1

Some of that grimey UK street shit to start your morning off right. Josh Roberts, James Alcock, and Ash Spencer all do their thing in Chester, Liverpool and Malaga. Love the speed and all the grinds in here.

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District Of Cinema

Cinema’s dream team (Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, and Dakota Roche) put a beating on the streets of our nation’s capital. Straight up loved Corey Martinez and Chad Kerley’s clips on that bank with the weird teacup tranny cutout. Dak’s pegs pegs pegs hard 180 gap to the street was nuts as well. Watch this one if you like really good, dialed, progressive street riding (assuming that’s everyone).

Eeshond Kirk Edit

Pennsylvania’s Eeshond Kirk put in some serious work for this edit, with clips from Philly, Jersey, Delaware, and more. That 5 off the woodpile was awesome and dude has some seriously steezy crankarm grinds.

Kink – Desmond Tessemaker Welcome Video

This was pretty cool, Kink’s newest world team member sends it over a crazy double at night, check it out!

“Hailing from Amsterdam; Desmond Tessemaker has joined the Kink World Team repping in The Netherlands! Enjoy some quick hits from a nighttime session, with the drone! 

Filmed and edited by Syo Van Vliet”

Huscija – Pula Scene Report (EP)

Damn this is so fucking sick! The homie Lord Leopold just uploaded the Pula Scene Report section from their recent Huscija Takeover DVD and it’s one hell of a treat to watch!! These guys are the truth and the raw Croatian street scene is so dope!

Jacob Trevino – Defzef Video

Jacob Trevino shreds al kind of terrains in this new video for Defzef and it’s pretty sick! Those last few drops were definitely crazy!

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FloriDeah – Portable Vert Walls Part 1

Trey Jones and his brother built up 2 portable ramps so they could bring them to spots and get creative with some vert wall set-ups and here’s the video from their session! Both of them kill it with these and it’s definitely worth the watch!

Matt Cordova – Beyond Measures

Matt Cordova talks about his passion for motorbikes and his love of BNX in the first 3 minutes of this video then proceed to shred the shit out of some dirt jumps in SoCal! So good!

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Stevie Churchill V2 Federal Bike Build

Stevie Churchill builds up a fresh Federal setup over at the OSS store while Alfredo captures the whole process. Bike looks super dialed, check it out!

Brandon Perez Is Out His Dang Mind

Nigel Sylvester – New Era x Mets Collection

Capture d’écran 2017-05-19 à 18.29.01

This is pretty sick! Nigel Sylvester just dropped 2 collab hats that he’s been working on with the New York Mets and New Era and they will be released this Saturday, May 20. They will be available at the Mets team store, New Era’s NYC flagship as well as their online shop and the MLB shop. More info here.

Brandon Begin Answers Your Questions

I sat down with everyone’s favorite BMX scumbag AKA Brandon Begin to answer all your questions. Follow us on IG @thecomupbmx to potentially have your question answered in the next episode.

Andre Larroque Edit

This kid has amazing tricks/trick selection for a fifteen year old. Last two clips are fire, honestly can’t say if I’ve ever seen a feeble to 360 crankflip before (1:34), that was nuts!

Randumb Mixtape #1

Awesome stunts from Latane Coghill, Eric Holladay, Kenny Horton, and other members of the FBM squad. Most importantly, some guy opens a beer bottle with a chainsaw, now that’s talent!

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The Yea – Ledge Dressing Promo

Quick promo for The Yea’s Ledge Dressing featuring Matt Smith, Angus, Ryan Muschlitz and more. “The dressin keeps you from stressin”

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Reed Stark – Safari Sounds

Just a reminder that when he’s not playing with his kendama, Reed Stark can riiiip on the bmx. There’s some nutty stuff in here, check it out.

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Alex Donnachie’s BSD Build

Our Scotland connect/technical savage Alex Donnachie takes his trusted BSD BMX out to shred one of California’s coolest parks while also breaking down his set up piece by piece.

Buy Alex’s signature BSD products here-