TCU Premiere: Macneil “Any Means Necessary” Trailer.

John Mayo: Spring Fever

Mayo seems to get better every time I ride with him. It’s hard to believe he has only been running pegs for a year! Shout out to the Chris Childs, B-Cave and the predator soft 180 @ 1:33

Stephan Salley Unused Clips

For some reason, those unused clips of the homie Stephan Salley have never been posted. So here it is. Stephan got some serious pop and he ain’t scared to go fast. Now like Adam mentioned it here: “Hurry up and put out a full video part”!

Shibby Roma Trailer

The #MMM crew from the Gold Coast have been working on a full length video named “Shibby Roma” for the past few years and from the look of this trailer it looks like it’s gonna be amazing! They are releasing it mid 2014 and will feautre full sections from Jason Petersen, Beau Matthews, Josh Hattin, Jye Stuart and John Falconer.

Chandler Golden 2014 Video

Chandler Golden filmed some dialed stuff at the ASU Tempe campus, Tempe skate-park and Chandler. Lot of good barspins moves in this with a style that reminds me of somebody we are all familiar with

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Inside The FBM Warehouse

Go inside the FBM warehouse where real bike riders Finger Blast Metal to Fabricate, Build and Manufacture high quality Freestyle Moto Bikes. This definitely a dialed behind the scenes look at one Fucking Badass Machineshop. These Friendly Bicycle Manufacturers are also celebrating their 21st birthday this year, so stay tuned for word on a Festival of Motherfucking Brotherhood coming this summer!

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Little Devil French Fry Trip

#VanCrushMonday was yesterday and we’re still a couple days away from #ThrowbackThursday, but this bonus section from the Little Devil collectors edition DVD is still a nice mid-week reminder of what a bunch of badasses the LD alums are. If you never saw this on DVD, check out Matt Beringer, Kris Bennett, Van Homan, John Heaton, and Alistair Whitton galavanting around France in search of dirt jumps, vintage cement and ridiculous street spots. I’ll spare you another hundred words on how much I miss this era of BMX, but damn….

Gaspar Guendulain Street Edit

All these unheard of dudes out of South America are always wowing me with their sheer skill. Unfortunately about a quarter of these clips were filmed at night without lights so it’s a bit hard to tell what’s going on, but the stuff I could see I was impressed by. Gaspar’s riding is full of steeze and he really does do some wild shit in this. I was sad to see the ender done at a skatepark, but it was still crazy so I can live with it.

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Nate Richter Off The Set.

Bones, Xavier Wulf & Chris Travis – “We Don’t Believe You”

The other day our friends Bones, Xavier Wulf and Chris Travis came through and filmed a video for their new song “We Don’t Believe You” at the OSS store. Stevie Churchill and Brandon Begin did a little riding and Begin even re-created his legendary homeless hop but this time we paid the guy 8 dollars and listened to him talk for a half hour afterwards. This song was produced by Purpdogg who also produced that new Soulja Boy & Drake song.

Re-up Your Whole Summer: Gabe Brooks, Kareem Williams, Garrett Reeves and More

Joel Fortin @ Joyride 150

There’s a ton of Joyride 150 edits out there and this one can hang with the best of them. Sure it’s pretty short but it’s filmed in the street section with a VX so that is a definite plus in my eyes. Standout clips include one of the best Icepick hard 180′s I’ve ever seen and the last nosey to pegs.

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Rodeo Peanut’s Greatest Hits

Dennis Enarson 2014 Video

Probmxmag #11

It sucks (for me) that it’s all written in Russian but Probmxmag #11 has some really, really good photos in it. Also an interview with Diogo Santos and one with some dude named Adam22

The Daily Grind at Davenport Skatepark

Some of the Daily Grind crew made their way to Davenport, IA for some business and made a stop at the skatepark to really get down to brass tacks (I always thought it was ‘brass tax‘ but it is tax day). I’m warning you now- this edit might make you feel a bit sick…

Dan Beerley 2014 Edit

I’ve been a fan of Dan Beerley‘s riding since September 12th and although this edit has quite a bit of filler, it only takes one clip (@ 2:27) to spark my interest. Driveway grind box, uptown manny pads, loading dock flat rails- spots are what you make of them.

MacNeil in Rochester Tour


“This upcoming long weekend, we’re swinging down from Toronto to Rochester, NY with a crew including Greg Henry, Jack Leonard, Chijioke Okafo and Chris Silva. From the 18th to the 21st we’re gonna be cruising around the area so if you see us out and about, come and say hi! Follow us on Instagram at @macneilbikes and follow the #MACNEILROC hashtag to see what we get up to. Watch out for an edit from the trip in a couple weeks!”

WeThePeople Volta Complete Bike Test

Théo Zannettacci takes a WeThePeople Volta complete bike, straight out of the box, to the skatepark and puts it to the test. By the looks of it, it held up fine and was easily the best looking bike at that park…

Ben Lewis’ “The Full Cab” Teaser

For this project, Benny L chooses some of his favorite riders to take throughout Europe in search of great spots piled inside of a Hackney cab. The first of four videos will be dropping on Friday- no word as to who the riders are (might be some clues on Benny’s Insta) but from the sounds of it they went straight to Hastings.

Mitchell McDonald Unused Clips

Damn this is sick! Raphael Jeroma-Williams has been filming a bunch with Macca lately and he decided to throw all the footage together in the above video. There’s some really awesome stuff in this and even a guest clip from Anton Ayres!

Harry Main – 180 Backflip Drop In.

Just spotted this on Harry’s Instagram and figured it was worth a share on the TCU Facebook. Absolutely unreal.

Mediocre at Best – Eric Bahlman Part

It is safe to say that sir Bobby Kanode just made everybody’s day by uploading Eric Bahlman’s incredible Mediocre at Best section online!! Some mind blowing backward freecoaster lines/combos in this that will make you yell at your screen and re-watch it a few time! You can still buy the video here.

Clint Millar Bike Check

Have a closer look at Colony‘s bossman Clint Millar current ride in the above lookbook. There’s also a bunch of rad photos of the man himself shredding his bakyard miniramp. “Clint has been running the Prody frame prototype for a while now with no problems. Along with the 4 piece hardy bars he has some fresh products stacked on his current ride. Hit the flip book below for a detailed look at his set up”.

Drey Team Mixtape V3 – Days Off

BK sent us this awesome mixtape from Chicago and it’s an awesome watch. Featuring riding from Paul Dybas, Bob Bronkowski, Pawel Bronkowski, Anthony Loconte, Drey Coleman, Pat Hagemn and more.

“These are buddies of mine from Chicago and they are one of the crews that would ride (and help film) at The Bakery on a regular basis[...] It’s not all bangers by any means but well filmed and put together. Funny song choice as well. All in all I think it’s sweet and these dudes are all awesome guys who love BMX”.

TGF – D.A.R. shirt Josh Eilken Promo

The Gully Factory has been going hard this year with launching a bunch of new products. Check out this new video featuring Josh Eilken promoting their new D.A.R shirts!

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Adam Baker Day in the Life at Woodward

Follow the legend Adam Baker during one day at the new Woodward Copper facility as he shreds the really fun looking ramps that the place has.

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Florian Montanari & Maxime Narmantowicz Split Edit

Young French prodigy Flo Montanari and his homie Max Narmantowicz have been busy filming all over the country for this amazing new split video. Flo definitely stole the show with some crazy moves but Max came up on some good shit too! Stoked on this.

BCN Vacation 3000

Wow, this is definitely not your typical Barcelona edit. Michal Smelko’s homies came to stay on the dream city for 50 days and destroyed it! There’s some crazy rail moves in this and more  cray riding from Vita Kacha, Martin Svoboda, Mike Mycek and even Jason Eustathiou and Michal himself! Watch this!

Dombai Andras Hungary Street Mix

Dombai tends to stick to smaller set ups and ledges but that doesn’t mean his riding isn’t dope, he keeps it clean, creative and occasionally goes for something on the larger side. The only truly negative thing I picked up on is the elevator music.

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2014 Baco A Go-Go Jam

Forget X Games, forget Simple Session, forget Mike Spinner’s backyard hotdog festival, this is what a real BMX contest looks like! The Baco jam at Area 51 in Appleton, Wisconsin in 2000 saw some of the most insane progression of the time from guys like Dave Freimuth, Brian Vowell, Ruben and younger versions of Brian Kachinsky and Mike Ardelean while the drunken antics raged on in the parking lot, the judges booth and into the afterparty.

Along with this classic section being uploaded today, we got word that Baco is throwing another A Go-Go jam. While you might not be able to pass a Mad Dog 20/20 to Luc-E, get your sleeves ripped off by Dave Osato or break bottles over your head with Lou Bickle this year, it’s still pretty much guaranteed to be good time!