Brandon Blight & Jason Prins Split Video

This new split video of Brandon Blight and Jason Prins from South Africa features some really smooth riding and a great vibe through the whole thing. Good stuff!

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Help get Bikes into the Santa Rosa, California Park.

They’re building a new skatepark in Santa Rosa, California (just a couple hours north of Los Angeles) and despite the involvement of BMX riders throughout the construction of the park, the council has now decided that bikes will not be allowed. Alex Raban has started an online petition to get bikes into the park. This sort of thing happens all the time but it would be awesome if TCU as a community could make a difference on this skatepark in particular. It’s frankly just unthinkable that our tax money is still being used to construct skateparks which we aren’t allowed to use. It takes two second, click here to sign the petition.

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Rural Riders Lost Tape

Here’s a new one from some of my favorite dudes, the Rural Riders. Filmed at the Mogwai park and the legendary Procé bowl in Nantes, it features some great riding from Kevin Gerbault, Vincent Poupinot, Yoann Besnard and Redneck.

Everything You Need To Know About Skateboarding.

LOL. That’s all I got to say.

VIDEO: A$AP Ferg Made a Song About Riding BMX.

Mr. Green (whose beats you’ve no doubt heard in a lot of the Animal videos) made a beat using some audio he recorded of Nigel Sylvester riding and had A$AP Ferg rap over it. Ferg even made the chorus about riding. This is pretty dope. Dirt mountains. Check out Green’s description after the jump.

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Sunday Bikes – Erik Elstran 2014 Video

Prepare yourself for three minutes of NBD’s, WTF’s and OMG’s from one of the best riders out right now. Sunday‘s Erik Elstran has never been one to take himself or his riding too seriously, but that definitely hasn’t stopped him from pushing the limits of fun and what’s possible on a BMX bike. This is gold!!

Ty Morrow In The Streets Of San Diego

A few weeks ago we saw a video of Ty Morrow in the streets of LA and today we get a look at what an everyday session is like in San Diego. Even when he’s taking it easy, Ty’s still killing shit!

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Mitch Anderson’s Western Canada Trip Redux

“The compilation of a 6 week self funded road trip across western Canada to celebrate regaining health and successful management of chronic crohns colitis, which left me disabled for several years.”

I feel the need to mention there’s a casual as fuck double backflip midway through this joint. Mitch is an underrated boss no doubt, this is long but very much worth a watch. All kinds of neat and cool clips in here you guys ;).

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Premier Mixtape 22

Premier BMX Store just dropped their 22nd mixtape edit and despite any negative connotations “22″ might have in the BMX world, you should watch this edit- with your own eyes- before you form an opinion about it.

Dutch Neck Trails R.I.P. Edit

The Dutch Neck Trails in Red Bank, NJ were recently plowed, which by the looks of it is comparable to someone destroying the Mona Lisa. Always a shitty feeling when your spot gets taken out, but think about riding the same spot everyday for the rest of your life.

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Federal – Ryan Eles Welcome Edit

Canadian Ryan Eles is the newest addition to Federal‘s international distro team, which is already oozing talent… Ryan will now be doing picturesque crank arms among the ranks of some of BMX’s finest riders. Pegs to gap @ 1:50 is pretty fucking great.

Rare Air with Baz Keep

From showing his first backflip footage at 11years old to his classmates and teachers to boosting some of the biggest quarters in the world, Baz Keep talks about his first moment in the air in this new episode.

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New Kink Flow Team Riders


Kink announced the addition of three new young shredders to their flow team this week. Shoutout to Tanner Jensen, Josh Pascasio, and Jack Acosta on joining up with an already stacked flow squad including Jacob Cable, Travis Hughes, Matt Miller and Bob Randel. Looking forward to the welcome edits these dudes are currently cooking up!


Texas Toast 2014 Video By Stew Johnson

By this time the week after a big contest, we’re all usually tired of hearing about it, but such couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to Texas Toast. If Props were there last weekend, the video would look a little something like this. Shoutout, again, to Odyssey and all the sponsors who make Toast such a rad weekend. Already looking forward to 2015!

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Shadow – Limited Edition Copper Vein Local Bars

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 2.49.57 PM

Shadow did a run of Ben Hucke’s signature Local bars in this dope “copper vein” finish and have got a limited number of them in their webstore right now. If you want to be the only one of your friends with these bars, you’d better act fast because these things will definitely sell out!

Jack Leonard 2014 Edit

“Jack Leonard is one of those riders who can ride a curb, a bump or a crack in the sidewalk for hours and make it looks so damn good and this edit is proof positive of that. This one’s short and sweet but, never fear, Jack’s always cookin’ up more in the lab. Press play and watch the dude get down.”

Texas Toast Street Finals + More (Video)

S&M Tall Boy & Whammo Frames Available Now

S&M just dropped word that Charlie Crumlish and Craig Passero’s signature frames are now available and put together a quick slideshow to give everyone a look at the specs and production paint jobs. Both Tall Boy and Whammo have been hard at work on promos for these frames, so be on the lookout for a couple of bangin’ videos premiering on TCU in November!

Drew Morton “Hidden Gems” Video

“Снимаем НЖМ4″

Loosely translated, Снимаем НЖМ4 is “how to end a pleasant Christmas dinner party very abruptly”. Other dialects may yield “Russians riding rapidly” or “foreign music just sounds crazier”.

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