TCU TV – The Clay Johnson Interview

Dan Coller – Kink “Titan” Promo

Sosh Urban Motion 5 Announcement

PIC sum5 Courage

The Sosh Urban Motion video contest is back and for the first time it will open to all 27 European Union countries! More info here.

“There will be 3 Wild Card teams : one from France & two from Europe. To compete it’s really simple: make a team of one rider & one filmer, film the best one minute edit you can do, both riding & filming wise & publish it on Instagram with the #mysoshurbanmotion!Entries have to be before September 30. The winning teams will get 2 iPhones 6S, some money & their ticket for the pro contest that will be a crazy week in Paris in October. There will be prizes for the first 15 teams thanks to our awesome partners.We are very happy of the Pro Teams this year : to represent France we chose Arnaud Wolff & Leo Balay who are both as stylish in front than behind the camera! For Europe we invited one of the maestro of  tech riding, Courage Adams, with Cristian Traila from Madrid. And last but not least at all, he was injured last year, Dennis Enarson will be in Paris for his first SUM, with Peter Adam behind the camera! All 6 teams will have a week in Paris to film exclusively with a smartphone the best BMX edit they can do.”

John Manaras Animal 1016 Video

Onwies Knallen Crew – Jordan Van Dijk Video

Joram Van Dijk just came through with some heat filmed with a borrowed VX around the streets of Amsterdam and Frankfurt and it’s a great watch! Really loved the vibe of the whole thing and Joram’s riding is killer!

Grant Castelluzzo 2016 Video

Our dude Grant Castelluzzo just dropped a dope video for Mutiny filmed around the San Diego area with Doeby Huynh and it’s dope! Grant is a tech lord and throws some pretty insane grind combos in this!! That last clips is definitely a must watch!

Street Gone Mixtape #2

Check out the second volume of the Street Gone mixtapes filmed around the streets of Lyon, France and featuring tons of awesome riding form the locals. Goos shit!

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Nate Wessel – “The Man Behind the Biggest Ramps in Action Sports”

RedBull put together this really great documentary with legendary ramp designer/builder Nate Wessel and it’s such a good watch!! From building Chenga, to Woodward, the X-Games and even the craziest obstacles at Travis Pastrana’s compound, Nate Wessel talks about this dedication for building stuff and it’s awesome!

Common Crew – Edventures Episode 1

Ed Cuellar has been capturing tons of behind the scene footage and other random shit over the past few months with the Common Crew and he’s decided to create a webisode inspired series called Edventures. Here’s the first episode featuring tons of dope riding and funny stuff from Julian Arteaga, Ethan Corriere, Devon Smillie, Alec Siemon, Denim Cox, Jacob Cable, Francis Castro, Sauce, Justin Spreit and many more.

Dakota Roche – Dan’s Comp 2016 Video

Dakota Roche teamed up with filmer Calvin Kosovich and the two produced one banging new video for Dan’s Comp! Dak mixes his signature beast tricks with some fresh new coaster based moves and it’s definitely awesome!

Chad Johnston Pegless Flatland Video

Anthony Catlow 2016 Video

Anthony Catlow out of Jersey killed it for his new edit, so much heat in the streets of North Jersey and NYC. The down ledge at :37 is realllllly steep and low for a backwards grind. You’ll want to see this one, hit play.


Karlis Leitis Edit

You can tell this guy draws alot of influence from Mike Aiken’s style and it works well for him. Clicked lookbacks and quick 180 footplants from start to finish, check it out.

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ADAM22 builds his new BMX via Alfredo Mancuso

Adam22 was lucky enough to get decked out with a whole new bike courtesy of the fine folk over at Tip Plus which hooked him up with a setup that pretty much resembles an identical Stevie Churchill build. Either way, visit, and subscribe to my channel HERE to see this bike build and some others I’ve done recently!

Kriss Kyle & Alex Donnachie – RedBull Wallriders

Kriss Kyle and Alex Donnachie jumped in a campervan at the beginning of the month and embarked on a road trip from Edinburgh all the way down to Lyon, France in the search of the ultimate wallride spot! They filmed some amazing stuff and here’s the video from their adventure!

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Thomas Benedetti Rides Everything

French shredder Thomas Benedetti is now riding for Fuse and his welcome to the team video is awesome! Street, concrete bowls or even dirt, Thomas destroys everything in this!

Animal Street Forks Available This September


Mark your calendars, the all new Animal Street Forks will be available in September wherever Animal products are sold.

Matej Zan Skatepark Edit

This dude Matej out of Croatia sessions the FISE ramps over there for this three minute skatepark edit. Guy can spin like a top, that line on the mini with the 270 whip to Smith to fakie to fakie-to-fakie-5cab was awesome, check it out.

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Meet The Iran Bmx Scene

This is pretty rad, awesome seeing these dudes in love with bmx in such a relatively remote location. Huge shout-out to BSD and Luc Legrand for making it out there. Also pretty sick when all those guys were saying their favorite riders that one dude said Blackman among all the Chad Kerley’s and Harry Main’s.

Hyper Week @ Woodward West

Part of the Hyper team consisting of Ryan Guettler, James Foster, Jake Leiva, Shane Goldsmid, Jeremy Malott and scooter rider Ryan Williams recently spent a week out at Woodward West and shredded the place!

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