Brighton Aint Ready 2 (Full DVD)

Featuring Dan Lacey, Stevie Churchill, Caleb Quanbeck, Anthony Perrin, Alex Kennedy, Albert Mercado, Bas Keep, Tony Hamlin, Bruno Hoffmann, Grant Castelluzzo, Shawn Mcintosh, JJ Palmere, Chris Mills, Dakota Roche, Hoang Tran, Lahsaan Kobza, Lloyd Wright, Mark Love, Matt Roe, Oli Jones, Ollie Evans, Robbo, Roy Van Kempen, Scott Ditchburn, Sean Ricany, Sean Sexton, Simone Barraco and many more.

Ambipegstreetest – Scott Marceau Section

Our very own Scott Marceau produced one amazing section for the Ambipegstreetest DVD and Damian Racut just put online the whole thing for our viewing pleasure! This is definitely my favourite part of the DVD and the shit Scott does in this is just incredible!

Holy Fit – Intro Section

Aww shit! It looks like Fit has decided to put their full length masterpiece online “Holy Fit” one section at a time and here’s the intro!

“Featuring: Mike Aitken, Dan Conway, Tom Dugan, Brian Foster, Van Homan, Justin Inman, Pat King, Ben Lewis, Shawn McIntosh, Florent Soulas, Justin Spriet, Jack Elkins, Jordan Hango, Jared Swafford, Brandon Begin, Matt Nordstrom, Troy Blair, Joel Barnett, Jim Borio, Travis Cordova, Stink Pit, Angie Marino, Andrew White, Julian Sanchez.

Filmed/Edited by: Stew Johnson”

Volume “The Finer Things” Mix Section

Volume just put online the mix section from “The Finer Things” DVD and it’s a treat! Featuring riding from Brian Castillo, Billy Perry,Cody Clark, Shawn “Elf” Walters, Jeff Z, Rob Dolecki, Matt Cordova, Devin Feil, Jake Seeley, Justin Henninger, Ryan “Biz” Jordan, Dustin Arp, Rob Wise and more.

Javier Domínguez – Ride Union 2015 Video

Alex from the All Day BMX shop sent through this video of young Mexican rider Javier Domínguez and it’s a great watch. Great mix of street and park riding in this!

No Jumper – The DJ Two Stacks & Nedarb Nagrom Interview

For the 8th episode of No Jumper I had two of my DJ/producer homies on for a frank discussion of just about everything from the extremely serious (mass shootings, parenthood) to the deeply immature (buttholes).

DJ Two Stacks is perhaps best known for producing both Kreayshawn’s smash hit “Gucci Gucci” as well as producing a child made up of approximately 50% her DNA. He’s an accomplished producer regardless of all that and has been making ever increasing waves with his new projects, Depressed Teenager and Snaked. Follow his Soundcloud here.

Ned is perhaps best known for the “Tears On My MPK” instrumental tape that he did with Xavier Wulf although he’s also done songs for Black Kray and various other underground celebrities. Ned hasn’t impregnated anyone yet although not for lack of trying. Follow him on Soundcloud here.

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Boyd Hilder Berlin 2015 Video

We premiered a pretty epic Boyd Hilder video a little while back but he’s back with more fire. This guy is amazing.

“Aussie all around great guy and natural shredder Boyd Hilder has spent a few days this summer in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany to film for this edit during his Australia – Europe – USA- Australia world trip! Enjoy!”

Larry Edgar on Fly Bikes

Larry Edgar isn’t off SE; he’s just on Fly for parts much like Matt Roe before him. Fly whipped up this video to welcome Larry to the team and Matt Cordova manned the camera.

Merritt – O Canada, the “In Da 6″ Promo

If this doesn’t get you hyped to watch Merritt‘s “In Da 6″ promo dropping soon, nothing will. What could be better than a GoPro taped to a taser? Some amazing riding happens in here as well, so check it out and keep an eye out for In Da 6 dropping soon.

Filmed and edited by Navaz.

Catfish & Biggie In Greece

An 11 year old BMX rider named Zack emailed TCU to show us this video of him and his friend Biggie riding around Greece. It’s good to see fresh, young faces on BMX bikes. Both of these guys are pretty damn good for only being 11!

“My name is Zack Yankush and I’m currently on a small world tour. I am in Athens Greece today and yesterday when i arrived I needed some new grips so I went to the Ride On bmx shop and I met a young man named Kostantinos aka Biggie. He’s 11 and rides a Kink and his favorite rider is Alberto Mercado. Hahaha he told me he wanted to make an edit with me and I think he expected me to say no. So I made an edit with an 11 year old to hopefully show him no matter no good you are..having fun on your bike is the reason we do it. Keep on doing what you guys do…especially the #tcutv. That catfish guy is hilarious with the skeebody bop do bee bop stuff. Cheers!”

DUB BMX ‘Graft’ Mixtape (Vimeo Update)

This got posted up earlier this month via the Dig youtube but today Dub blessed us with it again via their Vimeo. You know what the fuck it is. Watch this NOW.

Joe Mcintire, Josh Fry, & Scotty Eaton – Atown Trash “Still Folded” Section

Nick Smith just sent through Joe “Slow Joe” Mcintire’s last video part from Atown Trash’s Still Folded which came out in August of 2011. His eye for cutty spots was something I’ve always been a fan of and this part (and all his riding) shows you why.

“Joes last part he came out with from the atown still folded dropped august 2011. so many great savagery times chilling with joe hes greatly missed and will never be forgotten crusing around the wildiest alley set ups raosting Ls from spot too spot. RIPSLOEEJOE” – Nick Smith

Gopbmx – No Short Edit

The Polish Gop crew comes out swingin with over six minuets of clips from the whole damn squad and some homies tossed in. They in the parks. They in the streets. Either way they out doin the damn thing.

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Noble Park Session

Kym Grosser, Mick Bayzand and Sean Falkenstein went to ride the freshly built Noble skatepark in South East Melbourne and they came back with some crazy good clips. That last clip is definitely an NBD!

Jackson Allen On The Seawall

Jackson Allen rides one amazing natural rock wave spot on a beach in Santa Cruz it this quick video and it looks pretty amazing!

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Kyle Kostigian Barcelona 2015

Young 16 year old Canadian killer Kyle Kostigian went to Barcelona for 2 weeks and came back with a bunch of awesome clips for this new edit. The kid kills it!

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Joe “Slow Joe” Mcintire Unseen Footage

Joe “Slow Joe” Mcintire was an innovator and always had this great eye for set-ups,  John Mikos was sitting on a bunch of  amazing footage from Joe that he had filmed with him almost 6 years ago and decided to put them all together in this video. Thansk to Ride PA for posting this. RIP one of the greatest.

Subrosa in Oregon Video

Part of the Subrosa team consisting of Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, Nick Bullen, and Jono Hopping recently spent some time shredding some Oregon concrete goodness and here’s the video from their trip. As per usual, Bobby Kanode came through with filming and editing the whole thing and it was just awesome!

Travis Hughes – Kink 2015

Today the boys at Kink blessed the internet with this beautiful new Travis Hughes piece. Travis and filmmaker Francis Castro have been casually collecting clips over the past year or so and the edited result is pure gold. This is saying a lot, but if you know Travis whatsoever, it’s pretty apparent that he truly is the next big thing. At just 16 he can do nearly every trick in the book, will ride the shit out of anything you put in front of him and on top of it all just loves getting scared. Go follow Travis and Kink on Instagram if you aren’t already.

Paul Kaoud 2015 Video

Paul is an LA local who has been coming out to our jams and riding his ass off for the last few years, check out his new video featuring some action throughout these streets.

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