BSD – Reed Stark’s California Safari

Reed Stark came out to California with three days worth of clothes and a bloodlust for chunks of steel. Navigating and executing by day, moving under veil of tree-cast shadows by night, searching hours just for a safe floor to sleep on. All it took was one wrong step and Reed’s quest was forestalled until next season. With ice on foot and spoils in hand, Reed hitchhiked back to the Midwest to devise his next excursion into the jungle.

Coordinated by BSD. Thumbnail photo by Tristan Afre.

Lewis Colascione Video

Lewis Colascione comes to us from Long Island and brings a great mix of riding along and with a plethora of spots all over the Island and NYC you know he put in some time for this one. S/o to the homie clip. CHECK IT!

#TUESDAYSATTIP 6 with Craig Passero

For the sixth installment of #TUESDAYSATTIP we brought Craig Passero and Marv Morales around to sprinkle the ramps with some Long Island seasoning. The heat was high but we found some shade and spent the whole afternoon having a great time riding the ramps and soon the next crew will do the same.

TCU Bike Check: Alfredo Mancuso’s S&M Whammo

Colony BMX – Clint Millar’s 41st Birthday Ride

Colony BMX owner Clint Millar turned 41 the other day and went to hit a few skateparks around Brisbane with Alex Hiam in order to celebrate the day. Biggie tagged along to film the day and put together this dialed little edit.

All Day BMX – Oscar Cholico & Raziel Heredia Split Video

All Day BMX shop riders Oscar Cholico and Raziel Heredia teamed up to deliver one sick split video! Filmed around Esenenda, Mexico, it features tons of good riding!

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Shawn Franz Welcome Video

Shawn Franz is the latest addition to the MacNeil team and here’s his quick but super good welcome to the crew video! Shawn’s riding is so sick and the last few clips are straight fire!

CultCrew Vans Am 2015

Here’s more footage from the Vans AM Jam this time put together by Veesh for CultCrew. Those kids are way too good to be just AMs!

Justin Fouque Video

The SoulBMX Mag guys just dropped this super awesome new video with French killer Justin Fouque to go along with the interview they did with him on their last issue. Filmed between his hometown of Marseille and Malaga, Justin roasts everything with steeze and ease!

The DWOK Crew Video Trailer

The second full length video from the DWOK Crew is done and will drop online soon and not on DVD as previously planned. Besides the technical difficulties, this is probably the best video to come out since Deadline so be ready!

Long Story Short with Chase Hawk

Get the inside scoop on Chase Hawk’s decade-long BMX career straight from the man himself in this new video. From low man on the totem pole on Fit’s Puerto Rico trip to filming for his latest full-length part in Etnies upcoming “Chapters” DVD, its awesome to take a look back a how he went from grom to flow to pro to realm of living legends.

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Red Bull’s Big Rig Holiday Video

Well damn…Red Bull rounded up a HEAVY crew of street hawgs including Nathan Williams, Reed Stark, Alex Kennedy, Corey Martinez, David Grant, Christian Rigal and Matt Roe for an RV trip around the Northwest and with a crew that stacked, you already know shit went down! Everyone bags a couple of WTF’s in here, but that rail Reed does at the end definitely takes the cake. I know I’m not the only one that’d love to see more trips like this go down.

Anthony Panza – $katepark $hit

Long Island local Anthony Panza is back with a quick hitter from a couple skateparks filmed by our dude Nick Jones. This is easily the best :50 second skatepark video you’ll watch all day. But if you want to see some of that $treet $hit, be sure to give his 2014 video another watch below.

Conquered Joy – Tofi

Tofi brings you some raw peggery to some smooth tunes. Surrender now or suffer serious setbacks. Hit play. Enjoy. check it out yall.

Jiboholic Trailer

The Jiboholic crew from East L.A. consisting of Anthony “Boy”Flores, Daniel Martinez, Daniel Yanez, Raul Reez, Christian Martinez, Jorge Viramontes and Tommy Blanco just dropped a dope little trailer for a future full length video project they are working on and you should watch it now! Also follow them on instagram @jiboholic for more!

Vans AM Contest 2015

Check out what went down during the Vans AM contest that went down this past weekend at the Vans indoor park in Orange County. Featuring Max Vu, Rocco Guiseppe, Parker Heath, Boyd Hilder, Justin Shorty and more.

No Jumper: The Pouya & Fat Nick Interview

They say the truth comes from the mouths of babes. Well Pouya and Fat Nick are, if nothing else, babes. Pause. These dudes are 20 years old each and they have no filter. Pretty much from the very start this conversation gravitated towards everybody’s favorite topic: sex. Most rappers keep their foul sexual tales close to their chest but Pouya and Nick happily shared many of their most graphic groupie tales with childlike glee. I’ve been a fan of their music for a while but after this interview, it was official, I’m sold, these dudes are fucking awesome. Check out the topics discussed below, check the Soundcloud player below and click here to listen to us on iTunes.

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The Savage Video Promo

It’s always good to see some young crews putting some work and effort into filming a full length video. Check out the promo for the up coming Savage video, based out of Temecula, California and featuring Morgan Wilson, Tyler Veatch, Andre Silva and JP Ross. Good shit!

Props Issue 57 – St. Louis Scene Report

Props just blessed us today by putting online the amazing St. Louis scene report from Issue 57! If you’ve never seen this, press ply now! Featuring Andy Chapman, Garrett Guilliams, Zack Warden, Tony Turner, Cole Todorovich (and his famous green frame), Nathan Parker and many more.

Subrosa – Kyle Hart Metal Mondays Compilation

Subrosa is taking Kyle Hart’s Metal Mondays series from Instagram to the web with this new compilation. Kyle has been going hard with these things for months and its awesome to see alllll the clips in one video. To get your weekly dose of Metal Mondays, be sure you’re following @kylefart and @subrosabrand on Instagram!