TCU Premiere: Cory Schneider 2014 Video.


Bengo’s Flukelife DVD Section

Addy Snowdon just uploaded Bengo’s section from the Flukelife DVD which was the ender of the video. This is full of front end goodness as you could expect from the nose manual king. So good!

¥thumeloltrip Video

Oliver Jonasson, Ludvig Oskarsson, Kevin Ventovaara took a trip to flat rail heaven located in the town of Umeå, Sweden and filmed some banging shit on them and at a couple of local parks.

Helsinki Monday Session

Levi Jackonia, Andre Jesus and Markus Manninen clipped up a bunch of cool park moves during one Monday session in Helsinki. That last flair was big!

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Principal Does BMX Tricks To Fight Tardiness.

What would you say are the biggest problems facing high school students? Drugs? Casual sex? Cyber bullying? WRONG. Our nation’s children have an even more pressing issue hanging above their heads that only BMX can be trusted to conquer: being late to class. This principal took matters into his own hands and posted the above video to his school’s Facebook in an attempt to use BMX to make kids get up earlier in the morning.

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Colony – Tom Stretton Bike Check


Tom Stretton just built up a fresh new 2015 Miner frame with all the latest parts from Colony and got a bike check together. If you’re a leopard print enthusiast or perhaps looking to lure in Cougars and MILFs, Tom’s signature rims will be available soon if not already. Hit to get the full parts rundown and more photos.

And just because, have another look at this doubles edit with Tom and teammate Bobbie Altiser from earlier this year. This was awesome.

Courage Adams on Red Bull.

Courage Adams just got added to the Red Bull team. Congratulations buddy! If you aren’t familiar with Courage, check out this video of him and you’ll definitely understand.

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New England Jam Chowder 2014 Promo.

Video put together by Josh Foisey and Javaun Crane-Bonnell.

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Meet Lewis Cunningham The 11 Year Old Street Boss.

We’re all getting pretty used to seeing small children killing it in BMX these days (or at least I would hope so ever since we saw a 9 year old crankarm a handrail on street) but here’s 11 year old Lewis Cunningham who does a bunch of rails, locked in nose manuals and various freecoaster moves all for his sponsor, Kunstform?!

Raditudes Episode 8

Episode 8 of Raditudes sees Anthony and Hucker out in France for this year’s Kill The Line contest. This give us a look at everything before, during and especially after the contest where things really got loose. If you want to know what was going through Ryan Nyquist’s head when he was trying that insane three tree bonk to bar or just want to see Chris Doyle moonwalk in a puddle of wine and Sriracha, its all in here.

A Day Riding Around LA With Ty Morrow.

What could be better than a day riding around LA with Ty Morrow? He drops a couple serious hammers in here with some moral support from Gabe Brooks, Steve Croteau and Shawn Mcintosh. Catch Ty riding Dew Tour in Brooklyn this weekend.

Garrett Reynolds Streetstyle Video

Skatepark edits are a dime a dozen and the overwhelming majority of them can be pretty boring for the simple fact that Garrett Reynolds isn’t in them. But with the second Dew Tour Streetstyle event coming up this weekend in Brooklyn, Garrett hit up one of his local parks to get some runs in and talk about his motivations going into contests. You already know this isn’t going to be your average skatepark video!

Be sure to tune in to to see BMX street and Streetstyle live this weekend.

TCU Exclusive: Scott Ditchburn Got Moves.

TCU Premiere: Matt Barchus Benefit Jam.

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Filmed by Steven Robert. Music by DJ Smokey.

Kie Ashworth Lost Footage

Kie Ashworth found some lost but dope footage from his last Amercian trip and put it all together in this raw video. Kie kills it!

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Little Black Bike VX Mix Edit

Check out 10 minutes of pure goodness form the LBB guys and their extended family. Featuring riding from Mike Moore, Ricky Catanzariti, Jack Milgug, Sack Quick, Adam Coxon, Rhys Gogel, Sam Waters, Liam Zingbergs, Gus, Ryan Knight, Ryan Lloyd, Jack Karger, Josh Kathigitis, Matt Hodge and many more.

Kyle Murway in ALYK’s “No Days Off”

The ALYK guys just dropped Kyle Murway’s section from their “No Days Off” DVD which was the opening part of the video. Lots of sick crooked grinds in this and a pretty crazy last clip!

“Filmed primarily throughout the years of 2011-2013. Released in April, 2014.

Edited by:
Scott Marceau

Filmed by:
Brandon Galosi
Torey Kish
Jake Frost
Ryan Howard
Scott Marceau



Wethepeople – Tim Storey America 2014

Wethepeople Australian rider Tim Storey just came back from his annual US trip and here’s the video from the trip, filmed between Portland and California. He seriously kills it in this and the tree ride flair got me so stoked. Hell yeah Tim!

Hot & Steady Mixtape

Josh Babu’s “Hot and” mixtape series continues with this joint he started while living in Jersey and finished after his move to Austin. Awesome to see these dudes finding some of their own gems down here instead of just riding nothing but the staple spots. As with the previous Hot & Sweaty mixtape, this one’s got a dope vibe to it and made for an easy 17min watch.

Jaime Gonzalez – Summer Mornings

Big fan of Jaime Gonzalez’s steeze here and this new video, filmed at his local park, is a little treat. He’s riding is way too smooth.

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