SD Trip/Garrett Darr Injury Update

Nate, Charles LittleJohn, Eric Lichtenberger and more enjoy a good afternoon of riding before Nate heads out to catch up with Garett Darr (check this piece about his BMX Van from last week if you missed it), who is unfortunately going to need wrist surgery. Heal up quick dude!

Charles LittleJohn Bike Check

Charles LittleJohn runs you through his latest setup for today’s bick check. Is the secret to absurdly high hops hidden somewhere in this combination of parts? Could be!

Declan Murray – Plate Of Shrimp

Damn, this dude is on some whole other shit. Pedal grind 180 saran wrap and 180 can plant over the rail were both insane, hit play!

KareemsWorld – The Complete History Of BMX Video Games

Kareem runs you through the history of BMX video games. Dave Mirra 2’s got my vote for the greatest of all time but I haven’t played PIPE yet so what do I know. ‘Reem and Charlie killed it on this one, check it out!

Mike Gray – Vans Canada

Insane display of technical ability mixed with balls from Canada’s Mike Gray. Mike just recently became the Vans Canada TM so be on the lookout for more wild content from him and the rest of the Can-Vans squad soon.

Cult – Raw Ams 3

Cult just dropped the third video in their Raw Ams series and it’s packed with 9 minutes of awesome clips from their not-quite-pro team riders. You may not recognize the name Chad Curtis now, but after this edit you will for sure. Wild pedalgrind tricks on legit rails and a freakin’ bunnyhop 7. Damn!

Federal – FTS Lost It – Vol. 7

Today we have the seventh installment of Federal’sLost It” series, leading up to the release of their new full legnth video. Featuring riding from Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffmann, Anthony Perrin, and James Cunningham from Canada to Austrailia. Really looking forward to the full video.

The Weekly Review With Adam22, Nate Richter, and Brandon Begin

Adam, Nate, and Begin sit down and watch this week’s web videos, including the insane 2019 RealBmx sections. Still can’t get over how wild that Hango part is, check it out!

Drop The Pin With Mad Mike, Jordan Hango, Chase D, and Chocolate Truck

Mad Mike drops a pin in Wilmington Delaware and rolls out with a solid squad for a day of shredding. Willmington is stacked, gotta make it back out there soon!

Merritt – Nerds Remix

10 minute remix of Merritt’s recent Nerds DVD. Features some stellar riding from Justin Care, Charlie Crumlish, Brandon Begin, Billy Perry, Brad Simms, and more!

XGames RealBMX 2019


All the 2019 RealStreet sections just dropped on the XGames site. They don’t seem to be embeddable at the moment but you can watch all 6 parts and vote for your favorite right here. Everyone killed it but I think my vote’s going to Hango, some of that stuff was next level!

Cops Hate BMX

Nate and the boys hit some skateparks and deal with cops in the San Diego streets in today’s webisode. The first couple minutes even feature a quick game of BMX between Nate and Charles LittleJohn. Hit play and see what went down!

Sean Burns – Too Fast For Food Section

Yet another insane part from Mr. Burns. Truly incredible he is still filming sections like this. Love how his riding has become slightly more technical over the last few years without any compromise on the gnarly side. Case in point: Opposite halfcab to 20 stair handrail. Hammers from start to finish, must watch!

Merritt – Anthony Catlow 2019 Edit

This kid switches which foot he rides forward more than maybe anyone I’ve ever seen but damn, does he kill it. I’d guess your true dominant foot is the one you crank arm a 12 flat 12 with but who really knows? Weird, wild stuff.

441Shit – “ShitsTuff” Promo

The Florida young guns juat dropped this quick promo for their upcoming full legnth, ShitsTuff. Siked to see parts from Chefbo and RangerJames. Bonus points for the Tom Molyneux cameo, check it out.

LA Van Life With Garrett Darr AKA Darbie

Meet young Garrett Darr, a PA to LA transplant living the BMX van-life dream. Really interesting stuff, seems like this kid’s doing it right. Also features a few riding clips from Darbie, Nate Richter, and Andrew Lazaruk right in the beginning. Good watch, check it out!

Tim Letulzeau Park Edit

Combos for days… Smith ice over switch feebs was awesome. Feeble easy 180 over always looks dope too, check it out!

S&M – Charlie Crum FireMids Section

S&M just uploaded Chuck’s part from FireMids. Charlie really nailed it across the board on this one, super bugged out riding/editing. Check it out and be sure to peep the full video if you somehow missed it the first time around.

Chad Douglas – NYC’s Finest

Chad Douglas comes out swinging NYC style in this quick lil’ edit. That crankarm was tight and I love the style on those 3’s, hit play!

CultCrew – ACT Jam 2019

Cult’s Corey Walsh and Jason Watts were down in Austrailia for this year’s ACT jam and Veesh was on hand to document all the madness. Both these dudes shred sooo hard but the locals held their own as well, looks like one hell of an event!