TCU TV 02: The Xavier Wulf Interview.

-How he got into BMX and started hanging out with us
-Coming up in Memphis
-Getting noticed as a rapper on Twitter back in the day
-His early influences as a rapper
-His early nu metal influences
-Rap groupies
-Do you eat the booty?
-How he deals with his fans
-”I don’t give a fuck about being lyrical” and why
-The #1 rapper he would like to do a song with
-What would happen if he saw Space Ghost Purp, A$AP Ferg and Benji Band$ in a dark alley
-What happened that night that the Raider Klan got in a fight with the A$AP Mob
-How he got into anime
-How come his songs don’t have hooks
-How he felt having his songs featured in Stevie Churchill’s OSS video
-Quitting rapping
-How many blunts do you smoke a day?
-Lil Wyte
-Skinny girls vs thick girls
-What’s going to happen when he meets Lil B

And much more. We also play 10 of Xavier’s songs, check out the tracklist after the jump.
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Chris Whyte – The Division Project

Division Brand just uploaded Chris Whyte’s banging section from the Division Project for our viewing pleasure! Chris got some really solid rail moves in this and the last couple of clips are sick!

Olivier Croft 2014 Video

Here’s Olivier Croft first street video that his buddy Evans Murray filmed and edited. Lots of good shit in this, a mix between big deadman gaps and tech tricks.

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Phil Bartlett, Jordan Hickey and Ryan Antle in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

Phil Bartlett, Jordan Hickey and Ryan Antle (or as they are sometimes known, The Antlife Crew) took a trip from St. John’s to Corner Brook, Newfoundland and made this video. Sit back, relax, let the ants crawl all over your body and enjoy the bangers. Try not to laugh too hard at Phil’s crashes.

Peep Game Tye Die Shirt Promo Featuring Sean Ricany.

The Sword X Subrosa Stormwitch Bike

Fans of The Sword and Subrosa have gotta be stoked on this! The band and the brand combine forces to bring you a dope new limited edition complete bike thats not as heavy as the music, but will ride just as good as it looks. I got a chance to see it this weekend at Texas Toast and this thing is sooo sick. If you’re a shop that wants to carry this bike, hit up Sparky’s ASAP!

“Following in the footsteps of their branded beers and hot sauce, The Sword is now expanding their brand to the world of extreme sports by partnering with Subrosa for the creation of the “The Stormwitch” bike. Overseen by Sword drummer and longtime BMX rider, Jimmy Vela, “The Stormwitch” features artwork from famed comic book artist J.H Williams who designed the most recent Sword album, Apocryphon. The bike features quality components by Rant and the Shadow Conspiracy.”

Texas Toast 2014 Dirt Final Highlights

Dirt finals were up first on the final day at Texas Toast 2014 and these dudes put on a hell of a show. Get a look at all the highlights and what Hucker did to take the win.

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Colony – Bobbie Altiser Bike Check

Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 1.54.48 PM

Colony‘s front brake wizard Bobbie Altiser just built up a fresh new limited edition Prody frame and lets the chrome shine in his latest bike check. The 20th anniversary edition Prody is a throwback to classic BMX bikes with a framestand, but with an updated, modern geometry. Only 100 of these frames were made, so if you want one, you’d better start making some moves!

Dennis Enarson by Alex Garcia

dennis sattelite

Dennis on his way to first place in street at Texas Toast with an overtooth on the Empire satellite. Photo by San Antonio-based Alex Garcia.

Photo of the Week: Adam Lievesley

tom by adam 2

Tom Hibbitt, Nottinghamshire, England. Continue reading

Streetkid Edit

As you would expect from a rider named Streetkid, there are many unique spots and tucked hops, flat rail tech clips and polejams in this edit for Alpha BMX Shop. What you probably wouldn’t expect is a predator to hard whip…

Tow D “Autumn 2014 Shit” Edit

Poland‘s Tow D made the move to Poznań for school and immediately began this extracurricular edit- only to break his wrist before getting everyone he wanted. So look forward to his next complete edit..

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Nora Cup Awards 2014 Results

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 2.41.01 pm

Here are the complete results of the the 18th Annual Nora Cup Awards. Congrats to everybody:

Readers Choice Award - Tyler Fernengel
Street Rider of the Year - Garrett Reynolds
Dirt Rider of the Year - Mike Hucker
Flatland Rider of the Year - Alex Jumelin
Web video of the Year - Garrett Reynolds in Fiending
Ramp Rider of the Year - Chase Hawk
Video Part of the Year – Van Homan in Holy Fit
Video of the Year – Markit

Texas Toast 2014 – Street & Dirt Results

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 2.23.53 pm

The 2014 edition of the Texas Toast is a wrap and the results are in.  Congrats to Dennis Enarson for taking the win in street with Garrett Reynolds and Connor Lodes for taking second and third. Mike Hucker won dirt with Anthony Napolitan and Chris Doyle in second and third in dirt.

Garrett Reynolds’ Final Run at Texas Toast 2014

Nick Bullen by Greg Moliterno

Nick Bullen ice – Traverse City, Michigan

Stay Tocard Mixtape

Here’s a cool mixtape coming straight from the middle of France and featuring some great park riding from William Naze, Mat’ Cay, Killian Limousin, Peth Ferrier, Quentin Peterman, Thomas Waechter, Julien Roudeix, Theo De Oliveira and Erwan Alaphillipe

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Texas Toast 2014 – Dirt Qualifying Highlights

Here’s the video from yesterday’s dirt qualifying event that went down at Texas Toast. Featuring riding from Ryan Nyquist, Mike Hucker, Clint Reynolds, Tom Dugan, Matt Cordova, Justin Spriet, Drew Benzanson, Geoff Slattery and more.

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Press Rewind – BSD on PCH

This one never gets old. Reed’s first clip says it all. Joey Motta takes on some burly setups and gaps. From the lens of Mr. Malouf you know this is a good Sunday chiller.

Texas Toast 2014 – Street Qualifying Highlights

Holy shit this year’s Texas Toast street qualifying were incredible! Check out the highlights from the even featuring riding from Aaron Ross, Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Grant Germain, Demarcus Paul, Christian Rigal, Connor Lodes, Charlie Crumlish, Sean Sexton, Jake Seeley, Van Homan, Chris Doyle, Dillon Lloyd, Mike Gray, Simone Barraco, Broc Raiford, Eric Bahlman, Tony Hamlin, and many many more.