Colt Fake Banned 5 Section

There’s not much I can say about Colt that hasnt already been said a milion times, the guy’s riding is next level. Some of the stuff in here is straight out of an action movie (roof to satellite dish, loading dock to train ride, etc), MUST WATCH!

Matt Ray @ Lexington Skatepark

Matt Ray lays down some pretty crazy moves at the Lexington pre-fab skatepark in this new edit and it’s worth the watch. That last clip was dialed!

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Latane Coghill In Virginia

Virginia’s own Latane Coghill grinds and barspins his way through the streets in his latest edit. Couple of really dope Xup grinds in there, press play!

Joey Bagz iPhone Edit 5

Joey Bagz is back with a new instalment of his iPhone edits and it’s a great watch once again. Tail tap lord!

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Too Fast For Food Trailer

This is gonna be sick, Burns and the boys just wrapped up filming for the latest BoneDeth video and are gonna drop it Saturday August 25th. How freakin’ crazy is that roof rail setup around 0:37…damn.

Sasha Aksen Welcome To Stress Bmx

Sasha Aksen lays down some seriously technical lines for his new sponsor, Stress Bmx. The kid is dialed, check it out!

Cult – It’s Later Than You Think – OfficialTrailer

Official trailer for the new Cult video dropping September 1st. Can’t wait to see this one!

Juan Delgado Strike Circle Edit

This got submitted without too much information but it’s definitely from somewhere in Central/South America and Juan Delgado can definitely shred!

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Shawn Clark 2018

Shawn Clarks works for Merritt as their warehouse salesman but he can also shred his fucking bike! There are some amazing clips in this but the switch feebs easy 180 to fence wallride was a standout for me!

Adem Gunaydin Welcome To Legend Bikes

Hell yeah! RidePA just dropped this banger edit from South Jersey legend in the making (no pun intended) Adem Gunaydin. I really think this kid may the the most underrated East Coast rider at the moment, shoutout Grimaldo and Legend Bikes for putting him on.

Ben Gordon Welcome To United

Ben Gordon joins ths ranks of the prestigious United team. I didn’t expect this to be as crazy as it is, the intro is brutal and pretty much every clip after that is heavy, press play!

We Made It Long Beach Street Ride

Join Nate Richter and a few hundred others on the first We Made It streetride in Long Beach. Looks like it was an alm around wild time, check it out and be aure to make it out to the next one if you’re in the area!

Raul Jula in Paris

Raul Jula from Romania recently spent some time with the Performance guys in Paris and here’s the video from his vacation that Maxime Dequen filmed and edited. Treat!

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Brandon Begin – Scumbag 7 Series Promo

Brandon Begin throws some bangers in the streets of L.A in this his new Fit Scumbag 7 Series promo video and it’s so sick!

Eric Lichtenberger Pro Part

Eric Lichtenberger Friday continues with his Ride ProPart hitting the web. It’s every bit as amazing as you’d expect, must watch!

Over The Bars Episode #2 – Eric Lichtenberger

Episode 2 of Over The Bars just went live and it stars Eric Lichtenberger this time around. Give it a listen and be sure to check back in a few hours for Eric’s new ProPart.

Mike Stahl/Jesse Romano Split Part

Madera Ams Mike Stahl and Jesse Romano do their thing all over California. Mike is really giving Augie a run for his money for the totally made up Superman of the year award. Good stuff throughout the whole edit, check it out!

Hobie Doan – No Spots

This was uploaded on Snakebite’s YouTube with minimal information but its new Hobie Doan footage so you know it’s good. Wallride on the truck into the bank was awesome!

Dennis Enarson Caps Lock B-Sides

13 minutes of footage from the making of Dennis Enarson’s recent banger of an edit, CAPS LOCK. He put in some serious work for this and it paid off, hit play!

Simple Summer Session 2018 Highlights

Chech out all crazy riding that went down during this year’s edition of the Simple Summer Session. Includes riding from Courage Adams, Nathan Williams, Bruno Hoffmann, Reed Stark, Anthony Perrin, Travis Hughes, Jiří Blábol, Mark Burnett and more.