Brandon Begin “Chump Change” Video

He’s the most highly skilled homeless man in the world, so instead of just handing him a few bucks like most people we gave him three hours to do as many stunts as possible at a rate of $1 per trick.

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La French – La Cité Phocéenne

Ahhhh Marseille…the crime capital, l’OM, le Pastis, the great weather, the culture of the South and its insane spots! The French Connexion crew consisting of Nico Badet, Tom Deville, Justin Fouque and Adrien Lecomte recently spent some times in the cité Phocéenne and find some amazing stuff to ride and they killed it! Beautifully filmed and edited by the man Alex Valentino. There’s also a dope photogallery of the trip here.

Press Rewind: Dig4Fire (2008 Japanese Scene Video)

Over the last year or so we’ve seen some pretty awesome sections from Japanese rippers. This video serves as a reminder that this isn’t a new phenomenon and that Japan has always had a strong scene with a heavy EastCoast influence. This dropped in 2008 but was never online until a few days ago, definitely worth a watch.

Stephan Murray Autobiography Part 1

Not going to lie, this totally bummed me out, but stuff like this is definetly a part of bmx even if no one likes thinking about it. This is part one of ten (it’s only two and a half minutes long) and is mainly made up of old contest footage from before Stephens crash, including the world’s first 360 turndown backflip in a competition.

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Animal Bikes – FACTS Team Mix/Ryan Howard

The next section from Animal’s FACTS video just dropped and features a mix section with a good chunk of their team (Anthony DeRosa is a BEAST) along with a quick part from one of my personal all time favorite riders, Ryan Howard. Start your weekend off right.

Marius Dietsche Edit

There are six legitimate handrails grinded backward in various ways throughout this edit. If that doesn’t entice you enough to watch it I don’t know what will.

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Jake Seeley And Friends In California

Jake Seeley and friends (Mark Burnett, Begin, Lahsaan Kobza, and Mike Hinkens to name a few) tear up some of the more abstract obstacles the California streets have to offer. :48 was one of the coolest looking grind clips I’ve seen in a minute.

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“Back To Civilisation” Mix Section

Marv just uploaded the mix section from the Back To Civilisation DVD for your viewing pleasure and you better hit play on this one! Featuring riding from Dan Benson, Timeel Lewis, Joe Fox, Charles Darroch, Dan Niles, Daniel Hasnip, Matty Glover, Clarky, James Cox and Orlando!

Zack Cooke – iPhone April Side A

Zack Cooke put together this awesome video with a bunch of iPhone clips he’s been gathering with his homies and it’s a fun watch!

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Shadow – Joris Coulomb Bike Check


French Shadow rider Joris Coulomb has a new bike check up on their website where you can peep his current signature Om built and it’s looking fresh. Check the whole thing here.

Animal Bikes – Chris Silva Nub Nuts 2017 Promo

Ita pretty known at this point that Chris Silva is a pegless grind warlord, but in case you forgot here’s a new promo for his signature Nub Nuts from Animal Bikes. Some of this stuff is pretty damn wild, hit play.

How To Build A Concrete Quarterpipe

Trey Jones and company show you how to build a DIY concrete quarter. I fully support the message in here, “Stop complaining about having nothing to ride and do something about it.”

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Kilian Roth Instagram Compilation

Cult’s Kilian Roth put together his best instagram clips from the last year or so and made a cool little edit. Dudes got some moves, loved those railride to threes.

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The Make – Derek Morgan 2017

Damn this goes hard! Derek Morgan has been busy shredding those Canadian streets and he just dropped this dope new video for The Make! D-Mo keeps it real and it’s a treat to watch!

Jack Gruber 2017 Edit

Short but sweet edit from Jack Gruber, who rides for Odyssey and Back Bone down in Australia. Manly rail moves set to Sabbath, how can you go wrong?

Dennis Erhardt And Adrian Kölz DIY Edit

Dennis Erhardt and Adrian Kölz make the most out of their local DIY spot for this new edit. There’s not much to work with but both these guys managed to lay down some solid moves. Nollie 3 smith to hard 180 and that nollie 3 over the whole box were both really impressive.

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Richie Goff – “Back To Civilisation” Section

Marv just uploaded Richie Goff’s awesome section from the Back To Civilisation video he put together and it’s a treat! No transitions or banks are safe with Richie, this is so good!

Nik Ford Australia Edit

Nik Ford took a trip down under and cooked up this edit with some old friends down there during his stay. Overall a pretty tame video but the vibe is solid throughout and those sprocket stall to xup grinds he does always look cool.

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Odyssey – Litehouse Rim Promo Video

Matt Nordstrom and Tom Dugan put the Odyssey Litehouse rim to the test in this new promo video.

“The Odyssey Litehouse Rim is both light and strong, with super-thick angled sidewalls to minimize the risk of damage when you hang up. The rim features a wider cross-section than normal to compliment modern tire widths. Designed as a semi-brakeless rim that can be run front or rear. When brakes are used, be sure to adjust the pads so they avoid making contact with the tire’s sidewall, as usual.

Precision welded joint
6000 series aluminum
Width: 35mm
Height: 21mm
ERD: 388mm
Weight: 475 grams (16oz)”

Planet Earth About To Be Recycled

This is the first mixtape from the Arizona based Higher Def Brand. Featuring Jordan Barbara, Matt Closson (DAMN that fakie bail over the railhop looked so wild!), Mad Mike Guth, John Bronson, Mike Kleisser, and many more. Whole video goes hard, got me siked to go pedal today.