Federal – Stealth Artist Seat With Jordan Aleppo

Jordan Aleppo flexes the newest Stealth Artist seat from Federal in this quick new promo. The seats are pretty dope, it’s the third one in the series and features artwork from infamous Bristol tagger Copyright. The riding is nothing to scoff at either, Jordan is dialed!

Victor Peraza X Struggle 2018

Victor Peraza spent almost two years working on this edit for a new project called Struggle (@_strug.gle_ on Instagram) and it definitely paid off! Barspin handplant has to be one of the coolest looking tricks out there (:50) and whatever 2:27 was crazy as well. Good watch, hit play!

ABQDNV – T-Shirt Stunts

An action packed two minutes to promote ABQDNV’s newest T’s. Lots of sweet moves jammed in there, check it out then shoot ’em an email if you’d like to pre-order one of these bad boys.

Tariq Haouche – California Dreamin’

Tariq Haouche is repping FIT over in the UK and he just dropped this new edit for the California based brand and it’s a great watch! The kid kills it!

Mark Burnett’s Field Notes – NYC

out this new installment of Mark Burnett’s field notes filmed during a Shadow/Subrosa trip to NYC back in July. Featuring riding and antics from Mark Burnett, Matt Ray, Jiri Blabol and more.

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The BSD Jonesin’ Video Part

Damn this was epic! Sam Jones perfectly blends big and tech in this new part from BSD. Fakie ruben to nose was next level and its been a while since we’ve seen a Luc-E grind down a handrail of that caliber. HANG 5 WARLORD.

Odyssey – Coming Through On The Clutch V2

Odyssey just dropped this sweet follow up to Coming Through On The Clutch. Aaron Ross, Jacob Cable, Matt Nordstrom, and Travis Hughes all come through with the goods but Justin Spriet and Gary Young’s clips in here really shine through. Check it out!

Conform – Matt Perkins Edit

Matt P has been steady killing it for years and this new edit hits pretty hard. Crankflip to tabes down 12 is no joke. Last clip is massive as well, hit play and get siked!

Familiar Brand – Hit it Out the Park

Check out some quick clips from the Familiar Brand dudes filmed during a day cruising around L.A. Featuring Andrew Jackson, Victor Zapien, Raul Ruiz, Eric Gil and Anthony BOY Flores.

Press Rewind – Eddie Cleveland & Kurtis Elwell Lotek Ads

Snakebite has just uploaded 2 awesome Lotek ads that were produced back in 2008 which features Eddie Cleveland & Kurtis Elwell and it’s a treat! Yep that’s 10 years ago!

Eclat – After The Battle

After this year’s Battle of Hastings Devon Smillie, Jordan Godwin, Bruno Hoffmann, and Lewis Mills stuck around and clocked a few sessions at some classic UK skateparks. With a crew like that you know it’s insane, hit play!

Hobie Doan – Welcome to Primo

Hobie Doan is now officially riding for Primo and here’s his banging welcome to the team video that Stephan August put together! So many awesome clips in this and some great filming/editing work too!

Alex Kennedy – Unfinished Business

7 minutes of raw (unseen) AK footage from a project that never saw the light of day. That line near the end with the two big hangers is so gnarly!

Ben All In

Ben Allen just got the bump up to Sunday AM and damn is it well deserved, this kid rips! That feeb 3 manny 3 was super steezy!

Fake News – Hans/Jonathan/Munya

Ciao just dropped the next section of their Fake News mixtape and it’s definitely a treat! Front pedal to backwards smith (1:26) was pretty sweet and that overgrind into the bank at 3:23 was perfect! Really good stuff, already looking forward to next week’s section.

James Alcock Dub Edit

James Alcock tears up the UK in the name of DUB. Loved that quick hop to smith hard, dude kills it!

Once A Day

Steve Croteau just sent through this 4 minute mix of leftovers from PeepGame’s upcoming full legnth. As usual the posse holds it down, tires bar at the end was dialed!

Craig And Charlie Doing Biking

Most of this footage was in Craig and Charlie‘s Hot Dogs Who Cant Read sections but it’s still pretty sick. Craig’s oppo pedal xup grind thing looks so wild! NYC to Texas 2016, hit play!

Locals – Miles Hollamby

Some excellent pegless riding from Miles Hollamby in this new installment of the Locals video. Definitely worth the watch.

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LipLords – Best Of October 2018

See some highlights from copings around the world in this month’s LipLord’s Best Of. Mike Groff and Joe Battaglia’s were my peraonal favorites, 720 hurricane is such a wild trick!

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