SLC Punks: “SKUNK’D”

BSD – Sam Jones VX Rated Section

Awesome display of creativity and skill from BSD’s Sam Jones. Last trick is super outrageous, shocking really, hit play!

Alive – Ben Lewis LPL Frame Promo

Ben Lewis’ new frame from Alivie Industries just dropped along with this quick 2 minute promo to go with it. Tons of awesome curved wall and bump jump stuff in here!

Under The Radar – David Istenic

Slovenian shredder Daniel Istenic gets it in on home turf for his first edit. The kid’s got moves for someone who’s only been riding a few years, check it out!

Merritt – First Winter Warehouse Session With Ricky And Oscar

Montana Ricky and Oscar Ruiz warm up the ramps over at Merritt for the winter riding season. Some pretty sick stuff in here, Rick really knows how to keep those combos going!

Kriss Kyle In Denmark

This may be Kriss Kyle’s best concept edit to date (I know Kaleidoscope is hard to beat, but there is some wild stuff in here). Fast plant to car lander was insane. Killing it!

Shoot2Kill Edit

Texas’ Shoot2Kill crew just sent through their latest edit. There’s definetly some solid maneuvers in there, while maintaing a chill, neighborhood cruise vibe, good watch.

Demolition – Ryan “Biz” Jordan 2019 Rotator Video

Biz cruises around some schoolyards on Demolition’s 2019 Rotator wheel. Biz has such a classic style, it’s really impressive he still has hops like that!

Federal – Bruno Hoffmann FTS Section

This is exactly what you’d expect, Bruno Hoffmann getting technical in a big way all over the world. Backwards ice to 3 is a new one for sure!

FBM DIY Worlds Season Finale At Powers Bike Shop

The DiY World Championships wraps up another season with a hell of a jam at Powers Bike Shop. Lots of wild subrail and high air action in here, along with an epic rail jam (on a rail mointed on a minivan) to cap it all off, check it out!

Sparkys Jam 2019

Sparkys threw their annual Halloween Jam last weekend and, as usual, riders from all over Florida gathered to partake in the madness. Trey and Mark Burnett both pull off some really creative, hard tricks in here, Mark’s footjam to manual 180 thing is almost unbelievable!

MAXXXED! – Max Miller X Fit Bike Co

Holy hell, this kid is a loose cannon! This starts out with him eating it for like 30 seconds, I mean just getting slaughtered. Then the actual riding starts and its legitimately almost all bangers. Wild stuff.

BSD – Andriy Podoba In BCN

Andriy Podoba lays down some technical links around Barcelona in the name of BSD. Last clip was dialed!

Full Factory – Oktoberfest 2019

Full Factory threw their annual Oktoberfest Jam at the warehouse and with Broc Raiford, Denim Cox, Mr. Moo, and more in attendance you know it got crazy. My favorite parts were the high bunnyhop contest on the little bike and Denim’s insane dirtbike grinds, check it out!

Hagen Schubert Edit

Hagen Schubert wrecks his hometown spots in Freiberg, Germany for the latest Dig Locals edit. The dude loves riding through fountains and that’s pretty cool when you’re throwing down long 1 footed nose wheelies and manual 180’s through a couple inches of water!

Creep Game – Stalkers 2

Part two of Hong Kong based Creep Game’s Stalkers series. I personally prefered part 1 but there’s plenty of good stuff in this one too, check it out!

Cultoween 2019

Cult¬†threw their annual Cultoween Jam at Vans and, like every year, it popped off. Begin was kiling it (over feebs ftw) and Andy Garcia’s quick hanger 180 was super unexpected and awesome, check it out!

Golden Days X Olipop Creepin It Real Mini Ramp Jam

Nate hosted a contest of sorts on the mini ramp in his new shop, Golden Days, and by the looks of it it got pretty loose. They’re gonna have to raise that ceiling!

Federal Bikes Welcome Boyd Hilder

Boyd Hilder is a machine and Federal Bikes have officially added him to their already impressive roster. Dialed from start to finish but I really liked the line at 2:26 (great use of that setup), the switch whip into the tunnel, and that huge curved wallride to whip!

Creep Game – Stalkers

I really don’t know anything about this crew but they certainly know how to stalk out insane setups and have no problem diving right into them (:30 WTF). Awesome spot use and vibes throughout, definitely going to be on the lookout for more from these dudes!