Dan Kruk Madera 2014 Video.

“Dan Kruk has been getting older, more dialed, and more ridiculous as time goes by. This edit is a few months worth of Dan shredding at home and around the country. Dan has been on lots of Madera trips and in a few different Madera edits, but its definitely time for him to have his own edit. He doesn’t really know the meaning of chill and this video showcases the kind of riding he throws down on a daily basis just for the hell of it.”

Filmed and edited by Grant Castelluzzo

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Rex Cubic Video

Perth street killer Rex Cubic is back with a new video and it’s dope! Lots of sick moves and great looking set-ups in this!

Rebel Jam 2014 – The Hammers

Here are more highlights from the 2014 Rebal Jam featuring all the hammers that went down during qualifications and finals. Including riding from Reed Stark, Alex Donnachie, Joris Coulomb, Mike Curley, Dan Paley, Garrett Reynolds, Alex Kennedy, Bruno Hoffman, Simone Barraco and many more.

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Vital’s Rebel Jam Highlights.

Here’s the first of what I assume will be many, many Rebel Jam videos. This is the first thing I’ve watched from the contest, and I was pretty blown away by some of the stuff that went down, it’s easy to see why Alex, Garrett and AK took the top 3.

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Still Out Here World Premiere Video @ OSS L.A. Store

Here’s a little behind the scene video of the Still Out Here world premiere that went down the other week at the OSS L.A. store.

Rebel Jam 2014 Finals Livestream Replay

In case you missed the livestream of Rebel Jam finals earlier and can’t wait for the highlight videos, you can still watch the full replay. If there’s one contest that would be worth kicking back and watching in its entirety, its this one!

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Press Rewind: Brad Simms “Shook It’s On”

Brad Simms’s incredible section from the 2006 Shook DVD “It’s On” is probably the part that put him on the map and blew a lot of people’s minds when it came out. Brad is a beast on the bike and can hop over anything. Make sure you watch this till the very end to see the incredible up rail icepick clip!

Alex Donnachie Wins Rebel Jam 2014

Vans Rebeljam Alex Donnachie

From the venue to the course to the line up of riders, this year’s Rebel Jam looked amazing. The finals were stacked with heavy hitters including Garrett Reynolds, Alex Kennedy, Dakota Roche, Bruno Hoffmann, Ty Morrow, Simone Barraco, Kevin Kalkoff, Ty Morrow and the pride of Blairgowrie, Scotland, Alex Donnachie. After all the hammers dropped, young Donnasqueak came away with the win. The highlight videos from this are going to be insane!

Andy Maguire – Another Beer In El Rancho

Check out Andy Maguire’s awesome section form the “Another Beer In El Rancho” video that came out more than a year ago. This has a bit of a slow start but it gets sick by the end!

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Rebel Jam 2014 – First Practice Session

Holy shit this year’s Rebel Jam is gonna be insane! Here’s the first footage from the practice session and the riding is already incredible. Featuring Simone Barraco, Alex Donnachie, Scott Ditchburn, Dan Paley, Tony Hamlin, Bruno Hoffman, Anthony Perrin, Colin Varanyak, Garrett Reynolds, Sean Sexton, Alex Kennedy, Dakota Roche, Ty Morrow, Dan Lacey, Shawn McIntosh and more.

Joel Marchand – Welcome to BSD

Damn this was dope! Joel Marchand kills it and just got added to the already stacked BSD team through the Canadian distro, Killemal. Plenty of tech lines and coaster combos in this.

Nico Bernede 2041 Video

This new video of Nico Bernede is pretty sick and features some great fast riding from the Frenchman, filmed around the Bordeaux area.

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Clement Carpentier Welcome Video

Clement Carpentier is the fucking man and this new welcome to Fly video will probably blow your mind! Clem can mix the biggest tricks down rails, with the most tech lines ever and make it look really easy. Shoutout to Unleaded for making it happen.

Karl Poynter Fall Web Video.

Karl’s web video output has slowed down a bit over the last few years but he’s still out there in the streets manualing around and keeping things interesting.

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Greg Illingworth Make It Happen Remix

Get a look at some of Greg Illingworth’s best footage from the full-length Make It Happen video in this new remix edit. Greg pedaled his ass off in the direction of some of the craziest street spots on earth and came away with so many A+ clips, all captured masterfully by Will Evans. You can still watch the full Make It Happen video here.

Above Below Available For iTunes Pre-order now

“ABOVE BELOW is the first full-length BMX feature from Monster Energy in association with DIG BMX. This two part film sees a diverse group of riders Ben Lewis, Dakota Roche, Fernando Laczko, Ed Zunda, Nathan Williams and Dan Lacey travel the world pushing the limits of BMX progression under the watchful lens of the director, Richard Forne. Ten months is a very short period of time to try and produce one video, let alone a two part release, but as you will see in ABOVE, the riders gave it everything they had and came through with something very special. BELOW then shows you how each rider achieved their goals in the face of setbacks from not only security and the eye of the law but also frustration and injury. By voicing the viewpoints of some of the BMX world’s top riders and industry figureheads, BELOW taps into the true meaning of the sport, culture and its ambitious yet creative approach. ABOVE BELOW documents what it is to have a goal and achieve that at any cost. Watch this and whether you have ridden a BMX bike your whole life or never even set foot on a pedal, this is a movie that will inspire you to get out and get at it. All proceeds go to the ‘Road 2 Recovery’ charity, dedicated to helping action sport athletes worldwide. Sit back, watch and enjoy; thank you to all who supported!”

Ben Hennon Instagram Clips

Don’t let The Hennon find out you’re not following him on Instagram! But in case you’re not, check out a handful of wild insta clips of Ben riding his dope private warehouse, The Hideout.

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The 2015 BSD WZA Frame


Head over to bsdforever.com to get your first look at Mike Taylor’s updated 2015 signature WZA frame. We’re all lesser men than Jersey, so if it can stand up to his abuse, you should be just fine. Look for this frame in shops and at your favorite mailorder in the next few weeks!

Aaron Ross & Matt Roe Riding The Texas Toast Dirt Jumps

After most big dirt contests the courses are plowed within days, but the jumps (and ramps!) from this year’s Texas Toast are still standing tall. Get a look at Aaron Ross, Matt Roe and a handful of homies having a session recently.

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Nick Jones “From New Jersey to Arizona” Gallery

smallfry by nick jones

Our own Nick Jones has a gallery of photos from his past couple trips out west in a gallery right here.

Steven Hamilton – Fall Sessions 2

Count ‘em out- this is the seventh web edit from Steven Hamilton that we’ve posted this year (I’m pretty sure a couple from his YouTube page slipped through the cracks as well). And that’s not to mention the DVD he put out in February. Hamilton has been killing it, plain and simple, and if you’ve ridden with him in the past couple months, there’s a good chance you helped film this one. A surprisingly traditional edit from the mad scientist, yet still very entertaining.