Huge Bmx Jam At The Berrics

Nate Richter was on hand to document the madness that went down at The Berrics yesterday in conjunction with the premiere of the long awaited Etnies video. Too many wild moves to name any in particular, just hit play!

SXTN 2017

Sexton fans of the world rejoice, today we have a minute of fresh footy from Mr. Steezy-Switchwhip himself. Double to switch 180 bar always looks awesome and best believe there’s a few near vertical switch whips in there, check it out.

Los Wachos Mixtape

Some dope riding in this Los Wachos mixtape produced by a bunch of BCN locals! Agustin Gutierrez’s clips are always a treat!

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Cam Hardy – Canal Boat Life

Instead of spending money in unaffordable London rent Cam Hardy decided to live on a canal boat and exploring/riding the best wall ride spots around town. Cam kills it in this!

Andriy Podoba Edit

Andriy hails from the Ukraine and has quite the bag of tricks. The song is kind of weird but if you can get past that there’s definitely some good stuff in there. Round railride up to 3 was sweet!

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Visionary Summer Jam @ 5050 Skatepark


Visionary is throwing down a summer jam at the 5050 Skatepark in Staten Island, NY this upcoming Saturday and you should definitely swing by if you are in the area! All info on flyer.

Fise Budapest – Finals Highlights

Check out all the madness that went down during the latest stop of the Fise in Budapest, Hungary. Featuring riding from Daniel Dhers, Kenneth Tencio, Daniel Sandoval, Colton Walker, Brandon Loupos, Jeremy Malott, Kostya Andreev, Irek Rizaev, Jake Leiva, and Alex Nikulin.

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Callan Stibbards – Left over Bacon and Eggs

Damn this is sick! Check out some leftover fire from Perth killer Callan Stibbards that the JustAGame guys just uploaded! The backflip @1.47 was nuts!

Animal Bikes – Loud Pack Promo Ft. Johnny Raekes

Animal just dropped a quick promo for their Loud Pack Backpack featuring Johnny Raekes jibbing around on the East Coast. You can pick up a Loud Pack right here and be sure to keep an eye out for a full edit from Johnny and Animal dropping this Friday (8/25/17).

Mongoose Jam 2017 – Team Ryan (Winning Video)

Here’s the Team Ryan winning video from the Mongoose Jam 2017 which features some killer riding from Paul Ryan, Kriss Kyle, Lahsaan Kobza, and camper TJ Ettinger. That last gap to wall ride clip was nuts!

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Substance In The City – Ep.7

Check out this new installment of the Substance’s In The City video series featuring Guy Scroggie, Si Gibb and Craig Sime shredding the Unit 23 indoor skatepark in order to escape the shitty weather. Some good stuff in this and even some special guests clips from Jason Phelan and Marcus Cole.

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Justin “Don’t” Care

Justin Care is back with another insane edit for Merritt and Faded. In true Justin Care fashion there’s a bunch of tailwhips thrown in unexpected places, big rails, and of course one big railhop to flat for a banger. Third to last clip was pretty damn nuts, hit play!

Chad Curtis – Burning Daylight

Chad Curtis kills it in the parks and in the street with an aggressive yet dialed style. That five cab over the bench to manual 180 and the 630 to smith to fakie were both amazing!

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Shadow & Subrosa World Tour – Woodward East Week 3

The Shadow and Subrosa World Tour continues and here’s the video from week 3 at Woodward East featuring Trey Jones, Jabe Jones, Joris Coulomb, Matty Cranmer and even a guest appearance from Scotty Cranmer!

Common Crew – Edventures Episode 4

Eddie Cuellar and the Common Crew are back with the fourth installment of the Edventures video series and it’s a great watch once again!Tons of awesome riding and other shenanigans in this from Andy Garcia, Devon Smillie, Travis Hughes, Ethan Corriere, Johnny Atencio, Denim Cox, Matt Nordstrom and a shitload of other dudes!

Whammo – Justin Koebele 2017

This was dope. Justin Koebele rides with speed and has great trick selection, t-bog gap to smith was so sick! Banger was crazy too, you won’t want to miss this one.

Mongoose Jam 2017 – Team Illingworth

Without a doubt Greg Illingworth put together the gnarliest team for this years Mongoose Jam. Van Homan, Murray Loubser, camper Jack Seeley, and himself. There’s not many things I can think of that would be more dangerous than a barspin gap stairbash on a 10-flat-10, my money’s on Team Illingworth for the win.

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A Visual History Of Flatland

Chad Degroot and Yohei Uchino let you glimpse into their time machine (no pun intended) and see the progression of flatland through the last four decades. Very enjoyable, check it out!

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Help Ty Morrow Replace His Stolen Camera Gear


As you may or may not know Ty Morrow got his camera gear stolen from his car this past Saturday night in San Francisco and he’s now reaching out to the BMX community for some help. You can donate via this GoFundMe page and also read the full story here.

” This past Saturday night (8/12/17), nearly $7,000 worth of camera gear was stolen out of my car in SF while I was eating dinner after riding. We were inside the restaurant for no more than 45 minutes before returning back to our cars. Upon walking up to my car, I was instantly filled with fear as I thought my window was left open by mistake. When I got closer, my heart dropped as I realized what had happened- my car window was smashed in and I got robbed.”

Mid West – The Fella BMX

The Fella BMX dudes from Germany took a trip around the Mid West region of the country and came back with some sick clips. Filmed around Cologne, Krefeld and Venloin and featuring Leon Hoppe, Dominik Betten, Andre Bodlin and Nico Van Loon.

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