Texas Toast 2014 Video By Stew Johnson

By this time the week after a big contest, we’re all usually tired of hearing about it, but such couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to Texas Toast. If Props were there last weekend, the video would look a little something like this. Shoutout, again, to Odyssey and all the sponsors who make Toast such a rad weekend. Already looking forward to 2015!

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Shadow – Limited Edition Copper Vein Local Bars

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 2.49.57 PM

Shadow did a run of Ben Hucke’s signature Local bars in this dope “copper vein” finish and have got a limited number of them in their webstore right now. If you want to be the only one of your friends with these bars, you’d better act fast because these things will definitely sell out!

Jack Leonard 2014 Edit

“Jack Leonard is one of those riders who can ride a curb, a bump or a crack in the sidewalk for hours and make it looks so damn good and this edit is proof positive of that. This one’s short and sweet but, never fear, Jack’s always cookin’ up more in the lab. Press play and watch the dude get down.”

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Texas Toast Street Finals + More (Video)

S&M Tall Boy & Whammo Frames Available Now

S&M just dropped word that Charlie Crumlish and Craig Passero’s signature frames are now available and put together a quick slideshow to give everyone a look at the specs and production paint jobs. Both Tall Boy and Whammo have been hard at work on promos for these frames, so be on the lookout for a couple of bangin’ videos premiering on TCU in November!

Drew Morton “Hidden Gems” Video

“Снимаем НЖМ4″

Loosely translated, Снимаем НЖМ4 is “how to end a pleasant Christmas dinner party very abruptly”. Other dialects may yield “Russians riding rapidly” or “foreign music just sounds crazier”.

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“Word 5 Promo”

Rod Dickwatchbro just dropped this exclusive promo for Word 5- which has a release date of Aprilary 95rd- featuring the one they call “Kid“.

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Cult – Dakota Roche & Cody Levesque Bike Checks


Dakota Roche and his homie/Cult family member Cody Levesque just built up fresh new Dak frames and snapped a few photos for bike checks. Dak is on the brown joint and Cody opted for the blackout kit. Head over to cultcrew.com to peep some more photos and ask for the Dak frame at your local shop or mailorder!

Business X Embassy Toronto Trip Video

I don’t care how high you are, this video from a Toronto trip with Halifax-based Business and the Northern Embassy will either make you happy and hungry or induce a panic attack (that’ll only make sense once you hit play). Spectacular work by Ian Fleming and Harrison Forward on the camera and the cuts. This one will hold your attention but you may not remember exactly what happened.

Donkey Kong Country (Subliminal Banana) Edit

Wethepeople Autumn Session 2014

Here’s the official video of the 2014 Wethepeople Autumn Session that wen down a few weeks ago at the Project X Skatehelle skatepark, located two hours away from Cologne. Some crazy riding went down and those German dudes are straight killing it! That crank arm grin hard 180 out was fire!

Kings Ride Shop Promo

The Kings Ride shop just launched their new online store and blog so to celebrate it they put together this sweet little promo featuring their team riders. Can’t say no to some Josh Alderete and Steven Mack footage!

Texas Toast 2014 by Ryan Navazio

Check out this awesome Texas Toast 2014 recap video that Ryan Navazio filmed and put together. Lot’s of really amazing images, aerial footage and slow mos in this!

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Dan’s Comp – Brett Banasiewicz Video

You can only respect and admire Brett Banasiewicz’s dedication to BMX and all the hard work he’s been putting it since his crash. This new Dan’s Comp video showcases all the riding progresses that he made and it’s awesome!

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ONSOMESHIT Fall 2014 Available Now.


The OSS Fall/Winter 2014 line is up now in the TCU web store and the OSS online store. After the jump check out some photos that John Hicks and our friend Nelson Park took during the filming of #PLUGPRICES which we are dropping sooner than you think.

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VIDEO: London BMX Rider Assaults Bicyclist.

This popped up yesterday and I didn’t post it because it didn’t have much steam and I didn’t want to see the guy get caught on account of a TCU Post. But it’s already got over 100,000 views and it’s been featured on at least one other BMX site, so I suppose we might as well:

“Raphael Carrondo captured the road-rage incident, which took place on Victoria Embankment, on his bike-mounted ‘GoPro’-style camera.

Mr Carrondo was trying to overtake a coach when he was undertaken by another cyclist, on a BMX.

The BMX rider kicked his front wheel, knocking him off his bike where he almost fell under the wheels of a coach.

Luckily, he escaped with only minor injuries.

Mr Carrondo writes on YouTube: “Please help me find the person in the video to bring him to justice. If you have any information that can lead to identifying the person on the video will be much appreciated.

“The incident happened in London at around 5:15 pm in front of the embankment station on Wednesday August 6th 2014. Please comment below if you have any information. Sharing the video will also help.”

Monster Speed & Style Event in Vegas.

While most of the BMX world was paying attention to what was going on in Austin this weekend, Monster held an event in Vegas that combined racing with dirt jumping and Ride put together this video from it.

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Cultoween 2014 Next Thursday


Cult is throwing another Halloween Jam at the Vans park in Orange next Thursday, complete with a free session, free food and a costume-only best trick contest. If you’re in So-Cal and want to hang out and ride with a handful of the Cult team, be sure to get there early because this session will undoubtedly reach capacity. If you want to see what kinda time you’re in for, check out the edit from last year.

CULTOWEEN 2013 VANS SKATEPARK from Cult Crew on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Stevie & Begin Talk El Toro + Unseen Footage.

I also just wanted to speak on the helmet thing, since I’m sure the juxtaposition of Brandon’s crash with him talking about still not wearing a helmet will upset a lot of people. I just want to make this clear: Brandon and Stevie are just talking about their personal preference. If you wear a helmet, keep wearing a fucking helmet. If you don’t wear a helmet, definitely don’t let anyone else’s opinion stop you from starting to wear one. At the end of the day, wearing a helmet is a decision you have to make for yourself. I can’t help but feel like this video is going to set off a firestorm of controversy on the helmet issue and I just wanted to make it clear that we are not anti-helmet in any way.

The goal with TCU TV is to push the overall BMX conversation and hopefully this video does that one way or another.

Filmed and cut by John Hicks.