The Come Up Crew at LA’s Only Public Indoor Skatepark

Stevie Churchill
Brandon Begin
Scott Marceau
Alfredo Mancuso
Dylan Stark
Chris Bracamonte
Xavier Wulf
Caleb Quanbeck.

Everyone more or less killed it except me, I tried a rocket ice for an hour and failed. Check out and visit them at

9725 Variel Ave
Chatsworth, CA

Filmed by John Hicks, David Grant and Scott Marceau

Edited by Scott Marceau

Music: Multiple Sightings “Education”

Lewis Morgan is a 17 Year Old Tech Wizard

“Lewis Morgan worked on this video for a few months, with his brother James Morgan. They both definitely killed it. Lewis is a 17 year old kid from Australia that all he knows how to do is put in hard work and he for sure shows you it in this video.

Filmed By: James Morgan

Instagram: @advertClothing @LewisMorgann and @JamesMorgaan

Tom Deville – 4Down Park Session

Young Tom Deville has been steadily progressing for the past year and this new video, entirely filmed at the 4Down indoor park, really impressed me. Tom kills it! Shoutout to Alex Valentino for filming and editing this to a classic NTM instrumental!

Odyssey In Vancouver

Odyssey‘s newest am’s Jacob Cable and Travis Hughes join pros Sean Sexton and Tom Dugan on a trip up the west coast, all the way to British Columbia. There’s no shortage of dope street spots and concrete parks in Vancouver and the boys did their best to shred it all! Sean Sexton fans will be particularly psyched on this one.

Nigel Sylvester & John Hicks in a Beats By Dre Commercial.

Nigel and John Hicks appear in this new Beats By Dre commercial alongside just about every famous person you can think of #demselfieboyz

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FBM Brawlin’ At The Belmar 2.

This doesn’t feel old to me but in actuality it took place almost 8 fucking years ago. Featuring appearances from Van Homan, Chris Doyle, Darryl Nau, Brian Foster and a lot of random dudes hurling themselves through the air for no reason.

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Nearly 3 Part 1.

Alex Donnachie just won Rebel Jam and is apparently celebrating by putting his DVD from last year online. Here’s the intro and Greg Layden’s section, both of which are awesome.

Bryce Groenewold / Ethan Schmitt Edit

Bryce and Ethan tore up St. Cloud this summer and left no spot unridden. We will probably be seeing more of these two after Minnesota thaws out next spring.

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Braden Beck Edit

This was sent in with the phrase “freecoasting tech wizard” and after seeing clips like @ 1:52, I couldn’t have described Braden any better myself. If you like what you see, check out this video part he put out last year.

Murky – Split Leftovers

Because they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in England, you can’t blame these Londoners for having leftovers before the actual meal. Max and Pablo brought the bird, ya heard?

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Zack Henderson Edit

A few huge 360’s, a couple dialed icepick grinds, riding in a Metallica t-shirt edited to Pink Floyd; North Jersey‘s Zack Henderson is well on his way to making a name for himself.

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Damian Onufrak Edit

Q: What’s Polish, starts with a large truck and ends with an ice hard whip?

A: This edit. Damian Onufrak doesn’t joke around.

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2015 WeThePeople Complete – The Arcade

Another beautiful bike from WeThePeople‘s 2015 complete line that I wish I had the option of riding when I first started.

Eclat BMX – Kilian Roth Bike Check


Eclat caught up with their latest recruit Kilian Roth while they were in London for the Rebel Jam and took some photos of his whip for a bike check. Peep his set-up in details here and go re-watch his incredible welcome video here.

Colony BMX – Tom Stretton 2014 Video

The Australian front end wizard aka Tom Stretton is back with a new video for Colony BMX, filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee, and it’s so fucking good! So many crazy moves in this I rather let you press play and enjoy it instead of describing them. Tom broke is foot just before finishing filming for this so go follow him and show him some love @tom_stretton

20 Years of Kink BMX

Kink is celebrating 20 years in BMX and they put together this is pretty cool video with founder and owner Zack Phillips where he talks about how everything started for the Rochester based brand, how the company grew and more. There’s also some classic footage from Dirty Dan, Ryan Sher, Tony Hamlin, Jim Cielencki in this. They’ve got a dope microsite up that shows some of their pivotal moments throughout the history of the brand too, check that out here.

Also Kink have remade a few classic shirt designs and they even remade the OG Kink sprocket at the same machine shop that made the original, check out that stuff after the jump and click here to order it.
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A Day In The Life Of Adam LZ

I just spent a week at the Adam LZ mansion with Alfredo and Brandon and it was quite the experience. To put it bluntly, I’ve never spent time with someone like Adam before and I’m willing to bet that he would say the same about us. One day we were out riding street with a big crew of people and Alfredo tried to grind this plastic shed with a lock on it. The door broke, exposing it’s contents, a compressor or some other boring piece of machinery. We laughed and kept riding. LZ proceeded to spend 20 minutes attempting to fix the door. He succeeded in re-attaching the door and then as we were leaving, Brandon rode by it again and smashed his back peg on it, permanently destroying the door that LZ had just spent so much time trying to fix. Begin and I laughed. LZ looked at us like we were monsters. How could we care so little about someone else’s shed?

He’s got a point. It wasn’t our shred to destroy and I’m not sure why I could so easily laugh it off. If I saw some guy on the street kick in someone’s shed, I would think they were a total asshole. But I’m of the opinion that destruction of property is an integral element of riding street and I’m willing to put my morals to the side for the sake of a grind. I’ve grinded war memorials (one of the most heavily ridden spots in Brooklyn is a war memorial) and I’ve seen people grind gravestones (I haven’t personally but I certainly wouldn’t rule it out). When people say things like “OSS makes BMX look bad” I’m always kind of confused. We ride street. You have to destroy other people’s property in order to ride street. Once you’ve accepted that you’re going to cause at least some small amount of damage to things that you don’t own (wax and peg marks on ledges for instance), it’s easy to extrapolate from there and conclude that more extreme damage (riding over the hood of a car or wallriding someone’s pristine white home) is also inevitable and therefore acceptable. It doesn’t take much work to make BMX look bad; the stuff we’re out here doing is inherently bad.

A focus on the distinctly un-bad side of BMX kind of explains why LZ has 85,000 YouTube subscribers, far more than every media company in BMX besides one (cough). There are plenty of people in BMX who would have fixed the shed just like LZ did while Brandon and I laughed at him. 85,000 of them? Perhaps. If you aren’t familiar with Adam LZ’s wholesome BMX movement that he has been building up for all of these years and you’re looking for an introduction, this day in the life is probably a good place to start.

“So you guys have been asking for me to do a “Day in the Life” more than anything. It took me a while to film because I wanted to do it right, and it was tough to get my schedule to line up with my friend Brett’s. This is a typical Tuesday in my life, minus the homework and watching an online lecture around 9AM before I go to class. Forgive me if I looked insanely tired by the end of the video, I actually got up at like 6:30AM to let Brett in and set up and plan a bunch of shots and didn’t get back to sleep until 3AM. I go to the Burnett Honors College at the University of Central Florida, and my major is Business Management (entrepreneurship track). If you guys have any questions about this video or my life in general I’ll try to respond to as many comments as possible, or maybe even make a Vlog answering more complex questions. Thank you for watching, and PLEASE hit the like button and FAVORITE. It makes such an insane difference when you click that little button and most people don’t realize it. Stay in school and never stop riding.”

Sparky’s France 4 Day Trip

Right after the Street Station contest, the Sparky’s France crew, consisting of Nico Badet, Joris Coulomb and Kevin Kalkoff went on a trip around the Lyon area in the Mid Eastern part of France and here’s the video from it. Such a good vibes through the whole thing and some crazy good riding! Joris is definitely a rail ride wizard!

Harry Main – A Day In The Life

Follow Harry Main for a day in this new episode of Clocking On. GTRs, parking tickets, Nandos and a boosted 3 tuck in this.

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Dave Dillewaard – Traveling Man

Dave Dillewaard is the man and can shreds anything! Filmed and edited by Calvin Kosovich this new video got a lot of awesome clips and was a great watch.

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