Kyle “The Ginger” Mileski Video

Kyle “The Ginger” Mileski is truly an enigma. He’s only been riding for two years but progresses at an unbelievable rate and is one of the only dudes doing the hang 5 toothpick grind!

Odyssey – Broc Raiford Passageways Edit

Broc Raiford lays waste to the alleyways of Long Beach for Odyssey with Mike Mastroni behind the lens. You already know it bangs, what are you waiting for? Hit play!

Javaun Crane-Bonnell Connetication Section

The full Connetication video got posted a few weeks back but this here is Javaun Crane-Bonnell’s video ending section. Dude is not scared, the final clip in here is some action movie type stunt. If you missed it the first time check it out and hit that link to peep the full video.

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Odyssey Twisted Pro Pedals Available Now!


Odyssey just revamped their timeless Twisted PC pedals, giving them a wider and longer body, larger concave surface area, and an overall slimmer profile. Only available in black for now but more colors are coming soon!

Jib Tape 4 Full Length Video

FUCK YEAH! The Jib Tape 4 full length video just got uploaded for our viewing pleasures and it’s a MUST watch! Amazing vibes, riding, filming and soundtrack!

“This video was filmed in Eastern Pennsylvania and showcases realistic street riding from a variety of talented individuals who reside within the state. A large majority of the filming was conducted in the Philadelphia region over the past 2-3 years. The project’s goal is to document the stylistic approach to riding on less than perfect obstacles that the area has been and continues to be known for.
Mixed crew sections from: StinkPit, Atown Trash and Chocolate truck.”

Dan Foley – My New Favorite Rail Hop

Dan Foley goes spot searching during a rainy then comes back to hit the new gems on a dry day. That rail hop set-up looks mad fun!

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Barcelona Bastards

“A group of friends from all over the world having fun in the streets of Barcelona. These are The Bastards !!!”

Bunch of the usual suspects in the BCN street scene including Mono, Michael Smelko, Santi himself. Since it’s Simone week I’ll mention that the shit he does at :47 with the peg chink manual chink 180 is so sick.

Trey Turner 2017

Trey throws down a bunch of his signature hang nothing flavored moves on some crazy Ohio street spots. Last line is sick as fuck

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Demarcus Paul Bike Check

Screenshot 2017-03-23 17.32.27
Demo shows off his freshly Animal-laced whip over on their site. Shouts to Demarcus for being put on the pro team recently.

Oscar Daeche + Fooman Park Session

Subrosa – Simone Barraco Noster 2017

Another ridiculous edit from Simone Barraco, this time for his signature Noster line from Subrosa. Nose-nosepress-nose, that crank arm 180 over on the pink rail, and the hard cab to railride all had me rewinding a few times and the last clip was a refreshing line at a well known spot. Hit play on this one then check out Simone’s GoPro Europe Train Trip video and bike check from earlier this week if you missed ’em the first time around.

Dakota Roche/Sean Ricany CultCrew Forever Edit

Banging five minute promo for Dakota Roche and Sean Ricany’s newest signature frame colorways from Cult (Sarsaparilla for Dak’s and Army Green for Sean’s). Both of them kill it like usual, Sean’s clips at 4:24 and 4:45 were some of the coolest looking/smoothest flatledge lines I’ve seen in a while.

Joe Molina 2017 Edit

This dude is obviously a little out there but he definitely throws down on the bike. Super loose street moves, some of this stuff was really nuts, the line with the nose to xup smith and the big feeble to un-luc both really stood out to me. Doin it for Animal and Cult.

Francisco Tapia Edit

I’m not totally sure why honestly, but I enjoyed this edit of Chilean shredder Francisco Tapia riding a haggard skatepark way more that I expected to. Alley-oop 720 to flat off the side of the quarter was awesome and the banger is definitely the burliest move possible at that skatepark.

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Odyssey – Passageway Trailer

Quick trailer for a new Broc Raiford edit dropping on Friday (3/24/17). Only a few teaser clips in there but given Odyssey’s (and Broc’s) unblemished record of awesome videos you know it’s going to be amazing.

Tammy McCarley 2017 Edit

Chase Krolicki – Welcome To S1 Helmets

Chase recently flew out to California to work on a number of things and just so happened to get on the S1 Helmets team around the same time, so to make the announcement we lit up our local street flyout and filmed this quick promo.

Chase rocks the S1 Lifer helmet. CLICK HERE to get one of your very own!

Simone Barraco X Gopro: Europe Train Tour

Nathan Williams Still United Bonus Footage

Leftover clips, crashes, and b-roll from Nathan Williams video ending Still United Section. The wallrail ice or feebs at 1:02 is so rediculous (after reviewing it a couple times I really cant tell what it was, fish looks like ice, long looks like feeble, probably why it got left on the cutting room floor). I would really like to see his part again, hopefully after these bonus sections are done they’ll upload the actual sections.

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Steven Hamilton Winter ’17

Steven Hamilton gathered a shiltoad of amazing self-filmed BMX/skating clips during the winter and he put them all together into this awesome new edit!