Federal Bikes FTS – LOST IT – Volume 1

Federal Bikes teamed up with Rich Forne to bring you the FTS series and Volume 1 is called Lost It, Featuring Dan Lacey, Stevie Churchill, Joe Jarvis, Bruno Hoffman Anthony Perrin and more!

Subrosa – Welcome To The Team Mark Burnett

Damn, Mark really went in for this one. Crazy to think this was all filmed in just a few weeks. Here’s the official word from Subrosa:

“Wow! I knew we were in for something special went Mark set off to film his Welcome to Subrosa video with Ryan Chadwick, but to film this in a weeks time completely blew me away!

Everything about Mark on and off the bike makes him another great addition to the Subrosa family! 

Sit back, turn it up, and enjoy newest Subrosa pro rider Mark Burnett killing spots all over Phoenix, Arizona. 


Mark joins a Subrosa pro team of Kyle Hart, Lahsaan Kobza, Simone Barraco, Joris Coulmb, Matt Ray, Coco Zurita, Trey Jones, and Kevin Kalkoff.

Filmed and Edited by Ryan Chadwick

Thumbail shot by Spenser Lee”

A Minute With Connor Keating

Stranger and Primo pro Connor Keating breaks in his new Primo pedals with a minute of technical bangers. Nollie smith feebs hard 180 bar was wild and the last clip was awesome as well!

100 Foot Flat Rail Jam

Get a 100-foot flat rail, an empty parking lot and some of the top riders in the world and you get yourself a jam! Some crazy clips in this form Garrett Reynolds, JJ Palmere, Chad Kerley, Devon Smillie, Bruno Hoffman, Lewis Mills, Dan Lacey, Johnny Raekes, Anthony Perrin, Demarcus Paul and more!

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Raul Jula BCN Times

Raul Jula recently spent 2 weeks in sunny Barcelona and came back with a bunch of awesome clips! The fakie bars down Macba was dope!

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No Foreign Lands No. 2 – United In Morocco

Justin Care, Harry Mills-Wakely, Tom Deville, Ben Gordon, and Sebastian Anton took a trip to Morocco recently and destroyed every spot they came across. The first clip is pretty wild and Justin is just too good at what he does, hit play!

ALYK – Fed Up With The Bullshit – Yazan Odeh

Another FUWTB section full of crusty spots and choice moves for them, this time from newcomer Yazan Odeh. These guys really covered some ground for this one, click through and check it out.

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The Resurrection of Ryan Mills – From BMX Pro to Heroin Addict

Back in the early Premium BMX days, Ryan Mills was the handplant 180 king and produced a few legendary video parts! Ryan fell into heroine addiction after an injury that stemmed from pain medication but now he’s clean and back on the bike killing it again!! Sit down and hear about his story.

Sullyvan Guaincetre Welcome Video

Sullyvan Guaincetre is now representing GT over in France through Frenchy’s distro and here’s awesome welcome to the team video! Congrats Sully!

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Nico Badet Lost Clips

Check out some amazing never seen before clips of Le Bad that were filmed 3 years ago by Mirco Andreani! Nico.s riding is such a treat to watch and I highly recommend you to press play on this one!

Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read – Hucker Section

It’s no secret Hucker is one of the wildest bmx stunt bikers out and this section is pretty awesome in every way. Those handlebar rides are super impressive every time!

FBM Warehouse/Machine Shop Session

Catch a sesh at FBM with Kenny Horton, Garrett Guilliums, Curtis Cantwell, Shane Leeper and more. Awesome to see John Lee and John Corts shredding between welding frames, and it’s always enjoyable to watch Garrett blast, check it out!

The Dirty Sniff – Bungay/Waffle Split Part

The early grab 180s Bungay does in here are nuts. Waffle is an all around savage and probably the only person on earth that can make a handlebar grind look that badass. This will get you siked to go send it, press play!

Subrosa – Mark Burnett Bike Check


Whilst you patiently wait for Mark Burnett’s new welcome video to drop, Subrosa put together a bike check with Mark on their website where you can see his brand new set-up and it’s looking fresh af! Full thing here.

Courage Adams & Paul Thölen – Mirror Park

Courage Adams and Paul Thölen shred an indoor park made out of mirrors courtesy of Redbull and it’s pretty crazy! Imagine riding this!

BSD – Spicy Boys In Bangkok

BSDl just droped this 13 minute heater featuring Reed Stark, Denim Cox, Sam Jones, and Luc Legrand getting crazy in Bangkok. This is really well put together and the only way to describe the riding, spots, and scenery is EPIC. An absolute must watch.

Arnaud P.Paquin & Alexandre Thérien – Taz Split Edit

Arnaud P.Paquin and Alexandre Thérien shred the shit outta the Taz indoor park in Montreal in this new video and it’s a great watch!

No Quarter Intro

No riding in this intro for Jeremie Infelise’s new “No Quater” video but it sets the tone for what’s to come. Exiting!

“Over the past several months Dylan McCauley & Jeff Wescott have been working on a new joint video project called No Quarter with Jeremie Infelise behind the lens and on the edit. Today we are happy to present you part 1 of 3. Part 2 and 3 will be more traditional riding parts from Jeff and Dylan. Enjoy.”

Dan Norvell “Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read” Section

Dan Norvell’s section from the S&M “Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read” DVD is pretty fucking crazy and it’s now online for your viewing pleasure! That last clip is madness!

Trey Turner Edit

Hang nothing pimp Trey Turner is back with another edit full of crazy hard manual links filmed at skate parks around Kentucky and Ohio. Some of these are very impressive, particularly the banger, click through and check it out.

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