Zach Bearley Pittsburgh Street Edit

Zach Bearley is a name you might not be super familiar with right now but after watching this I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about this kid. Spots and tricks on point, he made that backwards pegs to cab look sooo good. Press play and watch him tear Pittsburgh a new one!

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Team Playboi Citzen’s Arrest Roadtrip Photo Gallery

You saw this awesome Tony Malouf produced edit earlier this week but today we have an exclusive photo gallery from the trip shot by the talented Chris Mortenson. Loving some of these shots, Garrett Darr’s handplant snap is perfect! Check out the full gallery along with some words from┬áChris after the jump!

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Odyssey Tourism Bureau – Australia

Broc Raiford, Preston Okert, and Justin Spriet link up with Odyssey’s newest pro, Boyd Hilder, down under for an epic trip hitting up some of the continent’s best skateparks, trails, and street spots. Broc’s last clip is insane, I expected him to go into a second double peg but instead….actually, I won’t spoil it…just hit play!

Animal Bikes Summer Promo 2019

Animal just dropped this quick promo featuring roughly one clip each from Mad Mike, Matt Miller, AG, Ryan Niranonta, new recruit Pasha Sitko, and 2019 XGames Real Bmx Gold Medalist Jordan Hango. Hammer after hammer in here, got me pretty siked to go pedal!

A Day In The Life With Chad Kerley

CK shows you around the crib before heading out to his neighborhood skatepark and absolutely shredding the place despite “not feeling so good.” Barspin to wallride 180/halfcab whip line was so sick!

Brandon Begin Kills A Skater + Game Of BIKE

Nate Richter and Cheif Brando square up in a game of BIKE while Begin focuses on eliminating the skateboarders at the park one by one. Pretty wild Nate hit crook-tires-180 first try there, hit play and see who comes out victorious!

Chris Childs 2019 Insta-Compilation

Chris Childs goes hard everytime hes out filming clips, Instagram or otherwise. Most of this stuff could have been used in a legit video part, check it out then go re-watch Chris’ EPIC Grow Up section from a couple years back!

Chris Moeller – 48 Something

S&M and Fit head honcho Chris Moeller just turned 48 and is still out there filming clips. 31 clips in 31 days is impressive for any rider, let alone someone older than your dad who owns and opperates two of the largest BMX companies out there. Inspiring AF!

Federal – FTS Lost It Vol. 8

The final installment of Federal’s Lost It series before the full length video drops. Filmed on location in London, Philly, Barcelona, Madrid, Tel Aviv, and beyond, sure to be epic, who else is siked for this one?

Team Playboi – Citzen’s Arrest Roadtrip Edit

Mario Gorman and the rest of the Playbois crammed 9 heads into a 7 passenger van for a week filled with BMX, fun and debauchery. Peep the edit and stay tuned for a full photo gallery along with some words from the talented Chris Mortenson dropping later on today!

Max Bongiorno Street Edit

Young gun Max Bongiorno takes some brutal slams before absolutely destroying any spot you put in front of him. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing alot more of this kid in the future, don’t sleep!

Federal Welcomes Lewis Cunningham

Federal officially welcomes Lewis Cunningham to the squad in style with this edit packed full of super technial lines. This kid just keeps getting better and better!

Headlights – Shawn “Elf” Walters

I’ll bet you a dollar this will be the sickest street section you’ve seen all week. Elf is a legend in the game and came through with yet another banger part for RideBMX’s Headlights. A true master of his craft, get siked!

CultCrew – It’s Later Than You Think – Chase Hawk Section

Veteran Cult pro and style god Chase Hawk really went in for his epic part in ILTYT. Tons of classic Chase blastage in here along with some insane manual links and even some heavy peg moves (hard 3 feeble to easy 3 was freakin’ beautiful). Incredible section, hit play!

“King Sum” – Primo In NYC

Primo’s new dream-team of Chase Dehart, Hobie Doan, Craig Passero, and Stephan August crush it out in NYC for a week on a recent Primo trip. They hit some classic spots (and some new ones too), and everyone clipped up. Bonus points for the Shawn Mac cameo. Good stuff!

B-Cave – Predad Shakedown

Dr. BonusGrind stacked up these clips with Chris Childs before recently having his first kid (Congrats by the way John!). Its full of everything youd expect from a doctor of his caliber, polejams, tight grinds and more on one-off setups. This one got me siked to ride!

Building The Cheapest Custom Bike Ever With Nate Richter


Nate runs you through how to build up a custom bike on the cheap. Shout out to Epic BMX for helping out with this one, press play penny-pinchers!

Too Fast For Food – Dirt Ron Section

Happy-Meal sized video part from BoneDeth’s Dirt Ron, filmed in a mere three days. Ron’s always good for some weirdo nosepick and limb-less air variations, grab a cheeseburger and check it out!

Ight Hype Dirt Brawl 2019

Technical grind combo master Jake Seeley threw a wild jam last weekend up in Massachusetts. Plot twist: rather than a ledge or flat-rail jam it was in a bowl. 2nd plot twist: It was a rediculously fun looking bowl made out of dirt! Looks like they had a great turnout, bmx needs more events like this!

S&M – Mike Mondays Vol. 1 (Hoder, Hucker, Stahl)

Three of the sickest Mikes out there ride compiled their recentish IG clips into one solid Mike filled edit. That allyoop air at 1:15 is insaneeee, probably felt so amazing. Hit play!