Chris Silva – Half Empty

Chris Silva had been busy working on a 2 part video series and he just dropped the first installment “Half Empty” and it’s a great watch! “Half Full” (the second part) should be out soon so keep an eye out for the sequel!

Léo Lemoine Promo 2018

Some cool clips in this new video of Léo Lemoine that he filmed around BCN and different areas in France.

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3.6.5 Episode 4 With Bevan Cowan

Poissou just uploaded a new episode of his always entertaining 3.6.5 video series that he filmed with the homie Bevan Cowan during his recent stay in Melbourne. Some awesome riding and images in this!

Jesse Le Sommer 2018 Video

Check out this new Jesse Le Sommer video that he’s been busy filming around his hometown of La Rochelle, France and also in Portugal during a recent trip.

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Unicorn Cali Trip 2018

Check out 10 minutes worth of awesome riding from Justin Fouque, Thomas Benedetti, Alex Bibollet, Nils Cianci, Max Berton and Christophe Haas during a recent trip to Cali. Filmed/edited by Hadrien Picard!

Berlin Weekenders

The HashBMX lads took a quick weekend trip to Berlin over the first weekend of May and here’s all the cool footage they filmed during their stay!

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Nate Richter And Co In LBC

Nate, Begin, Stevie, Eric L, and more hit up a skatepark then take to the streets for a pretty heavy session. Begin’s downside smith on the electrical box was so dope!

S&M X Dub – Hobie Doan In Liverpool

Hobie Doan spent the month of April at Dub headquarters in Liverpool and filmed this edit during his stay. There’s about ten legit hammers in here, don’t skip this one!

The Dirty Sniff – Albie Bennett Section

Albie Bennett’s section from The Dirty Sniff video is full of crazy roof gaps, 360s and other wild clips and it’s now online for your viewing pleasure!

Thomas Carrot 2018 Video

Thomas Carrot shreds the shit out of a bunch of skateparks around the Bordeaux area in this new video for Vocal.

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HHX – Kings Of Fences Trailer

Everyone should be aware at this point that HHX goes hard. This is a quick trailer for their newest full legnth, Kings Of Fences. How did dude think xup grinding that diamond rail was a good idea?!? Cant wait to see this one.

It’ll Buff

25 minutes of action from the young guns down in Florida. My favorite sections came from Chefbo Mike (who just keeps getting better and better) and Francisco Jimenez. My only complaint is the flagrant Rickey Bates abd as seen in the YouTube thumbnail, but I guess that’s just the 2018 effect right? Overall still a great watch, sit back and press play!

Kareemsworld – How To Blow Up On Instagram?

In this new episode Kareem gives you some very useful tips on how to pop off on the gram so watch attentively if you want to be the next big thing!

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Doomed – Sunday League

The Doomed guys went for a session in the streets of Leeds after launching their brand and the quality of the riding that was produced was better than your average Sunday league game!

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Jiri Blabol – Ten Days In Two Cities

Shadow’s Jiri Blabol recently spent 10 days between Barcelona and Malaga and put together this new video. Lots of technical lines mixed with some sizable rail clips. Backwards grind to full cab bar out was super dope and that double set whip near the end was huge!

Chad Kerley Edit

Chad Kerley cruises around on one of his signature Haro complete bikes in this new edit, click through and check it out.

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ALYK – Fed Up With The Bullshit – Damian Racut

I’ve grown to despise the term “spot use” but Damien is a true grind technician and knows how to find and use a setup better than 99% of these clowns out there. This might be his best part to date, actually, I don’t know, Ambipegstreetest was great too. Press play.

Wolsztyn Skatepark VX Mixtape

Bartek “Tow D” Tołkacz, Hubert Rzepka, and Wojtek Grzybek filmed a bunch of cool shit with their trusted VX at the Wolsztyn skatepark and put it all together into this quick mix. Good Shit!

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Pump The Jam

Canadians Jason Teet, Chris Cadot, and Ryan Hiebert took a trip up to Victoria from Vancouver and filmed this awesome video during their stay. That treeride looks like so much fun and damnnn that last clip was wild. Spotted on Atlantis Vancouver.

Skatepark On Fire

This features more footage of a shirtless dude spinning his lil’ fire sticks around than actual riding but its a cool concept and some of the shots do look pretty sweet. Click through and check it out.

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