Chase Krolicki Bike Check

Mark Gralla – Rat Trap Promo

Emile Bouwman X Subrosa 2017 Video

Jason Watts 2017 Video

Jason Watts has been putting some hard work around San Diego with Christian Rigal for this new Haro video and the final result is pretty incredible! Jason mixes insane tech street lines with burly/fast bowl roasting and it’s an absolute treat to watch! The decade to manual 180 was so good!

South Jersey Industrial Park Session

Chase D, Drew Quinlan, Adam Gunaydin, and a few others tear it up in some industrial areas of South Jersey on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Loved those clips where Drew and Chase ended up in that barrier and Adam is just an all around beast.

Delighted Crew – Night Crawlers

The Delighted Crew consisting of Alec Shmalec, Justin Schual, Thomas Garcilazo (Dank Jew) and many more took their trusty VX2100 out into the mean suburban streets of Claremont and stacked clips in the dead of night for this sick new video. These dudes have been progressing so fast recently, likely due to the fact that they’ve been going extra hard for their first full length video which I’m super excited to see. Check this out then smash the MF’n subscribe button!

Nearly 4K Files – California Trip 2

More raw clips from the Nearly 4K filming trip in California featuring some killer riding from David Grant, Alex Donnachie, Dillon Llyod, Kirss Kyle and more.

Kevin Peraza – A Weekend in California

Watch Kevin Peraza as he hills a bunch of spots around San Diego and Los Angeles in this new Mongoose video the pocket downwhip was so sick!

Great Lakes State Of Mind Promo #2

“Great Lakes State Of Mind” (a new video from the GLS Crew) is dropping on Wednesday and they sent through another quick trailer for it. Looks like all these dudes went in, looking forward to seeing the final product.

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CultCrew – Raw Ams

Cult just uploaded this dope collection of raw footage from a bunch of their ams. Mikey Tyra’s nosewheelie game is sooo next level, 9:05 was jaw dropping.

“Check out an edit from some of the homies we have been supporting…Bottom line is we do our best to help these guys do their thing and continue to enjoy riding their bikes….Young people have the power to change the world, join us now…

WuTrailClan – TrixTape

The WuTrailClan put in some work in streets (and in some cases on the roofs) of PA, NY, TN, and VA over the last few years and put together this mixtape. Good stuff throughout that one goofy-footed pegless dude kills it though, pedal grind while hopping over all those cracks in the big downledge was awesome.

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Montana Ricky Cult Bike Check

Montana Ricky got hooked up with a new Cult frame, click through and watch him assemble it while he gives you the rundown of what exactly he’s riding.

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Mark Webb – Not Another Base Edit

Check out some new Mark Webb technical ramp insanity in this new indoor skatepark edit that he just dropped. Webbie is a machine!

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Dan’s Comp – Devon Smillie Technical Insanity

Holy shit Devon Smillie is a tech god!! There’s some absolutely insane clips in this new Dan’s Comp park edit filmed by Doeby Huynh and it’s sick! Even Chad Kerley some through with some fire guest clips! This is a must watch!

Colin Varanyak & Garrett Reynolds Plaza Session

Colin Varanyak and Garrett Reynolds ride a little skateplaza in San Diego in this new vlog and filmed a bunch of crazy good clips there. Colin’s last backward line was mental!

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Killian Limousin Video

French freecoaster/pegless lord Killian Limousin is now riding for Federal via BMXAvenue and he filmed a bunch of killer clips at his local park and also shot a bike check that you can peep here.

Madera – Erik Elstran 2017

This new Madera edit is some of the best Erik Elstran footage to date. I started writing this description with a few highlight timestamps but damn, its all super impressive/mind blowingly creative. Dude is really on some next level shit, this got me so hyped I have to go ride right now, peace.

Kevin Peraza Illustrated Section

Kevin Peraza had the opening section in Illustrated (if I’m remembering correctly, I could be way off on that) and he definitely put in some serious work. Great blend of technical ability and burly setups. That banger is so picturesque and awesome.

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FitBikeCo – F LOG 07 Team Grinds

A large portion of the Fit team (Austin Augie, Brandon Begin, Ethan Corriere, Morgan Long, Matt Nordstrom, Justin Spriet, Charles Littlejohn, Tony Malouf, Wes Mcgrath, and Dylan Ambrose) had to cancel a trip to Vegas last minute for various reasons but decided since they were all together they might as well have a big ol’ cook out.

Scotty Cranmer Builds A New Bike!

Scotty Cranmer went to his bike shop and put together a brand new bike then took the short trip over to The Incline Club for a celebratory jam with the locals. Scotty’s level of positivity is remarkable and hopefully we’ll see him cruising around on his new whip sooner than later.

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