Game Of BIKE – Adam Banton vs Patrick Kelly

If you want to shoot a Game Of BIKE for TCU, get in touch: submissions AT thecomeup dot com.

Music by Adam Banton, download his album “Escapism” here.

[Re-up] Jack Kelly Colony 2014 Video.


Paul Ryan @ Unit 23

Paul Ryan brought his signature tech moves to the Unit 23 skatepark in Dumbarton, Scotland and filmed one hell of an edit. Lots of dope stuff in this including some of the best switch whips in the game!

3 Day Metro Pass in Prague

Alex Kennedy, Bruno Hoffmann and Greg Layden recently spent 3 days riding and killing spots around Prague using the local Metro system as transport. As you could expect from these dudes, the riding is amazing! AK does the smoothest feeble 3 I’ve ever seen and throws down an incredible move at the end!

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Giannos Zouras Chill Edit

Giannos Zouras filmed this video during the last summer weeks in Athens, Greece and it came out awesome. Giannos is one smooth dude and got a bunch of solid moves in this.

BOQER123 in Barcelona.

Here it is: 30 minutes of the Boqer crew in Spain. I’ve watched 8 minutes so far and they managed to find 2 skateparks which is exactly 2 more than we managed to find there during the month we spent in Barcelona.

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NORA Cup 2014 Highlights

If all you saw from NORA Cup was a bunch of blurry Instagram photos, Ride hooked it up with a video highlighting everything that went down that night. As always, they brought out a legendary group of presenters and it was awesome to see pioneers of all the categories giving cups to the dudes pushing it now. This is definitely the best way to end Texas Toast weekend!

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“At Home with Alex Leibrock”

A short documentary highlighting the perils of losing a skatepark and the pride in building your own. Created by new-school Lip Lord Brant Moore.

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Shadow KIL Shop Battle Winner: Parano Garage

Last month three German BMX shops faced off in Shadow‘s first KIL Shop Battle, seeing which team could come up with the best video centered around the now-famous coffin ledges. With a unique look and a handful of Germany’s best riders including Bruno Hoffmann, Daniel Tunte, Felix Prangenberg, the Parano Garage team easily took the win. In case you missed it the first time around, here’s it is again.

You can also check out a bunch of behind the scenes insight & photos here.

Cultoween 2014 Tomorrow

Just a little reminder that Cultoween 2014 is going down tomorrow at the Vans park in Orange, California. If you’re in the area, it’ll be a free session with free food, giveaways and a chance to ride with a few Cult Pros. Check the full flyer after the jump.

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Pete Sawyer At Cologne Plaza

Andre Jesus In Helsinki

Andre has the trick list of a skatepark cyborg but his style makes this 100 percent watchable and even entertaining, which is something I don’t say too often about park videos. Big flip dropin, 3 whip to whip back, barspin flair, off axis 900. On paper, it looks alright, but what set this video above and beyond most park edits for me was Andre’s super loose semi-huck approach to these tricks. You can tell he’s pushing his riding because he goes a few feet higher than most riders, eats a ton of shit and when he pulls the trick, he looks super happy to be alive and rolling away. I don’t want to make it sound like he has bad style, either, quite the opposite. Definitely a breath of fresh air to see a park rider who isn’t so dialed it looks boring. Also worth noting that filmer Scott Connor managed to shoot this with a fractured knee on crutches.

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Andrew Schubert S&M Video.

“Shot throughout Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, and Edmonton, Canada between the months of February to October 2014

Filmed by
Luke Santucci
Brad Hill
Scott Grant
Isaac Barnes

Massive thanks to these guys, could not have made this happen without them.

Ty Segull – “The Hill”

Editing: Andrew Schubert

Thanks to everyone at S&M Bikes and everyone at 1664distro for the support.”

Luis Montañez 2014 Video

Check out this new video from Argentinian rider Luis Montañez shredding the streets of Buenos Aires. Lot’s of great riding in this and some dreamy spots!

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The Rider’s Eye With Chad Kerley

Chad Kerley talks about street riding as well as the Dew Tour Streetstyle in this new video and also managed to kill a bunch of spots around downtown San Diego.

B6 Mixtape

This B6 Mixtape is sick! Coming straight from the street of Western Australia, Mitchell Morris, Josh Morris and James Gilber filmed a little bit more than 5 minutes worth of super good riding!

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Anton Ayres – The Division Project

The final section of the Division Project featuring Anton Ayres is now online! Anton is a fucking grind wizard/god and came up with some amazing clips for his part. You are probably gonna yell at your screen a bunch of times while watching this! You can peep the whole video by following this link. Filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee.

Nightmare BowlFlow Video

Jason Phelan submitted through this really awesome video of him and his buddies Hector Spencer Wood and Joe Bailey roasting some UK bowls. The riding is sick and there’s a lot of insane lines featured in this!

Harvester Bikes x Merritt Street Jam Round 2

The second round of the Harvester Bikes x Merritt street jam went down a few days ago near Toronto, Canadao and it looks like it was a success. Lots of great riding in this from all the local riders who showed up!

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