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Dollar Bet – Rob Wise & Friends Section 2

The Dollar Bet video parts keep being uploaded and today it’s Rob Wise’s turn and the second friend section to be dropped online. Featuring some awesome riding from Rob as well as Rob Diquattro, Adrian Evans, Marc Meeuwissen, Damian Racet, Paul Horan, Rob Dolecki, Erik Elstran, Jeremy Jones, Peder, Cam Wood, Robert Downward, Justin Spriet, Pat Laughlin, Demarcus Paul, Eric Stewart, Riley Smith, Jones Fedderson, Brady Tweedy, Mike Aitken, Elf, Joe Rich, Matty Aquizap, Nutter, Chris Cutright, and Jordan Stump.

How to Rail Ride With Joris Coulomb

Joris Coulomb teaches you how to master the art of rail riding in this new video which is all in French but even if you can’t be bother reading the English subtitles just watch the riding as it speaks for itself.

Timing Is Everything

Joe Niranonta, Anthony DeRosa, Chad Douglas, and more cruise around NYC with a motivational type voiceover from Nigel Sylvester. It’s not really a full riding edit but there are some solid tricks in there, that crank arm down the hubba looked really cool, check it out.

Dollar Bet – Brady Tweedy

Another must watch section from Dollar Bet, love the 46 crook, that butcher grind to nose wheelie over the pit, every clip is fire really. Give this a watch and be on the lookout for what’s sure to be another awesome Brady Tweedy section in Volume 2 next week.

Press Rewind: Mike Hinkens Madera 2015 Video

This was a gem of a TCU Exclusive. Mike Hinkens ripping around Barcelona with some of the Madera dudes. Mike’s cassette techery is second to none, he always knows where his pegs are at and I’ve seen him crank backwards at full speed downhill for 6 miles. The bump jump wallride 180 spot in this video was also recently featured in the newest Cult Barcelona video. Sick to see Mike’s take on all these spots.

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Giovanny Casallas Vagabundo

This was awesome, dude kills it and the spots look incredible. Hit play and use this as some weekend motivation to get out there and find something new to ride.

Press Rewind: Chicken And Waffles Video

I’ve been around Chicagoland lately and felt that revisiting the Chicken and Waffles video was only appropriate. This video contains extreme heat from local talent like young shredder Alex Duleba and many more. Full spots from Timmy Theus and Trent McDaniel as well. My favorite bit has to be the first section from ‘Emig’. Keep your eyes peeled for Chicken and Waffles 2!

Nate Richter – This Is Bmx

Nate Richter and gang hit up the streets and alleys of Long Beach in this new 16 minute webisode. There’s some gems in there including a fakie xup down some stairs, check it out!

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Dollar Bet – Shawn “Elf” Walters

Here we have an incredible section from from gap to fence frontiersman and Dollar Bet ringleader, Shawn “Elf” Walters. This was one of the best parts of the year, so much crazy action in there. I can’t believe he pulled that fence to fakie after getting racked so bad, and that ender…jeeez. Truly original and inspiring, hit play.

FitBikeCo – Jeff Kocsis 2007 Commercial

Talk about a throwback! Wade Young just uploaded this Jeff Kocsis FitBikeCo ad from 2007 and sure brings back memories! Lil Jeff has always been the smoothest!

Dan Kruk & Mike Stahl – Gone Biking –

Dan Kruk and Mike Stahl went to ride some spots around Fullerton, California for a day and came back with some awesome riding from their trip. Good shit!

Just A Game – Recyclable Roddy

Check out a bunch of sick clips form my dude Tom Roddy that are not going to be used for the upcoming Just A Game mixtape that should be out soon. Roddy is da boss!

BSD – Luc Legrand Transmission Section

Luc Legrand came through with one hell of a section for BSD‘s Transmission DVD. So straightforward, so burly, so awesome. Craziest Xup-ride ever? Press play and decide for yourself.

ECD – One Hour With Knick Smith

Raw hotdog connoisseur Knick Smith spent an hour at the ever expanding 9th and Poplar and filmed this quick ECD edit. Xup grind to hop in was sick and the banger is one every polejammer out there has probably thought about at one point or another.  I threw Dustin Clewell’s recent ECD Hour edit after the jump too because I’m stupid and forgot to post it when it dropped a few weeks ago, check ’em out.

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Dollar Bet – Tanner Trails Section

Up next in Dollar Bet’s internetification is the Tanner trails section. Bunch of dudes having good times ripping some dirt jumps, snapping tables and such, how can you go wrong?

Dollar Bet – Trent Steel, Manny Kilpack, and J-Boi Section

The future is bright for the Salt Lake City scene with young riders like Trent Steel, Manny Kilpack, and J-Boi killing it in both creative and traditional ways. Loved that buffalo ride, the manual to drop down threader hanger, that wild rail to rail, and that mullet. Like I said yesterday, if you haven’t seen Dollar Bet you’re definitely going to want to watch each and every one of these sections, check it out.

Garrett Ginch Loose Goose Frog Session

Garrett Ginch pulls off some toadally rad stunts in an awesome looking concrete bowl in this new piece for FBM (Frogs Below Men?). Good vibes, check it out.