Loose Change – Federal Bikes in Prague

Today we’re super stoked to debut the highly anticipated new video project, headed by Richard Forne for Federal Bikes “Loose Change” which covers the majority of the Federal team destroying spots all over the Czech Republic!

Featuring Stevie Churchill, Michal Smelko, Joe Jarvis, Carlo Hoffmann, Mirco Andreani, Jordan Aleppo and Jakub Juza with footage
Shot in both Prague and Brno.

Rich really did a masterful job with the movie quality filming, editing and soundtrack and all the dudes really went in, especially Smelko,the local, tour guide, and the man who took home the banger clip! HIT PLAY ALREADY!

Monster Energy Street Series Los Angeles

Nate Richter was on hand to cover the Street Series that took place this weekend in Los Angeles, CA. More than 500 BMX riders showed up to join in for BMX DAY and the AM’s and Pros really threw down at each spot we rode! The clear standouts were Jourdan Barba, Johnny Raekes, Matt Closson and the overall winner Ethan Corriere! Thanks to Monster for putting on these events worldwide, and to everyone who came out and showed support!!

The Street Series BMX Day In Athens, Greece

Lewis Mills 2016 Video

LFS 2: Steve Jones

Before this part the only exposure I ever had to this kid was his horrific railhop crash in the LFS 1 friends section. This part opens up with an even gnarlier wreck on one of Jersey’s most iconic setups (not the actual first clip but the first after his name pops up). Seriously dozens if not hundreds of riders have been there over the years and I doubt many, if any, seriously considered doing what he tries in here. The whole part is awesome though and the dude has a seriously loose, dangerous looking style, especially on the bigger stuff. The ender is pretty damn wild too. Press play and stay tuned for the last two sections dropping in the coming weeks.

3 Day Metro Pass – Madrid

Damn this new 3 Day Metro Pass video in Madrid is so good! Watch Courage Adams, Jaime Gonzalez and Sam Jones as they destroy some amazing looking spot in the Spanish capital city! Courage’s last clip was ridiculous! More words and photos on the whole project here.

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CultCrew – Sullyvan Guaincetre 2016 Video

French rider Sullyvan Guaincetre just dropped a new video for Cult and it’s pretty fucking dope! Sully mixes big moves with tech lines and it’s definitely a great watch. The last 540 at the Montpellier 3 blocks spot was sick!

Erik Garza x Tlaloc Shop 2016 Video

Mexican shredder Erik Garza submitted to us this new video he’s been busy filming around the street of Monterrey and it’s pretty good! That last gap to wall ride was dope!

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2016 Van Doren Invitational – First Practice Video

Check out some raw footage from the first practice session of the 2016 Van Doren Invitational that is happening this week in Huntington Beach. Featuring clips from Jason Watts, Tom Dugan, Sergio Layos, Kevin Peraza, Chris Doyle, Tyler Fernengel, Gary Young, Chad Kerley and many more!

Subrosa x Shadow World Tour


The first leg of the Subrosa x Shadow World Tour kicks off in California August 4th with Lahsaan Kobza, Simone Barraco, Mark Burnett, Matt Ray, Eric Bahlman, Johnny Atencio and more, be sure to make it out to one of the stops if you’re in the area.

Zach Szymaniak 2016 Edit

Richard Perry South/West Dvd Section

This is Richard Perry’s section from the UK video South/West. Mostly skatepark moves but dude has tricks and wraps things up with a couple wild gaps, check it out.

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CultCrew – Alex Kennedy Bike Check


Curious to see what AK’c current ride looks like? Peep his detailed bike check on the Cult website via this link.

Vasya Lukyanenko Unused Clips 2016

Vasya Lukyanenko had a bunch of leftover/unused clips laying around on this computer from a few different projects and he put together this quick but super dialed edit! Good shit!

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BMX Day 2016 – Philadelphia Street Jam

Check out some footage from the BMX Day street Jam in Philadelphia that went down the other day and organised by the Animal Bikes/Choco Truck dudes. Some awesome riding in this, good vibes and it was filmed/edited by Navaz so you know it’s quality.

Drew Bezanson – The Learning Curve Ep 3

Here’s episode 3 of Drew Bezanson’s video series, The Learning Curve, featuring more footage of him training and trying to transition from BMX to MTB. In this instalment, Drew practice in the foam/resi and get hurt before his first ever MTB contest.

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FBM Ithaca Skatepark Session

Eric Holladay, Latane Coghill, Garrett Gulliums, Marc Meuajahasien, Seamus Mckeon, and more session a fun looking park in Ithaca, NY. Good vibes, check it out.

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Levi Weidmann Edit

Levi Weidmann shreds two skateparks for his welcome to Salt Bmx video. It’s full of dialed tailwhip to footjam-type park moves and climaxes with a wild looking 180 decade over a spine, check it out.

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Peep Game Posse Cuts Vol. 5

Steve O and the posse mob around for the fifth installment of the Posse Cuts series. Some good riding in here, that one tight railhop barspin was wild, check it out.

Subrosa – How To Tooth Hanger

Learn the basics of the tooth hanger with Subrosa’s Lars Tepaske and Francisco Jimenez. Definitely some helpful tips in there for beginners, check it out.

Team Freestlye Mixtape Vol 2

The Team Freestlye guys sent through this great new mixtape and it’s definitely a good watch! Tons of awesome clips in this from Corey Furmage, John Estela, Austin Allen, Joey Wiese, Zach Krejmas, Kyle Ganley, Zach Skjerve, Chris Furmage, Austin Weigle, Genesis Apostol, Andrew Luna, Jason Kiser and Dakota Rynearson.