Stranger’s youngest pro rider, the 20 year old, Mike Harkous built up a brand new Stranger ballast ltd frame with Primo parts and then proceeded to get some bangin’ clips at some local Long Beach spots!

Leon Hoppe & Robin Kachfi in Rotterdam

The Dutch city of Rotterdam is full of amazing pots and Leon Hoppe, alongside with teammate Robin Kachfi went to shred them during a recent 4-day trip! Some great riding in this!

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Garrett Reynolds TripTape Section

Garrett Reynolds’ section from the TripTape video is now online and there’s nothing else I could say but press play now! The boss always delivers!

Bob Scerbo Interview


Bob Scerbo has an interesting interview about Skapegoat, riding, and life in general over on The Central Library. If you have not seen Paracosm yet I highly suggest you try and track down a copy ASAP.

The Yea – Trees/Matt/Groovy

The Yea’s Trees, Matt Smith, and Ryan Muschlitz shred the local DIY and a few streets spots in this quick but enjoyable promo, check it out.

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Philly Street Series Raw Footage

Ten minutes worth of raw footy from the 2017 Philly Street Series. Huge moves from Casey Starling, Chopper, Dustin Clewell, Mad Mike Guth, Ji Hoon Lee and many many more. Filmed by Rob Dolecki.

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Ben Gordon in Manchester

Check out a bunch of dope clips from UK shredder Ben Gordon filmed in Manchester and edited by Robin Pearson. That last clip was super sick!

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San Diego BMX Day 2017

Animal – Abdul Fofanah 2017

Abdul is still riding that wave and came through with this awesome new part for Animal. That feeble to smith to nose around the pole was so steezy, :36 was crazy too. Press play on this one for sure.

Lucas Paneitz – Evolucao Edit

Lucas is from small town in Brazil and did a bunch of traveling to other cities to film his newest edit. Lots of interesting looking setups in there and double peg to hard 180 table isn’t one you see too often (he pops off two of them in here). Brazil looks awesome!

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Stranger in San Diego

Nate Richter, Eric Lichtenbeger and Dylan Stark recently took a quick weekend trip to San Diego and they filmed a bunch of dope clips during their visit. via Stranger

Sebastian Anton & Tom Deville In America

Sebastian Anton and Tom Deville went to American for the very first time and met up with their United teammate Nathan Williams while he was filming his X Games Real BMX section. The kids came back with some killer clips and this video form their trip is a great watch!

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Mike Garcia is a 23 year old, badass upcoming rail boss from Fresno, CA. He risked life and limb for a solid 3-4 months, and came through with this solid piece showcasing his crooked grind and overall rail-boss prowess! The kid is fearless, give this a watch, immediately!

Johnny Atencio Edit

Young California killer Johnny Atencio really went in for this Am Spotlight edit. Pretty much everything after the two minute mark could have been an ender, the future looks bright for this kid.

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S&M – Mike Hoder’s BTM

See what parts Mike Hoder trusts to handle his daily feats of strength. I mean hell, have you seen the new S&M video (Hot Dogs Who Cant Read)? That bike must be rock solid, check it out.

Kody Bricen – Fakie To Fakie Frontflip

Well this is just insanity, cheers to Kody Bricen for pulling off such a wild stunt on a pile of pallets and plastic. Where will it go from here?

X-Games 2017 – Real BMX Full Episode

The entire broadcast of the 2017 X-Games Real BMX, hosted by Chris Doyle, just got uploaded for your viewing pleasure and it’s definitely a great watch! This features the actual video parts, some great insights from the judges aka Jason Enns, Brian Kachinsky, Dakota Roche and Rooftop but also some interviews with the filmers/riders which is pretty cool!


I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that came out to watch, ride, and help with Agenda and the Railjam as well as a special thanks to Nate Richter for filming this is in the blistering heat for 6 hours and congrats to the winners, Rich Homie Hernandez and Jerome Odessa in the AM division as well as Ethan Corriere for taking home the overall win and Dylan Stark for coming in a close second, and winning best trick.

Big shouts to Weedmaps, Xtreme Video, Pabst Blue Ribbon,
Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa Brand, ONSOMESHIT, Agenda Show, and The Riggg!

Andrew Castaneda
Augie Simoncini
Brandon Begin
Dylan Stark
Ethan Corriere
John Hicks
Lahsaan Kobza
Michael Harkous
Mikey Tyra
Stevie Churchill

Adam Accardi
Andy Garcia
Alex Avilla
Domonic Simoncini
Jerome Odessa
Trevor Sigloch
Markell Jones
Rich Hernandez
Ryder Poye
XM Bubba

Matt Perkins LA Edit

Florida’s Matt Perkins took a trip out to LA and filmed this edit in two days. Some solid stuff in there, some might even call the banger a crankflip to table down a triple set (I wouldn’t but you might).

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Where’s The Beach Bro Vol. 3

Andy Maguire and friends ride the Santa Cruz area along with some spots in a state forest. Some good stuff in there, Andy kills it!

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