TCU Premiere: Brandon Begin Merritt Video.

Song: Chris Travis – Two Minutes

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Getting Familiar: Travis Hughes

Travis is one of the newest members of the Kink squad and he just went on his very first trip with the crew. If I’m not mistaken he’s the youngest dude involved with Kink and to be completely honest.. probably one of the best. Hear what teammates Sean Sexton, Darryl Tocco and Matt Miller had to say about the kid in this new video courtesy of Zach Krejams.

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Ride On/RampFest Open 2014 – Pro Highlights

Here’s the highlight video from the very first Ride On/RampFest Open that went down a few weeks ago in Melbourne, Australia. Some crazy riding in this from Chris Nicol, Boyd Hilder, Jason Watts, Andrew Ahumada, David Pinelli, Dean Anderson and many more.

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DeLAyedit #5

Damian Racut put together this rad little video with a bunch he captured with his iPhone during his recent travels. Featuring our very own Scott Marceau and Adam22 but also David Grant, Kriss Kyle and more.

All Over Arizona Mix

Tim Wilder put together this dope little mix featuring park and street footage from a bunch of AZ locals. Good stuff!

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US Open 2014 – First Practice Session

The line up for the 2014 US Open is insane and this year’s edition is going to be wild! Check out the first practice session video featuring Larry Edgar, Corey Bohan, Ryan Guettler, Tyler Fernegel, Mike Varga, Kevin Peraza, Chase Hawk, Dakota Roche, Pat Casey, Dan Foley, Tom Dugan, Kevin Kalkoff, Gary Young, Kris Fox, Dennis Enarson and many more.

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Zack Cooke 2013-14 Scrap

Check out a bunch of cool scrap clips from Zack Cooke that he didn’t wanted to use. Some good shit in this and even a guest clip from Brett Silva.

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Luc Legrand – Into The Wood

Antoine Sabourin and Luc Legrand ventured out in the woods to ride some sick looking DIY spots. They came back with a bunch of rad footage from it and even go some guest clips from the French legend Jerome Gauthier.

Storm Hughes – Welcome Video

Storm Hughes is now doing it for The Set over in the UK and he put together this nice little welcome to the crew video. Nothing but smooth and dialed clips in this.

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Nasty Mondayz: 360 Down Stairs Gone Terribly Wrong.

Joe Bowers 360ed an 8 stair and things went horribly, horribly wrong when his front wheel cased the adjacent rail. Filmed by Matt Towndrow.

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Game of BIKE – Team Aaron Ross Vs. Team Chris Childs

Aaron Ross and Chris Childs captain teams of Woodward campers for a not-so-average game of bike. Everyone kept it fun and loose, but that didn’t keep some wild stuff from going down!

TCU Premiere: Jordan Hickey Video

Paul Pike filmed this out in Newfoundland. They were planning on making a full Summer edit but he sprained his ankle on the last clip so they decided to put these clips out and start fresh for the fall when he healed up. Shout out to Charlie Crumlish for helping hook this premiere up too.

Cain Martin Flower Hour Edit

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather watch more Flower Hours than Power Hours, thats for sure. Shoutout to Cain Martin, Team dsab, Jimi Hendrix, Nokia phones and of course, flowers.

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Nick Bullen & Cory Wiergowski Ghost Moves Edit

Check out Nick Bullen, Cory Wiergowski and friends riding a dope little plaza park in glorious High Jeffinition. Both Nick and Cory come through with some heat in this and make it look leisurely.

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Joe Molina Edit

Leo Sanchez put together little over a minute of Joe Molina footage for our viewing pleasure, but regardless the length any of his riding is worth the watch. If you wanna check some more his part in the YAWN dvd is only a click away (@ 7:14).

Munich Mash Street Contest – Official Highlights

Here’s the official highlight video from the Munich Mash Street Contest that went down a couple of weekends ago. There’s some insane riding from some of the best street riders in the world like Ed Zunda, Ty Morrow, Anthony Perrin, Daniel Tunte, Dakota Roche, Ben Lewis, Broc Raiford, Dennis Enarson, Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffmann, Garrett Reynolds, Simone Barraco, Chad Kerley and Alex Kennedy all killing a course designed by Brian Kachinsky and Jeff K.

Sosh Urban Motion 2014 – Anthony Perrin (1st place)

Here it is! Check out the winner entry of the 2014 Sosh Urban Motion video contest, filmed and edited by Alex Valentino, and featuring Anthony Perrin destroying Paris with his signature tech style! Alex killed it behind the lens and even got a special soundtrack made for the editing by Dabla & Samx!

Brad Simms 10 Tricks in Munich

Like the title says, Brad Simms lays down 10 tricks in Munich in front of the camera. Besides being jet-lagged, Brad still managed to film some solid shit.

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Verde – Mikael Savolainen in Copenhagen

Mikael Savolainen killed a bunch of really dope looking spot during a recent trip to Copenhagen. Lots of smooth and dialed clips in this. Doing it for Verde.

Eye Sore #10

Much like the other ones, this new volume of the Eye Sore video series is dialed. Filmed between the UK and Vancouver, it features riding from Orlando, Wozzy, Rick Flair, Andrew Schubert, Jeff Evans, Harry Barrett, Tommy C, Shaun Hadlington, Bobby Hill, Marv, Chicken and Hango

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Nasty Mondayz: Bunnyhop 540 To Knockout

Who says you can’t get hurt on flat ground? Reese Mistretta is super good but unfortunately this 540 off a curb didn’t quite work out for him. Gross. Follow Reese and the filmer on IG: @reese_mistretta @kevin_molloy

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Big Daddy Is Becoming A Dentist.

For years, even after hanging out with him dozens of times and going on roadtrips with him, I couldn’t really tell where Big Daddy began and Pat Laughlin ended. It seems like he’s really got his shit together over the past year or two though and is now becoming a dentist. Would you let this guy near your teeth?

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Anymore And Friends Mixtape Vol. 2

Cinema – Chad Kerley Ad


When you open up the latest Dan’s Comp catalog, one of the first things you’re gonna see is this dope new ad from Cinema featuring Chad Kerley and their VX2 switch drive rear hub. The VX2 is available now by itself or in a complete wheel. For more info hit!

TCU Premiere: Mikey Tyra & Mike Curley WTP Video.



Nigel Sylvester In Brooklyn

It looks like there aren’t any GoPro’s allowed in Pyradice, so check out Nigel Sylvester mobbing around Brooklyn with his Sony Action Cam.

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Shadow – Joris Coulomb Bike Check


Get a look at the bike Joris Coulomb is riding on Shadow’s KIL France tour this week. From Trey Jones’ upcoming Killer cranks to the new Shadow freecoaster, Joris’ bike is fresh as can be. His signature trans purple Subrosa Noster is looking super clean as well and should be available worldwide soon. Hit to get the full rundown and more photos.

The Division Project Premiere

The Division Project is a full length DVD Division Brand has been filming on the low for the past year and will be premiering later next month (August 30th) at The Grand Central Hotel in Brisbane. If you’re in the area be there for a good time and pick up a free tangible copy of the production as well as a limited edition zine.

NULVL Mixtape Trailer

Some of Louisiana‘s finest have been working on a new mixtape which by the looks of this is coming along well. Cant wait to see what my boy Ridge has in store for this one, kid kills it for 14. Full mixtape is expected to hit the web some time this fall but for now enjoy this quick trailer.  Side note : I really want to see the rest of the clip @ 1:40.

The Sez: Ride 2 Death Part 4