Instagram Slam at the ACT Jam in Australia

It was almost 0 degree by the end of the night but the dudes still went in and got stuff done. Shout out to Backbone BMX for throwing one of the best jam and to everybody who participated.

Featuring Tom Stretton, Troy Charlesworth, Lewis Morgan, Chris Whyte, Boyd Hilder, Lewis Mills, Dayvis Heyne and more.

Filmed by Frenchie and Chris Whyte
Edited by Chris Whyte”

Hobie Doan Welcome to Goods BMX

The state of Oregon has been known to breed some damn good BMX riders over the years and the next generation is coming right along. Young Hobie Doan gets his welcome to Portland’s longtime flaship bike shop, Goods BMX, with this new video filmed in his hometown of Eugene. Judging from this edit and some things I heard he’s stacked for the upcoming S&M DVD, it looks like we should definitely be keeping our eye on this dude!

No Jumper – The Shop Jeen Interview

When I started doing these No Jumper podcasts I knew that I had to get the Shop Jeen girls on the show. I met Erin and Ameelia by chance a few years back and ever since I’ve been amazed by the business that they’ve built out of nothing but hard work and a deep understanding […]

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TCU TV – The John Hicks Interview

00:30 How did you meet Xavier and Nigel?
02:00 Filming BMX videos vs filming rap videos
05:15 Being home schooled
08:30 When you’re a filmer are you also a part time therapist?
12:00 Being motivated by the reaction from fans
13:45 Do you consider yourself a filmer or an editor first?
17:30: When did you decide to put filming before riding?
18:30 Filming the Brandon Begin El Toro crash
20:40 Do you care about your footage coming out on a DVD?
21:30 We talk about going to college
25:50 How John’s Mother’s health problems motivated him in putting together Brandon and Stevie’s videos
28:55 Staying out of trouble and not going down a bad path
31:15 Filming Xavier’s OSS video
34:15 What’s up with that Chad Kerley TCU Exclusive?
35:45 The first time John ever met me
39:55 Have you ever had to sacrifice creativity for money?
42:15 People saying John’s the best filmer in BMX

Listen on SoundCloud below and iTunes here.

ONSOMESHIT Long Beach Skatepark Jam

Jordan Grandinetti “VX Mix 2015″

Jordan spent time between Connecticut and NYC filming for this edit before he recently broke his wrist. I can’t help but think of this kid as Jeff Martin with a helmet on.

“All these clips are from before I broke my wrist and was unable to ride. Going in and out of Connecticut to NYC to film and verdure the city. Meeting crazy homeless drug addicts and buying them shit so they will go away. Thats how this came to being made, paying homeless people to go away so i can get a clip.”

ABQ DNV “Park Swish”

Park Swish!!! Derek Dorame got his main boys Andres Velasco and Adam Accardi with himself to drop some crazy moves and lines up in Santa Fe New Mexico for this weeks video. These guys have some crazy bag of tricks and are always progressing at a level that blows my mind. Never upset when we see footy of the guys, hit that play button. -ABQ DNV

Federal – Roy Van Kempen Bike Check


Roy Van Kempen just built up a fresh Federal Anthony Perrin frame and got some photos together for a bike check. Hit for more photos and the full parts rundown.

Animal QSS #6 Chocolate Truck Section

While we wait patiently for Chocolate Truck 2, have another look at the boys’ section from Animal’s QSS #6 last year. From Matt Miller’s high speed halfcabs to the Niranonta brothers popping bars in and out of whatever they want, this is definitely worth another watch.

For more sections from the camera of Ryan Navazio, be sure to subscribe to The Navi Arm on YouTube.

Morgan Long & The Fit Dugan 2 Complete

It says a lot about the quality of today’s complete bikes when a pro like Morgan Long can build one up straight out of the box, hop on it and hit the streets like he normally would. If you’re in the market for a new bike, ask your local bike shop about the Fit Dugan […]

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Nathan Williams’ Above Below Section

Here it is, the main himself Nathan Williams with an entire video part in which 90% of the tricks are switch. This shit is just amazing, thanks to Monster, Rich Forne and Creasy for putting this together.

Tata Erices Video

Tata Erices comes to us from Chile and brought along this banger of a video with him. Facts, there are too many impressive clips in this to even write about. Facts, if you’re into smooth riding with a great mix of tech and burliness this ones for you. Shout out to the fucking LENM Crew.

Framework: Kriss Kyle for Fuse Protection

Shoot a photo with Crab that showcases his new helmet. Sounded easy enough, we’ll just head to the skatepark and knock it out…

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New Jeremy Pavia Website

pavia site

Stop Talk regular Jeremy Pavia reached out to let us know his long-awaited and much improved portfolio website is up and running. Take a few minutes to click around and you’ll most likely find some motivation to do creative and positive things.

The Jungle – Introducing Ilya Berestetsky, Juan-K & Pajaro ”Bird”

The Jungle guys just dropped this new mixtape and it’s super good! Featuring awesome riding from Ilya Berestetsky, Juan-K, Pajaro ”Bird”, James Alcock and more. They also have a new website in the works as well as some shirts so keep an eye out for it!

A Day In The Life Of Pro BMX Rider Josh Irvine

– Nate Richter

If you liked this you should probably watch this too:

Mitch Radcliffe Joyride 2015 Edit

Mitch Radcliffe kills the Joyride 150 skatepark in this new edit with a mix of grind combos and other dialed moves. Really liked that half cab clip @1.11!

Kink – One Hit Wednesday With Chris Doyle

This new Kink One Hit Wednesday with Chris Doyle features probably one of the gnarliest fufanus ever done!!

“Chris is no stranger to these types on situations, and once again comes out on top in this battle on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. Playing with fire is an understatement here, but after avoiding some insanely close calls, Doyle nailed it. Insane.”

Brenden Tombow 2015 Video

Instagram: @tombow1

Munich Mash Official Highlights Video

In just two short years, the Munich Mash has established itself as one of the dopest contests around. But when you’ve got Brian Kachinsky and Jeff K on the design and build teams, what else could be expected? Check out out the official highlight video and stay hyped for next year!