TCU TV With Calvin Kosovich

Nate and Catfish sat down with Kink‘s Calvin Kosovich and talked about growing up in Austrailia, trying to get a visa, leaving The Set for Kink, and so much more. Give it a listen then go rewatch Calvin’s awesome Welcome To Kink Pro edit from 2017!

Antonio Chavez Bike Build/Session At TipPlus

Young killer Antonio Chavez builds up a fresh Fiend setup and breaks it in on the ramps outside the Tip warehouse. Catch some clips of Mike Harkous in there as well, hit play!

Micheal Harkous Bike Check 2019

Get a look at Micheal HarkousStranger/Primo setup for 2019. Check it out then go rewatch Mike’s super quick but crazy Welcome To Stranger Pro edit from 2016!

Devon Denham Us/Them Section

Ryan Howard just uploaded wildman Devon Denham’s Us/Them section for everyone to enjoy. The dude is insane! No poop eating in this one but plenty of bangers, last gap to switch feeb is nuts!

Whammo – Geng Wung Ju Mix

Geng Wung Ju put together this collection of clips from the last few years and dropped it on the Whammo channel this morning. The rail at 1:55 looks like a ton of fun and Craig’s 3 tap move at 3:34 was so sick. Hit play!

BMXFU – It Aint A Warehouse, It’s A Traphouse

Another day, another BMXFU Winter TF video…talk about beating a DAD horse. Really though, this one is notable for Charlie‘s hot spin moves, some Lee Dennis footy, and GH revealing himself as the best handlebar-only biker in the greater Buffalo area. Nice lighthearted way to kick off your weekend here, GUCCI!

Fit – Adrien Lecomte – La French

Adrien Lecomte cruises through France with a sweet hit-everything type style. The French spots look amazing and that curved wall manual bump-180 at 1:50 was on point!

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Do You Believe? – Substance Jam

Alex Donnachie, Ben McDonald, and dozens of other local rippers hit up Unit 23 Skatepark for Substance’s Do You Believe Jam. Lots of wild rail moves in this, so rad that Ben rode up and down that kinker!

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KareemsWorld – What Happened To Ride BMX?

If you haven’t noticed it’s been radio silence from Ride the last two weeks and today Kareem has the “scoop” for us. If what Kareem says is true (I mean you never really know with these videos) best wishes to all the guys over there… It’s the end of an era.

TCU TV With Catfish, Ethan Corriere, And Kevin Nikulski

Catfish sat down with Ethan Corriere and German flatland pro Kevin Nikulski to shoot the shit for an hour. Give it a listen and then go peep Ethan’s Vans session from a few days ago if you missed that the first time around!

FBM – Lost In Love

This is the final section of Lost In America and it goes hard! Wild moves from Seamus, Holladay, Latane Coghill, Zack Rodgers and an absolutely insane gap to rail from Logan Derberry to close it all out. Hell yeah!

Daily Grind – Grant Ueberroth 2018

Trent Lutzke and Noah Huntzinger filmed these clips of Grant Ueberroth throughout 2018 and put them all together for this new Daily Grind edit. Over smith down kinkers is a weird hack and Grant definitely figured out the code for it. Last clip is no joke either, hit play!

Clay Johnson And Robbie Owen Level 3 Edit And Photo Gallery

Recent inductees to the 30+ club Clay Johnson and Robbie Owen cliped up in the streets of AZ and put together this edit for us. Tons of dope spots in here, hope I’m still riding like these guys at 30!

There’s also a handful of awesome photos to go with the video after the jump, click on through!

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CultCrew – Dak Roche 1″ OD Bar And Stem Promo

When you’re Dakota Roche you do things that a traditional bar/stem setup might not be able to handle. Thankfully Cult just dropped (no pun intended) the 1″ OD version of Dak’s Stem and Bars. If they hold up for him I’d be willing to bet they’ll hold up for you too. This promo is quick but heavy, hit play!

BMXFU – Oh U Think It’s A Game?

Charlie and the gang stretch their legs at their super dope winter training facility, DADS. The leg stretching thing isn’t a figure of speech either, just look at Greg spreadin’ ’em in that thumbnail!

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FBM – Half And Half (Full DVD)

FBM just dropped their 2005 classic, Half & Half, onto good ol’ YouTube. This video gets talked about less than some of the other classic FBM videos (i.e. Albert Street) but I think it may legitimately be my favorite. There’s some seriously wild stuff in here including but definitely not limited to Mike Tag backwards grinding a 20+ stair curved cement downledge, a loop made out of pallets (yes, really), Ron Kilmer 270 fastplanting to smith on a sub-box, guys jumping a golf cart over doubles, Dave King (ain’t shit) does an insane feeble grind laterally across 3 rails, Billy Ashby footage, Derrick Gerard footage, and Tony Hamlin hits em with a big euro-gap/drop-in on a Razor scooter. Watch this and get inspired to raise some hell on and off the bike.

Fit – John Nelson In California

Fit’s Seattle connect John Nelson spent a week down in Cali hanging out at Fit HQ and sampling the plentiful street spots in the area with Sauce as his tour guide. There’s a bunch of dope nosewheelie stuff in here and that feeble to truck was awesome, hit play!

Ethan Corriere Is Back!

After a broken ankle benched Ethan Corriere for the last 6 months he’s back at it. Nate linked up with him and a few others at Vans last night and livestreamed the session. Hit play and see if Ethan’s still got it (Spoiler: He does).

Nate Richter Stranger X Primo Bike Check

Nate gives you the rundown on his signature Stranger X Primo build. That colorway is dope and that full bashguard sprocket looks awesome! Check it out!

Sunday – I’m Milwalkin’ Here!

Chris Childs, John Mayo, and Jeff Dustin took a trip from New England out to Milwaukee via Chicago and filmed everything for this new Sunday edit. Chris’ stoormdoor car jump was awesome and Mayo…well we might as well call him Dr. XupGrind from here on out .