TCU TV – The Charlie Crumlish Interview

00:00 Charlie’s music career
07:20 “Don’t get too high and talk about being in the womb”
10:30 Biking
14:00 Meeting Catfish
16:00 The Group Text
19:00 Buffalo
21:45 BMXFU
27:00 Getting on Stranger and making the move to S&M
35:45 Biking every day
38:30 Favorite rail of all time
41:00 Austin
45:00 S&M
50:30 Team Weed
54:30 Adult circumcision
57:30 Could you beat up Craig Passero?
59:30 Street vs skatepark
1:01:45 Biking
1:05:30 Kareem
1:06:30 Weed
1:10:00 Merritt
1:12:00 RYWS
1:15:00 Brakes
1:18:00 The Fu Bars

TCU Webisode 14: Barspins & Beers on Friday The 13th

Halloween BMX Jam @ 5050 Skatepark in Staten Island

Music // King Mean – Jin & Juice – BKLYNSTICKUP

Trey Turner 2015 “Inhale”

Pete Greaves “Schwing” Edit

Dillon Lloyd 2015 Instagram Compilation

Tyler Fernengel’s Paradise Line Promo Video

Demolition blessed Tyler Fernengel with his very own signature stem, seat and bars aka the Paradise line and he filmed a bunch of crazy clips to promote the whole thing! Tyler also talks about the parts, design and geometry so make sure you press play on this one if you wanna learn more about the line!

The Gully Factory – Let’s Roast Jam 2015 in Chicago

The 2015 edition of the Let’s Roast Jam went down in Chicago a few weeks ago and here’s some awesome footage from the day courtesy of The Gully Factory. Featuring Kevin Porter, Brian Kachinsky, Timmy Theus, Austin Aughinbaugh, Dylan McCauley, Grant Castelluzzo and many more!

“Our annual Chicago jam with Let’s Roast is normally held in July but with Street Series in Chicago this summer we decided to push it back a bit later in the year. After some heavy procrastinating we realized we needed to just pull together whatever we could and make it happen in order to keep the tradition alive. Even with short notice the Chicago scene did not let us down. We had a dope turn out involving some our favorite Midwest legends like Kevin Porter and Brian Kachinsky. Also familiar faces like Timmy Theus, Austin Aughinbaugh, Dylan McCauley, Grant Castelluzzo and more. We did get hit with some rain right as things were turning up but managed to seek shelter and continue the party. Thanks to everyone who came out and Let’s Roast Cycles of Chicago for donating their time and efforts to keep things like this going.”

Janis Oriovich – Melbourne Raw Clips

I had the pleasure to ride and show Janis Oriovich around town for the past 3 weeks and I was really impressed by his level of riding! Here are a bunch of killer raw clips he filmed during his stay when he wasn’t busy getting drunk and chasing Finish girls…

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Odyssey – Tom Dugan “DGN” Signature Stem

Watch this new Odyssey video if you wanna learn more about Tom Dugan‘s signature DGN stem which features 51mm of reach and a 28mm rise. There’s also a couple of killer Dugan clips in this and if you wanna learn more about the stem follow this link.

Radio Bikes – Great North Tour B-Sides

Radio Bikes just uploaded more than 8 minutes worth of raw B-Rolls, crashes and unseen clips from their last Great North Tour and it’s great. Featuring Kenneth Tancre, Basti Schweizer, Christoph Werner, Leon Hoppe,Christian Lutz, Dave Paterson, Basti Nitsche and Aaron Zwaal.

Shawn Franz In Van

Really enjoyed this new Shawn Franz video filmed in the streets of Vancouver by Philippe Bellefeuille! The riding is on point and the vibe of the whole thing is just great, check it out!

Subrosa 2016 Simone Barraco signature Novus

We all know Simone is a ripper and master of steeze, so it only makes sense that he has one of the best looking completes out right now with Subrosa. This video shows him putting it to the test straight out of the box and it does not dissapoint! It’s loaded with after market parts and a super clean color way to match Simone’s style. Available at the OSS store now! Details for the video below and specs on the bike after the jump!

Subrosa pro Simone Barraco linked up with Moritz Nussbaumer in Barcelona to take his signature 2016 Novus Complete Bike out of the box and shred around town! Simone’s style of riding and artistic influence played a huge part in the development of this bike!

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The Hoonigans Black Friday Video ft. a Dylan Stark Cameo

Back in October, our friends over at Hoonigan invited myself, Dylan Stark and Stevie Churchill to come session a pretty epic setup at an abandoned mall and to get front row seats to watch their pro drifter tandem of Chris Forsberg and BMX rider and aficionado Ryan Tuerck rip around some crazy setups at a very Zombieland-esque location.

Watch the video to see some pretty insane driving, stick around for the credits to see Dylan do a pretty awesome Caveman off of a second story bridge into the smoke of 2 badass drift cars, and click below to see some behind the scenes content that we got and some flicks that OSS Store employee and photographer Phill Arellano shot.
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Bruce Crisman’s “Salvation” Section

The Snakebite guys have just uploaded Bruce Crisman’s section from the Salvation video that came out in 2002 and it’s so good! As they mentioned “this was after Bruce won the X-games and right before he switched to riding a freecoaster” and it still remains a classic almost 13 years later!

Re-up: Division Brand 2016 Complete Bike Test

The 2016 complete bikes from Division Brand are now available in the USA so we through it was a perfect timing to re-up this video featuring Macca and Anton putting the complete bikes to the test in the streets of Brisbane, Australia. More information about all the bikes here:

Total BMX Team @ Jaycee Skatepark

Watch this new video as Mark Webb, Alex Coleborn, Daniel Sandoval, Nick Bruce, Rob Armour and Kaden Stone destroy the Jaycee Skatepark in Greenville during one session! Mark Webb does a frontflip to manual in this and it’s pretty amazing!

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“Main Line Is Not Clear” Video

I spotted this video early today on the Northern Embassy website and it’s definitely a great watch! Showcasing the great Edmonton scene, filmed and edited Mike Orita, this features some sick riding from Isaac Barnes, Jared Chilko, Jaumell Campbell, Jordan Hango, Luke Santucci and many more!

“I’m lucky to have a great group of friends that all have the same common interests of having fun and riding BMX. Thanks to all the homies and everyone that filmed or had a floor to crash on. Truly am blessed for this life I’ve that bmx has given me and has surrounded myself with people that make every moment memorable and enjoyable” 

The Make – Vancouver 2015 Video

I’ve been patiently waiting for this video to come out since I’ve first seen that The Make team was in Vancouver filming for a new piece and the final result was definitely worth the wait! Check out 6 minutes of pure raw street riding from one of the realist crew in BMX featuring Clarky, Wozzy, Shaun Hadlington, Orlando, Brad Hill, Jordan Hango, Marv and Tom Curtin.

Boyd Hilder In Scotland

Check out a bunch of dialed clips of Boyd Hilder shredding a bunch of different parks in Scotland that he filmed while he was over there. Boyd kills it!

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Mutiny Bikes – Synthesis III

Mutiny Bikes just dropped the third instalment of their Synthesis mixes featuring the best clips from all their video projects in 2015 as well as some unseen footage! Riders include Grant Castelluzzo,  Robbo, Matt Roe, Justin Simpson, Jeff Wescott, Maxime Bonfil, Dylan Lewis, Andy Martinez, Evan Smedley, and Mariano Santiago.