Long Beach Street Jam Video

The vibe was loose, but the rules were strict: no blasting this street jam out on social media. This made for a just-right sized crew of locals, local pros and some visitors to mobbing from spot to spot around Long Beach. There’s some dope clips in here courtesy Garrett Reeves, Sean Morr, Dan Conway, Jared Swafford and many more. But Eric Lichtenberger though…that dude was having himself a day and came through with some fire you’re definitely gonna want to see.

BMX Videographers Talk “Video Parts” VS “Web Videos”

Man in home office on telephone using computer and frowning
The first thing I thought out when I heard that Ride BMX were creating a new category for “best web video” in this year’s Nora Cup was that it was going to be really, really confusing. Fiending was released as a web video, but it features multiple sections which could be considered the best video part of the year. And there just haven’t been that many DVDs released this year. What if the web video of the year ends up being objectively better than the video part of the year? Defgrip just posted a big interview with some prominent BMX videographers where they all try to make sense of the web video vs video part discussion, and as expected, there are a ton of different opinions present, which you should go read.

One quote I found interesting comes from Mike Mastroni who isn’t happy with the face of BMX media currently:

“I personally feel like BMX has this entire problem because there’s absolutely no filter on what content is deserving to be front and center on “professional” BMX websites and what isn’t. These days every kid with a video camera and a crash clip can somehow sit right there on the front page of every single reputable BMX media outlet next to legit professional riders/videographers who have worked hard to get where they are at. It’s seriously bullshit and everyone working in BMX knows it. With that being said, I believe EVERYTHING that’s good no matter where it comes from does in fact need to be front and center, but 90% of content these days is just more more more disposable crap with the purpose of “getting it out there” and less less less time and attention to making things better. I think people are starting to realize this, but at the same time I haven’t seen any reputable outlets raise the bar yet.”

I feel what Mike is saying and we’ve discussed this topic at length in the past. Mike specifies that he feels this is a problem across the board, but do you think TCU posts too much low quality crap? My rebuttal has always been that TCU posts less now than we ever did before (we average less than 12 posts per day now versus over 20 a few years ago) and that if we only posted content from legitimate, professional BMX filmers, we would probably only post 2 or 3 things a day, which would probably upset our readers like crazy. I’ve always thought that part of TCU’s appeal is that we post professional video content and reader content side by side. Just yesterday the TCU staff discussed and agreed not to post two separate videos that featured pro BMX riders and were filmed by professional BMX filmers because we thought they were too low quality, so the discussion of what deserves to be on a popular BMX site is one we’re constantly having. If you’ve got an opinion, air it out in the comments.

An All Girl Punk Band Wrote A Song About Bone Deth.

What we have here is an all girl, self-described “cuntpunk” band named Maid Of Ace from Hastings performing their new song “Bone Deth” while riding around on BMX bikes, accompanied by some male BMX riders who I was unable to identify. Further information is still coming in but this is definitely interesting.

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Steady Rollin’ PA/NY Concrete Redux

Any time you see Steady Rollin‘ in the title, you can always count on a video full of good times on bikes. And the latest comes from the concrete waves of Pennsylvania and New York. Word is, that skatepark train at the end of this has been going for over two months now.

ABQ DNV “Los Altos Sessions”

Peep the buttery-smooth moves from young gun Johnny Atencio and the reg/opp freshness from Adam Accardi in this newest edit from the ABQ DNV boys. How about that T-bog though?

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Ryan Howard 2014

Awwwwww shit! Grind god Ryan Howard just came through with a banging new video for Animal! So many sick clips and rail combos in this! Must watch!

Fuck Your Life! Video

Gleb Kolotov submitted this super awesome video filmed in the streets of BCN and featuring some great riding from this homies Marc Esteban, Daian Alexander, Glebowski, Alon Kosoy, Dima Kovrigo, Lucas and Pincher. Really love all the freecoster lines and those last gap to wallride clips were insane!

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All Day BMX Shop – 3 Day Jam

Forget about your 1 day events, the All Day BMX Shop from Mexico recently threw a 3 day jam from Ensenada to Mexicali and finished in Tijuana! Amazing turn out from the Mexican BMX scene, and really sick sick riding and even some guest appearances form US riders Colin Varanyak and Demarcus Paul.

Dark Riders – #Deepinthesummer14 Crete Edition

The Dark Rider crew took a six day trip to Crete and came back with some dope footage and put together this great video! Some really sick riding in this and a great vibe through the whole thing thanks to some perfect VX filming/editing and soundtrack. Featuring Vasilis Sapounas, Mike Potter, Vasilis Antoniou, Haris Nisiotis, Leo Beauregard and Mike Christodoulou.

The Bridge BMX Jam


The Belgian homies over at The Bridge BMX are organizing a massive park, street and flatland jam this Saturday 30th of August in Brugge with more than 2000 euros in price money. This is gonna be sick so if you are in the area, make sure to swing by!

Calling the Shots With Corey Bohan & Heath Pinter

Check out this new episode of Calling the Shots filmed by Calvin Kosovich and featuring Corey Bohan and Heath Pinter. Some dialed dirt action in this, I will never get tired of Corey’s no hander one foot to no foot cans.

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Props Issue 10 – Dave Osato Interview

Now that’s a throwback! Props just uploaded the amazing Dave Osato interview from issue 10 that came out in 1995!! Dave Osato is an animal on and off his bike and there’s some pretty funny shit in this and not to mention that the riding is still incredible to this day!

Ulvy Crew Volume 6

The Ulvy crew from Tasmania just dropped a new mix and it’s a good one! Filmed between their local skateparks and street spots, it features some dope riding. Yeah boys!

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Aaron Smith Kink / Demolition Video.

It’s been an oddly slow today on the Internet but Kink and Demolition just dropped a banging web video from Aaron Smith making the most of New England’s street offerings with his usual style and speed. Edited by Lee Hopkins.

Joe Weist 2014 Video.

Andrew Lazaruk in California

Today Andrew Lazaruk’s (who I will forever remember due to his nickname, Laser Dick) got a new one riding a bunch of pools, trails, street and parks. Put together by Calvin Kosovich.

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Chris Eiland 2014 Video

My buddy Chris Eiland just dropped this really awesome video he filmed over the course of the last several months. Whether he’s hitting a massive rail or keeping it tech, everything is on point.. minus the first clip which I’m obligated to call him out on. As far as I know this is his best stuff to date and I’m definitely hyped on it!!

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WSS Summer Video

Some killer riding in this WSS Summer video coming straight from the UK and featuring Josh Roberts, James Curry, James Alcock, Dan Boulton,Joe Jarvis, Harry Mills Wakley, Ollie Evans, Jack DUB, Diogo Santos, Mirco Andreani , Steakman, Harrison Jones, Owain Clegg and Fred Sankey.

Olle Gunnholt 2014 Video

Olle Gunnholt is a beast! From riding ski slopes in some Swedish ski resort to slaying rails in his hometown, Olle filmed some sick shit for this video part. I don’t think I’ve seen any ski slope footage since Rooftop’s epic Forward part.

John Mayo – More Grinds Than Your Average Pharmacist

John Mayo has been busy filming for the new B-CAVE mixtape and he’s been capturing so much good shit that they had enough footage to put together this edit. Filmed and edited by Chris Childs, this features some really dope riding from John!

Welcome Back To Jefferson State – Marcus O’Brien Section

This is rad! Check out Marcus O’Brien 100% trail section from the Welcome Back To Jefferson State DVD. So good!

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David Budko – 10 Trick Tuesday

David Budko kills the Riga skateplaza, located in Latvia, in this new episode of the 10 Trick Tuesday video series. Budko is a boss!

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Thomas Calcagno Video

Thomas Calcagno is one of those amazing riders that can just do it all, with ease and steeze. I’m super stoked on this new video that just dropped, featuring the man himself destroying a bunch of parks and street spots around Toulouse, Cologne and Barcelona. Last clips is fire! Guest clips from Nicolas Badet and Podol.

Holy Fit World Premiere Q&A

It was a packed house last Friday for the world premiere of Holy Fit and by all accounts the video is insane. Get some initial reactions and some insight into the video from those in attendance and those involved. Moeller also lets us know that the DVD and accompanying 200 page book will be available September 15th, so get stoked!

Shadow – Nico Badet Bike Check


Daaaamn, this is one clean looking whip! Hit theshadowconspiracy.com to get a look at Nico Badet’s Subrosa Thunderbeast decked out with all the latest parts from Shadow, including the Raptor freecoaster, DCR compound grips and a copper tie dye Chula stem. Just in case you missed it yesterday, check out Nico’s rad new welcome to Shadow video.

FBM’s 21st Birthday Jam

Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 1.11.18 PM

Next weekend will be one for the books when FBM celebrates their 21st birthday with a jam at the HCS skatepark in upstate New York. If you’re still kicking yourself for missing the Ghetto Street Comps, the Post-Apocolympics or any of FBM’s celebrations of fun on bikes, don’t miss this one!

Zenen Saneshige Video

There is no doubt in my mind Zenen’s bike weighs more than he does but that doesn’t stop him from sliding man sized rails and apparently being the worlds best rapper? I see a bright future in BMX for this kid and am already waiting to see what he puts out next. Hit that play button to see what I mean.

Photo Of The Week: Rudy Rodriquez

This week’s top photo comes from Texas’s Rudy Rodriquez with this stylish table of AJ Carvalho cruising some concrete. Check some words from the lensman after the jump.

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Scott Steele Video

Wow, this is dope! That last clips is a must watch! Video courtesy of the DailyGrind: ”Scott Steele has been getting beat up the last few months, here is some footage that’s not gonna make the cut for the next DVD.”

Teddy Lewis – Volt Summer Edit 2014

Check out this cool new edit from Timeel “Teddy” Lewis filmed in the streets of Slough, Colchester and London.

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