Tom Villarreal Video Bike Check

The Best Instagram Slam Ever.

Filmed by Nate Richter, Scott Marceau and I

If you want to see more of this park, watch The Trip’s video from earlier this week.

Press Rewind: Craig Passero 2014 Primo Video

It is a sad week for all the Star Trek fans out there, and in light of Leonard Nimoys‘s death we decided to press rewind Craig Passero’s incredible Primo video that dropped late last year and uses Nimoys’s hit song, “Put A Little Love In Your Heart”. Amazing riding from Craig and a top notch job by Scott Marceau with the editing!

Rest in peace Leonard.

Nico Esteban – 12 Bangs Video

Spanish shredder Nico Esteban just a came through with a banging new video filmed in the streets of Pontevedra, Tenerife and Bilbao and even featuring some guest riding from Javi Castilla and Jon Eguskiza. That crook on the curved rail was dope!

NuaJ Crew – “Some People Say” Mixtape

The young Nuaj Crew from the South East part of France just dropped this 12 minute mixtape and it’s a great watch. Good mix of plaza and street riding and a pretty incredible last clip. Featuring Theo Prako, Samuel Merle, Ben Bertrand and Simon Guedes.

Behind The Scenes With Rick Moliterno

Even if the heyday of Standard Bykes was a little before your time (or before your birth altogether), take some time to watch this awesome four part series telling the story of Standard from its inception to today. Chris Rye did a great job putting this together and definitely deserves 15 minutes of your Sunday. If anyone’s ever told you to “know your roots”, this is exactly the kind of thing you need to be watching.

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Press Rewind – Anton Ayres in The Division Project

If, for whatever reason, you decided to scroll past Anton Ayres’ Division Project section when it debuted last October, don’t make the same mistake again. This was last section in the DVD and will definitely be the best thing you watch today. To quote Rob DiQuattro, “this is some super saiyan shit”!

Press Rewind: Thijs Vervaeck BSD Video

Belgian BSD rider Thijs Vervaeck is such a boss and it’d always a treat to watch some new footage from him. This video that came out last year is just so good and perfectly showcased how much bike control he has. Kenzo De Witte did such a good job with the filming/editing and Thijs just came through with some banging clips.

Vincent Pillon Video

Some very nice fast and pegless riding from Vincent Pillon in this new edit. The last gap to tireslide on the vert ramp was dialed as fuck!

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Shocker BMX – “Night Shift” Video

The Hong Kong guys from Shocker BMX filmed this new mixtape exclusviely at night adn the final result was great! Some sweet riding in this from Chu Leung, Shum Yuet, Law Ka Kit, Chow Ka Ho, Kevin Cheung, Soula So, Oscar Wong, Yeung, Jason and Cheung King Ling.

Stephon Fung – First Trip to California

New York city shredder Stephon Fung recently joined the Premium team and flew to California to meet up with Chad Kerley and escape de bad East Coast weather. CK talks a lil bit about how the whole thing came together and then Stephon manage to kill some concrete park for Brandon Means’s camera.

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Over It – Juan Thill

The Over It crew from Argentina is always dropping awesome video and this new joint from Boca Junior’s supporter, Juan Thill, is no exception! Some dope riding in this, on some sweet looking Argentinian set-ups.

Odyssey – Hawk’s Nest Bike Bag Video

Get a look at how Chase Hawk’s bike breaks down and goes into the new Odyssey Hawk’s Nest bag in this quick video. Bags like this are awesome because all you have to take off is your front end and pedals, making reassembly less than a ten minute task. For more info, hit and to get one of these, hit up your local shop or mailorder now!

Cinema – Garrett Reynolds Print Ad


Garrett Reynolds and the FX freecoaster hold it down for Cinema‘s latest print ad running in the Dan’s Comp spring catalog. The FX coaster is available now by itself or as a complete wheel!

WeThePeople #FourClipFriday With Dan Kruk

WeThePeople‘s Dan Kruk lays down four solid clips at the 4Seasons in this week’s Four Clip Friday. If you want too see more than a few skatepark clips from Dan, have another look at his split edit with teammate Dillon Lloyd from earlier this week.

Simple Session 15 Trailer

Simple Session is going down a little later than usual this year and they just released this epic trailer to get you hyped for what’s sure to be one of the best contests of 2015. It all goes down April 18-19th and they’ll be streaming finals live again this year!

Also, read up on Simple Session’s partnership with NBC here.

Josue de Leon Video

Jose de Leon breaks it down with style on the island of Tenerife with a good mix of street and park. Nothing I love more than seeing people actually make use of their freecoaster (especially @ 1:32). Have I mentioned this dude has style yet? He flows around everything with so much grace making this one you don’t want to miss.

Eclat in Cyprus


Alex Kennedy, Bruno Hoffmann and Kilian Roth will be in Cyprus next month for a Eclat trip and they’ll have a meet up with the locals on in March 20th! So if you are in the area, you know what to do! More info in the flyer.

TCU TV: Ed Pollio talks Indoor Skateparks and BMX vs Scooters

Some show notes:

0:00:00: We discuss Wu Tang Clan, specifically Catfish’s Wu Tang tramp stamp

0:01:45: We talk about Ed’s skatepark, 5050 and why he’s the only person running an indoor skatepark in New York City

0:03:35: Some kid is suing Ed and the skatepark because he broke his ankle riding the park

0:07:20: We talk about what makes 5050 Skatepark unique

0:08:39: We talk about scooters and how big the scooter scene has gotten


0:25:00: How much support does your skatepark get from the NYC BMX community?

0:26:45: We talk about TCU TV and Ed’s favorite podcasts we’ve done

0:28:45; How Ed got started riding

0:35:00: How Ed got involved in the BMX industry and how he started building ramps for Red Bull

0:38:40: We talk about younger BMX riders not showing enough respect to older riders

0:44:45: We talk about how many BMX riders there are on Earth?

0:48:00: What is Group Home Bikes?

0:51:30: We talk about young kids not supporting BMX brands

0:55:04: Ed talks about why he thinks BMX needs more girls riding

0:59:15: Ed talks about how nobody in BMX answers their emails

1:03:30: Ed talks about little kids getting influenced to try drugs from BMX videos

1:06:46: Ed tells his Lou Bickle story

1:08:10: Ed talks about having his shop burglarized by a local BMX rider

Anthony Derosa 2015 Video

Filmed in: NYC and North Jersey
Filmed by: Bryan Carter

Check out Anthony’s other 2 most recent web videos below:

Anthony DeRosa from bryancarter on Vimeo.