Zhenya Solovyov Lost Tapes Edit

I’m on my way out the door to go ride and this just got me so hyped. If you’re into that grimey street shit this is all you need to get you through your day. Beat-to-hell spots, proper contact on jangly-ass polejams, creaky bikes rolling at speed, etc. Cheers Zhenya, you killed it with this one.

Madera In Minnesota

A large portion of the Madera crew hit up the streets of Minnesota and cooked up this 7 minute edit. The second half goes pretty hard, Elstran’s sprocket to rolly kinker/predator thing was beyond awesome. Also, can we all agree Dan Kruk is the current chamption of the hard 3?

Gary Young Complete Bike Promo

Gary Young put his 2018 signature 2018 Soundwave Special to the test in this quick new promo for Sunday. Legend!

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Riding The Black Pear

Kenneth Tencio, Daniel Dhers and Drew Bezanson went to ride the Black Pearl skatepark aka the largest skate park in the Western Hemisphere (located in Grand Harbour, Cayman Islands) and they destroyed the place!

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Chase Hawk Shreds A Yeti

Chase Hawl and Darryl Tocco got the hookup on a Yeti cooler (Google that if you don’t know what it is they’re pretty crazy) and took it straight House Park for some real durability testing. Chase hits a few ICEpick variations along with a bunch of other COOL moves (I’m the worst, I know), press play and check it out.

Feel My Chest Musceles I’m A Trail Builder

Clint Reynolds/Credence’s underground classic, Feel My Chest Muscels I’m A Trail Builder, just hit the web courtesy of S&M. About a half hour of good times roasting on trails and concrete (for the most part). If you’ve never seen this I definitely recomend giving it a watch when you have some time to spare.

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Reagan Riley Edit

You may not know the name Reagan Riley but this is one of the best edits I’ve seen in recent memory. Unique roof setups, a variety of kinked rail tricks, cool spots (2:01 is a rediculous setup to find on street), big threes, this kid does it all. Hammers!

Mixellaneous Video Bonus Section

After uploading the full Mixellaneous video yesterday Unknown Parasites just dropped the Bonus section and it’s also a treat! Featuring the Battle Royale Sheffield alternate edit, some bonus footage and also a 2005 NYC trip! Riding from Joe Cox, Cookie, Ben Lewis, Wozzy, Tom Blyth, Marv, Orlando and many more in this!

Canette Life x Cluut Show Tour 2017

The CanetteLife and the CluutShow dudes went on a road trip together this summer around Luxembourg and the North East part of France and came back with some awesome footage from their adventure! A bunch of loose cunts having fun on their bikes!

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Dinlow Crew – La Michto Mixtape

The Dinlow Crew homies from France are back with a dope new mixtape and I highly recommend you to press play on this one! Awesome VX vibe through the whole thing, amazing spots and some sick riding from Marc Dubois, Adrien Lecomte, Nico Badet, Arnaud Wolff, Thomas Py, Mathias Augris and many more!

Isaiah Johnson – Summer in the Midwest

Some great stuff in this new Isaiah Johnson video that he’s been busy filming throughout the summer in the Midwest. That last clip was sick!

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How To Wallride 180 With Brad Simms

Brad Simms gives you some helpful pointers for learning the elusive wallride 180. I just learned this trick off of flat myself, and let me tell you it’s a very frustrating process but very rewarding when you finally pull one clean. You just gotta commit!

CYB DVD Trailer

Mark Burnett and his buddies have been chipping away at a full legnth over the last three years and it’s finally ready to be seen. This trailer doesnt give too much away but it definitely looks like theres some wild moves in there. 

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Press Rewind: Mixellaneous Video

The Unknown Parasites homies just uploaded the amazing Mixellaneous DFTU video that came out in 2006 and produced by Richard Smith!! The whole thing is a must watch and will bring you back to this great era of BMX. Featuring riding from UK legends Cookie, Dan Cox, Hyman, James Cox, Joe Cox, Marv, Mike Mills, Mouse, Steve & Baz, Kenny B, Owain Clegg, Scott Taylor, James Newrick, Campo (The Street), Tom Finch, Andy Hall, the Mits and many more.

Sundays Seshin’ Vol.1

Here are few clips from Quebec riders Justin Hughes, Greg Jean, Arnaud P Paquin and Vlad P sessioning a fun local ledge spot.

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Battle Of Hastings 2017 – Finals Highlights

Check out all the insane riding from the 2017 Battle Of Hastings finals that went down last weekend at the Source indoor park. Some crazy shit in this!

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Banned 5 Intro

Colt Fake just started uploading sections from Banned 5 and up first is the intro. Just as you’d expect its full of wild gaps, gnarly crashes, and alligator snatchin’. Also, anybody thats at all familiar with the Banned videos knows Waka Flocka might be the greatest celebrity bmx endorsement of all time. RBGD

Are We There Yet?

WeThePeople’s Jordan Godwin, Ed Zunda, Sam Waters and Felix Prangenberg took a trio down under and stacked up four minutes worth of footage. That switch feebs hard 3 near the end was nutty, click through and check it out.

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Shadow And Subrosa World Tour In The UK

The Shadow and Subrosa World Tour continues in the United Kingdom. This one is extra sick though; twenty minutes of straight heat featuring full sections from Simone Barraco, Mark Burnett, Joris Coulomb, Issac Lesser, Matt Ray, Ollie Shields, and a mix section from the locals. Simone is so next level.

Claudiu Lesan Edit

It seems like Claudiu’s hometown in Romania doesnt have all that much to ride but he kills it nonetheless. The kid’s got some backwards manual steeze fo sho.

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