The Dirty Dozen #1

Featured riders include Brett Silva, Matt Nordstrom, Weston Vaughn, Josh Babu, Charlie Crumlish, Chris Ryan, Luke Shelton, Lucas Dartford and Hersh Patel

Please note that while the Instagram Slam brand name has already been dragged through the mud to such an extent that even scooter kids are ripping it off, The Dirty Dozen will be guarded closely and anyone who attempts to film their own without obtaining permission from TCU will be prosecuted in a court of law and beaten with a pillow case full of bars of soap.

Also please note that drinking alcohol at a skatepark is illegal in some parts of the world including Austin, Texas where this was filmed, so watch your back.

*Cue boring Americans getting mad about a few guys drinking 2 beers each at the skatepark*

90East – “Public Property” Now Available

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.31.39 am

90East’s new full length video, “Public Property” is now online!! Click on the picture to watch it as it is only available on their website. Such a good vibe through the whole thing and some seriously amazing riding in this from Lino G, Brett Silva, Zack Cooke, Jake Frost, Webster Jake, Abdul Fofanah and many more!

They also have hard copies of it as well as a little zine that goes with it available on their webstore.

Cristian Porras “One” 2014 Video

Colombian shredder Cristian Porras got blessed with a signature shoe from Fade footwear named the “One” and here’s the promo video for it! Filmed in the streets of Medllin and Bogota, Christian throw some sick moves in this!

Calling the Shots with Glenn Saylers

Check out this new episode of Calling The Shots with Glenn Sayler filmed at the Kitchen indoor skatepark. Some cool creative clips in this and a Raban inspired one handed x-up grind down a ledge!

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The TCU iPhone App Is Fixed.

As of last night, the TCU app is back. Thank you for your patience in dealing with this bullshit.

Nearly 3 – Part 3

Here’s the third part of Alex Donnachie’s DVD Nearly 3 featuring a sick Jason Phelan section, a friends mix section and the boss David Grant! Watch this!

Skapegoat 10

This dropped a while back but it’s back online today and it’s a classic Scerbo production.

Broth X Mutiny Bikes in Yorkshire

Mutiny’s “bro” rider Sean O’Connell and his homies, the Broth Crew, hit the streets with their trusty VX and give you a little taste of Yorkshire. The Broth videos always have that raw street feel mixed in with some English commentary and you already know they follow that up well here.

Anthony Panza 2014 Video

2015 Eclat Products Online Now

Eclat just posted up their entire 2015 product line and from what they already offer you know their new line is going to be good. Check it out to find full specs, details and images of brand new products including Stevie Churchill‘s signature Stevie Fork, Shane Weston’s Blind Freecoaster hub and the new Aeon Crank.

Drew Bezanson & Morgan Wade Dark Woods Video

Drew Bezanson & Morgan Wade ride some really crazy ramps among the trees in a serene South Wales forest. Concepts like this are defiantly once in a lifetime for most riders and few and far between for bmx as a whole so to see one so well put together is tight.

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CultCrew – Timmy Theus Bike Check



Timmy Theus built up a dope new looking rig and Cult put together a bike check for us. Follow this link for more photos of his whip.

90East – “Private Property” Video Online Tomorrow

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 2.30.22 pm

90East got a new full length video entitled “Private Property” dropping tomorrow on their website and you don’t want to miss it! I had the privilege to get a preview watch of it and it’s so fucking good. Some real street from Lino G, Brett Silva, Zack Cooke, Jake Frost, Webster Jake, Abdul Fofanah and many more!

Daniel “Naran” Peñafiel – End of 2014 Video

Daniel “Naran” Peñafiel has been around the Spanish BMX scene for as long as I can remember and this video will prove you that he still kills it! Stoked on the super mega bowl that Ruben found a few years ago, that thing is a beast!

Until Tomorrow – The Movie

“Until Tomorrow” is an awesome 45minute French riding documentary that was filmed in California last year by
Thibaut Grevet (The Diggest) and Thibault Dumoulin and features BMX, Skateboarding and Snowboarding. Matthias Dandois and Maxime Charveron were on board for the bike riding part and there’s even some guest footage from Dennis Enarson and Chad Kerley. Some beautiful images in this and some great riding too!

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The Dark Woods Second Trailer

Yesterday we got our first look at the newest project from Red Bull featuring Drew Bezanson and Morgan Wade, minus the riding. But today we get our first glimpse at some of what went down when these two beasts are unleashed on an amazing ramp setup in the middle of the woods. Look for the full video dropping tomorrow!

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Greg Illingworth South Africa 2014 Video

If there’s one dude who knows South Africa inside and out, its Greg Illingworth. Even having filmed so much in his home country, it seems like the amazing spots never stop and Greg is doing his best to shred them all. Always awesome to see a dude killing it on all terrain, going fast and high as shit in the streets, at the park and at the trails.

Sparkys 2014 Warehouse Jam

The 2014 Sparky’s warehouse Jam went down in Orlando back in November and with Lahsaan Kobza, Trey Jones, Johnny Devlin, Mark Burnett, Grant Castelluzzo, Colt Fake, and many more Sparky’s Distro pros in attendance so you already know it was a good time. The turnout was great, the locals killed it, and the new Subrosa flat rail got completely murdered. What else could you ask for? The last clips is seriously OD but I wont give it away. Check this shit for yourself! Ryan Chadwick on the lens.

Ben Hucke 2014 Video

Dot master Ben Hucke broke away from his drawing table long enough to stack a couple minutes worth of clips around Portland with visiting filmer Doeby Huynh recently. He gets some rad stuff done on a bunch of neighborhood gems and, as always, does it with a smile on his face. Also, laugh at this.

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