Max & Igor Bespaliy Welcome To Monster Video

Riders: Max Bespaliy & Igor Bespaliy

Filmer: Alex Bivol”

Go Pro BMX with Charlie Crumlish & The Biker Squad

Introducing, A Site For Long Form BMX Writing

Mike Hinkens has a new website up called which is focused around long form writing about our beloved BMX. There has never been much of a place for well thought out writing in BMX (even during the magazine era most of the articles that made it to print were essentially substance-less) and I definitely relate to what he’s trying to accomplish with this site. Check out his first article, Let It Be Printed and if you’re interested in contributing, by all means get in touch.

“We couldn’t possibly need another BMX website… could we?

Yes. We do! And as such, I have begun working with a bunch of different BMXers from all walks of life to launch a new site that looks at BMX from a relatively uncommon perspective.

This site has been created to provide a place for the analytical discussion of BMX culture and politics through the written word. That’s a mouthful, I know, so think about this way: This site is a place to dive deeply into BMX culture and politics. It will be honest, creative, calculated, meaningful, and sometimes even controversial. It is my hope that it will contribute to the positive longevity and meaningful growth of BMX. Keep in mind though that there are no advertisers, no sponsors, and no hidden agendas. In addition, this is not a magazine and it is not a message board. It is based on a model not often seen in BMX: Substantive and intensive writing.

The first article posted is my own, but the site is based upon the idea of collective discussion through contributing authors. Everyone and anyone can and should get involved. More pieces by other authors are on deck and soon to be released, and it is my hope that you may be one of those authors someday soon.

There is a lot more to explain, but the site does a better job than this introduction, so head over to, read more, and get involved. We are who shapes and guides BMX. Everyone can and should have a voice; after all, this is our culture.”

Brandon Begin Webisode: Weed & Pizza

Adam LZ No Jumper Interview

LFS 2: Vinny Crispino And Alex Avilla

The Staten Island portion of the LFS crew came through with a sick split part for the second DVD. It’s awesome to see Vinny back killing it at this level and Alex shreds too, that curved hanger 180 was beautiful. Check it out and keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the sections in the coming weeks.


Exactly what the title says. I hit up Downtown LA with Mikey Tyra and BMX madness ensued. Subscribe to Hicksfilm.

Vans Invitational Best Trick and Section 3 Highlights

I’m sure everyone’s almost had their fill of coverage from this contest, but there’s some wild stuff in here from best trick that you probably didn’t see in the other videos. Tons of crazy shit in here, check it out.

Kevin Peraza Illustrated Bonus Section

Kevin Peraza talks about looking at this bridge in his hometown of Tucson, Arizona for about 15 years before climbing up there and truck-driving off it. Anyone else watch Illustrated and sense a common theme in these bonus sections?

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Barcelona Street Sessions

Watch a bunch of really cool clips that Fernando gathered over the past few months in the street of Barcelona. Featuring riding from Kenneth Tencio, Jackson Ratima, Daniel “Naran” Peñafiel, Emile Bouwman, Diogo Santos and more.

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Parker Heath – Straight Out of High School

Parker Heath teamed up with filmer Brandon Means to produced one sick new video filmed around the San Diego area and it’s definitely a great watch! Parker mixes ramp tricks with wild street moves and it’s awesome!

Jason Phelan & Isaac Lesser @Eurocamp

Jason Phelan and Isaac Lesser recently spent 4 days riding the amazing Eurocamp ramps and here’s the edit from their stay. The Jurssic Park editing/theme is hilarious and the whole thing is pretty awesome!

Woodward Adventures Day 2

Check out day 2 of Billy Perry, Anthony Panza and Austin Augie’s adventures at Woodward East. There’s more riding that the one we posted yesterday and it’s pretty sweet!

Brandon Loupos Power Hour

Brandon Loupos unleashes some crazy moves during one hour at the Mission Valley YMCA Skatepark ramps in San Diego and it’s pretty impressive.

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Cabbage Crew – Time Travel & BMX

Fit – Tom Dugan Bike Check

Fit just uploaded a bike check featuring Tom Dugan’s newest whip, check it out.

Quique Rico Lost Clips

This video got submitted without much information but from what I gather it’s a rider named Quique Rico from somewhere that isn’t America and these are clips that were lost but now are found, some nice moves in here, check it out.

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Woodward Adventures Day 1

Billy Perry, Anthony Panza and Austin Augie are spending some time at Woodward East at the moment and here’s the recap of their first day in PA. Some cool stuff in this but the actual riding starts at the 5 minute mark.

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CultCrew At The Vans Inviational

Get a look at what the Cult squad threw down during practice at the Vans Invitational over the weekend. Everyone shreds but all Andrew Cast’s stuff really stood out to me, that tireslide 180 on the downledge looked so dangerous, check it out.

BMXBUMZ Mixtape #3