Harry Mills Wakely – Reverberations

HMW kills it across the UK and Barcelona for his sponsor, United. The whole thing is great but goddamn that last clip was insane!

Animal – Chase Dehart Thorofare Sprocket Promo

Chase D stunts in the streets of Philly to promote his signature Thorofare Sprocket from Animal Bikes. I could watch Chase cruise through alleys all day, check it out!

Alex Donnachie Par BMX Interview


Alex Donnachie has a very cool interview up on the Par BMX website and it’s definitely worth the read. Follow this link to check it out.

Olexandr Kozhokar In Israel

Olexandr Kozhokar made the move to Israel from his native Ukraine a year ago and he’s been shredding his new local spots since his transplant. Lots of cool shit in this!

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Familiar Brand – Victor Zapien

Check out a bunch of very dialed Victor Zapien clips filmed for Familiar Brand in the streets of East Los Angeles!

Someone Else Tried To HalfCab El Toro

Tiason Moreno tries to halfcab El Toro multiple times. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well. Props to him for giving it his all though, alot of people wouldnt have went for it again after that first crash.

Columbus Mixtape #2

Zack Gerber, Steven Hamilton, Jake Coulson, and more cruise through Columbus, Ohio in this new mixtape. Gerber’s banger was nuts, new Hamilton footage is always better than I expect (shoutout that mtb curved wall), Bo Bowen has a nice trick selection on some unique spots, and Jake kills it too. Check it out!

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Under Your Influence Episode 2 – The Halahan Brothers/Steve Crandall

Young bmx wonder brothers, the Halahans, spend the day with Uncle Steve hitting up some trails, a sweet indoor ramp, and The Lost Bowl. So rad to see positive attitudes and the DIY mentality getting passed down to the younger generation. The kids training that roof ride they had been eyeing up for a while made me smile.


Rehito sent this through the other day and it’s definitely a good watch. Wide variety of styles from some of Japan’s finest in here and as always, the spots look amazing. Press play!

Cult – Dan Foley IG Compilation

The ever stylish Dan Foley compiled some of his best IG clips into one sweet edit while waiting out the winter on the east coast. Spotted on Cult’s YouTube, go subscribe to that shit!

The Weekly Come Up #9

Matt Miller, David Grant, Matt Closson, and many more fill our latest weekly highlight reel. Loved Matt Nordstrom‘s crankflip/tooth fakie and Gaspar Guendulain’s manual through the box was pretty freakin’ tight. Press play!

Charles Littlejohn “Over” Video

Charles Littlejohn went in for his new Fit video and it’s banging! The dude isn’t scared to send it and some of those 360’s are massive!

ALYK – “Fed Up With The Bullshit” Full Video Now Online

Damn this is so fucking good!!! The ALYK guys just put online their latest “Fed Up With The Bullshit” DVD and its a must watch! Amazing filming/editing, great vibe through the whole thing and some dope riding! Filmed by Brandon Galosi, Damian Racut, and Torey Kish. Edited by Damian Racut

“Fed Up with The Bullshit – Act Like You Know Crew’s 4th full-length video. Three solid years of dedication from the usual cast, plus a few new soldiers we’ve handed the torch down to. No sponsors, no travel budgets, no ‘practicing’ – just straight riding from the bottomless pits of East Coast and Midwest cities.”

Jourdan Barba – Stacked BMX Pro Street Video

Jourdan Barba just dropped a new piece for Larry Alvarado’s shop Stacked BMX and it’s fucking dope!

Substance @ Shred

Here are some clips from the Substance crew during one winter session indoors at the Shred skatepark. That last Joe Jarvis clip was sick!

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Yumi Tsukuda – The Final HoriVideo

Everybody’s new favorite rider Yumi Tsukuda is sadly no longer riding for Horiegumi so they’ve decided to put together this 11-minute long HoriVideo recapping all the sick shit he filmed with the guys over the years. So GOOD!

Carlo Hoffmann @ Boneyard Skatehalll

Check out a bunch of super dialed clips of Carlo Hoffmann filmed during a few different winter session at the Boneyard indoor park in Siegen.

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After Hours With Joe Embrey

FBM’s UK ripper Joe Embrey got an after hours session in at his local park and put together this new edit. The dude can definitely snap a table and that flair looked really cool with the birds eye view, check it out!

Brandon Begin GFE Peg Promo

Begin absolutely kills it for a minute to promote his signature Merritt GFE Pegs. Overcrook down the ralph rail was too sick!

Zhean Lafitte 2018 Video

Zhean Lafitte has been putting some work filming for this for the past 4 months and the final result is pretty insane! Not to mention that he stopped riding for almost 2 years which makes the whole thing even more nuts! Last clip is a must watch!