Rob Diquattro & Jeff K in Berlin for Mankind.

I’m in to Berlin today for the next Street Series. But via complete and total coincidence, today we’re also premiering this video of Rob D and Jeff K killing it in Berlin for their sponsor, Mankind:

“Rob DiQuattro and Jeff K spent a month last summer in Berlin, Germany and had an awesome time enjoying the city life, riding an endless number of spots and having good times with friends from back home, team mates and with new friends they made. Here is a remix of the best footage which Rob & Jeff have produced and gathered during their time in Berlin. Enjoy!”

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Cult Photo Gallery by Russ Barone

trey jones flair

You might remember in the intro to Trey Jones’ “Talk is Cheap” section that Russ “got the photo, dude” of this flair on a Jersey barrier… Turns out he got a lot more photos, dude, while the crew was out filming, and thanks to Spring hard drive cleaning, you’ll now be able to see that photo and more, from the point-of-view of Russ Barone himself. Continue reading

Airwalk Argentina Team Video

Like I said yesterday, big things in BMX are happening in Argentina- case in point, Airwalk has a BMX team there. I’m digging the pace and energy of this edit, with some seriously incredible looking spots, but I’d be digging it a lot more if I were wearing a pair of these.

Felix Prangenberg “Tricks Around a Truck”

So the premise here is that Felix wanted to truck down a well-known 13 set in Cologne but didn’t want to put out a single-clip edit, so he went out and filmed the rest of this pretty heavy day edit. The submission acknowledges the weather and outfit changes (I just want to point out that this would be easy to fake)… But I believe it and now Felix will forever be a hard-working go-getter in my book. Because of the shifting weather I can’t really tell the chronology of the clips- personally I would save the biggest trick for last but I know some people that would want to get it out of the way… What would you do?

Dom Roark and Derek Dorame 2013 Edit

It’s weird because one of my favorite things about photography is color and my favorite thing about video editing is music, and although this edit has neither of those, I still found it enjoyable to watch. Dom and Derek tear it up from ABQ to DNV with a nice blend of tech jibs and big rails. Some of these tailwhips… Looks like Dom could do them in his sleep. Enjoy the tranquility of @ 1:10 and the last shot which had to have been shot by Robert Adams himself.

Ride To Glory Delayed Indefinitely

Word on the Internet streets is that Ride UK, the only page view whore of a media company willing to post the AJ Anaya vs Ryan Taylor fight (besides us, now, I guess) lost a prime sponsor for their yearly Ride To Glory trip. Then just now an angel came down from the sky and sent me this unreal parody video about the whole situation. Somehow it all feels so familiar. Good riddance.

Dorian Coleman Spring 2014

One thing for sure in this video is that Dorian Coleman sure loves to throw the bars! Lots of good barspin/manual clips in this mixed with some other solid moves.

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Thailand Trip

Raphael Jeroma-Williams,  Jerry Vandervalk and their skater homie Daniel Brady survived the crazy heat and traffic to produce this awesome video of their recent trip to Thailand. Good vibes!

The Bridge – Antwerp Street Jam Video

Check out some footage of the Antwerp Street Jam that went down this past weekend in Belgium. Some cool clips from Benoit Van De Geuchte, Thijs Vervaeck, Emile Bouwman and more. “On Sunday the 20th of April a group of almost 70 BMX-riders got together to support our homie Tarik. We rode a couple of spots in the city of Antwerp en this is a short recap of what happened that day”.

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Frédéric Schild 2013-2014

Even if we don’t have the Oven section anymore we are still trying to post stuff from up and coming riders. Frédéric Schild from Strasbourg, France but a lot of work in this new video he’s busy filming for over a year. Some dialed spots and and clips in this.

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“Fluxcam” Video

World’s First Switch Feebs Frontflip

Oh my fuck. Poor kid.

Shadow – Simone Barraco Strada Tire Promo

If there’s one thing I’ve come to know about Simone over the past couple of years, its that the boy likes things done right. I’ve seen him do some of the craziest lines over and over because he knows he can do it better and won’t settle for anything less. A perfect example of this is the ice at the famous red rail at 2:03. While most dudes would have taken the first or second one, he must’ve done that six times to get the photo how he wanted. And it looks like that perfectionists mentality carried over into the design of his new signature Strada tire from Shadow. Listen as he goes through his thoughts on the design and specs and watch as he puts them to use in a bunch of dope new footage.

Vote 4 Team Dilly

Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 2.48.58 PM
Team Dilly, provider of such web classics as THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE, are asking for a little help to get some dirt jumps built in their city. Hit this link and cast your vote for dem Dilly boyz to recieve a dirt grant at their Cottage Grove site in Minnesota.

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Ryan Sher Bike Check & Interview


Subrosa‘s man in charge, Ryan Sher just built up a brand new Villicus Prime II in Raphael Jeroma-Williams’ dope black on black cheetah colorway, complete with all the latest and greatest parts from both Subrosa and Shadow. Get a look at his ride, read up on how he likes it setup and what new parts he’s stoked on here.

One Line With Mark Gralla

If there’s a shortlist of guys you’d want to see ride a spot like this, Ratkid‘s gotta be close to the top of that list.

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Fit T/A Tire Promo

Don’t let their seemingly smooth exterior fool you, the new Fit Traction Advantage tires are definitely grippy as hell! Dan Conway gives you the rundown on some specs, accompanied by a bunch of dope clips from both he and Morgan Long. If you want to give the T/A tires a closer look or get them on your ride, hit up your local bike shop or mailorder.

Jordan Capece Skatepark Session

Jordan spent a day at this mediocre prefab park and straight fucked the club up. He grinds everything in the park and uses the box jumps in his own non-whack way. Overall this was solid, scope it.

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A Day At The Lumberyard

Although their white balance looks a little pissed-off, Jake Ortiz, Tony Archibeque (is this pronounced arch-your-back?) and all of their pals killed it at this super fun looking Northwest indoor park. Jake is crazy good and super consistent. Could this be from HIS BARS NEVER SLIPPING?

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“Delayedit 3″

The third episode in Damian Racut‘s “Delayedit” series features a bunch of great street riding throughout Ohio with a focus on peg chinks, jibs, Jake Coulson and grimy spots, but really the most amazing clip doesn’t involve a bike and there’s no question that it deserved to be the ender. As crazy as that is, it could not have been any smoother.

“Mojave” Full Video

Full length video by Alex Bryan from the Las Vegas area. A mix of street and park riding (and drainage ditches; that in-between grey area) plus a crash section. Soundtrack includes The Shins and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Here’s the trailer-

Jiří Blábol Birthday Edit

For my 16th birthday I legally picked up a friend and drove us to McDonald’s. For his 16th birthday, Jiří filmed this edit in the streets of Plzeň, Czech Republic.

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Buenos Aires Street Jam Edit

If there’s one thing that’s hot in BMX this year it’s Buenos Aires, Argentina. If there’s two things that are hot in BMX this year, it’s Buenos Aires and street jams. If there’s three things that are hot in BMX this year, it’s Buenos Aires, street jams and this Charles Bradley song. And then fastplants. Is it just me or are they really coming back?

Karl Feix At Bass’ Rec

I’m posting this because it was sent in with the following “In between filming for his main street edit.” I think Karl’s got some style. So, in-between his street piece – which I’ll be keeping an eye out for – we can check out how Karl gets down at his local park in Derby.

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Avsnitt 46 – Youth Street Session

There seem to be many “youth crews” but this one simply goes by “Youth” and includes Oliver Jonasson, so, by extension, these kids from Stockholm are the next big thing in Sweden‘s street riding scene.

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Vince Imel – Banger Season

North Carolina rider Vince Imel came through with some dope clips for this new video filmed and edited by his homie Daniel Wood. Lots of great t-bogs and barspins stuff in this and that line @ 3.11 was way too good!

Van Homan Talks X Games.

After YNP it’s now Van Homan’s turn to speak about the up coming X Games. He talks about his experience as a rider but also as a judge and why Austin is the best place for this event

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Stefan Lantschner Bike Check


Fly Bikes just put up a detailed bike check of Stefan Lantschner’s current Montana set-up on their website that you can peep here. I really dig that new stainless colorway. There’s also a sneak peek of their prototype cassette hub that I really hope will come out any time soon.

Dean Manson Video

Dean Manson sends a bunch of really solid moves at his private trails and at the Shed indoor park in Melbourne. He has a pretty impressive bag of tricks and some really dialed tables!

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