Division Brand Mixtape #1

Anyway here we have the very first Division Brand Mixtape and I must say it features a ton of amazing riding from down under and our side of the pond. The full list of riders is impressive, but even the dudes you aren’t familiar with come with some heat.

Riders: Jeremie Infelise, Mitchell McDonald, Daniel Johnson, Wolfgang Ray, Keahnu Doyle, Rex Cubic, Jack O’Reilly, Rhys Gogel, Matt Hildebrand, Carraig Troy, Owen Dawson, Chris Whyte, Anton Ayres, Dan Norvell

“Featuring almost the entire team from around the world. The WWM is a series of videos we are working on, getting as much of crew involved as possible.

Filmed by Anton Ayres, Chris Bracamonte, Cooper Brownlee, Adam Piatek, Brendan Boeck, Chris Whyte, Larry Alvarado, Polly, Jeremie Infelise, Guy Perrett, Josh Dereus, Jarrod Murfit, Jye Stuart, Mitchell McDonald, Dylan Steinhart, Clemont Carpenter”

Cult – Jurassic Park Four

Just a few months ago Cult headed to Hawaii for their five year anniversary and came home with an incredible 17 minute masterpiece cut and captured by Veesh. This time its Adam Roye’s turn to shine with a mix of B-roll and second angles from their time spend in our Oceania state.

Photo Of The Week: Derrick Riggs

EPSON scanner image
This weeks photo of the week comes from the Hasselblad lens of Arizona’s finest photographer, Derrick Riggs. With the beautiful colors Provia 100 offers tied together with a crazy trick and perfect lighting I knew this was the one. Keep reading to hear a bit more on how this photo went down.
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Justin Care Off Colony

Justin Care just posted the above Instagram statement announcing that he was off Colony. I’m sure Justin has either something in the works or will get picked up by somebody really soon! For now, go re-watch his incredible Merritt signature stem promo video he dropped a couple of days ago.

Jake Robbins 2015 Video

Jake Robbins has been filming for this video for almost a year now and it’s finally finished. A good mix of park riding in this, filmed around the East part of Melbourne by Brandon Carr.

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Michael Yup Instaclips Compilation

Michael Yup put together this dope little compilation with a bunch of inta clips he’s been gathering over the past year. Follow him @MichaelYup!

New Orange Juice SS15 Collection Now Available

The 2015 Spring/Summer collection from Orange Juice just dropped and here’s a quick video lookbook showing all the fresh new products. Follow this link to check the whole thing.

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Thibaud Delas Video

Young French tech killer Thibaud Delas just came through with a new edit for The Set and it’s fire! Thibaud destroys the street of Paris in this new one and that last clips is just nuts!!

Tim Knoll Video

Tim Knoll left his skateboard at the local park in Milwaukee and he decided to film some signature weirdness with his Go-Pro on his way to get it.

Peoples Rotterdam Leftovers 1

Check out a bunch of leftovers from Robin Heiderich and Niklas Beyer that they’ve filmed during their People’s Store trip in Rotterdam last month.

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PLKALLDAY – The Remixtape

Filmed around London and Kent in the UK, this new video sent by Ed Rush features tons of great riding from the man himself but also Luke Kosma, Charlie Strelley, James Battershill, Chris Ault, Joe Ward, and Saheed Abdul. Shout out to all the independent crew putting out awesome mixtapes lately!

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Christian Rigal RED Camera Interview

A few weeks ago Christian Rigal surprised a lot of people by dropping in on a RED setup and while we normally wouldn’t interview every filmer about every new camera they get, this was a little different. So we shot over some questions about the new camera and making the big switch. Find out everything that goes into this setup, the first thing he filmed, the advantages and drawbacks, “Is HD the new SD?” and more after the jump…

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Matt Ray Hometown Edit

Jack Seymour 2015 Video

Jack Seymour put in some work around the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with his camera in the hands of a few different homies. No better way to start the day than with smooth riding on some western europe spots. Check it.

TCU TV: Push It A Stop – Vince Perraud Interview

French photographer Vince Perraud was in town a few weeks ago working on some personal projects and dedicated a couple hours of his time (on his birthday, no less) to sit down and talk with us. When I say “us”, there were so many people that wanted to be a part of this interview while there are only so many seats and microphones. Oddly enough, I was the only one who hadn’t met Vince before and therefore had the least business being in there. We subbed between myself, Chris Mortenson and Jeremy Pavia while Gutstains held it down and Reed Stark was there to share some stories from a rider’s perspective. Vince was a bit nervous and unsure how everything would go having a less-than-perfect grasp of the English language so we implemented some brain softener and upheld a more relaxed environment (and an untraditional format) to make sure everything would go as smoothly as possible.

1:30 – The challenge of breaking into a new scene
2:29 – Reed’s introduction
3:00 – Starting in BMX
4:35 – Growing up in a small town in France
5:14 – Mortenson pops bottles
5:45 – From bikes to cameras via knee injury
7:11 – Inspired by Manu Sanz
8:41 – Dealing with shotty equipment
11:51 – THE LIGHT
13:14 – Having an Instagram photo on the cover of RideUK
14:13 – First cover (Soul Magazine)
15:30 – His latest cover (RideBMX)
18:39 – Vince’s take on the death of print
20:09 – The challenge of being French
25:45 – Mortenson steps in, talks about nude women
28:04 – Having an assistant then not having an assistant
29:23 – Shooting without flashes
32:05 – Shooting events (Simple Session)
33:18 – Moving on from BMX
35:54 – The many variables in photography
40:14 – More about the Instagram photo that made the cover of RideUK
42:04 – “Do you do any video work?”
42:20 – Guts’ favorite Vince photo
44:08 – The infamous fisheye pool photo on the cover of Soul
48:36 – Waiting to put out photos instead of posting online
53:42 – Pavia steps in
55:08 – “What drives you?”
56:41 – “What is your end goal in photography?”
58:27 – “Have you “made it”?”
1:00:45 – One camera and lens setup for life, what would you choose?
1:02:56 – “How much value do you place on social media?”
1:04:53 – “BMX is so small”
1:06:24 – Three pieces of advice for the emerging amateur photographer
1:08:30 – Where do you see photography going?

TCU TV: The Biz Jordan Interview

Surprise: We’ve got 2 episodes of TCU TV for you this week. Today we’re happy to present you with a look into the mind of Biz, a legendary BMX rider who has been around for more BMX history than almost anybody. I did my research for this one and came through with a long list of questions about many of Biz’s most notable BMX moments and he came with some pretty candid answers. Watch the video above or tune in on SoundCloud (below) or listen to us on iTunes here. Thanks to Catfish for co-hosting.

1:40 Are you a super taster?
4:10 Biz invented the hop truckdriver
6:05 Biz’s crazy sponsor list from over the years
9:40 What it was like when he was getting offered crazy corporate money to quit Volume
12:40 Biz talks about feeling held back in terms of street by mostly hanging out with dirt riders
14:10 Biz’s “In The Life” section
17:25 Biz may have been the first person to grind up the JP rail
18:40 Why there is footage on YouTube of Biz riding a bike for the first time
20:45 Is it weird being the last dude from your group of friends who is still pro?
24:40 Biz broke edge on Mike’s Hard Lemonade with Kris Bennett
26:05 Going on Road Fools with Dave Mirra
29:00 Getting sponsored by a lame company just because of money
31:00 Some couple named their kid after Biz and asked him to read the vows at their wedding
32:40 Biz talks about how Doyle portrayed him as an idiot in the Wide Awake Nightmare bonus but how it was all a big misunderstanding
35:30 Who’s your favorite rider?
37:00 Did you invent the footjam whip on a quarter
38:25 The Squad One Halloween Tour
40:15 Running up a huge mountain for money on Road Fools
44:15 Why Biz doesn’t like his Volume “On The Clock” or Wide Awake Nightmare sections
46:20 Catfish makes fun of Biz for doing whips to frame back in the day
48:00 I realize that Biz has been pranking me for the past week
49:50 Biz is a World Champion
51:50 Biz was in the X Games and he flipped everybody off
54:00 Biz is now addicted to American Idol
56:00 Everybody used to act like Biz was such a weirdo
58:00 Biz talks about riding with Jason Enns all the time and how much it changed his riding
1:02:00 The Lynn/Billerica/Nashua rivalry that exists in our group chat
1:05:00 Biz talks about when he’ll hang it up and stop being pro
1:08:25 What’s your advice to young kids who want to make it in the industry?
1:09:45 What could you see yourself doing after you’re done being a pro?
1:11:30 What do you think of the current state of the BMX industry?
1:12:25 What do you think of the currently saturated state of the BMX media?
1:14:45 We talk about the new app RapChat
1:16:15 I talk about the murder we saw a couple weeks ago

TCU Webisode 5: Pedaling Around Hollywood

Riders: Stevie Churchill, Brandon Begin, Jake Seeley, Andrew Castaneda, Boy, Steve-o, Rocco Giuseppe of the Dab Kidz, Adam22, Nate Richter and Chris Mortenson

Put together by Nate Richter

Sebastian Smith – Monday Mornings

Sebastian Smith throws some big moves at Cory Nastazio’s dirt jumps in this new edit filmed on one Monday morning.

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The Curb Crew Promo

The Curb Crew has been busy filming for their first DVD and just dropped this awesome new promo featuring tons of great riding from Chris Zidek, Pat Richert, Timmy Theus, Alex Duleba, John G, Wood Dawg, Bob Pergl, James Dick, TJ Henderson, Brad Bunzel, Byrce Arnold and Phil Mayes!

241BMX at Linden Skatepark

Oscar Ruiz, Mark Franz , Ricky Lopez and Mike Nydam stopped by the Linden Skatepark for a quick warm up session before hitting the streets and filmed a bunch of dialed clips there.

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