Monster Energy X Toyota Dirt Challenge Day 1

Nate made it out to day 1 of the Monster X Toyota Dirt Challenge and documented all the madness that went down. Those jumps are massive and it was open qualifying so you know dudes were SENDING it, hit play!

Edgework 2 (Full DVD)

For today’s exclusive we have the second full length from the Edgework Crew. Great watch to you siked for the weekend, here’s what they had to say:

“Our second extended length (DVD) project filmed over 2+ years, across thousands of miles covering the American Southwest and beyond.

Sections: Nick Zuehlke, Max Heitmann, Jonathan Reyna, David Vaitenas, Friends (ft. Jeff Cadger, Daniel Martinez, +)

EW History: “Edgework” is a sociological term that is literally defined as “radical behavior at the edge of what is considered normal or accepted; or voluntarily taking risks for the fun of it”. Because it spoke to my passion for bmx, I studied this social complexity in college and it led me to create, a high quality bmx media outlet focusing on keeping things simple. Riding for fun, without the politics, and hoping to inspire anyone to pick up a camera or work on a longer length project. That’s what success looks like to Edgework”

Rainy Day Skatepark Session With Trevor Sigloch, Hucker, And More

Some rare Southern California rain pushed Nate, Trevor Sigloch, Hucker, and a bunch of other shredders indoors for a good old fashioned Vans sesh. Hucker is a beast, that fufanu is outrageous!

Animal – Steven Hamilton 2019

This is pretty sick as far as new Steven Hamilton footage goes, lots of speed, curved walls, and unique tricks. Curved wall around the statue looked really cool and that post-apoc banger was insane!

Toska Crew – Orfeas Flogy 2018

This edit was awesome, Orfeas Flogy sends some wild moves on a wide variety of spots over in Greece. It really pops off around the two minute mark, big 180 bars are making a comeback worldwide!

Everyone’s F**kin In BCN

Join Trevor Sigloch, Mark Burnett, Lahsaan Kobza, Eddie Cuellar, and more on a hell of a three week trip to BCN. If they were able to film this much footy, when did they find any time for any fuc….extracurricular activities? All these dudes rip, press play!

Mark Burnett’s Field Notes – Lyon

See Lyon, France through the lens of Mark Burnett‘s iPhone. Like the rest of the series, its a great mix of riding, antics, and local culture. This episode’s featured riders include Mark, Matt Ray, Joris Coulomb, Jiri Blabol, and more, hit play!

Nik Ford – The Escapist

Nik Ford used BMX to get him through the tough times in 2018 and collected enough clips for this edit along the way. Lots of dialed moves and spots in here, some of those tranny spots look incredible!


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Will This Stevie Churchill Frame Change BMX Frames Forever?

What’s so special about the new Federal Stevie Churchill frame? Rich Hirsch answers that question and so much more in today’s exclusive video. Hit play and get the inside scoop on 2019’s hottest products!

Brant Moore X Catfish – Doubles

Brant and Catfish give Chuck and Matty a run for their money for the title of Best Tag Team of 2019. Catfish legitimatly kills it in here, last trick was so good!

Arnaud Paquin Edit

Can your local bike shop owner predator grind handrails? Arnaud Paquin of La Cribs Bike Shop in Montreal can do just that and a whole lot more. Support rider owned shops!

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CharlieCrum And BadMatty XGames Park Doubles

Bryan Tunnee personally invited Charlie Crumlish and Bad Matty to the 3019 XGames Park Doubles contest and gahhhdamn did they deliver! Dual fakies and third hand fuf had to be my favorites… actually the old footage of the vert headtube nosepick was definitely my favorite. Give this a watch then go have some fun with a friend and send us your own doubles videos to @thecomeupbmx on Instagram!

High Off Bmx

Nate meets up with Alfredo for a night sesh at the skatepark and then hits the streets with Mike Mann and some of the locals the following day. Tons of good stuff in this one, is 7:40 the same rail that Dave Belcher overgrinded way back when? (Kids if you’re not familiar with Dave’s riding pleaseee hit that link, or this one!)

Cult – Down Under (Welcome Jason Watts)


17 minutes of fire from Down Under featuring Cult‘s Corey Walsh, Dan Foley, Ben Pigot, and brand new team rider Jason Watts. All of these guys are transition warlords who’s combined skills easily vanquish any irrregular tranny OZ can throw at them. So sick that Jason Watts is part of Cult now, hope to see a lot more from him this year!

Tony Malouf Bike Check

Tony Malouf runs you through his setup for 2019. Tony’s been more behind the scenes the last few years but don’t forget the guy can shred. Give this a watch then go ahead and revisit this classic from a few years back!

Stranger X ISM – Jackson Ratima/Bob Randel Split

Stranger and Ism just dropped this sweet edit featuring Jackson Ratima and Bob Randel to start the New Year off right. Jackson’s got that timeless street swag and drops more than a few hammers in here, 360 to smith and that big 4060 were both so sick!

Alex Donnachie – OZMOSIS

Alex Donnachie destroys Australia like only he can with Rich Forne in tow to document all the madness. Loved that long ass crook to quick overcrook 180 over the L and that massive uprail right near the end. I’m always blown away by how good Alex is, must watch!

Wild Long Beach Session With Nate Richter, Chase Dehart, Connor Keating, And More!

Nate and the squad (Connor Keating, Chase D, TrevMags, Boy, etc) hit up Long Beach once again for another day full of stunts, spots, and run-ins with security. Connor’s exit-the-skatepark gap looks wayyyy crazier in here than it did in that angle that’s floating around social media, that fence is tall!

Merritt “Nerds” DVD Available Now

Charles Crumlish, William Perry, Micheal Brennan, and the rest of the Nerds over at Merritt took a trip arpund the Northeast this summer and stacked up enough footy for a DVD. Looks super dope, looking forward to watching this one. Wtf is happening at 0:30?

Kriss Kyle 2018 Instagram Compilation

BSD‘s Kriss Kyle had a hell of a year and you can peep some selected highlights from his IG feed above. Kriss is consitantly innovative and is always working on something new. Check it out then go and watch his epic Transmission section for the millionth time.