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No Jumper – The Francis Castro Interview

Nearly 4K – The Scotland Camping Trip

Alex Donnachie just uploaded these crazy raw clip of Chaz Mailey, Jason Phelan, Kriss Kyle and himself that were filmed during a Nearly 4K camping trip in Scotland. It’s incredible to see how much good stuff these guys can produce!

Chase D 2016 Compilation

Chase Dehart just uploaded this compilation of all the clips off his phone from 2016. Aside from this video he says that he will be releasing more of his own YouTube edits this year, similar to his classic Hot Butter videos. Check out the compilation then go ahead and hit that link and watch that Hot Butter mixtape again, even five years later it’s still fire.

A Day With Darden

Rob Darden spent a day riding with Dan Foley at a DIY and a few street spots and cooked up this quick edit. That fastplant table/invert was stretched, check it out.

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Warehouse Vert Ramp Session

Eric Holladay, Seamus Mckeon, Eric Hennessy, James Lucas and a few others shred a makeshift vert ramp at Fbm headquarters. There’s even some footage of Dennis McCoy riding a traditional vert ramp spliced in there, check it out!

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Cult – Filippos Kosmidis In Athens

Filippos Kosmidis kills the streets of Athens for Cult. Dude is not afraid to send it, check it out.

Ollie Shields – 4 Days in BCN

Ollie Shields recently spent 4 days in sunny Barcelona and linked up with Simone Barraco and Anthony Perrin to ride some of the best spots out there. Good shit!

Common Crew Stacked Hoodie Promo

Our boys over at the The Common Crew have just dropped a promo to get you guys hyped on their new hoodies, which are now available on! Swoop one up then go stack clips in it!

Dan’s Comp – Broc Raiford 2017

Broc Raiford just dropped this new part for Dan’s Comp filmed and edited by Doeby and it goes hard. Dude has unbelievable skills and pop, check it out.

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Jib Tape 4 Available Now

At long last Jib Tape Number Four is ready to hit the streets. The premiere is tonight in Philly (BYOB 9PM 3015 Edgemont St), but DVDs are already up for sale right here. I was lucky enough to see the video already (Thanks again Shimpf) and I can garentee you will not regret spending the ten dollars. If you need a refresher on what Jib is all about check out their last full length release, Jib Tape 3, right here.

BCN Refugees

Chris Carter And George Duran One Night In Newark

Quick but dope edit of Carter and George Duran cruising Newark one night. Only a few clips but they’re all pretty sweet, check it out.

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Illustrated – Utah Section

Hucker, Nasty, TJ Ellis, and Pat Casey unleash their wildest contest tricks during a filming session at a huge dirt jump in Utah. These guys are nuts, check it out.

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Jake Grelli Edit

Jake Grelli hits up every aluminum handrail and flatledge setup South Jersey has to offer in his new web edit. The wallride to smith near the end was really cool looking, check it out.

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Kym Grosser 2016/17 Video

Kym Grosser has been putting some hard work in for the past year or so and he just came through with an absolute banger of a video! Filmed around Melbourne, Australia this features some incredible tech riding! That predator to bars @2.16 where he switches his feet in the middle of the hop was insane!

John Stafford Edit

Check out this fresh new joint from San Diego shredder John Stafford that he just just dropped today. Tons of good shit in this!

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BSD – Greg Layden BCN Video

Alex Donnachie put together a bunch of crazy good clips of BSD flow rider Greg Layden that he filmed on his VX during a recent trip to BCN. I love how sideways he got on that last crankarm clip!

A Weekend In Vegas With Rob Wise And Dave Thompson

Damn, when I woke up this morning I did not expect to see new Rob Wise and/or Dave Thompson footy today. Starts out with some chill moves at a skatepark but then in the last minute the dudes really show they still got the juice with one HEAVY move each (I was debating using caps or not for heavy but Rob Wise straight rips his wheel out of his dropout on one attempt, so yeah pretty damn HEAVY).