Zach Rogers Profile 2014 Video.

“A collection of random footage filmed around NC and SC during the fall of 2013/spring of 2014.
Filmed by my main dude Phil Jones.
Additional filming by Logan Derberry, Karl Poynter, Johnny Devlin.
Edited by Lunchmeat Executive Logan Derberry.
Thanks to Profile Racings and FBM Bike Co.
Shoutout to Matt Coplon, Steve Crandall, and Leigh Ramsdell for all the opportunities.”

Jordan Cazeaux Park Edit

The local councils in the south of France have really been stepping their game up lately and been built some awesome new park in the Toulouse area. Jordan Cazeaux went to session a bunch of them and came back with this great park edit. Jordan is sick!

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Erik Elstran Summer 2014 Raw Video “Nedsabroad”

Erik Elstran spent the summer traveling across Europe (Scotland, Netherlands and Serbia) and put together this video full of antics. There’s some riding in this from the man himself, Rob Diquatro, Luc Legrand and more but it’s mostly fun shit so don’t get too exited.

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John Stafford Jibbaroni Video

Check out this new video from John Stafford killing a bunch of parks and street spots around San Diego. Lots of dope lines in this! Jib-Jib-Jibbaroni!

Connor Lodes Off Premium.

INTERESTING NEWS. Connor Lodes is off Premium. Read this press release closely and try to discern what Connor might have in the bag:

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Chocolate Truck DVD Intro

We’ve already posted a few of the best sections from the Chocolate Truck DVD (including Brendon Reith and Matt Miller’s sections) but today we’ve got the intro for you. If you are a lyrical gangster, click play, if you aren’t, click play anyway.

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The Vital Game Of BIKE Is Down The Street From The OSS Store.

Vital’s Game Of BIKE is going down this weekend. Why do we care? Because it’s just 2 miles away from the OSS store in sunny Downtown LA! If you’re bothering to make the trek out to witness the Game Of BIKE, we are the nearest BMX shop. So if you break your chain, get a flat or just want to pick up some parts from any of the great brands we cover, head on over to 127 e 5th st and say hi.

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Calvin Kosovich “Nothing Left To Lose”

Anyone who has seen Calvin Kosovich ride, either in one of his web videos or in real life, has probably come to the conclusion that he is out of his mind. Here’s a 5 minute video part that he has spent the last 2 years filming.

Peep Game Shirt Promo.

4 Minutes Of iPhone Bangers From The Down Crew.

Riders: Dylan Stark, Nathan Sykes, Lawrence, Kaique Machado, Ryan Mcvicker, Caleb Quanbeck, Dan Norvell, and Jourdan Barba.

Raditudes Episode 9

Episode 9 of Raditudes takes Anthony and Hucker across the pond and up the roll-in for Sebastian Keep’s Quarter Master contest. No matter how much footage we see, I’m still not sure we’re grasping the enormity of this massive quarter. When a set up is big enough to have lunatics like Hucker and Morgan Wade shaken up, you know its crazy!

Calling The Shots at Rampworx.

Here’s one for the kids: a new edition of Calling The Shots featuring a bunch of doe-eyed park kids doing tricks all over Rampworx.

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New England Jam Chowder 2014.


Nick Kearney
Jake Cormier
Jake Seeley
Mark Burnett
Denny Pescasio
Josh Pescasio
Seth Bernard (nose manual to candy bar)
Christopher Bernardo
Tyler Dadak
Maicol Monsalve
Darryl Tocco
Trey Jones
Rob Starbird

Meet Max Chuprina, The Siberian Skate Plaza Wizard.

Damn, this kid is good and he pulls everything super clean. I’m not sure how many riders have come out of Siberia but it’s hard to imagine that there are many better than Max here. Check this shit out. Thanks to Proper for sending it through.

“Max Chuprina is an enigma. He lives in the middle of Siberia (Krasnoyarsk – look it up) and it seems there isn’t too much to ride there besides one big indoor skatepark. Max hasn’t let that stand in his way. This August he traveled to Moscow and the UK stacking footage. These are the clips he filmed at various plazas along the way. The UK street clips from our #inbetweendays tour are still to come.
Filmed by Nataly Bystrova, Andrew Polukarov, and Jamie Cameron
Music: Astral Booze – Purple Hill Witch
Max is sponsored by Proper Bike Co and Raen shop”

Subrosa – Park Party At The Level

While out in England filming for Brighton Ain’t Ready, the Subrosa boys threw a Park Party at The Level skatepark in conjunction with a shop stop at Brighton BMX Co. and Simone Barraco’s birthday. As always the good times, good vibes and baked beans were flowing, making for an awesome afternoon.

Phil Demattia by Dave Raffa


“On top of kickflips and outrageous tech combos, Phil Demattia‘s got hops. This pegs 180 showcases that.”

Wethepeople – Ed Zunda Print Ad & Desktop Wallpaper


Here’s the latest Wethepeople print ad shot by Martin Ohlinger and featuring Ed Zunda with a dope icepick grind to turndown as seen in their last Vienna trip video. If you want Ed has your desktop background, you can download the wallpaper version here.

BSD – New Shirts Now Available


The brand new BSD collection of tees, longsleeves and baseball shirts are now available and landing at every good bike shop. More details here.

Premier Store – Mixtape 21

The Premier Store mixtapes are always a treat and this new one is no exception. Perfect filming/editing mixed with some dope London riding from the crew.

Thomas Glew DDASC Sessions

Thomas Glew recently spent some times shredding the DDASC ramps in North Carolina. Thomas got some big moves in this new video and makes bike flip tricks look really easy.

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