Stevie Churchill Eclat Fork Promo

“The new Éclat Stevie Fork was built with strength in mind. Made out of full liquid post heat-treated seamless 4130 crmo with fully CNCd steerer and butted fork blades, the Stevie Fork uses peg friendly invest cast dropouts and clearance for 2.40″ and larger tires.

Stevie wanted the fork to be available for all riders so we offer the fork in two offsets, 26mm for technical street riding and a more traditional 32mm for all round riding. Weighing in at 1028g (36.26oz) these forks are the perfect balance between strength and weight. Out now in Gloss Black, Chrome and Trans Green.”

For more specs, go here.

Kilian Roth – Eclat Bike Check

Were you into Kilian Roth’s Cult video yesterday? Well today you can check out this German killers bike check from Eclat. This thing is looking cleaaaan. Check it here.

We The People – Dan Foley Four Clip Friday

This weeks installment of We The People‘s #FourClipFriday comes from Dan Foley. Short n sweet but if you’re like me and are left wanting more check out his Cadence frame promo again.

Ben Gea – Cult 2015

Street. Park. Pools. It doesn’t matter for Cults French connect Ben Gea. So much style in everything he does making his riding a pleasure to watch. Don’t miss this one.

Tim Storey & Dylan Steinhardt SMP Session

Tim Storey and Dylan Steinhardt have been travelling through China for the past week and and stopped by the SMP park to filmed some quick but dialed clips. That ledge is so big!

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Ty Morrow Bike Check


Everybody’s favorite rider, Ty Morrow has a cool bike check up the Fiend website where you can peep his current whip in details. He’s rocking a bunch of prototype parts like the new Fiend Belmont plastic pegs and a new version of his seat as well as some prototype signature Primo bars. Check it all out here.

“GoPro Gangstalkin” Edit

The only three things I know for sure about this edit are that it was filmed with a GoPro, it’s from Canada and it’s affiliated with World Deece. The rest is open to interpretation.

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Corey Furmage – InstaClips Pt. 2

I can see it now: An old man sits by a fireplace with a woven blanket in his lap. A small child stretches to feed the old man a spoonful of chicken noodle soup from a large, rusty bucket. It’s wintertime and the snow is falling sideways. The old man and the small child patiently await the arrival of the cable guy so that they can see the new Corey Furmage edit online. During a lull in the jazz music coming from the radio atop the fireplace, the child pauses, inquisitively looks the old man in the eye and says “Grandpa, who’s Corey Furmage?” The old man wipes some stray soup from his beard, takes a deep breath and replies “Well grandson, Corey Furmage is a stocky fellow who does some really unique tricks on his bike, mostly in a skatepark but sometimes dirt ramps in a friend’s backyard are the venue. It could actually be said that his style is one-of-a-kind.” “Wow grandpa, that’s cool!” says the little boy. “It is cool, grandson. It is very cool.” And the two lived happily ever after until the old man died from a painful disease that very night and the small child accidentally drank antifreeze the following Monday. Santa Claus isn’t real.

BMXFU @ Le Taz

The BMXFU dudes went to flex at Le Taz skatepark for one session in order to escape de harsh Canadian weather and here’s the video form it. Some great riding in this fromChris Cadot, Lee Dennis, Jordan Krupa, Glen Hoerdt, Andrew White, Jake Montgomery, Paul Hoerdt, Shawn Swain and more.

CultCrew – Kilian Roth Video

Cult German rider Kilian Roth just came through with a dope new video that I highly recommend you to watch right now! Kilian destroys a bunch of crazy rails and other set-ups with his signature smooth steeze and that last clip was just too good! Filmed/edited by Fabian Bader

Jordan Hango’s Holy Fit Section

I think we all knew well enough to expect amazing DVD sections from the likes of Van Homan, Shawn Mac and the rest of the Fit team. But a lot of people (myself included) were completely blown away by Jordan Hango’s part. Even watching this for the 10th+ time, I still find myself wondering what the fuck he was thinking in some of these clips. Good god, this goes hard!!

Matt Ray – Welcome To The Skeleton Crew

Matt Ray is a fucking machine and is the newest addition to Subrosa‘s Skeleton crew. This video is seriously fucked up and the fact he filmed it in a little over a week while staying in Arizona with Bobby Kanode is even more fucked. Every single clip is incredible and I don’t think that last clip has ever been seen before. WE DRINKIN 40s BOY.. WATCH NOW.

Eclat – Dillon Lloyd @ Le Taz Skatepark

Dillon Lloyd is currently out in sunny southern california but before before he escaped the cold winter he managed to film this quick skatepark joint for Eclat.

VXtras – Mariano Santiago

Doeby had a couple extra clips from a night session with Mariano Santiago and put them to use in the newest VXtra.

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Kink Is Hiring

Kink BMX is now hiring for an in house photographer/videographer. Kink is looking for someone passionate in photo, video and BMX to add to its creative team. To apply, send an email with your portfolio and experience to Check more info after the jump.
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Premier Store – Mixtape 24

Once again, the Premier Store dudes just delivered one sick mixtape! Really love the vibe and riding in this new one. Featuring Ollie Shields, James Cunningham, Tom Lewis, Yakob Sawyer, Lucas Dukes, Pete Holloway, Nath More and more.

The ONSOMESHIT / SUBROSA Jam in LA Moved To Sunday

The jam has been moved to Sunday so that we can all go to the Trip jam on Saturday. You should definitely come out to both if you live anywhere near LA, see you there!

Jason Phelan “Owned” Section

After hearing today’s news about Jason Phelan leaving Wethepeople, Props decided to put online his epic section from the 2012 “Owned” video! Jason is a beast and this part features so many gnarly clips!

Kink BMX – On the Road with Chad Osburn and Friends

At the beginning of January, Chad Osburn went on a road trip with Darryl Tocco from Dallas, TX to Fresno, CA and stopped to ride some awesome spots on their way. Check out the video form the trip, featuring some really sick riding from the steeze king as well as some guest clips from Albert Mercado, KC Badger, Connor Lodes, Jay Roe, Ashley Charles and more. Via Kink.

Mike Gray – VXtras

VXtras round two for Mike Gray but this time around he hits you with three crazy skatepark clips.

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