Bros Bike Store Madrid Trip Video

The Bros Bike Store guys recently took a 5 day trip to Madrid and they were nice enough to let us premiere the video from their adventure! This is full of sick riding and images, filmed/edited by Lilian Conry and featuring riding from John Garcia, Nico Badet, Ben Gea, Mimi Granieri and Cyril Bugnon! Don’t forget to check out the gallery from the trip we posted earlier this week and go follow them on Instagram @BrosBikeStore

TCU TV – The Boqer BMX Interview

John Hicks Webisode: BMW’s & BMX on Government Property

Simple Session 2016 – Day Practice

It’s that time of the year! The 2016 Simple Session is back and check out some crazy footage from practice day 1. Featuring Alex Kennedy, Reed Stark, Max Besballiy, Alex Donnachie, Sean Ricany, Bruno Hoffmann, Devon Smillie and many more. Who do you think is gonna win this year?

Travis Hughes Welcome To Odyssey Pro

Quaker State – Dustin Clewell and Chopper Viands

I’m probably biased because Dustin and Chop are friends of mine, but this is definitely my favorite of these “Quaker State”(aggregated by RidePaBmx) sections so far. Chopper has some crazy 540s and manual 180s in here and Dustin stays killing it with his traditional style. Good stuff throughout, hit play on this one.

Dillon Lloyd Salvation Section

Dillon Lloyd is a beast and his section from Eclat’s Salvation is filled with the burly bar and whip infused moves you would expect from someone of his caliber. The last two whip variations over that huge gap were nuts, check it out.

Callan Stibbards Local 2016

Callan Stibbards (aka Captain Stibbards when he wears that funny hat he has on in some of these clips) came through with this solid part for his sponsor Local Bmx. Hes got the hard 3 tricks and all but with a refreshingly less-robotic style than most, I enjoyed this, you probably will too, hit play.

Scotty Cranmer – Dare Me To Jump The Halfpipe?

In his newest webisode Scotty, his brother, and Big Boy ride West Windsor, NJ’s prefab skatepark. Big Boy does a flair challenge and then for his first trick of the day Scotty gaps over the whole half-pipe (and then proceeds to tailwhip it). I spent a fair amount of time at that park when I was younger and never saw anyone even call out or joke about doing that gap, so nuts, check it out.

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Anchor BMX – South Bound & Down Trip

The Anchor dudes recently took a trip down to the Southern coast of Victoria, Australia and here’s the awesome video from their road trip! Tons of sick riding in this and plenty of funny behind the scenes antics filmed/edited by Flagz. The brick tranny spot looks so incredible!

Danielle Live! – BMeX Boyfriend with Adam22

On a recent trip to NYC, Adam made an appearance on his ex-girlfriend’s YouTube show, Danielle Live!. It’s starts out somewhat normal but then he keeps trying to flip it around and interview her (with a makeshift No Jumper sign and all) but she’s not having it and the segment gets cut short. Worth a laugh but if you’re interested a real interview with the TCU bossman, there’s a recent Q and A on Hypebeast and a full length audio interview on the ItsTheReal Podcast.

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Kink House Driveway Session

“Take a look at a causal #KinkHouse morning warmup session outside the front of our spot in San Diego, California. Dudes get the blood flowing for the day, just steps from the crib! Shoutout to the Subrosa Rail, and Albert Mercado for lending the setup for our residence. Riding from current Kink House residents Travis Hughes, Tony Hamlin, Jacob Cable, Dan Coller, Jake Petruchik, and Ben Basford. #kinkhouse #kinkbmx”

Kevin Kalkoff – Full Speed

New Animal Site/Ben Lewis Butcher Peg Edit

The Animal website just got totally re-done and to celebrate they dropped this dope video of Benny L putting his Butcher pegs to use in Barcelona. Give it a watch and then click here to check out the site.

UPDATE: Replaced original video file with TCU YouTube channel link

LFS Extras: Mike Kleissler

Mike K is a low key shredder and his leftovers from LFS2 are definitely worth checking out. Smith over smith on the funnest bank to rail ever (2:10) and that last feeble whip were both super dialed, press play.

BCave – Everyones Ish_1

Bcave just dropped this ten minute mix video featuring John Mayo, Dewy LaMarre, Chris Childs, and other affiliates of the cave. Some of these clips have been used before, some were buried (lost? I don’t really know what buried means), but there were a bunch of heavy moves in there I know I havnt seen before. Maybe it’s just me, but Mr. DrBonusGrind is easily one of the most entertaining street riders to watch these days, dude has tricks/concepts for days, check it out.

ABQDNV – Colorado Concrete Bros

The latest offering from ABQDNV features a ton of riders shredding the hell out of a bunch of the concrete parks Colorado has to offer, check it out.

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Nathan Williams Two Snakes Tattoo Promo

Goddamn this is insane, this could have been Nathan Williams Still United section and everyone would have been blown away. I can’t even talk individual tricks cause pretty much every clip is a hammer.  Stop wasting your time reading this and press play.

Daniel “Naran” Peñafiel in Burgos & Madrid

Daniel “Naran” Peñafiel recently spent some time filming with Fernando around Burgos and Madrid, Spain and here’s the final result is pretty dialed! Naran is a legend and he mixes crazy park and street moves in this!

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A Weekend With Cork

Ryan Cork took the trip down from Rochester to visit Harrisburg and linked up Matt Smith and Marc Sechrist for a quick session. Some really nice clips in this!

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Kriss Kyle in London

Kriss Kyle is back with a new webisode this time filmed in London where he spent a few days between Redbull meetings and shooting with Dan Boiski and Eisa Bakos for then next Endless Mag issue. There’s a bunch of awesome riding clips in this, including a gigantic brick curved wall ride!