Lock In – Dan Lacey

Dan Lacey fucking kills it in this new Lock In video filmed at his local indoor paradise in Hasting aka The Source and it’s a great watch! Lacey is the best!

Matt Smith – FucksWitIt Fridays Vol. 3

Some great clips from Matt Smith in this third instalment of the FucksWitIt Fridays web video series that The Yea guys just dropped!

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Jeff Koscis “Still United” Full Part

United is starting to put online sections from the “Still United” DVD that came out in 2016 and the first one to go live is lil Jeff awesome part and it’s a must watch!!

Stranger – Spots and Thai Food

Stranger‘s Eric L, Nate Richter, and Micheal Harkous hook some moves around Long Beach with a quick stop for Thai food between spots. All three of these dudes laid down some cool stuff, check it out!

Kohl Denny Edit

A lot of this stuff has been on instagram but this dude is totally nuts and sends the wildest stunts off the most makeshift ramps possible. This will definitely get you siked, click through!

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All Day BMX – Jarren Barboza 2017 Video

Jarren Barboza is progressing so quickly and this new All Day BMX video filmed in between Mexicali, Mexico, and San Diego is fucking sick! Jarren kills it and that clip was nuts!

Drew Bezanson Video

Drew Bezanson is now riding for Maxxis tires and this welcome to the team video will probably blow your mind. Drew B is on another level!

Shadow x Subrosa – Jiri Blabol 2017

Czech Shadow and Subrosa rider Jiri Blabol just dropped some new heat and it’s definitely worth the watch. Some crazy combos in this!

No Foreign Lands – Part 1: Lyon

This insane new United video comes with the surprising news that this was Nathan Williams’ last United trip and after 11 years he will no longer be riding for the brand. Despite that, he still dropped 5 or so DVD-ender level bangers in here, I guess only time will tell where he’s going to end up in 2018.

And of course, the rest of the team killed it as well, 4:53 was freakin’ amazing!

WGDF – Martin Svoboda Shredlife Section

This was a sweet video part, Martin Svoboda rides all kinds of street obstacles in WGDF’s “Shredlife.” The whole thing is sick but it really heats up towards the end, that railride 180 bar looked so cool.

Shadow – Mark Burnett Bike Check


Head over The Shadow Conspiracy‘s website to get a detailed look at Mark Burnett’s current whip. More photos and full list of parts here.

Kevin Robinson – A K-Rob Tribute

ESPN/X-Games have just uploaded this very touching video reflecting on the life and influence of Kevin Robinson and you should definitely watch it.

Trent Lutzke In California 2017

Holy fuck this is incredible! Trent Lutzke took a quick trip to California and teamed up with Sauce and his trusted VX to produce one banging new video! That x-up crook on the rollercoaster rail was nuts!! Via the Common Crew and Daily Grind.

Kristaps Reimanis Edit

Kink’s Latvian affilate got robbed on his way to Malaga, and still managed to film this edit while he was there. Every clip in here is super solid, the guy is dialed and definitely not afraid to send it!

Felix Prangenberg Foundation Section

Felix Prangenberg put on a hell of a showing in WeThePeople’s recent “Foundation” video. Uprail to cannonball was so sick!

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X-Games “Real BMX” 2018 Teams Announced

The X-Games “Real BMX” 2018 teams have just been announced and they are the following:

Kevin Peraza and Juani Zurita
Colin Varanyak and Doeby
Brad Simms (filmer TBD)
Corey Martinez and Peter Adam
Tom Dugan and Darryl Tocco
Sean Ricany and Veesh

Can’t wait!

Ben Wallace – California Republic

Ben Wallace destroys everything in this new Mongoose video. Concrete parks, dirt jumps, and even Pat Casey’s backyard ramps! So good!

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Chicken & Waffles – Alex Emig 2017

The Chicken & Waffles homies just dropped this new Alex Emig video and it’s a fucking treat! SO many dope rail clips in this and the crook one @ 3.16 was ridiculous!

Kenny Horton Revisited

We don’t see nearly enough Kenny Horton footage these days, a lot of the clips in here are from Thousand Yard Stare but there’s a handful of unseen “Lost” clips in there as well. What else can you say…the guy is all-time. Hit play!

Premium In NorCal

Chad Kerley, Mike Gray, and Josh de Reus took the ChristianRigalSpotTour up in the bay area and clipped up for this new edit. You already know all three of these guys are absolute machines but Chad Kerley’s last clip is particularly shocking. Check it out!