How To Get Home On A Flat Tire

Nate and the gang hit some LA staples before the session gets cut short by Nate getting a flat tire. The backwards smith around the circle at 3:17 was dope and the flat tire trick Nate uses to get home at the end really is super helpful.

The Week In Review With Adam22 And Nate Richter

Adam and Nate sit down once again to watch some of this week’s best edits and IG clips. The obvious standout this week was Jacob Cable’s Odyssey section, that backwards ice is so unreal!

S&M – Mike Stahl 2019

Mike Stahl‘s latest effort for S&M, filmed by Grant C. Crank to nosebonk right in the beginning looked real nice and that long icepick to superman was sick too. This dude’s always on it.

Still Untitled – Ed Zunda/Marek Kuhalakis

Ed Zunda and young Marek Kuhalskis share a section in PARBMX’s “Still Untitled.” It’s been a minute since we’ve seen anything from Ed, nose up to pegs 450 was pretty sick!

A Nearly Vacation

After this year’s Simple Session a ton of riders naturally flocked to BCN and Alex Donnachie captured some of the wildness on his handy VX. This footy was originally going to be for Nearly but for whatever reason Alex decided to drop it online today in mixtape form. So many sick moves in this but the highlights for me came from Anthony Perrin and Joris Coulomb. Hit play!

BMXFU/Merritt Split Edit

Charlie, Greg Henry, Lee Dennis, and BadMatty session their TF hard for the latest Merritt X BMXFU X BrakeSquad edit. The old shoe-on-a-stick trick is always alot of fun, give it a watch then head to the skatepark and help the homies jam their tires.

San Diego, Skateparks, And An 11 Story Icepick

Nate took a lil’ trip down to San Diego to meet up with some old buddies and ride the awesome skateparks and spots SD has to offer. Huge shoutout to Alex Gonzales for handling that icepick, that drop is no joke!

FBM – 17 South

Latane Coghill, Kaleb Bolton, the Leeper Bros, and Garrett Anderson hit the road from Richmond to Jacksonville for a week of fresh spots and good times. That little rail in Savannah is the best and if you’re from the North you have to be at least a little bit jealous they got to ride Kona in T-shirts in the middle of winter. Hit play and get stoked!

Meet 17 Year Old Female Shredder Jesse Gregory

Nate spends an afternoon at the skatepark with up and coming SoCal shredder, Jesse Gregory. The girl definetly knows how to ride, I’m sure if she keeps at it she’ll get those tailwhips down in no time!

S&M – Justin Shorty’s Spring Thing

Local shredder Justin Shorty takes his steel pegs to the surfaces of some lesser seen California spots in his latest S&M edit. Left to right double peg on that rail/ledge setup was dope as was that unluc-e down the chunky hubba. Really enjoy this kids riding!

Odyssey – Jacob Cable – Technically Speaking

Hoooollllly cow. Take a look at that thumbnail. What’s actually happening is probably not what you think is happening. Damn, Jacob is next level! Futuristic bike control here, even by todays standards.

“Go Fast Pull Up – The Jimmy Levan Story” Trailer/Preorder Info

Three and a half years in the making, Go Fast Pull Up, a documentary about the life and times of Jimmy Levan, is now available for preorder. This is probably going to be fucking awesome, I’m definetly copping one (honestly, go for the blueray, all those bonus features are well worth the extra few bucks).

Trey Turner 2019 Edit

Hang nothing pimp Trey Turner just sent through his latest edit packed with more tech manual/fakie links, grinds, and of course, some wild hang nothings. Really digging the one footed nosewheelie to smith and that big hang nothing to drop near the end. Almost reminds me of an early Charlie Crumlish sans brakes, keep killing it Trey!

BMXFU Legends – Shawn Swain

Every Shawn Swain section in chronological order. Every one of these parts has some seriously wildman stuff in it. Handplant World Champ!

SF Clocktower Jam

Jackson Ratima and dozens of other Bay Area riders met up at the famous Clocktower spot in SF for a good ol’ fashioned street jam. The flatland link starting at :36 looks freakin’ incredible and lil’ homie with the pink tires was killing it as well. Looks like everyone had a good time!

Adam22 And Nate Richter React To This Week’s Best Edits

Nate and Mr. 22 react to this week’s best web edits. That Liam Zingbergs BSD edit was definetly this week’s highlight for me, luc-e to switch whip uughhhhh.

TCU TV With Austin Augie

Catfish sits down with Austin Augie and Sauce for an hour long chat about bmx, modeling, and so much more. Hopefully we get to see another video part from Austin soon, I think sometimes people forget how hard he kills it!


Another insane edit of Canadian superhuman Dillon Lloyd sending banger after banger. Last clip is territory very few have dabbled with and Dillon absolutely stomps it! What a beast!

BSD – Liam Zingbergs – Kicked Outta’ Cali

Liam Zingbergs spent three weeks in Cali dodging security and filming with Tony Malouf for this new BSD joint. Tons of classic Leezy steeze in here, Luc-e to whip was so butter!

Guest clips from Reed Stark, Denim Cox, and Jeff Cadger.

Long Beach Session With Nate Richter, Tom Villarreal, Hobie Doan, And More!

Nate tears through Long Beach with Tom Villarreal, Hobie Doan, Begin,  and a ton of other homies in his latest Vlog. That rainbow shaped playground setup with the little rail on it looks so fun. Looks like the guys had a great day, hit play!