Quique Rico BCN Nights

Quique Rico just moved to Barcelona from Seville and has been taking advantage of the plentiful spots. The fact that it’s all night footage mixed with the spots and trick selection make this feel a little less Barceloney than your average Trickferret in BCN video. Enjoyable watch, check it out.

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Russell Wadlin – Recycled From The Gram

Russell Wadlin put together this compilation of Instagram clips he’s been accumulating over the past few months and it’s awesome! Russell kills it!

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Kyle Anzalotti – “Sultans of Salt” Section

Greg Rooke just uploaded Kyle Anzalotti’s amazing section from the “Sultans of Salt” DVD and it’s a fucking treat! Kyle killed it and I highly recommend you to press play on this one!!

Sebastien Babineau – Low Jibs 2016

Check out this quick but super dialed new edit of Sebastien Babineau that he just sent through to us. That last bench combo clip was crazy!

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NOWHERETORIDE With Nicolas Cambon

This was awesome. Nicolas Cambon traveled far and wide in search of unique things to ride and came up on some serious gems. Spots you have to take a rowboat to – pretty sick, repelling down a dam to get a few clips – pretty sick, sledgehammering out a chunk of concrete wall to open up the run-up for your ender – fucking awesome. This dude put in so much work and the result is amazing, hit play.

Dundee BMX – The M1X7A9E

Really enjoyed this new 15 minute long mixtape that the Dundee BMX crew from Scotland dropped a few days ago! Some awesome riding this, featuring clips from Josh Whyte, Declan Tolmie, Slick Nick, Storm Hughes, Jordan Bullock, Leo Coyle Smith, Ryan Burnett and Nairdo Gallacher.

Dan Foley – No Bikes Allowed Park Edit

I’m a big fan of Dan Foley commentary on his latest self-filmed videos and this new one that he just put online is no exception. Besides the most ridiculous wheel size rule ever made, Dan still manages to ride the Apex park in NC and shreds the shit out of it in the process!

Bruno Faucon 2016 Edit

The homie Bruno Faucon just came through with a new edit that he’s been busy filming for the last few wees around some South of France spots and the whole thing is a great watch! That up rail hard 3 out back into the bank was dope!

Help Antoine Sabourin


Super talented French filmer/editor and all around awesome guy Antoine Sabourin got all his video gear stolen the other day, including his computer and a few hard drives full of new footage! This is definitely the worst thing that could’ve happened to him and a money raising page has been created to help him out. Follow this link to contribute!

Shadow – Welcome To The Family Jiri Blabol

Shadow has added Czech shredder Jiri Blabol to their worldwide family. You might remember Jiri from his dialed Welcome to Subrosa edit from last December, but if not hit play and get familiar, the guy kills the tech game and makes everything look too easy.

Reed Stark Safari – Germany

Reed Stark continues his global Safari out in Germany. That kinked ledge to gap smith was pretty wild, press play.

How To Teeter Totter With Montana Ricky

Rick from Montana gives you the one step rundown on how to ride over a makeshift seesaw. I got a kick out of him trying to talk his friend Drew into trying to do it too, check it out.

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Leo Balay Park Edit

Young French killer Leo Balay’s build up a fresh new bike and went to test it out around a couple of skateparks in Montpelier. He filmed a bunch of super dialed clips in the process and here’s the edit from it. Good shit!

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CultCrew – Cult X Vans Crew Section

Here’s the team secion of the Cult X Vans V3 collaboration shoe video that Veesh put together in order to promote the whole thing. Featuring some banging riding from Bobby Simmons, Timmy Theus, Trey Jones, Corey Walsh and Anthony Panza!

Brandon Begin Instagram Compilation 2016

Here are 10 minutes of gold coming to you straight from the instagram of Brandon Begin himself. Its crazy how hard Begin goes for the gram! Follow him to see him shred on the daily!

Kink – Sean Sexton Powerhouse In The Streets SXTN Promo

Veteran Kink pro, Sean Sexton, put together this quick promo video for the new colorway of his signature SXTN frame (matte slate green, available now worldwide). Filmed by Darryl Tocco in San Diego, Philly, and Austin. That feeble gap feeble to hard 3 looked sweet, check it out.

Dylann Ferret Edit

Nicely put together web edit of Dylann Ferret shredding some trails and skateparks around France and Switzerland. Guy had a solid style and the filming only adds to it, check it out.

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Breaking Free Skatepark Vlog 1- Building A Skatepark

In the wake of Rochester’s only indoor skatepark, RASP, closing. Dave Raffa has stepped up to the task and will be opening Breaking Free Skatepark come November. They’ve started a YouTube channel to document the process, check out the first episode here then subscribe for more. Good people doing good things for bmx, show some support.

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Federal Bikes – Interbike 2016 Product Range

Watch this video if you wanna learn about the latest Federal Bikes product range as their product designer Aggie Lau and team manager Eisa Bakos talk you through the new parts, colourways and sizes.

X-Games Real Street Results


The results of the very first BMX edition of the X-Games Real Street are in and it’s Garrett Reynolds’s section that took the gold in front of Colt Fake (Silver) and Dennis Enarson (Bronze). Follow this link to re-watch the video parts.