Sean Ricany in Stranger’s “No Hype” DVD

This section has been re-edited from it’s original form due to music issues on YouTube.

Filmed and edited by Miles Rogoish

Flip Clips Eight: Chasing Glaciers / Hidden Yin-Yang

It wasn’t easy, but I managed to condense the past fifteen months of my life into this 21-minute video. If I’ve held my phone sideways and pointed it at you sometime this year or last, you’re probably in this video. This includes: Addi Sasso, Alex Donnachie, Andrew Richards, Anthony Malvasio, Austin Aughinbaugh, Austin Oats, Ben Guinn, Bob Pergl, Brady Tweedy, Brandon Begin, Caleb Quanbeck, Charlie Crumlish, Connor Keating, Damian Racut, Dave Belcher, David Grant, Devon Lampman, Doroba, Elf, Erik Elstran, Ewip, Jason Govan, Joby Suender, John G420, John Hughes, John Yoh, Johnny Atencio, Juice, Julian Arteaga, Justin Anderson, Kevin Vannauker, Lahsaan Kobza, Manny Kilpack, Marv Morales, Matt Gutierrez, Matt Miller, Matthew Hartley, Mike Swift, Nick Barrett, Reed Stark, Rob Diquattro, Russell Blake, Sean Morr, Steve Tassone, Steven Hamilton, Steven Ocasio, Stevie Churchill, Tammy McCarley, Tanner Easterla, Tanner Nelson, Tenzin Nyangdak, Tom Lavorgna, Tom Villarreal, Tommy Gunn, Veesh, Vicente Candel, Victor Proto-Newton and Zach Sky. Also, there’s a single hidden yin-yang in one shot… Find it and I’ll buy you breakfast.

Germany – Get in touch with me (@scottmarceau) for a private link…

Dan Beerley 2015 Video

We just got this new Dan Beerley video in the submission inbox and it’s fucking sick! Dan made the most of the spring weather and filmed a great mix of park and street stuff around the East Coast.

Chijioke Okafo Uprail Abubaca to Fakie Downrail

Chijioke Okafo got a cool feature with Vice Canada where he talks about riding and BMX in general and pulls off this perfect Corey Martinez inspired uprail abubaca to fakie downrail at some indoor skatepark.

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Jacob Bailey Video

Jacob Bailey could be Pat Casey’s stunt double or twin brother but they are actually just friends and here’s Jacob’s new video. The dude kills it and got some heavy ramp moves in this!

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Press Rewind – Cooper Brownlee 2013 Colony Video

The man behind most of the Colony videos you watch put this out in 2013 with footage from the US and his neck of the woods, Austrailia. Cooper knows his way around a camera just as well as he can take on good rail setup. His technical yet simplistic style of riding is always easy on the eyes.

Merritt – Douggy Tian Japan Edit

Douggy Tian took a trip to Tokyo over the winter and met up with Umi Asano to ride some of the city’s finest skateparks and street spots. Lot of dialed clips in this! Via Merritt.

Jibbing With Robbo

This was awesome! Robbo filmed a bunch of sick “jib” clips with Tom Cambridge for the Kore Store and the whole thing is just a great watch! Press play now.

Matt Closson Spring 2015 Video

It’s no mystery that Matt Closson is a fucking G and if you have any questions just hit play and you’ll come to your senses over the next three minutes. As great as this is let it serve as a mental warmup for what you’ll see in his Blunted DVD section. Trust me, it’s going to be fucked up. Enjoy.

Augie Simoncini’s Deadline DVD Section

Let’s start by stating the obvious: the Deadline DVD was one of the most incredible BMX videos of all time. But despite that, it never really received an official online premiere. Well today we’ve got Augie’s section for you and who knows, maybe we’ll have a few more sections soon. Augie always come with the heat, so just in case you have somehow managed to not see this, tune in and enjoy.

Nick Bullen – Modern Times Sessions

When it comes to Michigan‘s Modern Times Skatepark Nick Bullen knows what it is and when the winters keep you inside you gotta ride something. You can tell Nick takes advantage of this pretty often. Check it to watch him completely shut the place down.

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Cult Five Year Book Jam Edit

This past Saturday, we journeyed down to the Cult Clubhouse in Santa Ana to celebrate the release of their five-year anniversary book with a good old-fashioned jam. Good ramps, free food, drinks and poster prints, friendly people, and some music all made for a very enjoyable time. This edit features Alec Siemon, Ethan Corriere, Abdullah Alkhalili, Genesis Apostle, Brandon Begin and Austin Aughinbaugh amongst other friends and pros from Cult and family.

Filmed by Adam Twentytwo and Reed Stark

WeThePeople Four Clip Friday – Ed Zunda And Mo Nussbaumer

What better place to film a WeThePeople #fourclipfriday than the Simple Session course, right? Ed Zunda And Mo Nussbaumer bring you 2 clips each from their Tallinn, Estonia trip last week for your viewing pleasure. Check the two of them talking Simple Session after the jump.
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Brad Simms & Dani Kralik “Until-The-Wheels-Fall-Off-Tour” Project


Brad Simms isn’t a stranger when it comes to travelling around the world and this new “Until-The-Wheels-Fall-Off-Tour” project he has going with filmer Dani Kralik sounds amazing! This video project will take them on a 30,000 mile long journey on the Pan-American highway from North to South! The’ve created a fund raising page for you to help them out realising this project and you can check it out here.

“Never before has an undertaking like this been done – a 30 thousand mile journey through the Americas: 18 countries in 8 months while filming 18 videos featuring BMX riders from the entire continent. This once-in-a-lifetime filming adventure is a project that no BMX rider or videographer has ever attempted to document. The plan is to complete this mission in 8 months, documenting the life and local culture of the riding communities in each location we visit. In traveling to this many different places and encountering distinct cultural environments; we are confident that the result will be more profound and gratifying than any other BMX chronicle ever made.  Our hope is that these videos will inspire future generations to discover new opportunities, to develop trust and confidence in themselves, to stand up for their individual talents and wishes, and—finally—to make their dreams come true. This is exactly the influence that BMX has had in our lives, now we want to give back to the sport that’s given so much to us! So please, do be part of it as it will not only be a unique experience for us, but we promise it will be for you, too!”

Tip to Tail – Final Episode

After 3 weeks of traveling from the Tip to Tail of New Zealand, jaden Leeming, Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark, Kris Fox and Corey Bohan finally arrive at the end of their journey and here’s the final episode. They rode a bunch of awesome concrete park, meet up with Clint Millar and Kenny Raggett, shred the amazing Gorge Road jumps and more.

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Daniel Sandoval at Woodward West

Check out a bunch of crazy good clips from Daniel Sandoval filmed at the perfect Woodward West ramps! The dude kills it!

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Colony BMX – Fresno Jam Video

Here’s the video from the Colony Fresno jam that went down about a month ago at the Mosqueda park. Looks like everybody had a good time and some great riding went down. Featuring tons of locals as well as Jourdan Barba, Nathan Sykes, Chris Bracamonte and Paul ‘Polly’ Cooper.

Cult First Five Years Book Release Party Video

The Cult first five years book release and photo show party went down last weekend with a turnout that looks great. Things like this really makes me wish I could get out to the west coast much easier. Check this for a quick look at the gallery and some clips from the crew and attendees on the ramps out back.

Éclat in Chile


“Next month will see some of the crew (STEVIE CHURCHILL, ALEX KENNEDY, BRUNO HOFFMANN AND SEAN BURNS) venture into Chile, South America for another Éclat riding trip. We will be based in Santiago and hitting near by cities. We have a hangout day / team signing on Friday 29th May.

With Rich Forne behind the lens again and DIG covering the adventure, its sure to be a good time.”