BMX Day – 300 Strong In LA

300+ riders mobbed through LA for this year’s BMX Day (7/20) Jam. Looks like a wipd ass time, HUGE shoutout to Boy and Familiar for putting the while thing together!

How To Fix Common BMX Bike Problems With Phu

Similar to last week’s video about common issues you might run into with a complete bike, Phu from Epic BMX talks you through some more general maintenance issues you might run into no matter how experienced of a rider you are. Hit play and learn a thing or two!

Denby Chandler – LUX BMX Aeterna DVD Leftovers

Apparently these are leftover clips, which after watching I find hard to believe because alot of this shit is out of control crazy, especially towards the end. If these truly are extra clips this kid’s DVD part is about to hit everyone over the head, it’s not every day you see a smith 180 of that caliber!

Fit – Brandon Begin 2019

Our boy Begin does it again, arguably harder than ever. Was that the cherry pop for new El Toro? Hit play and see what went down!

S&M – Welcome To Seattle

The S&M squad mobbed out to Seattle for a week with Charlie, Hoder, Kareem, Dave Krone, Craig Passero, and Andrew Schubert in tow. They hit up a ton of dope street spots, a few parks, and a jam over at Seattle BMX along the way, check it out!

Cam Girvin Welcome To Fit

This kid is young but damn does he go in! There’s a lot of legit bangers in here, huge uprail to whip in the beginning kind of sets it off and it doesnt slow down after that. Cam just earned a spot on Fit flow after getting the nod from Merritt recently as well, looking forward to seeing what Cam has in store for us next!

Subrosa – Trey Jones – Wild Child

Trey really is the best. Almost 4 minutes of slash n’ burn through Arizona with Chadwick behind the lens. Pools, curved walls, street trannys, that awesome looking feeble 270 wheel jammer thing at 2:25ish,…the list goes on and on. Doin’ it to promote his latest signature frame from Subrosa, the Wild Child.

Tyler Veatch – Welcome To Sunday Flow

This was kind of long and there’s like a million double peg 180 clips but there are definetly some gems sprinkled in there too. Loved that last bar to ice, that was huge!

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14 minutes of straight heat from Vans’ Ty Morrow, Dakota Roche, Travis Hughes, Sean Ricany, Lewis Mills, and more. Everyone went in but Dak stole the show in my opinion (honerable mention to Travis’ dubs hard 3 and Lewis Mills’ fakie truck). Filmed and edited by Calvin Kosovich.

Common Complete Bike Issues

Phu from Epic BMX gives you the rundown on some common issues you might run into with your shiny new complete bike. If you’re just getting into bmx this is a must watch, shoutout to Phu for always being there for the kids.

Alive – Chillin’ With Homies

Rehito, Pegy, and the rest of the Alive boys threw a wild jam at an amazing piece of Asian architecture in their latest web edit. That thing is like a skatepark!

Shadow X QBP In Oregon

Shadow’s Mark Burnett, Matt Ray, Jabe Jones, and Bjarki Hardarson took a trip up to the Pacific Northwest recsntly to take in the sights and hit up a bunch of shop stops. Looks like the kids were siked and a handful of skateparks got worked along the way, check it out!

Familiar Brand – The Most Known Unknowns

Boy, Daniel Martinez, Alfredo Mancuso, Andrew Castaneda, Raul Ruiz, and many more tear up the cuttiest spots in Cali for the latest Familiar tape. This is as West Coast street as it gets, hit play!

Gage Sharp Welcome To Standard

Gage Sharp is welcomed to SBC in style with this edit loaded with dialed moves. Digging the hang 5 lip trick variations and that ender is super impressive. Keeping it rolling in the MidWest!

Behind The Scenes Of The OSS Colorado Trip

Ethan Corriere, Begin, Micheal Harkous, Denim Cox, and Alfredo Mancuso just recently took a trip from Boulder, Colorado to Long Beach and stacked up a ton of bangers along the way. More on that later, but for today we have a behind the scenes look at some of the spots, crashes, and antics that went down on the trip, can’t wait to see what Denim sent on that gap to kinker setup!

The Studies Club – Lahsaan Kobza In BCN

Lahsaan kills it out in Barcelona for the first offering from Mark Burnett’s new thing, The Studies Club. Don’t have much more info than that, check it out!

Sean Ricany’s ILTYT Section

Watch Sean Ricany do the impossible (and make it look damn good) in his section from Cult’s most recent DVD, It’s Later Than You Think. Happy 4th of July everybody!

Too Fast For Food – Mix Section

Robbie Nelson, Lee Hopkins, and a ton of international shredders fearlessly charge large gaps and roof setups for the mix section in Bone Deth’s “Too Fast For Food.” Riding up and over that bridge was nuts… Actually pretty much everything in here is, hit play!

TCU Exclusive – WeMadeIt In Portland

Yesterday’s edit served as kind of a prequel to this dope all street edit from Nate, Ryan Mills, Robbie Owen, Wes McGrath, and more. That wallride ender is no joke, damn!

Macht Deutschland – CultCrew Does Germany

A good portion of Cult’s heavy hitters made the trip across the pond to Germany to take in the spots, sites, and hang out with Killian Roth.  All the guys killed it but Chase Dehart really stole the show, “spot use” at it’s finest!