Taylor Thompson – Always Searching

Passable Stunt Video – Greg Pearson Section

Greg Pearson’s section from the PSV video is now online thansk to the MurkybMX lads and it’s dope!

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Bros Bike Store – Young Blood

The Bros Bike Store guys have just added a bunch of new young shredders to their team and here’s some quick but dialed clips of them. FeaturingSam Merle, Maxime Duranseaud, Corentin Giannetti and Alan Cadoux.

BMXFU – Clickbait At The TF

Everyone’s favorite crew stacks footy at their top secret winter training facility (in the hood). Ft. Trent “Xup” Barker, Charlie Crumlish, Andrew White, and more of the usual suspects, check it out.

Montana Ricky Vs. Handrails In The Snow

They called it early at the Merritt warehouse yesterday because of the snow, so naturally instead of going home, Montana Ricky called up some homies to try and get a sesh in. To be honest I respect his love of riding and blind optimism, definitely looks like he had more fun yesterday than I did.

5050 Skatepark In Trenton

Alex Avilla, Nick Ponterio, and the rest of the 5050 crew head to New Jersey’s capital for the day to ride some classic Trenton spots. Spam’s hopover pedal grind at Wiz banks was awesome and Ed Pollio himself gets it in with some freecoaster moves at the ghetto banks. Really been diggin’ the vibe in these videos, this made me wanna make a day trip out to Trenton so bad!

Shadow – Barcelona With Simone Barraco And Mark Burnett

Mark Burnett stacked up these iPhone clips staying with Simone out in Barcelona on a recent Shadow trip. Lots of hammers sprinkled in there as well, that 270 bar-pegs-270 at :35 looked wild!


Craig Passero is one of the most talented bike riders ever and most of his buddies aren’t slouches either. 25 minutes of HD action from the whole Whammo crew, what are you waiting for? Hit play.

Format Error – Turf Talk

12 minutes of Bay Area street riding from Bob Randel, Jackson Ratima, Andy Maguire, and many more. Bob’s section had to be my favorite, that dude keeps it pretty loose.

Corey Dewey – Presence “Last Stand” Section

Corey Dewey’s opening section from the Presence “Last Stand” DVD is online for 48 hours only and it’s fucking dope! Don’t miss on that one and press play right now! Also, go cop their DVDs.

Frenchys Meeting in BCN

The Frenchys Distribution crew, alongside with a few international guests, recently took on the streets of Barcelona for their annual meeting and the video from their trip is pretty sick! Featuring riding from Dan Kruk, Dillon Lloyd, Jordan Godwin, Thomas Benedetti, Roubin Bourhis, Thomas Carrot, Edouard Carrot, Kilian Limousin, Sullyvan Gaincêtre, Ryoma Quenot, Erwan Perelman, Florian Barral and Emeric Michon.

Mark Burnett Off Sunday Bikes


Mark Burnett just dropped a bit of a bombshell with the below Instagram post announcing that he’s leaving Sunday Bikes! I’m sure we’ll hear about his new sponsor very soon!

Olexandr Kozhokar In Israel

Olexandr Kozhokar is a Ukrainian rider who recently spent 20 days in Israel filming with his buddy Alexander Kozhokar. Lots of weird tech combos in here along with a rather large and picturesque crankflip. Definitely enjoyed this one, press play!

Off The Team – Finna Eat Video Available Now

For anyone who watched the Finna Eat trailer last week and was impressed by the wild gaps, van manuals, and general looseness, the Off The Team video is now available and you can pick one up right here!

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Chad Osburn 2018 Video

Chad Osburn just dropped a new video for Gsport and it’s hella good!! Chad’s signature fast and steezy moves are a treat to watch!

Bordeaux Mixtape

Check out this great lil’ mixtape filmed around the streets of Bordeaux, France and featuring some awesome riding from Karl-Thibault Brandt, Fabien Gane, Thomas Carrot, Baptiste Lalanne, Frederic Lajoinie, Nicolas Bernede, Maxence Pont and Alaric Streiff!

Harry Mills Wakely – Reverberations

HMW kills it across the UK and Barcelona for his sponsor, United. The whole thing is great but goddamn that last clip was insane!

Animal – Chase Dehart Thorofare Sprocket Promo

Chase D stunts in the streets of Philly to promote his signature Thorofare Sprocket from Animal Bikes. I could watch Chase cruise through alleys all day, check it out!

Alex Donnachie Par BMX Interview


Alex Donnachie has a very cool interview up on the Par BMX website and it’s definitely worth the read. Follow this link to check it out.

Familiar Brand – Victor Zapien

Check out a bunch of very dialed Victor Zapien clips filmed for Familiar Brand in the streets of East Los Angeles!