Dinlow Crew – Chtouilltape 2018

The Dinlow Crew homies from France just dropped their new mixtape and once again it’s a must watch!! Some sick rioding from the crew and the Metz locals and some great VX work by Mark behind the lense!

Locals – Jayden Fong

Lots of great stuff from Jayden Fong in this new Locals video filmed around the Sydney area. That long curved x-up feeble was dope!

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JunkRide X BSD – Martin Svoboda

Martin Svoboda destroys every handrail Slovakia and the Czech Republic have to offer in thr name of BSD and JunkRide. Last two clips are insane!

UpsideDown – Ryan “Soda Pop” Dare

Ryan “Soda Pop” Dare tears it up on street, dirt, and park in the name of 5050bmx. Roof drop near the end was huge!

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Alec Siemon Forcaster Promo

Alec Siemon shows off his first ever signature complete with everyday moves (for him at least) like double peg downside whips and big 3s. Check it out!

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Jordan Stump – Proper x Word Video

Proper uploaded these clips of Jordan Stump and you should definitely check it out! We need more Stump footage in our lifes!

Jesse Le Sommer – Lithuanian Days

Jesse Le Sommer was sent to Lithuania for a few days thanks to his sponsors and he brought with him Poiss Barbier to capture it all and here’s the video from the trip. Good shit!

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Quique Rico in Sevilla

Check out some quick but dialed clips from United rider Quique Rico in the streets of Sevilla, Spain.

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Jaime Gonzalez – 720×576

Filmer Gonzalo Caballero teamed up with Spanish steeze lord Jaime Gonzalez to produce this great new piece that they filmed in the street of Madrid. VX vibes all day!

BSD – Transmission (Full Video)

BSD just re-uped the full Transmission DVD to the ‘Tube for everyone to enjoy. Reed, Donnachie, Jones, Paley, Kriss Kyle, Mike Taylor, and so many more, how can you go wrong?

Kink – Nora Cup Cut 2018

30 seconds of heat from the Kink squad. That bank to wall at #:27 looks pretty damn steep and he got up there!

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Joe Embrey – Last Day Of Summer

FBM’s UK ripper Joe Embrey takes advantage of the last day of summer (does the calander work different over there? Lol) tearing it up in a ditch followed by a set of trails. Click through and check it out!

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The BudBmx/WallerBmx Mixtape 2018

I really enjoyed this, Bud and Waller crewed up in the streets for nine minutes of rough grinds and nice looking setups. Loved that xup grind down the grass rail, the cannon ride, and that wacky drop in thing at 7:55. Made me want to ride.

Skapegoat – Paracosm (Full Video)


It isn’t embeddable for whatever reason but Bob Scerbo’s latest full length masterpiece, Paracosm, just hit the web for everyone to enjoy. Pure bmx in the cool evening breezes of Anytown, USA (and an 8 minute Ratkid section). Watch it right here.

CultCrew – ILTYK World Premieres – Cali & UK

It’s Later Than You Think is really an incredible video and if you haven’t seen it yet you need to stop slacking! The video above is some highlights from the Cali and UK premieres that went down iver the last few weeks. Really though, the video is awesome, BUY ONE!

Kazuma TV – NY Trip 2018

The Kazuma TV crew made a street riding pilgrimage to NYC this year and wasted no time getting it in and making the most of their stay. They hit up most of the well known/tourist spots and some lesser seen ones too, duster bump thing at the end was tight!

Jarren Barboza – Welcome To Volume

Volume adds Jarren Barboza to the roster with this edit filled with tailwhips, 180s, and 180 tailwhips. In all seriousness though, this kid is dialed and has some mean hops. That 3 over the fence was crazy!

Busch Did 9/11- A Heavyboyz Exclusive

Damn, I expected this to be one of Charlie’s biking cartoons but its actually full of wild clips from the Busch Heavy Boyz. First clip could melt steel beams.

Yumi Tsukuda – Signature STR Promo

If a peg chings in the forest and no one’s around to hear it does it make a sound?

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Jack Gruber – Hard Yakka

Jack Gruber rides for United down under and has been putting in some serious “Yakka” for this edit. Manual 180 over the rail was nuts!

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