Tom Dugan Bike Check.

Tom is definitely one of my favorite dudes in BMX right now. Check out his ride up on ESPN by clicking here, then launch the gallery.

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  • http://Website Little motor bike

    yea, T1, odyssey, blah blah. Let’s talk Honda!

    • http://Website C.R.E.A.M

      CB 550!

      He needs to cafe racer that shit.

  • http://Website Jamie

    Love this dude!

  • http://Website Antoine

    Where is the gallery? Clicking “Launch gallery” takes you to a different pic of the dude on his motorcycle.

  • http://Website Garrett

    kid gets more bike checks than anyone on earth

  • http://Website haha

    C.R.E.A.M hahaha you fucking geek, CAFE RACER’S ARE THE FIXIES OF MOTORCYCLES!

    • http://Website C.R.E.A.M

      Yea cheap,good looking ,easy to maintain and really nice to ride.
      But best not have one in case some wanna be cool guy faggot on a bmx website thinks less of you!

      Go ride a bobber you skater wanna be.

      You dont know the first thing about bikes bitch, you probably think having a single seat makes a bike a cafe racer.

    • http://Website count grishnackh

      cafe racers are the fixes of motorcycles dude… fixies are gay, and hipsters are gay, thus hipster motorcycles are gay also.

    • http://Website C.R.E.A.M

      Yea but listening to black metal isnt hipster is it varg!

      Get the fuck outahere with that shit,calling some one a hipster and listening to the most trendy vice music there is at the moment.
      You where probably listening to nu rave last year you pussy.

      You probably have been listening to BM for about five minutes and think because you got until the light takes us on a torrent you know all there is to know about BM

      Fucking bmx kids dont know shit about cafe racers and dont know shit about music.

  • Jack Turner

    this nigga needs some adderrral and a haircut

  • http://Website bitchforks

    Shame the guy is an utter bellend.

    • http://Website a

      LOL you said bellend.

      Also shame this is his old bike, his new red T1 setup is pure sex.

  • http://Website count grishnackh

    bellend or not, this dude looks like a chick… someone feed this dude a fuckin’ cheeseburger, put some meat on those bones.

  • http://Website haha

    “Fucking bmx kids dont know shit about cafe racers and dont know shit about music.”

    Hahah you are seriously the coolest dude ever! You know what music is good and how many seats a bike must have to be a cafe racer, that shit is aweeeeeeeessoooooooooooomeeeeee

    • http://Website C.R.E.A.M

      Yea mannn I wish i was as cool as you and could diss a style of motorbike because its “hipster”
      dude you are like so fucking cool because you know what a cafe racer is.

      Behave you fag,no one cares about your typical wanna be “anti hipster” oh a fixie is for hipsters ohh im so cool shtick.

      No one gives a fuck,cafe racers are rad you dont know shit about bikes.

    • Smiling Steve

      Ha ha this cream dude is the perfect example of Hipster Kitty. “You’ve never heard of them… trust me”

    • http://Website C.R.E.A.M

      BLA BLA BLA Next time Ill not defent my self incase some butt hurt faggots get all pissy and start calling people hipsters.

    • Christopher Justin Bird

      someone give C.R.E.A.M. a kleenex. don’t you see they’re all fucking with you? and you’re taking the bait. Grow up man.

    • http://Website C.R.E.A.M

      waaa waaa waaaaaa stop crying pussy,no one was trolled this was there real opinions I shut them down,thats why they never replied.
      american faggot.

  • Christopher Justin Bird

    What’s the big interest in Tom Dugan all of a sudden? He has style, flow and can blast a quarter, but that seems to be it… and he looks like an anorexic chick.

    • http://Website chase

      Your wife looks like a man.

      tom duggan looks more like a girl than your wife does.
      stop making posts about him you faggot.

    • Christopher Justin Bird

      i’d like to see you say that to my face big man

  • http://Website american faggot

    Sorry homie i have a life, i don’t live on this site like you do.

    “Behave you fag,no one cares about your typical wanna be “anti hipster” oh a fixie is for hipsters ohh im so cool shtick.”

    HAHA, and you like fixies? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, i actually didn’t realize how much cooler than you i was, im gonna have to leave this one alone, your wayyy too lame to associate with!


    • http://Website C.R.E.A.M

      Yea right pal,your not cooler than anyone,your a looser that cant afford a motorbike or a fixie or the internet.
      go fuck Christopher Justin Bird’s tranny wife.

  • http://Website american faggot

    “go fuck Christopher Justin Bird’s tranny wife.”

    ^hahah alright that was actually funny, but what is a looser? something that is not tight i guess?

    learn how to spell if you wanna insult someone hipster

    • http://Website C.R.E.A.M

      That was a typo clearly you homeless trash,I know your in a internet cafe trying to look for your local soup kitchen,you wish you where a hipster so you could afford clothes you pussy.

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