BSD – Dan Paley Bike Check


BSD put together a pretty cool and detailed bike check with Dan Paley and his sick looking Soulja set-up. Tons of photos and info here.

“I’m not usually one to switch between different parts or sizes as I like to stick to what I know but this time I’ve pushed the boat out and changed a few things and couldn’t be happier how my bike feels! I’ve gone for a smaller frame this time (20.6″), shorter offset Jonesin’ forks (22mm) and the new Levelled stem with OS 1″ Zingbars, which grips like a beast. All in all it’s made this bike feel more responsive without making it feel too small. I’m also running the new Donnastreet tires and my Soulja mid seat which came out a couple weeks ago and I’m stoked how that’s looking too! Everything else is BSD tried and tested so it’s ready for a rippin!”.

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