Etnies – Chase Hawk Marana Bloodline Promo

Not only did Chase Hawk get a dope signature colorway of the Etnies Marana shoe, he also got a chance to ride one of the biggest busts in LA for the promo. For more info on the entire Marana Bloodline and to get yourself laced up with a pair, hit

FBM BYO Ramp Jam

If there’s one thing you’ll always be able to count on FBM for, its good times on sketchy ramps. Just yesterday they put on a bring your own ramp jam in Richmond and despite some early weather, the jam went on and Crandaddy already got the edit together. Deah? Deah!

BMX Protest At Dylan Skatepark August 14th


Well, its come to this for the riders of Houston. The largest skatepark in America is set to open on August 14th and as it stands, bikes still aren’t allowed. Instead of just letting this happen, they’re taking matters into their own hands and organizing a protest on opening day. Hopefully one of the media outlets on hand will take notice of this massive exclusion and bring it to more people’s attention. If you live anywhere in the Houston area and ride BMX, YOU NEED TO BE THERE.

Kunstform?! At The 2014 CGN BMX Contest

The kunstform?! shop was repping heavy at the 2014 CGN Contest in Germany, brining out a ton of product to sell and holding signings with team members Harry Main and Mark Webb.

Zach Krejmas Quits Vital, Joins RideBMX


Your favorite dude at your least favorite website just landed himself a big upgrade by joining the ranks at Ride. Here’s what they had to say:

“It’s our pleasure to announce that Zach Krejmas will be joining the staff here at Ride as our main web dude (officially, he’s the Online Content Manager). To put it bluntly, Zach has been the best thing over at Vital in the last year or so, but his passion, similar mindset, and outlook on BMX is the real reason we asked him to join Ride… We’re truly excited to get back to producing high quality content, both online and in the magazine. Lots of good things in the works.”

Claudio Sandoval Shreds With One Leg

I remember being really psyched on Claudio’s last video and this new one goes even harder! He’s progressed a ton and is straight up doing some things you wouldn’t think possible (like grinding bar height rails!) from a big guy with one leg. But that’s what makes videos like this so awesome, these dudes love BMX so much that literally nothing can stop them from riding!

Merritt SL1 Seat Promo

Always stoked when Merritt drops a new product promo because that means we get to see some fresh footage from the whole team. This time around they’re doing it for the SL1 seats and the squad definitely comes through with some heat for this one. The SL1 seat is available now in genuine tan leather or black kevlar, for more info hit!

Steady Rollin Poolside

Last weekend a bunch of dudes cleaned out the legendary Burden Lake pool in upstate New York and had themselves a day. Steve Crandall made the trip up with some of the FBM boys and dialed in this edit. Shoutout to the dudes who bucketed death water so everyone could come out and have a good time!

Tristan Adams 2014 Edit

If you’re into that Dan Foley/George Boyd street flow, you’re gonna like this new one from Tristan Adams. He puts together some awesome lines in here and really makes good use of the spots.

Sunday 2014 UK Tour

sunday-uk-flyer-v5 (1)

Sunday is bringing Gary Young, Chris Childs and Mark Burnett to the UK in a couple weeks for a tour with teammate Danny Stanzl. Hopefully Danny takes the crew to a few of the parks he rides in his welcome to Sunday video, cause I’m sure we’d all love to see Gary and Chris rip around those bowls!

Sunday – Chris Childs Ad

190UKride_SUNDAY (8

Chris Childs twists a big x-up over a street gap for Freddy’s Frozen Custard Sunday’s latest print ad running in Ride UK #190. Also featured is their flagship Soundwave frame.

Raditudes Episode 4

Episode 4 of Raditudes kicks off at Drew Bezanson’s Nothing But Fun jam at Joyride 150 with guys like Dean Cueson, Michael Beran, Morgan Wade and Zack Warden all going off. Then they kick it out to Woodward West for Red Bull’s high performance camp where Hucker, Tyler Fernengel, Corey Martinez and Coco Zurita get some training from a gymnastic goddess and proceed to shred bikes.

Calling The Shots With Logan Martin & Todd Meyn

If you were calling the shots with your friends at the skatepark and they told you to do a one handed superman seatgrab or flair 900 tap, you’d probably look at them like they were crazy. But Logan Martin and Todd Meyn, just fist pound each other and say, “alright”.

Chad Osburn Bike Check

Chad Osburn: Riding + Bike Check – More BMX Videos

While on the “Turn Down The Suck” tour, Chad Osburn took some time out at The Daily Grind stop to give us a look at his Kink Mudrunnder. Get the full rundown and catch a few clips from him after the jump.

Odyssey – Chase Hawk Ad & Wallpaper


Despite what anyone with a gyro and a mouthguard might think, Chase Hawk rides skateparks like you’re supposed to and that simple fact led him to a gold medal at the first X Games in Austin. Long time parts sponsor Odyssey is undoubtedly proud of their dude and gave him their latest print ad with this ridiculous gap at the Lockhart skatepark. You can also head over to and get this image for your desktop.

GL2014 Clips

Check out a bunch of random clips from David Grant‘s GL, including an insane 60/40 grind from Justin Henninger you’re going to have to see to believe.

Kink 2015 Complete Videos

Rather than a having you look at a bunch of studio photos of their new completes, Kink enlisted the help of their pro team and a few young locals to show you how good these bikes look when you’re actually riding them. The whole squad, including guys like Albert Mercado, Chad Osburn, Dan Coller, Darryl Tooco, Sean Sexton, Tony Hamlin and more came through with some rad clips and these videos are worth a watch whether you’re in the market for a complete or not.

2013 Mongoose Jam Recap

The Mongoose Jam is going down again at Woodward in a couple weeks and if last year was any indication, this should be another awesome contest bringing together a ton of your favorite riders. Check out this recap video from 2013 and get your first look at this years teams.

Dean Cueson Welcome Edit

If you ride for Haro, you’d better be able to sling the bars like Nyquist and roast a quarter like Dennis (McCoy and Enarson!) and seeing as Dean Cueson has no problem doing either of those things, he landed himself a spot on the UK team. This dude rips!

Shadow – Cody Clark Bike Check


Get a look at Shadow flow rider Cody Clark‘s chromed out whip in this new bike check. If you’d rather see Cody ride his bike, have another look at he and twin brother Dawson’s welcome to Shadow video from a few months ago. These dudes kill it!

New Fit DVD “Holy Fit” Premiering August 22 & 23

There you go, the new Fit DVD has a name and a premiere date. We’ll keep you posted on the details, but for now check out the teaser they just posted on Instagram. This is going to be sick!

Eat The Streets Jam Gallery By Wes McGrath


Earlier this week we brought you the video Mario Carrasco put together from the Eat The Streets Jam and today you can check out a bunch of photos from Wes McGrath. If you saw the video, you know the locals were going off and Wes managed to get a bunch of awesome shots that day.

Big shoutout to everyone who put this jam on and Wes for sending these photos through!

Munich Mash Street Contest (Full Video)

We know a lot of you have been dying to see more from the Munich Mash contest, so here’s the full video from street finals this morning! The lineup for this contest is pretty much a whos-who of street riders with guys like Bruno Hoffmann, Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Dan Lacey, Dennis Enarson, Simone Barraco, Dakota Roche, Ty Morrow, Ben Lewis, Alex Kennedy and Anthony Perrin all competing. As you already know, AK took the win and now you can see how he did it.

Andres Ochoa 2014 Cult Edit

Cult maintains some of the hardest connects around the world and the latest proof comes from Andres Ochoa in the streets of Bogota and Medellin, Colombia. The last few clips in this are crazy.

Nike Team At Munich Mash

When the riding’s this raw, the footage might as well be raw too. Catch clips from Chad Kerley, Dennis Enarson, Daniel Tunte, Simone Barraco and Alex Kennedy getting it on a ridiculous course designed by Brian Kachinsky. Finals from this contest are going down tomorrow and by the looks of this, shit is going to pop off!

The Rodeo Peanut Interview


Depending on your place in the industry, what part of the bars you catch, which way you roll out or if you can take a joke, Rodeo Peanut is either your favorite or least favorite Instagram account. What started as a group of high school kids prank calling big name pros has spawned into a group of grown men with a keen eye for fuckery and Seinfeld references. Ride got in touch with some of the key players for an interview you’re definitely gonna want to read! And just in case you’re thinking, “fuck those guys” and don’t want to read the whole thing, here’s all you need to know:

“It really is just jokes. It’s hilarious to call out stuff like we do. BMX has become so serious over the past few years. People care too much about how they look. Some people might look at what we do as taking the fun out of BMX, but I say stop taking us so seriously, watch it and have a laugh. Besides all we’re doing is posting what everyone’s thinking!”

Read the full interview here.

WeThePeople Smuggler Seat Out Now

The seat you’re in right now doesn’t have pockets and the one on your bike probably doesn’t either. If you want to make some functional space out of what you sit on, get yourself one of these Smuggler seats from WeThePeople. This pairs nicely with their socket seatpost, giving you the ability to fix your bike on the go. The seat includes a 5mm, 6mm and 8mm allen wrenches and is available from your local shop or mailorder now.

For more information and photos, hit

Game of BIKE: Nate Richter vs Dustin Arp

Its truly ABQ vs DNV as Nate Richter and Dustin Arp face off in a game of bike at the Zuni skatepark in Colorado.

James Jam 8 Next Weekend in San Antonio

james jam8

One of the best jams at one of the best spots in Texas returns for its eighth edition next weekend. If you’re a rider in Texas and haven’t been to one of these, do yourself a favor and make it down to San Antonio next Saturday. Get directions here and check out the edit from last year below:

Alex Kennedy & Bengo “Partners In Crime” Section

Here’s a little throwback Thursday for you. Since most of the videos from Nike’s Partners In Crime series seem to have vanished from the internet, Dig just uploaded what was probably the best section from then-Fit teammates, Alex Kennedy and Bengo. If you never saw this or only caught it once, definitely give it a watch.