Mike Hoder Off Lotek

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Longtime Lotek soldier Mike Hoder announced today that the two have parted ways. Since its the weekend, have another look at one of Hoder’s classic web joints, the infamous Hoder’s Back edit.

Press Rewind – Props Issue 21: Bethlehem Scene Report

Its pretty crazy to think about the concentration of yet-to-be legendary riders residing in Bethlehem, PA in the late 90′s. Its awesome to think that dudes like Luc-e, Butcher, Nate Wessel, Taj and Joe Rich were shaping modern street riding as we know it and still putting in their time at the POSH trails as well. Get a look at what Bethlehem looked like in 1997 in this scene report from issue 21 of Props.

Long Beach Street Jam Video

The vibe was loose, but the rules were strict: no blasting this street jam out on social media. This made for a just-right sized crew of locals, local pros and some visitors to mobbing from spot to spot around Long Beach. There’s some dope clips in here courtesy Garrett Reeves, Sean Morr, Dan Conway, Jared Swafford and many more. But Eric Lichtenberger though…that dude was having himself a day and came through with some fire you’re definitely gonna want to see.

Steady Rollin’ PA/NY Concrete Redux

Any time you see Steady Rollin‘ in the title, you can always count on a video full of good times on bikes. And the latest comes from the concrete waves of Pennsylvania and New York. Word is, that skatepark train at the end of this has been going for over two months now.

Holy Fit World Premiere Q&A

It was a packed house last Friday for the world premiere of Holy Fit and by all accounts the video is insane. Get some initial reactions and some insight into the video from those in attendance and those involved. Moeller also lets us know that the DVD and accompanying 200 page book will be available September 15th, so get stoked!

Shadow – Nico Badet Bike Check


Daaaamn, this is one clean looking whip! Hit theshadowconspiracy.com to get a look at Nico Badet’s Subrosa Thunderbeast decked out with all the latest parts from Shadow, including the Raptor freecoaster, DCR compound grips and a copper tie dye Chula stem. Just in case you missed it yesterday, check out Nico’s rad new welcome to Shadow video.

FBM’s 21st Birthday Jam

Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 1.11.18 PM

Next weekend will be one for the books when FBM celebrates their 21st birthday with a jam at the HCS skatepark in upstate New York. If you’re still kicking yourself for missing the Ghetto Street Comps, the Post-Apocolympics or any of FBM’s celebrations of fun on bikes, don’t miss this one!

Premier Store Mixtape #20

I’ve always been into these mixes from the Premier Store and after dropping twenty of them, they should be getting an automatic play from you by now too. Its always crackin with MF Doom track.

Nathan Wiliams Q&A Video

Nathan Williams has been a busy dude this year, filming for the United DVD, Etnies Chapters, Monster’s Above/Below and the Cinema video. Like Tom Dugan last week, Nathan takes his turn in the hot seat to answer questions from a couple of his Etnies teammates. Chase D killin em again in this one!

Nico Badet Welcome to Shadow Video

Since the inception of Sparky’s France, they’ve been making moves and building a contingent of dope riders starting with Kevin Kalkoff and Nico Badet. While out on the latest string of Shadow’s Keep It Local tours, Nico and filmer/TM Ryan Chadwick were able to put together this rad new video officially welcoming him to the team. Nico makes that pegless coaster steeze look good!

Kevin Kalkoff Make It Happen Remix

French style cat Kevin Kalkoff put in some serious work for the Make It Happen DVD, stacking enough footage for Will Evans to cut his own remix section. From the streets of South Africa to his local bowls, you can tell Kevin was riding his ass off for this project. Dudes got style for kilometers!

BCN Homies Mix

Given enough time and exposure, you can grow tired of almost anything. But after watching this video, I realized that that I’ll never tire of seeing Mono and his friends ride Barcelona. You can always count on videos from Mono and Fernando to have the most authentic local vibes and given all the riders that pass through every year, everything they put out is fire. Check out the latest mix from Mono featuring a full cast of homies including Simone Barraco, Michal Smelko, Kenneth Tencio, Vicente Candel, Eric Bahlman and many more.

2014 Heathens Jam Video

It looked like a rad afternoon in the woods of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania for this year’s Heathens Jam. Everyone from the locals to the pros were ripping, but Chris Doyle was pretty much putting on a demo!

Etnies Scout It Out Tour at 5050 Skatepark

Get a look at what went down when the Etnies Scout It Out tour pulled into the 5050 Skatepark on Staten Island. There were a couple pairs of Etnies Scouts up for grabs to the best two riders of the day, so the locals were definitely getting after it!

Stranger 2014 Promo

The Stranger boys have been doing work all summer, taking trips and stacking clips for a new project. They just sent through this promo giving you a preview of whats to come and an introduction to the newest member of the crew. After the first Stranger promo and the Trip With Stranger mixtape, whatever they’re cooking up is sure to be dope!

Matthias Dandois Lost Footage

Early last year Matthias Dandios made a trip out to San Diego to ride and chill with the Markit crew, but with filming for MARKIT ZERO still in full swing, Matthias’ footage got lost somewhere on one of Christian Rigal’s hard drives. Luckily Christian was able to dig it all up and put together this amazing new video. Our flatland editor Jim was floored by this edit saying that his favorite thing about Matthias’ hybrid street/flat style is that all the flat is still completely insane in its own right. If you like his unique brand of street riding, this is the video you’ve been waiting for.

Cult Stash Bag Sale


While all your classmates are going back to school running the same Jansport since 7th grade, you can pull up with the dope new cotton canvas Cult Stash bag. Hit Cult’s webstore and cop that.

Shane Weston Bike Check


Get a look at Shane Weston‘s signature Isla kit and the answers to some questions about his setup, his travel plans and when the Eclat Blind freecoaster promo is dropping. Until then, hit flybikes.com for the bike check and peep the Isla promo again below.

ABQ DNV – Street Style Park Mix

Even when you think outside the bowl, both Colorado and New Mexico have an ton of super fun parks. All the street sections in this new one from ABQ DNV look like perfect places to chill, warm up and maybe learn some new tricks. No quarterpipes were harmed in the filming of this video, making it about 10x better than the average skatepark edit.

Kris Fox & Larry Edgar at The Van Doren Invitational

Kris Fox and Larry Edgar had some of the fastest lines and highest airs at the Van Doren Invitational bowl contest a couple weeks ago. Get a look at some highlights from their runs in practice, semis and the finals, where Kris got 6th and Larry got 10th.

Joe Simpson for S&M New Zealand

From lost memory cards to flaky filmers and the country of New Zealand apparently just getting internet last week, it seems like Joe Simpson had every problem under the sun trying to get his official welcome to S&M edit together, the least of which was actually riding.

How To Knoll Roll With Tim Knoll

There’s not a lot of Tim Knoll‘s tricks us mere mortals could pick up from a how-to, but he put together this one featuring his signature Knoll Roll. Before you take this to the hood of a car, you’d better practice on some pallets…

Tyler Fernengel Detroit to San Diego Part 2

The second installment of this series documenting Tyler Fernengel’s move from Detroit to San Diego sees him pack up, leave home and get on the road. First stop was Chicago for a session with Brian Kachinsky, then he dips to Colorado to ride the downtown Denver and Arvada parks.

HOLY FIT Premiere This Saturday


Fitbikeco. invites you to The Building in Santa Ana this Saturday for the premiere of HOLY FIT. Come out early for a jam that’ll give you the chance to ride the likes of Van Homan, Tom Dugan, Benny L, Shawn Mac, Brandon Begin and many more members of the Fit team. They’ll also have copies of the video for sale and give you the opportunity to get it signed by the team.

If you can’t make it to this weekend, don’t forget about the shop stop premieres next week!

Raditudes Episode 6

Episode six of Raditudes starts off with a mellow sunset session at Sheep Hills, but things get interesting quickly when Hucker busts out his DJI Phantom Quadcopter. For a minute you’ll be thinking, “damn, he’s pretty good at this…” and then he almost beheads Navaz, flying it straight into his camera. You’re definitely gonna want to see this footage!

Jake Seeley Welcome To Lotek Video

Jake Seeley is now officially lacing up Loteks and comes through with that heat for his welcome edit! While Jake was in Austin, he stayed in the streets and stacked a ton of footage with now-teammate and fellow grind wizard Charlie Crumlish, resulting in yet another bangin web vid.

Shoutout to DJ Smokey 666 for the track!

Ride Adds Web Video Of The Year to NORA Cup

Screen shot 2014-08-19 at 4.09.41 PM

This has been a few years coming, but Ride just announced that they’re adding Web Video of the Year to the NORA Cup awards. Lets hear your picks for 2014 web video of the year…

Just for clarification, this award will go to a single rider’s video.

Kriss Kyle – Curved Wallride to Flair

Over the past few years we’ve seen Kriss Kyle send flairs on the most minimal of transitions, but he fucked the club up with this one! So. Fucking. Sick.

WeThePeople Sterling Line Overview with Pete Sawyer

Last month we premiered the promo for Pete Sawyer‘s signature Sterling line from WeThePeople and today he gives us a closer look at some of the features of his frame, fork and bars. This isn’t all talk either, theres a handful of bonus clips in here you’ll want to check out. For more photos and some info on the design process, make your way over to wethepeoplebmx.de.

Free Stevie Churchill Shirt When You Buy 3 From Dan’s Comp


Dan’s Comp is hooking it up with another good back to school deal that will score you a dope new tee featuring our boy Stevie Churchill. Hit the t-shirt section of danscomp.com to get started.