Merritt – Insert Bar End Promo

Merritt products are quickly developing a reputation for being able to take some serious abuse and the latest proof comes from the Street Market crew in Ukraine. They beat Merritt’s Insert bar ends to hell, gave it their best and they still popped out fine. If you’re tired of plastic bar ends breaking off in your bars, give the Insert ends a try!

Dan’s Comp How To Series: Pedal Install & Double Peg Grinds

Dan’s Comp kicks off their new how-to series with a couple of videos showing you how to properly install a new pair of Fit Mac pedals and get your double peg grinds on lock with the Subrosa Street Rail. Look for more how-to’s from the folks at Dan’s Comp in the coming months!

Hood Antics 26: The People’s Chump

Hood Antics is back with a three song melee of clips Rob DiQuattro has collected over god knows how long. As with every one of these videos, the here are countless gems and the level of seriousness is kept between -12 and -86. Hood Antics always does well to remind us that, above all else, riding bikes with your friends is about having fun!

Shadow – 2015 FLBMX Contest Series Recap Video

Get a look at highlights from each of the five comps of the FLBMX contest series in this new video from Shadow. A ton of locals came out at every stop and brought their A-game with them. The scene is alive and well in Florida!

“The 2015 FLBMX Contest Series was an amazing time for the Florida BMX scene. With amazing turnouts at each stop, it showed just how strong riding is in the South East. Check out this recap video from 2015 and get ready for next year because it’s going to be even crazier!”

Merritt – Brian Foster FT1 Tire Winter Testing

Brian Foster spent a good amount of last winter putting his signature Merritt FT1 tires to the test and comes through with a rad new video showing you just how well they roll on ramps. BF’s got lines and style for miles, so this is an easy watch. The FT1 tires, as well as all of Merritt’s new goods, are available now from your local bike shop. Also, look for a trails edit for the FT1 tire coming soon as well!

Shadow – Simone Barraco Bike Check


Simone Barraco’s Noster III is looking very much his own right now with that signature green Strada Nuova tire and his v2 Penumbra Tripod seat. Hit to get a look at more photos and the full parts list.

Freed Bikes Street Ride This Saturday in Phoenix

Phoenix locals, if you want to ride some bikes this weekend Deck Park is the place to be on Saturday. Freed Bikes is putting on a street jam, so if you’re in the area, try to make it out. Check the full flyer after the jump.

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Dillon Leeper FBM Video

Dillon Leeper is as dialed as they come and kills it in this new video for FBM. He rides a bunch of awesome looking spots in here and he’s got a move for every one. Don’t sleep on this, you son of a bitch!

Help BMX Legend Dave Voelker


BMX legend Dave Voelker is still in a bad way after shattering his kneecap last summer and even with insurance, needs some help with the constant onslaught of medical bills. His long time friend John Buultjens set up a GoFundMe page to take donations and ask the BMX community to come together to help a man who gave so much to us. If you need any introduction to this icon, look no further than Eddie Roman’s classic video “Lord Voelker” below.

After watching, follow this link to make a donation!

FISE Mini Ramp Qualifiers (Full Replay)

It looks like we’re going to be getting full replays from all the events at FISE this year and first up is the mini ramp qualifiers. This is always one of the most intese events in this contest, with a bunch of the biggest park riders throwing down insane tricks. Look for more from FISE over the weekend…

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Fly Bikes – Barcelona Shop Stop Video

While on a team trip in Barcelona, the Fly Bikes crew, consisting of Sergio Layos, Stefan Lantschner, Courage Adams and Joan Balmaña, made a stop at 360 Bike Shop to chill with the locals and sign some autographs. Afterward, everyone went down to the Marbella skatepark for a session. Get a look at everything that went down in this new video put together by Hugo Almeida.

FBM’s Characters With Bikes: John Corts

FBM’s Characters With Bikes series picks up with a Props style bio of their head welder and all around ape John Corts. Can the person who welded your frame shred this hard?

“John Corts is a beast, simplest way to put it, as head welder at FBM, he works hard, rides equally hard and is exceptional at both. From a working class background John knew early on he wanted to become a welder, and at age 14 had already decided he wanted to make a career out of welding bikes. Through BMX, he has realized his passions for fabrication, and travel, as John says, his two great educators. Here is a self produced edit of John, his brother and his friends traveling and riding FBM built bikes!
Always Stoked…”

Merritt – Tension Hub Guard Install Video

Last week we saw Merritt‘s Tension hub guard getting blasted with an angle grinder, but today we get a much mellower install guide to show you how it goes on. These, as well as all of Merritt’s new products, have landed, so get in touch with your local bike shop or mailorder!

Press Rewind: FIENDING

With JJ on TCUtv today and Garrett dropping his new Red Bull video tomorrow, we thought a mid-week Rewind for Fiending was in order. Given the current debate of DVD vs. Web, I feel like this video did well to show that no matter how you put something out, you can still make a classic. When a team comes together with a singular focus, not of making their part best, but pushing each other to be the best they can be, it shows. You can argue tangibility all day long, but when it comes down to the impact of these parts, not in views or units sold, but in the sense of pushing whats possible. The impact is felt all the same. By this time tomorrow, we will all have experienced that impact again and we won’t have needed a plastic disc to feel it.

Tony Neyer Covers Dan’s Comp Summer 2015 Catalog


Tony Neyer crooks his way on to the cover of the latest Dan’s Comp catalog with a dope photo shot by Chris Mortensen. He’s also got a little interview over on where he talks about this photo, his signature parts from Primo, his upcoming signature frame from Verde and gives some advice to young riders looking to make moves outside of their scene.

“Never stop trying, always support the homies, work together, buy a camera, pile in a van and drive anywhere, explore every area, send me photos of spots if you want me to come to your city. Go to jams, have fun, laugh, stay up late, get rest, stretch, stretch, stretch and don’t smoke cigs.”

If the latest catalog hasn’t shown up in your mailbox yet, you can check it out here.

Shadow – Paul Ryan Bike Check


Paul Ryan’s bike got freshened all the way up on Shadow‘s recent team meeting trip in New Mexico and Wes McGrath got a bunch of photos of it for this new bike check. Paul is rocking his signture Penumbra seat, the Raptor freecoaster, Interlock Supreme chain, a few things in the new red tie-dye colorway and a new prototype tire. Hit to get the full rundown and to see more photos.

Garrett Reynolds Red Bull Behind the Scenes Video

As the clock counts down to Garrett Reynolds dropping his next atomic bomb on BMX, Navaz gives us a behind the scenes look at the making of this video and some perspectives on the dynamic of the Fiend family. Arguably the most progressive team in BMX, its awesome to hear these dudes talk about riding more in the vein of having a good time with friends instead of the obvious importance of everything they’ve accomplished over the past few years. I’m really psyched to see something like this come out before the video because it gives you a genuine perspective on the environment surrounding the madness. But now that we’ve got this out of the way, Thursday can’t come soon enough!

Justin Seiller Spring 2015 Video

Most times when you hear about someone sustaining an injury, you expect to see everything they filmed up to that point, with the future uncertain. Well Justin Seiller’s broken ankle days are behind him and here’s a few months worth of clips he’s filmed on the weekends since being back on his bike. Psyched on a bunch of the stuff in the second half of this!

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Profile – Matt Coplon & Mark Mulville Split Edit

Both Matt Coplon and Mark Mulville have been flying the Profile flag for over 15 years and spend a good amount of time riding together when they close up shop at Profile HQ. Here’s a bunch of clips they’ve collected in their post-work sessions over the past six months.

Company Property – Full Factory

The Company Property series wraps up at the Full Factory ramps with Gary Young, Connor Lodes and Josh Clemens shredding every transition in the place and Broc Raiford, Sean Ricany, Stevie Churchill, Caleb Quanbeck, Travis Hughes and Demarcus Paul handling business on the rails and ledges. If you missed any of the other Company Property videos, you can check them all out here.