Lahsaan Kobza & Tammy McCarley Backyard Ramp Session

Here’s a new one featuring Tammy and Lahsaan killing it on their friend’s backyard ramp set up. Both of these dudes always kill it and this video is no exception.

The Level Below – Four Seasons Session

Its about to be skatepark season in the Midwest and The Level Below gets things started with a session at Four Seasons in Milwaukee. Catch clips from Rob D, Jeff K and Erik Saranstran coming through with the banger. Was that Noel or Liam Gallagher double dribbling that whip though?

Tony Hamlin 2014 Dan’s Comp Pro Team Video

Tony Hamlin’s been grinding rails and leaving black rainbows all over Rochester for years, but he and teammate/filmer Dan Coller still managed to find and film some gems for his Dan’s Comp pro team video. Psyched on a bunch of stuff in here, but that rail to wallride had to be my favorite clip. Only thing that could have made this better was maybe a blow-up doll appearance.

Fathead Rides A Bamboo BMX Bike

Bamboo has long been known as one of nature’s strongest raw materials, but can it support Fathead, the weight of his words and the impact of a hop whip? I won’t give too much away, but I will say this is pretty incredible for a few bamboo rods put together with electrical tape!

Caleb Ruecker 2014 Video

Just because we don’t see a ton of footage from Caleb Ruecker doesn’t mean he’s stopped roaming the streets of Portland. While he might prefer fishing jigs to filming jibs these days, you can tell he’ll probably never loose the urge to put pegs on shit.

Holy Fit Now Available On USB Flash Drive


If you don’t want to spring for the Holy Fit DVD and accompanying 200 page book, you can now get it on one of these flash drives for only $9.99. Word is the video and menus are exactly the same as the DVD, so getting it for half price plus a cool little piece of BMX memorabilia should be a no-brainer. Pick it up here.

NORA Cup 2014 Highlights

If all you saw from NORA Cup was a bunch of blurry Instagram photos, Ride hooked it up with a video highlighting everything that went down that night. As always, they brought out a legendary group of presenters and it was awesome to see pioneers of all the categories giving cups to the dudes pushing it now. This is definitely the best way to end Texas Toast weekend!

Shadow KIL Shop Battle Winner: Parano Garage

Last month three German BMX shops faced off in Shadow‘s first KIL Shop Battle, seeing which team could come up with the best video centered around the now-famous coffin ledges. With a unique look and a handful of Germany’s best riders including Bruno Hoffmann, Daniel Tunte, Felix Prangenberg, the Parano Garage team easily took the win. In case you missed it the first time around, here’s it is again.

You can also check out a bunch of behind the scenes insight & photos here.

Cultoween 2014 Tomorrow


Just a little reminder that Cultoween 2014 is going down tomorrow at the Vans park in Orange, California. If you’re in the area, it’ll be a free session with free food, giveaways and a chance to ride with a few Cult Pros. Check the full flyer after the jump.

The Shadow X Greenfilms DSLR Backpack

Alex Mayol from Greenfilms talks about how his relationship with Shadow started and the kind of camera bag he wanted to make in this new promo for his signature DSLR backpack. This is a sturdy bag with good amount of storage space and you’d be hard pressed to find a fresher interior pattern. If you’re in the market for a new camera bag, these are available now!

Tim Knoll on The Tonight Show

While not necessarily in-studio with Jay Leno in Burbank, Tim Knoll did make an appearance on The Tonight Show recently. Lets be honest, they could have pitted nearly any clip from Tim’s Original Bike Tricks video against the best Canada had to offer and Tim would still emerge victorious. Also, learn to bike limbo here.

Florida Homies vs. The Subrosa Street Rail

If you had any doubt about how sturdy and sessionable the Subrosa Street Rail is, have a look at this video of some local Florida shredders putting it through the paces. Hit for more info and ask for the Subrosa Street Rail at your local shop!

Shadow – Mark Burnett Bike Check


Before heading down to Texas Toast, Mark Burnett’s Mom’s son Mark built up a dope new trans black Sunday Broadcaster with a grip of new parts from Shadow, including the Trey Jones Killer cranks, Scott Ditchburn’s Slide Or Die pegs and the Raptor freecoaster. Hit for the full parts list and more photos.

Dan’s Comp iPhone App Available Now


Stay up to date on all the latest arrivals, promotions and social media from Dan’s Comp with their new iPhone app. This will be a great way to get coupon codes and keep up with all the giveaways Dan’s does. Before all you Androids out there collectively sigh, they’re working on a version for you as well.

If you want to see what its all about, get the app here.

Fit – Florent Soulas 2014 Video

Since getting the bump to Fit pro late last year, it seems Florent Soulas has been on a mission to ride and film as much as possible. He stacked enough footage for a full section in Holy Fit and five more minutes of clips for this latest web video. From trails to street, buttery smooth manual lines (on both wheels) to big tech stuff (like that first clip!), Flourent can ride it all.

Ryan “Biz” Jordan Video Bike Check

After getting his previous bike stolen a few weeks ago, Biz built up a fresh new Verde Oxbridge and gives us the rundown on his new ride.

Press Rewind: Jackson Ratima 2014 Stolen Video

The web video game is crazy. You can work your ass off for months and put out a video you’re proud of and if it just so happens to drop the same day as a new kid’s welcome edit, a big team trip and a Garrett video which Jackson Ratima’s latest video for Stolen did, it might not make the impact as it would have otherwise. With that being said and this being one of his best edits to date, I thought it definitely needed some more shine time. Just as hyped on this as the first time I saw it.

Mic’d Up With Tony Hamlin at Texas Toast

If you’ve ever met Tony Hamlin or at least follow him on twitter, you know the inner workings of his mind (or his internet browser history) will have you either laughing or puking uncontrollably. Tony got mic’d up during street practice at Texas Toast last weekend and let the color commentary flow.

Sunday Bikes – Erik Elstran 2014 Video

Prepare yourself for three minutes of NBD’s, WTF’s and OMG’s from one of the best riders out right now. Sunday‘s Erik Elstran has never been one to take himself or his riding too seriously, but that definitely hasn’t stopped him from pushing the limits of fun and what’s possible on a BMX bike. This is gold!!

Ty Morrow In The Streets Of San Diego

A few weeks ago we saw a video of Ty Morrow in the streets of LA and today we get a look at what an everyday session is like in San Diego. Even when he’s taking it easy, Ty’s still killing shit!