Shadow – Simone Barraco Strada Tire Promo

If there’s one thing I’ve come to know about Simone over the past couple of years, its that the boy likes things done right. I’ve seen him do some of the craziest lines over and over because he knows he can do it better and won’t settle for anything less. A perfect example of this is the ice at the famous red rail at 2:03. While most dudes would have taken the first or second one, he must’ve done that six times to get the photo how he wanted. And it looks like that perfectionists mentality carried over into the design of his new signature Strada tire from Shadow. Listen as he goes through his thoughts on the design and specs and watch as he puts them to use in a bunch of dope new footage.

Ryan Sher Bike Check & Interview


Subrosa‘s man in charge, Ryan Sher just built up a brand new Villicus Prime II in Raphael Jeroma-Williams’ dope black on black cheetah colorway, complete with all the latest and greatest parts from both Subrosa and Shadow. Get a look at his ride, read up on how he likes it setup and what new parts he’s stoked on here.

One Line With Mark Gralla

If there’s a shortlist of guys you’d want to see ride a spot like this, Ratkid‘s gotta be close to the top of that list.

Fit T/A Tire Promo

Don’t let their seemingly smooth exterior fool you, the new Fit Traction Advantage tires are definitely grippy as hell! Dan Conway gives you the rundown on some specs, accompanied by a bunch of dope clips from both he and Morgan Long. If you want to give the T/A tires a closer look or get them on your ride, hit up your local bike shop or mailorder.

One Day With Jordan Waters

WeThePeople‘s Jordan Waters took advantage of the empty streets in his hometown of Barnsley, South Yorkshire over the Easter weekend and got out to get some clips with filmer Paul Robinson.

2014 FBM Lost Bowl Jam Edit

FBM’s 2014 Lost Bowl Jam went down this past Saturday at an amazing backyard paradise in Richmond and Crandall already got a rad little edit put together. Stoked to see legends like Van Homan and Garrett Byrnes ripping the bowl and The Fids pulling double duty on a bike and skateboard. From taking a run with a kid on your back to taking a flying skateboard to the face, its awesome to see everyone was all smiles at the end of the day.

How Not To Do A Backflip

When KC Martin asked his friend with the camera if he was ready, I really think his friend should have double checked to see if KC himself was ready. But then again, if he knew he was about to drop in, do a superman flip and smash his nuts, we wouldn’t have anything to laugh at today. Hope your balls are ok, buddy!

Alex Vazquez For The Trip

Damn, this is awesome. Before Miles Rogoish’s recent “On Tulsa Time” video, it’d been awhile since we’d seen some fresh footage from Alex Vazquez. But that all changes today with an epic eight minute section for The Trip. From the first few clips, you can tell that this is going to go harder than the average web edit; Alex really went in for this one.

Merritt Insert Bar End Test

There’s not a lot of bike parts that could take the beating of a sledgehammer and come out good as new, especially a plastic bar end. But Merritt‘s new nylon Insert bar ends have a steel washer embedded into them to keep impacts from cutting through. Not only are these things a great idea, they come in at a super nice price of only $4. These could easily be the last bar ends you ever buy!

How To Get Home On A Flat Tire With Shawn McIntosh

A lot of the how-to’s we post are geared more toward the younger guys just starting to ride, but here’s one that’s a must-watch for everyone. We all know that feeling of getting a flat far far away from home or the car, but this ridiculously practical tip from Shawn Mac will have you rolling back instead of walking. Genius!

How To 360 a Rocker Bike With Harry Main

From the best how to ever, straight to the worst. Would Evel Knievel jump the fountains at Caesars Palace on a pocket bike? Can you see Jamie Thomas trying the Leap Of Faith on a fingerboard? Then why the fuck is Harry Main riding these retarded little circus bikes like they’re cool? This is seriously embarrassing. Rodeo Peanut, take it away…

Odyssey – Gary Young 2014 Grips Video

Gary Young’s signature grips from Odyssey got a revamp this year and the man himself gives you the rundown on the revisions and a couple minutes of new footage to go along with them. Gary rips on all-terrain in this, but if you really want to see the hammers drop, have another look at his ridiculous all-street video from earlier this year.

How To Bleach Dye A Shirt With Mike Brennan

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 3.50.25 PM

If you want to give your dark colored shirts a new life and a unique look, take some tips from Mike Brennan on how to give them a dialed bleach dye job. Head over to to get the step by step.

Subrosa – Park Party Tour At Cranx

The Subrosa crew kept true to the tour’s name and put on one hell of a party at the Cranx Bike Park last month. Hoang Tran, Mark Mulville and Lahsaan Kobza made it up to the Northeast to ride and chill with all the locals and you could tell the good energy and positive vibes were in full effect. Not to mention that Cranx is a fucking sick park and this will definitely have some of you making the howevermanyhour drive to Syracuse to ride it soon.

They also announced the 5th and 6th stops of The Park Party Tour today:

Proper – James Curry Ad

Proper James Curry Ad SPS

James Curry got hooked up with Proper to start off 2014 and here’s his first print ad. You can also have another look at his dope welcome edit below:

Hucker & Anthony Napolitan In New Zealand

Ever have a really good session at the trails, hop in a helicopter and land it on a glacier? Yeah? Well, did you do a front flip out of the helicopter and then spear a bunch of fish later that day? Didn’t think so. Tag along with Hucker and Anthony Napolitan having the best day ever in New Zealand.

Inside The FBM Warehouse

Go inside the FBM warehouse where real bike riders Finger Blast Metal to Fabricate, Build and Manufacture high quality Freestyle Moto Bikes. This definitely a dialed behind the scenes look at one Fucking Badass Machineshop. These Friendly Bicycle Manufacturers are also celebrating their 21st birthday this year, so stay tuned for word on a Festival of Motherfucking Brotherhood coming this summer!

Little Devil French Fry Trip

#VanCrushMonday was yesterday and we’re still a couple days away from #ThrowbackThursday, but this bonus section from the Little Devil collectors edition DVD is still a nice mid-week reminder of what a bunch of badasses the LD alums are. If you never saw this on DVD, check out Matt Beringer, Kris Bennett, Van Homan, John Heaton, and Alistair Whitton galavanting around France in search of dirt jumps, vintage cement and ridiculous street spots. I’ll spare you another hundred words on how much I miss this era of BMX, but damn….

2014 Baco A Go-Go Jam

Forget X Games, forget Simple Session, forget Mike Spinner’s backyard hotdog festival, this is what a real BMX contest looks like! The Baco jam at Area 51 in Appleton, Wisconsin in 2000 saw some of the most insane progression of the time from guys like Dave Freimuth, Brian Vowell, Ruben and younger versions of Brian Kachinsky and Mike Ardelean while the drunken antics raged on in the parking lot, the judges booth and into the afterparty.

Along with this classic section being uploaded today, we got word that Baco is throwing another A Go-Go jam. While you might not be able to pass a Mad Dog 20/20 to Luc-E, get your sleeves ripped off by Dave Osato or break bottles over your head with Lou Bickle this year, it’s still pretty much guaranteed to be good time!


Ollie Shields Welcome Video

Ollie Shields made the most of two days spent with filmer Mike King, beasting out three and a half minutes of footage welcoming him to something called 88 Bike Co. This dude shreds.

Red Bull Dirt Conquers Live Stream

Catch all the action from the 2014 Red Bull Dirt Conquers in Guadalajara, Mexico LIVE!

1st- Kevin Peraza
2nd- Daniel Sandoval
3rd- Drew Bezanson

Ben Hennon & Kevin Kalkoff Bowl Sharks Video

Damn, Ben Hennon and Kevin Kalkoff rip the shit out of the new bowl at Ramp Riders Club in Copenhagen, Denmark. They only spent two days riding this place, but it obviously didn’t take long to get some wild lines dialed in. This is sick and Kevin’s ender is nothing short of ridiculous.

A Rider’s Perspective With Andrew Manelis

Houston area rider Andrew Manelis shreds his local park to raise some awareness for the nation’s largest skatepark not allowing bikes. Even if you don’t watch this video, please take the time to sign the petition to get bikes into this amazing new skatepark. Thank you!

Day In The Life With Trey Jones

Tag along with Trey Jones for an average day in the life in Longwood, Florida. From hitting skateparks to riding his palatial backyard ramp (complete with redneck swimming pool), Trey and the boys have themselves a good ol’ time, Florida-style. If you want to see more antics from Bongwood, have another look at the Crack Dad promo that dropped last week.

MacNeil’s Any Means Necessary DVD Trailer Dropping Monday


There you have it, MacNeil‘s upcoming DVD has a name and the trailer for it is dropping Monday exclusively here on TCU.

“The trailer for our upcoming team video, ‘Any Means Necessary,’ is set to drop this Monday, April 14, on The Come Up. Expect to see clips for everyone on the team including Dillon Lloyd, Greg Flag, Sam Lowe, Chris Silva, Chijioke Okafo, Greg Henry, Jaumell Campbell, Jack Leonard, Adam Piatek, John Manaras, Justin Hughes, Nathan Hines, George Bolter, Alexi Barau, Amos Franke, and Fabian Dulong. Get stoked!”

DeMarcus Paul Off Freed

After just shy of a year with the team on his back, DeMarcus Paul announced today that he’s decided to part ways with Freed Bikes. One look at all the stuff he’s put out in the past year or so and its not surprising that another opportunity has presented itself. Until we find out what that might be, have another look at his welcome to the team edit from last summer. Here’s what Demarcus had to say:

Profile Crank It! Contest


If you’ve got a keen eye for Profile‘s many varieties of crank arms, they’re running a contest that could score you one of their new Saber sprockets. Head over to to get a look at the cranks/sprockets of 11 of their team riders and if you can correctly identify all of them, you’re entered to win!

Nathan Sykes Welcome To Colony

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 12.47.32 PM

Colony‘s added another rider to their expanding American team which now consists of Mike Brennan, Jordan Barba, Justin Care, Chris Bracamonte and Bobbie Altiser. You can get a look at Nathan Sykes’ 2014 Teddy build and a few more photos by Matt Cordova over on the Colony site. Here’s what they had to say:

“We’re very stoked to announce a new comer to the team with Nathan Sykes who has just moved to California in recent months abut already finding himself very much at home. Be on the look out for plenty more from Nathan & his awesome style to come. Welcome to the team mate, it’s great to have you a part of it all now. Good times ahead no doubt.”

Joey Piazza Neglected Neighborhoods Video

While you wait for the next full length AM:PM video (coming this fall), check out Joey Piazza exploring some Neglected Neighborhoods around NYC. You already know Joey’s got spots and knows how to use em.

Eric Lichtenberger for Stranger’s Nomad Frame

Stranger put up this quick clip of Eric Lichtenberger to let everyone know that their Nomad frames are available now. To see more of Eric shredding his Nomad, check out his 2013 TCU exclusive video, his split skatepark edit with Alex Kennedy and the Trip With Stranger mixtape. If you’re looking to get one of these frames, have your local shop or mailorder get in touch with Tip+!