Jordan Hango’s Holy Fit Section

I think we all knew well enough to expect amazing DVD sections from the likes of Van Homan, Shawn Mac and the rest of the Fit team. But a lot of people (myself included) were completely blown away by Jordan Hango’s part. Even watching this for the 10th+ time, I still find myself wondering what the fuck he was thinking in some of these clips. Good god, this goes hard!!

Dan’s Comp – Shane Weston at Sixth Avenue

Fresh off the release of the Eclat Blind hub promo and his Dan’s Comp DVD section, Shane Weston keeps it rolling with this new video from the Sixth Avenue skatepark in Nashville. Your boy is going forwards, backwards, bar in, bar out of whatever he wants, making it look like this park was built for his brand of riding.

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Cinema – Corey Martinez Ad


Corey Martinez tweaks a fakie tbog in Barcelona for Cinema’s latest print ad. Also featured is the hub that helped him do this, the Cinema FX freecoaster. The FX hub and FX complete wheels are available now worldwide.

How To Downside Ice With Gary Young

While out at Woodward West, Gary Young took some time out to film this new video giving you some tips on how to do downside ices. Next up, how to do massive gaps to over pegs.

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TBR Rooster Den Video

Well, this might be the sickest $200 ramp I’ve ever seen. Check out a bunch of clips Matt Coplon has collected from sessions at Alan Shirley and Steve Osgood’s “Rooster Den” ramp over the past few months. Pretty rad to see what some time, dedication and scrap wood donations can accomplish!

Robbo & Matt Roe – Parks And Recreation Video

Mutiny‘s resident style cats Robbo and Matt Roe take a tour of some of central Texas concrete in this new video by Stew Johnson. Roey riding the last park in here will be some of the best shit you watch today, easy.

BMXFU Ode 2 Mike Brennan

After the news of Mike Brennan stepping down from the pro spotlight last week, the Fu Man went crazy digging up some of Mike’s most memorable footage and put it all together in one video. With the amount of abuse he’s put his body through over the last decade plus, you can’t blame him for wanting to take it a little easier these days. You’ll always be the man, Mike!

The Bakery Rail At 4Seasons Skatepark

The Bakery‘s legacy lives on with the installation of a green a-frame rail at the 4Seasons skatepark in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You already know anything with The Bakery’s namesake is gonna be fun as hell to ride, so peep this video to see Mike Hinkens, Jeff Klugiewicz, Jeff Dowhen, Dylan McCauley, Grant Castelluzzo, Trent McDaniel, Timmy Theus and Brian Kachinsky breaking her in.

Chester Blacksmith, Andrew Jackson & Raul Ruiz Off WeThePeople Pro Team


WeThePeople released a bit of interesting news today: Chester Blacksmith, Andrew Jackson and Raul Ruiz have all stepped down from the pro ranks and have taken their place on WTP’s “Family” team. Apparently, this is not a parting of ways and all three of these dudes will still continue to support and get support from WeThePeople. Here’s what they had to say:

“For those who are interested to know, Chester Blacksmith, Andrew Jackson and Raul Ruiz are no longer riding for the PRO team however they are now part of the WTP family section. They still ride WTP parts and frames and we will continue to support them.”

James Dybing “Shark Thunder” Video

Aussie shredder James Dybing rips around a bunch of skateparks and a handful of street spots in this new video filmed by our dude Frenchie and his trusty VX. Here’s what French had to say:

“James ‘Yimmy’ Dybing is one of the first people I met when I moved to Australia back in 2007. Since then, we’ve travelled the world together and he’s became one of my best friends. Yimmy’s riding is just amazing and he has the ability to just shred anything he rides.”

Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” Crash Section

With a huge team going in every time the cameras were out, its no wonder there ended up being almost six minutes of crash footage from the Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD. Nothing too gnarly in here, just the kinda shit that comes with the territory when you’re out in the streets. You tell that fuckin’ pigeon, Shane.

Shane Weston – Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD Section

Coaster pimp and anger management dropout Shane Weston never slacks when it comes to filming for a project and his section from the Dan’s Comp DVD is another example of why he’s one of the best dudes going backwards these days. Shoutout to Q And Not U, Props Rock is still alive!

Chad Kerley – Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD Section

Even with his filming time cut short from the first crash in here, Chad Kerley was still able to beast out a full three minute section for the Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD. You already know this is gonna go hard, so just sit back, hit play and watch young CK do his thing…

Chris Childs BCAVE “Bad Friends” Section

Around this time last month, the BCAVE boys unleashed their second full-length video “Bad Friends” with Chris Childs setting it off with a bangin’ first section. If Chris isn’t one of your favorite all-around riders in 2015, you’re sound asleep.

FBM Visits Trey Jones’ Backyard

FBM’s big black bus rolled into Bongwood, Florida recently and the crew spent a day hanging out and ripping Trey Jones’ backyard ramps. Catch clips from Eric Holladay, Dillon Leeper, Trav Dogg, Jabe Jones and of course, Trey’s bulldog Jesco.

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Madera – Erik Elstran Signet Sprocket Video

Maderik Elstran unboxes one of Madera‘s new Signet guard sprockets and then takes it to 4Seasons skatepark in Milwaukee to break it in. There’s no such thing as a normal session when it comes to Elstran and he’s always coming up with something rad. Here’s some more info on the sprocket itself:

-The Madera Signet Guard is the first Guard/sprocket that can adapt to just about any type of crank.
With the Profile insert being sold separately, the Madera Signet Guard can adapt to 19mm bolt on, 19mm spline, 22mm bolt on, 22mm spline, or 24mm bolt on.

-Price? We worked hard on the production process to make it more efficient. This allows us to offer the Madera Signet Guard to riders for $39.99

The insert is sold separately for $9.99

That means the total price is only $49.99

–Inserts (sold separately) for:
-19mm Bolt-On
-19mm Spline Drive
-22mm Bolt-On
-22mm Spline Drive
-24mm Bolt-On

-Available in 25t, 27t and 28t.
-Available in either Black or Raw Clear Coat.
-Weight: 25t, 123g/4.3oz
-Made in the USA by Profile Racing

Profile – Mark Mulville Ad


If you see photos, videos or updates from Profile on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, there’s a good chance longtime team member Mark Mulville posted them. They introduce the new social media czar in this new ad shot by Rob Dolecki in Miami.

Defining Things With Drew Hosselton

To hear a dude say outright he’s about to put out the DVD part that defines him as a rider is a pretty bold statement. But Drew Hosselton sounds like he’s been on a calculated mission, working his ass off the past two years to film his magnum opus. February can’t come soon enough!

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Eric Hennessey Trails Time Video

FBM’s wandering gypsy Eric Hennessey spent some time in the northeast during trail season last year and it looks like he had him self a good ol time in the woods roasting dubs with his friends. Kickouts and soundtrack courtesy of the dude himself.

BSD – Reed Stark Print Ad


Reed Stark and his signature Safari pedals are featured in the latest print ad for BSD. You can see this clip in the bangin promo he put out a few months ago and you can pick these pedals up now from your local shop or mailorder!