Shadow – Mark Burnett “What Could Be Left?” Video

With the amount of work Mark Burnett put into his “What Could Go Wrong?” part, its really no wonder that he got the bump to Shadow pro as a result. Filming steadily since he got on the team in 2013, Mark stacked so much footage that only the best clips made it into the video, leaving three plus minutes of solid footage on the proverbial cutting room floor. Thankfully, all those clips to see the light of day in another What Could Be Left? edit. Don’t call em leftovers though, this video still bangs!

To see Mark’s full part and the rest of “What Could Go Wrong?”, hit up iTunes or Google Play.

Merritt – Brad Simms & Jordan Capece In Maryland

Brad Simms has been stateside for a minute and while he was actually in his home state of Maryland he managed to get out and film for a few days with Jordan Capece. Rain tried to keep things from happening, but they were still able to get a couple days worth of riding in for this new Merritt video. Brad drops some hammers in here and closes things out with a signature line.

Courage Adams Madrid Video

This video should really be called “Courage Adams Goes HAM In Madrid” because thats exactly what happens in here. Just sit back and watch this dude destroy spots in the lesser seen Spanish city for three minutes…it just might be the best video you see today.

Cultoween 2015 Video

The annual Cultoween jam went down last Thursday at the Vans park in Orange, with a ton of riders packing the house for maybe the best Halloween session to date. From the clips to the costumes, get a look at everything that went down in this fresh new edit. Shoutout to Cult for putting this jam on every year, always looks like a good time!

Subrosa – Simone Barraco Bike Check


Get a look at the ride Simone Barraco is on right now in this new bike check from Subrosa. He’s rocking all his signature parts from both Shadow and Subrosa, including his Noster III frame, Strada Nuova tires, that fresh green Aztec seat and the upcoming 4 Peace bars. Hit for the full rundown and more photos.

Also, if you haven’t seen Simone’s NORA Cup video section of the year in Shadow’s “What Could Go Wrong?”, you need to hit iTunes or the Google Play and get to downloading.

Raditudes – Behind The Scenes of Drew Bezanson’s “Uncontainable”

The latest episode in the return of Raditudes takes us behind the scenes of arguably the most insane video of 2015, Drew Bezanson’s “Uncontainable”. From concept to construction to actually riding those ridiculous setups, this gives a good look at what went into every aspect of this project. Seeing Drew’s nerves and the uncontrollable stoke after rolling away from some of this stuff really gives you a good idea of how much was on the line for this video. After watching this, relive the madness by watching the full video again below.

Ethan Corriere & The Fit “Pledge” Complete

Last week Justin Spriet introduced us to Fit‘s “Prospect” and today Ethan Corriere unboxes the “Pledge” complete and puts it through the paces. This is yet another dialed complete that will have you hitting the streets in style straight out of the box. Hit for more information on the Pledge and the rest of Fit’s 2016 complete line.

Mutiny – Maxime Bonfil “From The Archives” Edit

Its crazy to think footage this good can somehow get lost, but thankfully Pierre Blondel finally got it together because this definitely needed to be seen! From beginning to end, Mutiny‘s Maxime Bonfil runs wild on bunch of amazing spots you’re going to wish you were on the same continent as.

Eclat – Dan Coller “Motivation” Interview

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.53.02 PM

Dan Coller has a fresh new interview on the Eclat site talking about his motivations for riding, filming, traveling and more. He also gives us a little more insight on Kink’s mysterious “Intervention” project as well. Hit to read the full interview.

Subrosa – Scott Ditchburn Bike Check


Crook god Scott Ditchburn has a new bike check over on giving us a look at his current setup. This red/black fade Thunderbeast is all the way decked with parts from Shadow and Subrosa, including his signature Penumbra seat and Slide Or Die pegs.

Ender Ender with Shawn Mac

Shawn Mac had a beastly part in Holy Fit, but his ender stands out as one of the craziest things he’s ever done. He takes some time to sit down and talk with Stew Johnson about that insane rail-gap-rail in the latest episode of Ender Ender. You can also check out his full part again below:

Justin Spriet & The Fit “Prospect” Complete

Fit‘s youngest pro, Justin Spriet, also happens to be one of the team’s most well-rounded riders and is a perfect choice to showcase just how capable the new “Prospect” complete is on all terrains. He’s a not-so-lowkey trail boss and does well to show how well this bike rolls in the woods and also lays down a handful of street clips round this promo out. Hit for more information on the Prospect and the rest of Fit’s 2016 complete bike line!

Daniel Tünte “Part Of Mankind” Video

Daniel Tünte is about to own your Monday with his new “Part Of Mankind” video. Its been awhile since we’ve seen a full-street edit from Daniel, but he gives us a solid “sorry for the wait” with nearly three minutes of bangers filmed in Barcelona and Berlin. Get your head shakes and wtf’s ready, you’re gonna need ’em.

Cult – Trey Jones Cultivate Vol.1 Section

You saw Cultivate Vol.1 in its entirety a few weeks ago, but all these sections definitely deserve some shine time of their own. After AK’s part the other day, Trey Jones is up next. Speed, style and tech are all in good supply, with Trey taking on street spots with a perspective all his own.

WeThePeople – Ed Zunda Bike Check Video

Get your first look at Ed Zunda’s new “Awake” frame from WeThePeople in this new video bike check. He’ll give you the full rundown, including full specs on his new frame and cranks, then he takes her for a spin at the local park to tide you over till the full frame promo is done. Hit for more information on Ed’s Awake line.

“BMX Streets” Out Now for iOS & Android

If the trail style of Pumped BMX wasn’t your style, you’re about to be psyched. “BMX Streets” is a new game that brings ledges, rails and more to your mobile gaming experience. We haven’t played it yet, but by the looks of this quick promo video, it looks pretty cool. BMX Streets is available now for iPhone and Android.

“BMX Streets is not for the faint hearted!

Progress your BMX skills with over 250 challenges in 19 unique street spots. Shred the rails, time your hops, grind the ledges. Learn the lines to meet the challenges and master BMX Streets!

Real Physics!

Real Tricks. Tire rides, Smiths, Feebles, Fakies, and more!

Real Jibs. Plan and build combos to meet the challenges.

Brutal Bails. Hilarious rag doll landings.

Original Music.

Be the the first to master BMX Streets!”

Profile – Chad DeGroot Bike Check Video

Chad Degroot takes to Orlando’s most eclectic bike trail to give you a look at the ride he’s on currently in this new bike check from Profile. He’s not just standing next to it talking parts and specs though, he keeps it moving with a ton of rad flatland links, showing us exactly what this machine was built for. For the full parts rundown and more photos, click here.

Subrosa In California Video

The Subrosa boys brought a good time to every stop of their California shop tour and its about time we got a look at what else they got up to out there. Even with the focus more on shop stops, the squad still managed to come through with nearly seven minutes of footage for your viewing pleasure. From park sessions to street missions, you can tell these dudes always have a good time riding together.

Blunted AZ Parks Video

Sessions don’t come easy during the Arizona summer, but the Blunted fam still managed to make the most of the early mornings and evenings for this new video. You get a good dose of Lahsaan and Tammy in here, with clips from Kyle Hart, Joey Caldeorone, Aaron Maxwell and Ryan Chadwick as well. Tammy’s ender tho.

Verde – Mark Martinez New Young Gun Video

Mark Martinez comes out swinging in his debut for Verde! When a boss hog like Tony Neyer is giving him the co-sign and putting in a good word, you know they’re not just hooking up some random nerd who can truck the biggest stairset. Mark seems like a good kid and as you’ll see in this video, he fucking shreds too. Exactly the kinda kid that should be getting put on!

“Mark Martinez might come off as quiet at first but you would quickly find out that he’s louder than ever. Obviously like most people once you get to know them you get to see how they handle them selves when in different situation. I was hurt when I first met him so I only got to hang back and watch him and his homies come down from AZ and kick it with the squad. I was blown away by how good he was at riding and just all and all seemed super genuine and perfect for the Verde squad. Like I said riding was he’s louder than words and down for the get down. Hyped on what Mark’s going to bring to the table. YoungGunz.” — Tony Neyer