Garrett Reynolds Wins Dew Tour Brooklyn Streetstyle


Dew Tour in Brooklyn is wrap and Garrett Reynolds came out on top in the streetstyle contest, with Dennis Enarson in second and Scotty Cranmer in third. For those of you who missed it, we’ll be posting the videos from finals as soon as they drop, so check back soon.

Chad Kerley’s Favorite Dew Tour Moment

Chad Kerley talks about taking the win at last year’s streetstyle contest in this new Dew Tour Moment video. He came through with a beast of a run (that you can check out after the jump) and will definitely be contending in both street and streetstyle as Dew Tour heads to Brooklyn this weekend.

Hit to check your local times and tune in to the livestream on Saturday and Sunday. Continue reading

Stolen – Cali Coast Team Trip

Back in July Stolen sent Sean Morr, Jackson Ratima, Ralphy Ramos and Glen Gibbovan down the California coast to shoot photos for their 2015 catalog and film a new video. With such a peg-heavy crew, they were looking for every grindable surface from San Francisco to San Diego and found a ton of dope setups. After watching the video, you can also check out all of Stolen’s 2015 products and a bunch of photos from Joey Cobbs in their 2015 catalog below.

Cult Starter Snapbacks


If Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, DJ Yella and MC Ren were gonna rep for any BMX company, they’d probably do it wearing one of these dope new Starter snapbacks from Cult. These joints will definitely get snatched up quick, so if you’re feelin one of em, you’d better make your way over to the Cult webstore nowish.

Trey Jones Covers Dan’s Comp Fall 2014 Catalog


Trey Jones scores the cover of the latest Dan’s Comp catalog with this crank arm grind shot by Justin Kosman. If this hasn’t hit your mailbox yet, you can check it out online right here. Trey’s also got an little interview up on where he talks new products from Cult and Shadow, Crack Dad and the progress of his Shadow DVD part.

Cam Girvin 2014 Video

The Oven might be gone, but we’re definitely still down to give younger riders some shine time. Case in point is this new one from Pittsburgh-area street prodigy Cam Girvin. From the first few clips, I knew this was going to be crazy. Cam fears no setup big or small and drops more than a few hammers in here, including an insane last clip. Definitely looking forward to seeing more from this kid, cause damn!

Red Bull Quarter Master 2014 Video

Its pretty telling of the scale of this project when seasoned Quarter Masters like Bas Keep, Matt Roe, Tom Dugan and Morgan Wade are taken back by the size of this setup. Get a look at twelve of the best riders on earth doing battle with a THOUSAND TONS of dirt in the official video from Red Bull’s Quarter Master. This is sooo crazy!

Diamond Park Video

Another day, another bangin skatepark video featuring a handful of your favorite pros including, Ty Morrow, Tony Neyer, Gabe Brooks, Tom Villarreal, Andrew Castaneda, Morgan Long and Raul Ruiz getting it in at the Diamond park in LA. You’re gonna be hyped on a bunch of Tony, Ty and Gabe’s clips in here!

Colony – Tom Stretton Bike Check


Tom Stretton just built up a fresh new 2015 Miner frame with all the latest parts from Colony and got a bike check together. If you’re a leopard print enthusiast or perhaps looking to lure in Cougars and MILFs, Tom’s signature rims will be available soon if not already. Hit to get the full parts rundown and more photos.

And just because, have another look at this doubles edit with Tom and teammate Bobbie Altiser from earlier this year. This was awesome.

Raditudes Episode 8

Episode 8 of Raditudes sees Anthony and Hucker out in France for this year’s Kill The Line contest. This give us a look at everything before, during and especially after the contest where things really got loose. If you want to know what was going through Ryan Nyquist’s head when he was trying that insane three tree bonk to bar or just want to see Chris Doyle moonwalk in a puddle of wine and Sriracha, its all in here.

Garrett Reynolds Streetstyle Video

Skatepark edits are a dime a dozen and the overwhelming majority of them can be pretty boring for the simple fact that Garrett Reynolds isn’t in them. But with the second Dew Tour Streetstyle event coming up this weekend in Brooklyn, Garrett hit up one of his local parks to get some runs in and talk about his motivations going into contests. You already know this isn’t going to be your average skatepark video!

Be sure to tune in to to see BMX street and Streetstyle live this weekend.

Hot & Steady Mixtape

Josh Babu’s “Hot and” mixtape series continues with this joint he started while living in Jersey and finished after his move to Austin. Awesome to see these dudes finding some of their own gems down here instead of just riding nothing but the staple spots. As with the previous Hot & Sweaty mixtape, this one’s got a dope vibe to it and made for an easy 17min watch.

In The Streets With Dakota Roche

Dak hits the streets of Santa Ana and talks about his approach to street riding, what he loves so much about it and what keeps it exciting. Don’t get it twisted though, he’s not just cruising in this one. A bunch of dope clips get laid down, including a casual shoulder-height grind on an electrical box.

Broc Raiford Off OSS.


Wow, didn’t see this one coming but Broc Raiford and OSS have parted ways. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more about what his next move is soon. Until then, here’s Broc’s statement via Instagram:

“Today I’ve decided to part ways with OSS on the best terms possible. Due to other obligations I had to take a step back from the OSS team. I wish them nothing but the best in the future and a huge thanks for the support!”

and Adam’s via the OSS Instagram:

“Unfortunately today I’ve gotta announce that our good friend @brocafloka is formally moving on from the OSS team to pursue another opportunity. We all love the kid and are sad to see him go but I’m stoked he’s getting to do more even if we aren’t involved.”

Kilian Roth Three Days in Cologne

Kilian Roth hits you with a new one from a few days spent in Colonge, Germany. He’s got that smooth four peg coaster steeze and puts it down on a bunch of sick spots. Shoutout to the last clip in here!

Shadow KIL Germany Shop Battle Videos

Pushing their Keep It Local initiative, Shadow & Freedom gave three German BMX shops a chance to win cash & prizes for the best edit featuring their famous coffin grind boxes. Parano Garage, Deepend BMX, and Alliance BMX all came through with three distinctly different videos and its up to you to vote for who wins. Check them all out after the jump and vote here.

Sunday UK 2014 Video

Last month Sunday took Gary Young, Mark Burnett and Chris Childs out to the UK for a week of riding and shop stops. Despite it raining nearly every day they were there, they still managed to shred on all terrain, clocking clips in the streets, at a massive set of trails and even sneaking in a skatepark session. No one goes to England to ride a flat rail in the rain, but its awesome that they still found a way to have a good time doing that and more.

Sunday – Gary Young Breaks In His New Bike

After Gary Young’s new Sunday Soundwave built itself up, he took her out for a spin to break her in. Gary’s classic style looks good enough at regular speed, but really shines at 240fps. Hit to get a look at the full parts rundown on this rad ride.

I Got $5 On It – Adrian Vigil

Adrian Vigil clocks five clips at the Erie plaza park in Colorado and gets himself halfway closer to that dime sack in the latest I Got $5 On It video.

Rare Air With Brian Kachinsky

In the latest edition of Rare Air, Brian Kachinsky talks about getting his first taste for the thrill of BMX and gives all you novices some sound advice: pull up & don’t be a bitch!