Glenn Salyers Memorial Jam


The Kitchen Skatepark is throwing a memorial jam for fallen rider Glenn Salyers on August 8th, so if you’re anywhere within driving distance of South Bend, Indiana try and make it out. If you can’t make it to the jam, donations to help Glenn’s family can still be made here.

2015 Van Doren Invitational Day 1 Practice Video

Its that time of year again, when a handful of BMX’s best bowl riders converge on Huntington Beach for the Van Doren Invitational. Things were just getting started yesterday, but stuff was already going down. Shoutout to Larry Edgar for that triple tabe!

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What Could Go Wrong with Albert Mercado

As the premiere for Shadow‘s “What Could Go Wrong?” video creeps closer and closer, we get Albert Mercado’s perspective on the filming process from beginning to end. Cool to hear him talk about pushing himself, the progression in everyone’s riding and the parts he’s looking forward to most. What Could Go Wrong drops August 14th and on iTunes on August 18th!

Dan’s Comp Parking Lot Jam Video

Dan’s Comp put on one hell of a jam in the parking lot of their Evansville, Indiana headquarters last weekend. From locals to members of the Dan’s pro team, including Nathan Williams, Morgan Long, Seth Kimbrough and Shane Weston, everyone came out to shred an awesome bunch of ramps and a few people even walked away with cash for some hot moves. Get a look at everything that went down in this new video and if you’re ever in Evansville, try and make a stop by Dan’s retail store.

Long Story Short with Chase Hawk

Get the inside scoop on Chase Hawk’s decade-long BMX career straight from the man himself in this new video. From low man on the totem pole on Fit’s Puerto Rico trip to filming for his latest full-length part in Etnies upcoming “Chapters” DVD, its awesome to take a look back a how he went from grom to flow to pro to realm of living legends.

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Red Bull’s Big Rig Holiday Video

Well damn…Red Bull rounded up a HEAVY crew of street hawgs including Nathan Williams, Reed Stark, Alex Kennedy, Corey Martinez, David Grant, Christian Rigal and Matt Roe for an RV trip around the Northwest and with a crew that stacked, you already know shit went down! Everyone bags a couple of WTF’s in here, but that rail Reed does at the end definitely takes the cake. I know I’m not the only one that’d love to see more trips like this go down.

Anthony Panza – $katepark $hit

Long Island local Anthony Panza is back with a quick hitter from a couple skateparks filmed by our dude Nick Jones. This is easily the best :50 second skatepark video you’ll watch all day. But if you want to see some of that $treet $hit, be sure to give his 2014 video another watch below.

Subrosa – Kyle Hart Metal Mondays Compilation

Subrosa is taking Kyle Hart’s Metal Mondays series from Instagram to the web with this new compilation. Kyle has been going hard with these things for months and its awesome to see alllll the clips in one video. To get your weekly dose of Metal Mondays, be sure you’re following @kylefart and @subrosabrand on Instagram!

Matt Ray 2015 Woodward Video

When I heard Subrosa was sending Matt Ray and Bobby Kanode out to Woodward, I knew we’d be in for a beast of a video and holy shit, did they deliver! Matt spent four solid days locked into beast mode and ripped this place to shreds. So just sit back, hit play and watch the madness unfold.

Kenny Horton Summer 2015 Video

Kenny Horton fucking rips shit in the streets of Austin for this new FBM video. From roofs to rails to pools, he’s shredding it all to the fullest. If this doesn’t get you stoked, check your pulse!

Cult #Crewsin 01 – San Francisco

Hellll yeah, Cult kicks off their new “Crewsin” series with a bunch of iPhone clips Dak and Andrew Castaneda clocked riding around in San Fran last weekend. Can’t wait for Crewsin 02 or 25 for that matter…these are going to be awesome.

Kink – Turn Down The Suck Tour 2 Video

Get in the van for the second installment of Kink‘s Turn Down The Suck Tour and tag along as they venture around the shops and spots of California. So awesome that damn near the whole team, including Sean Sexton, Connor Lodes, Albert Mercado, Chris Doyle, Travis Hughes, Jacob Cable, Calvin Kosovich, Dan Coller, Jack Acosta, Darryl Tocco and Jake Petruchik came out for this. With a squad that deep, things were going down and getting handled at every shop stop and street spot on the way.

The Shadow Conspiracy 2015 Back To School Apparel

Back to school time is just around the corner and The Shadow Conspiracy has got you covered on fresh threads! Check out all the new offerings, including tees, jackets, backpacks and much more, in the above lookbook, then head down to your local shop or call up your favorite mailorder and ask for your favorites.

Jake Petruchik Rochester Video

Kink‘s young street killa Jake Petruchik is back with a dope new edit he filmed with left coast homie Doeby at home in Rochester, NY recently. No filler in here and certainly no shortage of buttery smooth clips either; Jake really put it down for this one!

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WeThePeople – Fundamentals Pt.1 with Max Gaertig


WeThePeople caught up with long-time team rider and tailwhip god Max Gaertig to talk about some of his favorite bikes, geometries and the progression of WTP frames over the years. This is a really rad interview and it sounds like we’ve got more of them in store as well.

“We’ve been designing and producing BMX frames for a long time now. We made our very first BMX frame in 1998, at a time before some of the team was even born. Ever since then, day by day, we have been slowly perfecting the art into something really special. Our latest offering of aftermarket frames is a combination of over 18 years of research and development and intensive testing by some of the heaviest hitters in the game.

Today we start a new feature looking just how far our products have come, and why our riders have so much trust in the bikes they ride. Max Gaertig has been riding the hell out of our bikes longer than anyone else on the team, and when a man who has no hesitation to throw himself off 15ft roof drops or grind down 20 stair handrails at a moments notice tells you he has never broken one of your frames, you know you’re doing something right.”

Hit to read the full interview.

Cult – Mikey Tyra Bike Check


With Mikey Tyra recently joining ranks with Cult, he got to build up a fresh new whip and damn, does this thing look good! Hit to see more photos and get hyped to see him shredding this thing in his next video.

Profile/FBM Melton’s Cycle Shop Stop Video

The second stop of Profile and FBM’s Maiden America tour rolled through Melton’s Cycle Shop recently and did well to spread the good word of BMX to a bunch of kids in the North Carolina scene. Catch some words from the shop owner Lennie Melton and a bunch of clips from a bunch of the crew in this new video.

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Subrosa’s 2016 Complete Bikes

Subrosa just released all the info on their upcoming 2016 complete bike line and they look sick! From balance bikes for the little guys to the 26″ cruiser that’ll get you to the bar in style, the entire range of Subrosa completes got some dialed upgrades this year. Check them all out in the flipbook above, then head over to to get the full specs.

Mikey Tyra Off WeThePeople, On Cult

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 3.51.50 pm

Big news from your boy Mikey Tyra today. Looks like he’s decided to leave WeThePeople and join ranks with the Cult Crew. If Mikey’s last few edits were any indication, we should have a bangin welcome to the team video to look forward to soon!

Billy Perry 2015 iPhone Edit

Billy Perry cleaned out his phone, compiled all the footage and ended up with four solid minutes of footage for this new video. Music or not, there’s definitely no shortage of dank nugs in here. After watching this, I’m looking forward to seeing Billy’s next full web video!