Dylan Stark Fenced In Video

We don’t see nearly as much Dylan Stark footage as we used to so its good to see this quick one pop up today. Dylan pretty much goes power hour at the Belvedere skatepark in East Los Angles and Nate Richter was there to capture it all.

Subrosa – Vans Bicycle Center Shop Stop Video

Get a look at all the happenings from Subrosa‘s recent stop at Vans Bicycle Center in Yuba City, California. Pro team members Nick Bullen, Kyle Hart, and Simone Barraco were on hand to shred with the locals, making for a nice session at a rad shop. You’ll also get a peek at some upcoming Subrosa Street Rail add-ons in here too!

GoPro Perspectives with Stefan Lantschner

Stefan Lantschner gives us a unique perspective of the bowl at his local park in Barcelona in this new video. Stefan’s got all the lines dialed and his buddy is pretty handy with the GoPro too. For more information on the stabilizer they used, click here.

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Ryan Chadwick Hi-8 Edit

Most things you’ve heard about Ryan Chadwick lately have been centered around Shadow‘s “What Could Go Wrong?” video, but today we get a look at a bunch of clips he stacked between trips and on random street missions with longtime friend and vintage digital video enthusiast Eric Bahlman. If you thought Chadwick was all glasses and cameras, you’ve got another thing coming!

Click here to watch more of Bahlman’s Hi-8 antics.

Brian Foster’s Holy Fit Section

The parts from Holy Fit keep rolling with the next section coming from none other than Brian Foster. From the woods to parks to the streets, BF is still ripping on all terrain and came through with a timeless part chock full of that signature style.

And if for some reason you still haven’t seen BF-it, the Brian Foster documentary, stop what you’re doing and get familiar with one of the best to ever do it.

Behind The Scenes of Drew Bezanson’s “Uncontainable”

Last week Drew B. shut the internet down with his ridiculous “Uncontainable” video and today we get a behind the scenes look at how it all came together. From construction to test runs to the real deal, watching this is sure to give you a little more appreciation as to how insane this actually was.

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Dan Conway’s Holy Fit Section

If you were wondering how Dan Conway’s signature Fit Savage frame and bars got their name, look no further than his section from Holy Fit. From tech grinds to the big stuff, Dan kicked off the video with a part any true street rider would be hyped on. Sooo many good clips in here, including an ender IN THE RAIN that still doesn’t make any sense. Savage.

Mikey Babbel’s “Get One More In Me” Edit

Mikey Babbel has been cursed with back issues for the past couple of years, keeping him from riding and filming on the regular. Injuries withstanding, he was still able to film some stuff this summer and wanted to put out one more video before going under the knife later this week. Here’s to hoping this surgery fixes Mikey’s back and he’s back to riding soon!

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Ryan Chadwick “What Could Go Wrong?” Interview


Shadow‘s resident adult babysitter and visual specialist Ryan Chadwick talks all things “What Could Go Wrong?” in this new interview. From landing the job at Shadow to stepping in and finishing Subrosa’s G.U.T.I. and then starting the three year journey that would become WCGW?, its been a whirlwind five years and Chadwick has managed to weather more than a few storms and come through with another amazing full-length.

Its no secret that the game is changing and its no small feat that Shadow was able to pull off a global premiere weekend and have the video up on iTunes a week later. Awesome to see a company putting the finished product ahead of the medium and wanting nothing more than as many eyes possible on the product of so many people’s hard work.

“The full-length video is a tool for a company to show what their team and brand is all about. It doesn’t matter if you release a physical copy, iTunes only, or go straight to YouTube right away, if you market it correctly and create something of quality, people will react to it. I am all for the tangible finished product that you can hold in your hands, but it’s also incredible to be able to turn on your phone or Apple TV and see your video that you worked so hard on be featured on the front page. There will come a day when physical media is non existent but it will never be a thing where people don’t see and react to three years of blood, sweat, and tears. The full-length will live on.”

Merritt “In Da 6″ Video

Brandon Begin, Charlie Crumlish and Justin Care run thru Da 6 wit the woes Chijoike Okafo, Greg Henry, Eli Taylor and Joel Fortin in this new one from Merritt. With a crew that thick in a city known for its plentiful street spots, shit was bound to get handled. Throw Navaz into the mix on visuals and you’ve got yourself one hell of a trip!

Chris Silva’s “Any Means Necessary” Alternate Angles

Today’s second video from Toronto’s Board of Tourism comes courtesy of Chris Silva, giving us a look at some alternate angles from his section in MacNeil’s “Any Means Necessary” video. If you haven’t seen the full video, you can check it out here. Chris’ section starts at 21:52.

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Realtime With Shad Johnson

Things get real when Shad Johnson is mic’d up on a casual walk with his dog in the second episode of Realtime. He talks about the emergence of the Northwest scene and the riders that shaped it, how Goods got its start and perhaps most importantly, how BMX seemingly discards its veteran pros when they go 30+. Equal parts real talk and knowledge drop, this is required watching for today.

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Fakt BMX – Playing Pedal Games

Easily the most random video you’ll watch all week, the Fakt BMX crew goes on a personal Ride To Glory, complete with random challenges and antics galore. Don’t think its all just kooky Russians being kooky, these dudes have got some skills on 20″ and come through with a handful of really good clips sprinkled throughout this video. Not sure about NBD’s, but theres plenty of WTF’s in here, that’s for sure.

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Jay Dalton & Aaron Simone Split Edit

Jay Dalton and Aaron Simone teamed up to take on the state of Connecticut and came back with a ton of footage from a few park and street missions. Jay will leave your eyes wide with a few ridiculous clips in here and Aaron conquers a few big setups, incuding a burly, man-sized ender.

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Scott Ditchburn VS. The Subrosa Street Rail

These days you can’t open Instagram without seeing at least thirty seconds of someone riding a Subrosa Street Rail. But today the crook gods have blessed us with a couple minutes of fresh fire from Subrosa pro Scott Ditchburn doing whatever the hell he wants on his Street Rail. Can can crook, done. X-ride 180 crook, done. X-up crook hard 180…?!? You gotta see it for yourself!

Dan Kruk Am Spotlight

Its been awhile since we’ve seen a good rider bio, but the drought ends today with this new spotlight of WeThePeople Am Dan Kruk. Get to know a little more about Dan via Brian Kachinsky and Grant Castelluzo and see some of what he got done on his last trip out to California. Don’t think its all talk though, things get burly in the last minute of this one!

FBM 2015 BYO Jam Video

For as long as FBM has been around, they’ve placed the utmost importance on building quality bikes and having as much fun as possible. While this generation may never know the insanity of a Ghetto Street Comp, its still awesome to see them putting on jams and building the scene in Richmond, VA and beyond. Unfortunately, no one brought a pallet loop to the latest Bring Your Own Jam, but it still looked like a great way to spend a Sunday!

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Profile’s 19mm Race Cranks Explained

Matt Coplon gives us the rundown on Profile‘s classic 19mm race cranks in this new video. These have been a staple in BMX for over 20 years and continue to be the choice of pros and joes alike. So, if you’re in the market for some new cranks, look into a set of Profiles. With a lifetime warranty and great customer service, they just might be the last pair of cranks you buy!

Ender Ender with Van Homan

Van Homan talks about his last clip in the 2008 2×4 DVD in the latest edition of Ender Ender. This kinked rail manual didn’t come easy and you can tell Van really had to work for this one. Awesome to hear about all the behind the scenes stuff surrounding this clip!

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Profile’s Sabre Sprocket Explained

Mark Mulville gives us a detailed rundown on Profile‘s universally adaptable Sabre sprocket. Learn about everything from materials to sizes to the numerous adapters and more. So if you’re in the market for a new sprocket, keep the Sabre in mind!