Rebel Jam 2014 Finals Livestream Replay

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In case you missed the livestream of Rebel Jam finals earlier and can’t wait for the highlight videos, you can still watch the full replay. If there’s one contest that would be worth kicking back and watching in its entirety, its this one!

Alex Donnachie Wins Rebel Jam 2014

Vans Rebeljam Alex Donnachie

From the venue to the course to the line up of riders, this year’s Rebel Jam looked amazing. The finals were stacked with heavy hitters including Garrett Reynolds, Alex Kennedy, Dakota Roche, Bruno Hoffmann, Ty Morrow, Simone Barraco, Kevin Kalkoff, Ty Morrow and the pride of Blairgowrie, Scotland, Alex Donnachie. After all the hammers dropped, young Donnasqueak came away with the win. The highlight videos from this are going to be insane!

Greg Illingworth Make It Happen Remix

Get a look at some of Greg Illingworth’s best footage from the full-length Make It Happen video in this new remix edit. Greg pedaled his ass off in the direction of some of the craziest street spots on earth and came away with so many A+ clips, all captured masterfully by Will Evans. You can still watch the full Make It Happen video here.

Ben Hennon Instagram Clips

Don’t let The Hennon find out you’re not following him on Instagram! But in case you’re not, check out a handful of wild insta clips of Ben riding his dope private warehouse, The Hideout.

The 2015 BSD WZA Frame


Head over to to get your first look at Mike Taylor’s updated 2015 signature WZA frame. We’re all lesser men than Jersey, so if it can stand up to his abuse, you should be just fine. Look for this frame in shops and at your favorite mailorder in the next few weeks!

Aaron Ross & Matt Roe Riding The Texas Toast Dirt Jumps

After most big dirt contests the courses are plowed within days, but the jumps (and ramps!) from this year’s Texas Toast are still standing tall. Get a look at Aaron Ross, Matt Roe and a handful of homies having a session recently.

Sean Morr Bike Check Video

Earlier today you might’ve seen Sean Morr’s signature series complete bike, but this video shows you his personal ride (a new sample Stolen Hydra frame) and a handful of fresh riding clips.

Mongoose Jam 2014 Behind The Scenes Video

For the past few summers, The Mongoose Jam has been one of the best weeks at Woodward for visiting pros and campers alike. Get a look at some of what was going on outside of the actual contests this year in this behind the scenes video.

Brad Simms Interview


After dropping another amazing video from France the other day, Brad Simms checks in from Egypt to talk travel, over-staying visas, trying to avoid being on Locked Up Abroad and how good we have it.

“For many, if not the majority of people traveling is simply a holiday, but for me it’s truly a way of life! You could almost say it’s become my destiny… America has it great! And even with all the stuff wrong in the country, we are very fortunate and privileged. But at the same time, there is vast beauty that can be seen, that money can’t buy—breathtaking landscapes that the poor and rich alike can enjoy. There are places people should go and see before they die because they are that amazing. Amazing in their simplicity, purity, variety, frugality, magnitude, and plainness … as well as in their abundance—and a lot of these places are not at all wealthy. It doesn’t matter, since the beauty of life is not about money.”

Check out the full interview here and watch the video again below:

Lot 8 Box Jump Session with Dan Foley

“The Lot 8 launch box has been a staple at camp and a box where many “world’s firsts” have gone down because of the proximity to Woodward’s original foam and resi pits. Dan Foley takes us on a tour of Woodward PA’s launch box in style! Check it out.”

Brad Simms 2014 Operativ Video

After shutting Paris down earlier this year, Brad Simms set his sights on the French suburbs and comes through with another bangin’ video. When a dude like Brad finds an amazing spot (and there are a lot of them in here!), all you’ve gotta do is sit back and watch him work!

Steady Rollin In The Park

Check out the latest Steady Rollin video with a bunch of dudes Tioga’n around a rad little ledge plaza in Richmond.

Shadow Interlock Supreme Chain Release Details


Shadow‘s Interlock Supreme chain has been in development and testing for a couple years now, but it looks like the wait to get one of these things on your bike is almost over. The first shipment of 300 chains are going out to 22 select shops around the US and will only be sold on December 6th. If you’re looking to get one of these, hit to see the list of shops and get stoked because you might be buying the last chain you ever need!

Josh Navarro Riding Slices of Pizza

Our inbox can be so random sometimes. But every once in awhile, from the cesspool of 15yr old Croatian skatepark edits and incredulous song jacks comes a real gem. Check out Josh Navarro riding some of the tastiest spots you’ll ever see!

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014 Video by Stew Johnson

On Friday you could hear Knapsack playing while the dudes rode the ramp at Fun Fun Fun Fest and for a moment, it felt like a Props section playing live in front of us. For a similar experience, check out Stew Johnson’s coverage of the ramp, the music and all kinds of other weirdness at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014.

Profile – Matt Coplon/Mini Hubs Ad


Profile‘s latest print ad features TM Matt Coplon and the 2015 Mini hubs. The new Mini hubs now come with 3/8″ cones with knurled press on washers as well as 14mm axles with knurled jam nuts to help prevent hub slippage on dropouts. These are availble now from your local shop or mail order!

Tea & Biscuits 2 Tour

For the second year in a row, Elephant Distribution brought pros from a few of their brands over to the UK for shop stops, skatepark sessions and of course, tea and biscuits. With Broc Raiford, Drew Hosselton, Rob Wise, Kris Fox, Michael Jordan, Jordan Aleppo, Vince Mayne and Steve Bancroft along on this one, ramps, parks and plazas were getting shut down left and right!

Odyssey Ride To Glory 2014 Video

Odyssey had Sean Sexton, Mike Taylor, Broc Raiford, Matt Nordstrom and Lloyd Wright repping on Ride To Glory this year. And with that squad some good shit was bound to go down. Awesome to see Mike Taylor still showing man-sized rail setups who’s boss!

Premium Ride To Glory 2014 Video

On his last trip riding for Premium, Connor Lodes headed over the pond to help Premium defend their Ride To Glory title from 2013. Helping in the effort were Luke Fairey, Brad McNichol, Sven Hackett and a guy named Mole.

Nick Barrett in the Chocolate Truck DVD

Buying the Chocolate Truck video was the best $8 I spent in 2013. In an age of watching BMX in doses of fifteen second insta clips and three minute web edits, it’d been awhile since an actual DVD was getting regular play in our house. From the music to that tight knit homie vibe, I loved everything about this video. Every part left me wondering, “Who the fuck are these dudes?!”. The most of which was Nick Barrett. This is the street section every dude with an X or two in their shirt size wishes they could film. Still psyched on this section as much as the first time I watched it. How bizarre.