Santa Fe Plaza Session with Derek Dorame & Michael Pendleton

New Mexican shredders Derek Dorame and Michael Pendleton get a session in at the downtown Santa Fe plaza park and managed to clock enough clips for the latest ABQ/DNV joint.

WeThePeople #FourClipFriday with Dima Prykhodko

Dima Prykhodko serves up quartet of raw clips in this week’s #fourclipfriday from WeThePeople. If you wanna see more of ze young German in ze streets, have another look at his last full WTP edit below:

After Hours At Ray’s with Paul Radösevich

Call it perks of the job, Paul Rad catches a late night solo session at Ray’s in Cleveland. After working there for years, he’s got the place dialed and comes through with ten solid clips in this new video.

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How To G-Turn with Caleb Quanbeck

Who better to teach you how to g-turn than front wheel jedi Obi Quan Kenobi. This could have you going from nose pivot 180’s to full-on g-turns with some (a lot) time and practice.

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Josh Betley Is Homeless

First there was Homeless Bikes, now there are homeless bike riders. Josh Betley celebrates his newfound living situation (or lack thereof) like anybody would: with a new video of him riding his bike. Good luck out there Josh!

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Shadow’s Invisa-Lite Riding Gear

Shadow‘s next generation of protection is here with their new line of Invisa-Lite riding pads. These ultra slim pads are designed to offer “protection without restriction”, fitting and breathing well under jeans thanks to the super lightweight Lycra construction. Hit for more info and ask for the Invisa-Lite pads at your local shop or mailorder.

Drew Bezanson DK Warehouse Session

What might’ve been a power hour for anyone else is just a casual session for Drew Bezanson. The DK HQ houses a pretty cool ramp setup in the warehouse and Drew hits em with it in this new video.

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Pumped BMX Halfpipe Demo

Screen shot 2015-03-22 at 11.57.23 AM

Pumped BMX goes from the trails to the vert ramp with this new playable demo level. Instead of just releasing a teaser of the level under construction, developer Adam Hunt went ahead and made it a web-based demo for everyone to mess with. He also stresses that this isn’t Pumped 3!

The full Pumped 2 mobile game is still available from the App Store or Google Play.

Tony Hamlin On Merritt

Screen shot 2015-03-21 at 11.21.58 AM

Its not officially official yet, but all signs are pointing toward Tony Hamlin being on Merritt. He’s on a trip with Begin and Justin Care right now, presumably working on a welcome edit and Merritt also reposted the above photo of him this morning. Looks like one of the best teams in BMX just got better!

WeThePeople’s Smuggler Seat & Socket Seatpost

A classic case of form following function, WeThePeople‘s Smuggler seat and Socket seatpost is a practical solution for always having essential tools on you while out riding. Wether its changing a flat, fixing your bars or taking your bike apart to fly, this combo will surely come in handy. Both the Smuggler seat and Socket post are available now worldwide.

Subrosa – Matt Ray Tempe Park Session

Before going out to film for his bangin’ welcome to Subrosa video, Matt Ray hit up the Tempe park for some warm up sessions and Bobby Kanode threw a bunch of those clips together for this new edit. Matt’s special meter must’ve stuck on high because he was definitely on one out there!

Just in case you need a refresher, have another look at Matt’s welcome video:

Sunday – Chris Childs’ Signature Jackal Bar

Chris Childs gives you the rundown on his signature Sunday Jackal bars and puts them to work in a handful of clips filmed on his recent trip to Austin. The Jackal bars are available now from your local bike shop or mailorder!

For more info with less of a mess, hit for the full specs.

DUB Rampworx Edit

The Rampworx plaza room got a makeover courtesy of last year’s Rebel Jam course and a handful of the DUB boys hit it up and put together a dope new edit. Catch Benny L, Sam Jones, Josh Roberts, Joe Jarvis, Harry Mills Wakely, James Alcock and Jack Dub laying it down on one of the best parks in the UK.

Bruno Hoffmann Breaks Magazine Interview


Bruno Hoffmann has an interview up on the Breaks Mag site where he talks about a range of things from how he started riding to the highlights of his pro career thusfar. He also talks about things with his big three sponsors, including his signature frame from Federal…

“I chose everything from the all the heights and lengths to the colours to the design of the stickers. The Last bit was probably the hardest, like coming up with a nice font that I’d still be happy with after a couple weeks haha. Its definitely mind-blowing going across the world and seeing kids riding the frame in Chile or Korea. Thanks to everyone for the support!”

Hit to read the full interview.

Federal – Anthony Perrin Bike Check


Anthony Perrin has a signature frame in the works with Federal and gives us our first look at it in this new bike check. Sounds like he’s been filming his ass off for Federal’s Madrid project and his frame promo, so be expecting some fresh heat from Anthony soon.

Hoang Tran & Joris Coulomb “Back To Vietnam” Teaser

Another one of Hadrien Picard’s Pureviews is about to drop, this time chronicling the adventures of Subrosa teammates Hoang Tran and Joris Coulomb in the hectic streets of Vietnam. These are always rad, so keep your eyes peeled for the full video later this week.

San Diego Subrosa Street Rail Session

Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart and Albert Mercado spice up some San Diego street spots with the help of the Subrosa Street Rail in this new one from Doeby Huynh. Seriously, why don’t you have one of these things yet??

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Shadow – Eric Bahlman Bike Check


Shadow‘s backwards man, Eric Bahlman, just built up a fresh whip with a nice custom copper paint job. Hit for more photos and the full rundown.

“After a nasty crash put his red bike out of commission, Shadow rider and freecoaster magician Eric Bahlman comes back swinging with a new ride complete with custom, one of a kind Copper paint job that will make anyone jealous. Check out it out featuring a whole slew of badass Shadow parts including our brand new Interlock Supreme Chain, Raptor Freecoaster, and Scott Ditchburn signature SOD pegs.”

Press Rewind: Trent McDaniel’s 2013 Division Brand Video

Going back through some of our old exclusives, I couldn’t believe Trent McDaniel’s 2013 Division Brand was only sitting at 10k views. If you slept on this the first time around, here’s the chance to redeem yourself and bring some heat to your Sunday TCU session. This bangs!

Verde UK Team at The Junkyard

Wow, the Verde UK team rips this bowl to shreds! Last October Martyn Tambling opened The Junkyard skatepark and invited his teammates out to ride for a couple of days earlier this year. Martyn designed one hell of a bowl and with a crew of Matt Priest, Lima and Jonny Devine, the sessions were heavy and the lines were plentiful.