The Sword X Subrosa Stormwitch Bike

Fans of The Sword and Subrosa have gotta be stoked on this! The band and the brand combine forces to bring you a dope new limited edition complete bike thats not as heavy as the music, but will ride just as good as it looks. I got a chance to see it this weekend at Texas Toast and this thing is sooo sick. If you’re a shop that wants to carry this bike, hit up Sparky’s ASAP!

“Following in the footsteps of their branded beers and hot sauce, The Sword is now expanding their brand to the world of extreme sports by partnering with Subrosa for the creation of the “The Stormwitch” bike. Overseen by Sword drummer and longtime BMX rider, Jimmy Vela, “The Stormwitch” features artwork from famed comic book artist J.H Williams who designed the most recent Sword album, Apocryphon. The bike features quality components by Rant and the Shadow Conspiracy.”

Texas Toast 2014 Dirt Final Highlights

Dirt finals were up first on the final day at Texas Toast 2014 and these dudes put on a hell of a show. Get a look at all the highlights and what Hucker did to take the win.

Colony – Bobbie Altiser Bike Check

Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 1.54.48 PM

Colony‘s front brake wizard Bobbie Altiser just built up a fresh new limited edition Prody frame and lets the chrome shine in his latest bike check. The 20th anniversary edition Prody is a throwback to classic BMX bikes with a framestand, but with an updated, modern geometry. Only 100 of these frames were made, so if you want one, you’d better start making some moves!

Milosz Siajkowski Welcome To Etnies Poland

Milosz Siajkowski is now doing it for Etnies in Poland via AveBMX and made a trip out to Mellowpark in Berlin to film his welcome edit. Both Milosz and his homie Mateusz Kanownik hold it down on both sides of the lens, coming through an dialed little video.

Connor Lodes On Kink Pro


After parting ways with Premium a few weeks ago, I think we all knew Connor Lodes had to have something lined up. And today news dropped that he’s now part of Kink‘s pro team! Connor will be aboard his new ride at Texas Toast this weekend, then the jetsetting life of a Kink pro starts immediately after with a trip to Barcelona to film his welcome edit. Catch an interview and bike check here. Congrats Connor!

Raditudes Finale

Raditudes comes to an end with the crew getting shut down at Stonehenge by Obama, Hucker killing it at the Decoy trail jam and Drew getting his braaaaaaap on before Dreamline. This has been one of Red Bull’s best series to date, catch up on any episodes you may have missed here.

Cult 2015 Completes In Stock Now at Tip+


Cult‘s new range of completes just landed at Tip+ and they put together a flipbook to give you a look at all the new bikes. From the Juvenile line all the way up to the pro models, these bikes look sick. Head over to to get a look at them and dealers hit Tip+ to get them in your shops!

Cinema FX Freecoaster Hubs & Wheels Available Now


Cinema just announced that their long-awaited FX freecoaster hubs and complete wheels are available now worldwide. With a beastly team putting this thing through the paces during testing, the production version should be solid. Hit for more info or your local shop/mailorder to get one on your bike.

Dreamline 2014 Official Highlight Video

Check out the official highlight video from Dreamline finals last weekend. This is always one of the sickest dirt contests of the year, combining some of the world’s best riders with a beastly set of jumps set against a picture-perfect backdrop. Awesome seeing Nyquist win this thing!

S&M – Derek Dorame & Adam Accardi Split Edit

It looks like New Mexican homies Derek Dorame and Adam Accardi had themselves a good ol’ summer in the sun, staying on their grind, riding and filming for this new joint from S&M. Can’t stop ‘em!

Jeff Wescott’s Signature Comb Frame From Mutiny


Mutiny hit the ground running with its newest pro Jeff Wescott, getting a signature frame and bar going and sending him out on their latest team trip to Philly this summer. Jeff’s frame will come in 20.9″, 21.25″ and 21.5″ with a 9.1″ standover, 13.2″ – 13.7″ chain stay and plenty of room for 2.4″ tires. The Comb frame and bars should be available spring next year.

TCU App iOS 8 Update Coming Soon


For those of you who have updated your iPhones, we’re currently working on getting the TCU app updated to run on iOS 8. The site still runs just fine in all the mobile browsers and for easier access, you can even add to your home screen from Safari’s share menu. Thanks for your patience!

New Primo 2pc. Powerbite Cranks

powerbite crank

Earlier today Primo‘s gave us a first look at the next generation Powerbite cranks and they look sick. The classic Powerbite is getting an updated 2pc design and going from the classic square spindle to a 16 spline version. No word on when these will be out, but be sure to follow @pr1mobmx on Instagram for more updates.

Federal Amsterdam Flipbook

Screen shot 2014-10-13 at 1.04.46 PM

Federal just dropped a 30+ page flipbook of photos shot by Syo Van Vliet and Aaron Zwaal on their recent Amsterdam trip. Catch flicks from the whole crew including Anthony Perrin, Carlo Hoffmann, Jason Eustathiou, Jordan Aleppo, Michal Smelko and Roy Van Kempen after the jump.

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Harry Main Still Trying To Make Rocker Bikes Cool

Harry Main is back at it again, this time taking his circus bike for a session at the “Beast Rampz”. I really hope no one is being fooled into thinking these things are cool, pretty much just posting this to see if we can get a Rodeo Peanut out of it. Smh.

Subrosa – Joris Coulomb Noster Colorway Promo

Subrosa‘s dreaded Frenchman and newest pro Joris Coulomb was blessed with a dope trans puprle colorway of Simone Barraco’s Noster II frame and comes through with a rad promo to show you what it do. From slow and steezy to big and burly, he got some good stuff done for this. For more info on Joris’ Noster II, hit and if you want to pick one up, they’re available now worldwide!

Dreamline 2014 Finals Highlight Video

Dreamline was almost a wash due to early weather yesterday, but the sun came out the the crew worked hard to make the course rideable for finals. I’m sure we’ll have an amazing official video soon, but for now check out one angle’s worth of highlights from Ride.

Van Homan Talks Holy Fit

Fit team captain Van Homan talks all things Holy Fit, from starting a huge project as a brand to seeing all your hard work pay off at the premiere. Van’s got another classic last section and the entire team went for this one. If you haven’t seen Holy Fit yet, you need to hit up your local shop or mailorder ASAP!

JB Peytavit Welcome To Kunstform?! Edit

JB Peytavit dumps a big ol’ bag of tricks out at a few skateparks and a set of trails for this edit welcoming him to the kunstform?! international pro team. JB looks super comfortable on all kinds of transition, throwing a ton of different whip and flair variations at will.

Augie Simoncini WAOJ Interview

Augie Simoncini

Augie Simoncini‘s got an interview over on We Are Orange Juice talking East vs West coast, clippin’ & trippin’ with Stranger, dodging ABD’s, doing box jump shows with Scotty Cranmer, an epic brawl with Deadline boys in BCN and much more. Definitely a good read.

“After a night out at the bar words were exchanged between Jessie and some kids. Turns out the kids and their homies were a rugby team and jumped Jessie Valpone. All hell broke loose. I seen all the crew running into a crown and swinging on these dudes. Immediate reaction was to do the same. We were outnumbered 2 to 1 easily. For every punch you threw you got hit from some other kid from the side. It was crazy. One of the kids stopped fight because he was leaking from his nose and out of nowhere JJ came and hit the kid with a dropkick like he was in the WWE.”

Peep the full interview here.