Asheville Foundation Spot Session

Damn, the Asheville NC locals have an really nice DIY foundation spot going and Phil Jones got this edit together from a recent session. Fuck your shitty, local pre-fab tennis court skatepark, go find a spot and build something awesome with your friends!

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Simple Session 2015 Photo Gallery by Vince Perraud

Vince Perraud was all over Simple Session this year. He was on the course, in the stands and in the rafters getting the angles and the moments no one else was. He’s got a nice, big gallery of photos over on Defgrip that’s more than worth taking a few minutes to scroll through. Well done, Vince!

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Drew Bezanson Wins Simple Session 2015

Screen shot 2015-04-19 at 1.47.26 PM

After qualifying first and seeing the entire field ride before him, Drew Bezanson knew what he had to do and got it done to take the win at Simple Session again this year. Colton Walker was perched atop the standings until the later heats when heavy hitters like Gary Young, Kevin Perraza and Devon Smillie took some amazing runs. As always, Drew pulled out all the stops and put together a couple of full throttle runs in addition to a ridiculous best trick with a caveman barspin into the big vert wall. The highlight reels from this one are going to be insane, just wait. Congrats Drew!


Simple Session 2015 Livestream

Screen shot 2015-04-19 at 9.48.04 AM

Here’s the livestream for Simple Session 2015 BMX finals going on RIGHT NOW in Tallin, Estonia! If you have an AppleTV, you can watch this on the Red Bull Channel. And just in case you it this live, they usually show a full replay for a day or two after.

Blake Ind Welcome To Subrosa Video

Subrosa welcomes Australian shredder Blake Ind to the international flow team with this new video. Parks, trails, street…Blake rips it all and stacked the timeline with footage for his official welcome to the team. If you’re into Blake’s riding, have another look at his Welcome to Shadow edit and the Australian Keep It Local Tour video as well.

Props – Colin Winkleman Interview

Props hits you with an amazing Throwback Thursday from one of BMX’s most beloved fallen brothers, Colin Winkleman, and his interview from Issue 40. Leigh Ramsdell plays host for a nearly thirteen minute interview with a TON of classic footage thrown in the mix. This is required watching for anyone born 1990 and after. There will be a quiz tomorrow.

Austin 4/19+1 Jam This Sunday


Come celebrate 4/20 a day early this Sunday at the famous Anthem ditch in Austin. No prizes, no comps, just a smokin’ good time with 419 of your closest buds. Peep the edit from the last one in 2013 and come through if you’re not hating!

Mariano Santiago On Mutiny


As you read this, Mariano Santiago is in the streets of Albuquerque on a trip with his new Mutiny teammates. Just like last year when Jeff Wescott got straight to it on that Philly trip, Mariano’s positive attitude and sheer ability on a bike will undoubtedly bring him into the fold nicely. With Mariano, Justin Simpson, Grant C, Jeff Wescott, Andy Martinez and Navaz behind the lens, we should have another dope video to look forward to from this one.

Matt Ray Welcome to Shadow Video

Matt Ray is on fire! Just a few short months after getting on Subrosa‘s Skeleton Crew (and dropping an atomic bomb of a welcome edit), the minds at Sparky’s decided to go ahead and make him full factory and hook him up on Shadow as well. Matt probably couldn’t film a chill edit if he tried and comes through with another banger, chock full eye-popping wtf’s. This dude is seriously too good!

2015 Rodedale Ride Video

This year’s annual Rosedale Ride wasn’t all road bikes and spandex, Dean Dickinson also brought out a classic BMX show with Morgan Wade, Brian Hunt and flatland OG Ruben Castillo. Not only was this event a huge success for the Rosedale School, it was awesome to see a ton of younger kids who already ride bikes getting a real life look at BMX for the first time. Everyone has their story of how they got into riding and some kid’s might have just started a couple weekends ago…

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Press Rewind – Daniel Johnson’s Division Project DVD Section

Daniel Johnson is a straight savage on two wheels and four pegs. He put in some serious work for his part in Division Brand‘s “Division Project” DVD and, in my opinion, solidified himself as one of Australia’s best street riders. It sucks to hear he blew out his knee last year and still has to wait another six months for surgery. When you see this part, you’ll quickly realize taking it easy probably isn’t something that comes easy. Here’s to hoping we’ll see another beastly part from Daniel when he’s fully recovered.

Also worth noting, DJ is one hell of a photographer and you should follow him on Instagram.

Dennis Enarson & Ruben Alcantara Behind The Cover Video

To go along with the full One Moment In BMX video that dropped yesterday, Christian Rigal put together this awesome look behind the scenes look of what would eventually be the cover of the latest issue of Ride. Its pretty awesome that he calls it out too. But with two legends giving it the over under, Vince Perraud behind the lens and FIRE, how could that scenario not result in a cover shot?

Re-Up: Peep Game – Sean Ricany Lost VX Footage

Here’s a re-up of that lost VX video Peep Game dropped the other day, featuring some older footage our dude Nick Jones filmed with Sean who knows how long ago. Always good shit, no matter what frame he’s riding.

Be sure to subscribe to Peep Game and TCU on YouTube for all the latest drops.

New Mutiny Soft Goods Available Now


All of Mutiny Bikes’ new soft goods are in stock and ready to wear. The latest collection features two hats and a beanie, two hoodies and a crewneck and five new t-shirts (and a coffee mug!). Hit to get a look at all the new goods, then hit up your local bike shop or mailorder to cop!

Kink – Jake Petruchik 2015 Part

Kink‘s young gun Jake Petruchik comes through with some fresh fire for his latest web part. That laid back style makes almost everything look easy, but it’s good to know he’s still gotta work for it a little. Jake conquers setups both big and small in here, making for a rad new video he’s gotta be proud of. Someone get this dude some ice cream!

DJ Smokey – Move That Dope Video by Charlie Crumlish

A couple months back Charlie Crumlish went north of the border to hangout with TCU homie DJ Smokey and they ended up collabing on this new music video. If you’re a fan of Smokey or Charlie’s editing, you’ll definitely want to check this out. All I gotta say is lean on donuts!

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Sparky’s Mix – Three Days in Paris

Hell yeah, this is sick. A mix of Shadow and Subrosa teammates, including Nico Badet, Joris Coulomb and Diego “Mono” Navarro, made the most of a weekend in Paris for a contest recently. Instead of just riding the course and chilling at the hotel, it looks like these dudes spent the majority of their time in the streets and have a dope new video to show for it. Shoutout to filmer and editor Romain Fel, I’m really into the look and feel of this video. Press play, hit fullscreen and enjoy this!

One Moment In BMX Video

Late last year Ride went to their contributors with the idea of shooting photos at a specific time to showcase just how much BMX is going on around the world at any given time. November 23rd at 1pm PST was go time and teams of riders, photographers and filmers from California to Spain all converged on that One Moment to collectively create something special. The article came out awesome and this video does well to show the anticipation, the build up and the payoff of one extraordinary moment in BMX.

Merritt Trifecta Tool Video

Mike Brennan shows you how easily your bike can come together with the aid of the Merritt Trifecta tool. This is easily one of the best multi-tools out with a 17mm socket, 6mm allen and 8mm allen in a nice, compact package. These are available now from better bike shops mailorders and directly from Merritt’s webstore.

“The Trifecta multi-tool is a simple, pocket size, and inexpensive tool that is perfect for the most common fixes. Includes a 17mm socket, 6mm and 8mm allen keys in an assembled packaged, so there are no parts to lose. Includes velcro straps to attach to frame.”

Anthony Perrin & Joris Coulomb Skatepark Session

Anthony Perrin and Joris Coulomb take advantage of a completely empty skatepark somewhere in France and get a nice little session in for this new edit. Pretty amazing all you can get done without 50 skaters and a hundred scooter kids in your way.

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