Alex Raban’s “Time” Mixtape

Alex Raban did the most with his time recovering from a couple of broken ribs, taking on the role of filmer and compiling footage for this new mixtape. Catch mini sections from his homies Harry Kramer, Conor Caron, Blake McCray, Chet Weidner, Dylan Deaser, Jason Shoolery and Kyle Walker. It wasn’t just all filming though, Raban managed to put together a dope little section in here too.

Subrosa – Casual BMX Shop Stop Video

Subrosa‘s west coast shop tour picks up with a stop at Casual BMX powered by Incycle. Just like the last stop, they chilled at the shop for a bit then headed out to a local spot with a sizable crew of locals. The famous Pasadena spine ditch proved to be a perfect spot for a jam and it looks like all the locals had a good time shredding with Subrosa pros Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, and Nick Bullen.

Defgrip Q&A with Sauce


Our dude Sauce has a fresh new interview on Defgrip where he talks about a range of topics from his filming influences to the next international excursion with the Common Crew. He also assures us that Monster Mash is coming and given everything we’ve seen from the Common boys over the past few years, we should have a pretty ridiculous video to look forward to.

“Between various injuries and the boys progression rate, it’s been hard to wrap up. We’re dead set on perfection and it having zero “ehhh” moments. I assure you it truly is a masterpiece with everyones absolute best footage to date and I can’t wait to see how Francis edits it up! I’m confident the day of our premiere is gonna be the best of my life.”

Hit to check the full interview.

Dan Lacey Off Cinema


After nearly four years of rolling away from his bangers on Cinema wheels, it looks like Dan Lacey has stepped down from the pro team. Cinema announced the parting of ways on Instagram with the following statement. My first thought is what will come of all the footage Dan undoubtedly stacked for the Cinema DVD?

“We are sad to announce Dan Lacey has decided to step down from the Cinema pro team (on good terms) to concentrate on an expanded range of parts with Federal Bikes.

I first met Dan in 2006, when I was in Hastings filming a project with Sebastian Keep. Dan was 17 at the time and working at Seventies packing orders. Then he picked up his bike and was absolutely destroying the warehouse ramps and it was obvious the kid had potential, a good head on his shoulders and surrounded by good people. Almost a decade later he’s traveled the world, won multiple Dew Tours, Rebel Jams, and plenty of other noteworthy comps, but more importantly, he’s brought unmatched style to the street riding game and put out some amazing video parts that people will watch as long as the Internet exists.. Lacey will be missed on future Cinema trips as he’s always the life of the party and keeps everyone laughing non stop. Cheers to Lacey for all the good times and best of luck with everything moving forward.” – Will Stroud

Cluut x Orange Juice 2015 Street Jam Video

Damn, it really goes down in Europe! Prime example is this crazy street ride put on by the dudes from Cluut and Orange Juice. Nearly 200 riders mobbed the streets of Brussels, Belgium and they weren’t just riding little whatever spots, dudes were going in on some good sized rails, ledges and stair sets. BMX needs more shit like this!

How To Fastplant 360 with Connor Lodes

Connor Lodes comes through with a nice how-to, giving you the ins and outs of fast plant 360’s. This is definitely one of those tricks you could pick up pretty easily in the next few sessions at your local park. Tune in next week when Connor tells you how-to overgrind and hop out of a 20 stair rail next to a wall.

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Terry Adams Campus Tour Video

Take a rolling tour of the University of Colorado Boulder with Terry Adams in this new video. He might not be hitting rails and ledges, but its pretty cool to see a college thats down for a little BMX. If only more schools were down to let you cruise their campuses security-free…

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Dan’s Comp X Cult “For The Cure” Fundraiser


Dan’s Comp and Cult have gone in on awesome giveaway that could score you a custom black and pink Gateway complete. As in years past, all you’ve gotta do is purchase one of the breast cancer awareness sticker packs and you’re entered to win. If this isn’t some good incentive to put a few bucks toward a good cause, I don’t know what is!

“As has become an October tradition, Dan’s Comp is working with the BMX community to put in work for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, we joined forces with Cult to offer this one-of-kind, black and pink Cult Gateway complete. For a chance to win the bike and do your part in helping the cause, all you have to do is buy a $5 Dan’s X Cult sticker pack and you’ll be automatically entered to win. To get involved, just head to and click the button on the home page. 100% of the proceeds go directly to Breast Cancer Research. Thanks for your support!”

Sunday Team Mixer

Sunday keeps a pretty steady on the road status, taking their team from here to there on the regular. Catch clips from a bunch of the squad including Erik Elstran, Jake Seeley, Mark Burnett, Aaron Ross, Chris Childs, Brett Silva and Julian Arteaga shredding spots from Omaha to Barcelona. Quite a few gems in here, can’t wait to see the rest of the footage these boys have been stacking for the past year or so.

Subrosa Block Bikes Shop Stop Video

Subrosa‘s stop at Block Bikes in Lancaster, California stands out as the best session of the tour so far. After a premiere of Shadow’s “What Could Go Wrong?” at the shop, everyone pedaled to a local parking lot spot where things got poppin’. Catch clips from locals and Subrosa pros Lahsaan Kobza, Hoang Tran, Nick Bullen, Kyle Hart, and Simone Barraco in this video, chopped up not slopped up by your boy Bobby Kanode.

Brandon Dosch “Burnin’ In Detroit” Video

Cruise the streets of Detroit with Brandon Dosch in this new rad new video. While we might be used to seeing B.Dosch on XGames dirt podiums more than in web edits, this one does well to show he’s definitely got some street chops. Some good stuff in here, including a HUGE scary ass ender you’re gonna want to see!

Shadow – Trey Jones “What Could Be Left?” Edit

Trey Jones was so in-mode filming for Shadow‘s “What Could Go Wrong?” DVD that he wound up with a full edits worth of “leftovers”. I use that term loosely because a lot of this stuff would have been right at home in his bangin’ opening section in the DVD, but for one reason or another it hit the cutting room floor. Lucky for us, Shadow put it all together into another rad “What Could Be Left?” video.

Also, in “What Could Go Wrong?” news, the video just became available on iTunes in 24 more countries! Hit for more details.

Dan’s Comp – Nathan Williams Skatepark Edit

When you’re Nathan Williams, there are no chill skatepark sessions. Exhibit #1: this new video from Dan’s Comp. Even if these were from a handful of chill sessions, you’d never be able to tell by the level of these clips. Beast!

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Dan Foley “Easily Amused” Edit

The next time you want to complain about not having anything to ride or no one to film with, think of this video from Dan Foley. See what happens when he takes a visit to a local school and makes a handful of rideable setups out of next to nothing. Not too bad for three planks of wood and a cone!

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Kink – Fall 2015 Apparel Videos

To give you a look at their new apparel drop, Kink put together a series of short videos. Get a quick look at all the new tees, hoodies, windbreakers and more in the videos above. If you’re feeling some of this stuff, holler at your local bike shop or favorite mail-order!

Tony Malouf Off BSD


Here’s one you didn’t see coming today. After seven years, Tony Malouf announced that he’s no long riding for BSD. He kept it short and simple with a post on Instagram and gave no indication of his plans for the future. Remember the good times with a look at some of Tony’s BSD videos here or with his latest Beverage frame promo from earlier this year:

Dan’s Comp How-To Series: Headset Installation & Maintenance

Got a loose headset or need some tips on installing a new one? This how-to from the fine folks at Dan’s Comp will give you the ins and outs of proper headset installation and maintenance. Don’t be a Kareem, every rider should know how to perform basic maintenance and repairs on their bike!

Profile 2015 Team Mix Edit

Profile has squad in all parts of the country and got a bunch of footage together for this new mix edit. Catch clips from Mark Mulville, Chad DeGroot, Rob DiQuattro, Grant Castelluzzo, Jeff K and many more.

Jason Enns in Volume’s “The Finer Things”

No guest clips or montage footage from Jason Enns, the OG came through with a dope full-length section for “The Finer Things” packed with some of the most incredible spots SoCal has to offer. While a lot of riders from previous generations have moved on to Crossfit or road biking or whatever, its fucking awesome to know that Enns is still out there Looking For Spots, cleaning out pools and shredding them.

Subrosa Street Rail Jam at Epic BMX

Subrosa‘s California shop tour rolls on with a Street Rail jam at Epic BMX. They switched things up a bit for this one, getting warm and sessioning a local park with everyone before heading to the shop. A ton of riders came out and got their shred on with Subrosa pros Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, and Nick Bullen, making for one good ass afternoon in Westminster!