Instagram Slam with Dirt Ron & Patrick Kelly

Jake Seeley Sunday 2015 Video

Thank you to Sunday for making this happen and supporting Jake’s riding for all these years:

Constructed and construed by the Fu Man himself. Check out the photos and specs for Jake’s seat after the jump.
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Ambipegstreetest Trailer

“Ambipegstreetest was filmed and edited over the last two years mainly but not excluded to Ohio.

Ambi – both
Peg(s) – things you grind on
Streetest – bold statement

Full sections from:
Shay Lashley
Steven Hamilton
Scott Marceau
Zack Gerber/ Eric Umbarger
Jake Coulson
Damian Racut
Frankie Lang
Kyle Murway

Only 250 copies made.

Each sleeve is laser-cut, hand-folded, and hand-glued.

Included with each DVD is a sticker and a poster (the dvd insert).

Dave Mirra Talks About How Much Money He Used To Make.


Dave Mirra is the latest guest to get grilled by Fat Tony. I listened to the full interview and would recommend you do the same but here are some highlights:

Dave speaks on leaving BMX:

“I’ve lost the passion. The sport’s changed. I’ve done everything I could possibly do, why hang around and milk it? People say I’ve lost my roots but those same people, if I was still hanging around and making paychecks they would say I was milking the sport”

On the kind of training he does for Ironman events:

“I trained 21 hours this week, which may not seem like a lot”

Just FYI Dave, pretty much everyone considers working out 3 hours a day, every day of the week, a lot. But in the interview he describes a lot of work outs he does that take 5 or 6 hours and he said he very rarely takes a day off, so maybe 21 hours of training in a week really is a light week for him, which is fucking crazy.

Much like Spinner did in his Fat Tony interview, Mirra takes some subtle shots at Monster Energy:

“When I turned 40 I quit every sponsor and fired my agent. I haven’t got a paycheck in over a year. I’m living off savings. We’ll see how it goes… I didn’t want any more poison. I’m done. I’ve had relationships, I’ve had shitty ones, I’ve had good sponsors, I’ve had top paying stuff. But I said I don’t want it anymore”

A few other things discussed:

– Dave says that he only got paid a couple hundred thousand dollars for the Dave Mirra video game series and that it wasn’t a great deal, but that it was good exposure. Which might sound ridiculous if you didn’t already know that…

– Dave was, at one point, getting paid around $400k a year from Slim Jim, Monster and T Mobile. That’s to say nothing of whatever he was making from Haro, DC and whoever else he was riding for in his prime. I’ve heard his Club Med deal was more than 400k a year although he doesn’t speak on it directly.

– He wishes he hadn’t tried to market Mirraco as an endemic brand and says that he had no business trying to compete with brands like S&M and Fit. He wishes he had taken the Walmart route and he has a new licensing deal in place and they are trying to get Mirraco in Walmart.

Overall it’s a pretty cool interview, much like Dave’s Albion interview which was also great. Give it a listen below on YouTube or here on iTunes and let me know what you think in the comments.

The World’s First Triple Backflip On A Motorcycle

Josh Sheehan comes through with the first ever triple backflip on a motorcycle. Well I’ll be damned.

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TCU Bike Check: Matt Nordstrom’s Fit

Sean Ricany in Stranger’s “No Hype” DVD

This section has been re-edited from it’s original form due to music issues on YouTube.

Filmed and edited by Miles Rogoish

Augie Simoncini’s Deadline DVD Section

Let’s start by stating the obvious: the Deadline DVD was one of the most incredible BMX videos of all time. But despite that, it never really received an official online premiere. Well today we’ve got Augie’s section for you and who knows, maybe we’ll have a few more sections soon. Augie always come with the heat, so just in case you have somehow managed to not see this, tune in and enjoy.

BMX The Game Is Back And It Looks Good

We haven’t posted about BMX: The Game since November. But today they’re back with a new trailer and guess what, it actually looks pretty good! If you want a reminder of how far this project has come, just click here and if you want to help make the game happen, click here.

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Mike Spinner On Why He Quit BMX & His Twitter Rampage

Mike Spinner is the latest guest to go on Fat Tony’s Expansion Project podcast. I listened to first 20 minutes, in which he talks about BMX and most interestingly, his recent Twitter rampage. Some tidbits:

-Mike claims to be the first athlete ever to choose to leave Monster because he was no longer comfortable with promoting the product.

-Hyper still sells his signature bike in Walmart even though he’s off the team, because it still sells so well which he attributes to his “cool last name”.

-Says he quit riding because he got hurt a bunch of times and got scared, and says that the decision was partially based on what he saw happen to Brett Banasiewicz.

-Spinner talks about how he looks up to a lot of pro riders but then once he grew up and started competing against them, they no longer had his respect. He says that Dave Mirra is the only guy he looked up to who he met and still respected afterwards.

-Spinner says that he had 100,000 interactions in a day on Twitter due to his rant. Considering that even his most popular tweets from this spree got less than 100 retweets, either I’m confused about the definition of “interactions” here or this claim is exaggerated.

-He talks about how BMX photographers put their friends in magazines and then get “kickbacks” from those riders after they get paid for those photos. If you’ve been paying attention to Mike’s Twitter rants, he has previously accused Ryan Fudger and Gary Young of taking part in this (although he hasn’t provided any evidence and I’d recommend you take all these claims with a grain of salt)

-Spinner talks about BMX team managers who work for large corporate brands paying their riders through those brands instead of the BMX brand. He doesn’t name names on this one.

-Spinner talks about how team managers in BMX are often employed as judges, and how that’s not fair. It’s worth noting that this criticism seems like it could be about Mark Losey, Mike’s former Nike team manager, although he doesn’t name names.

-Fat Tony quotes Daniel Dhers as saying that Spinner is one of his favorite people to talk shit with. Awwww.

-Mike ends his BMX talk by just saying that he was really nice to everyone in the BMX scene and how pretty much everybody was a dick to him.

-At the 15:00 minute mark, Fat Tony mentions Rob Darden and Spinner contains himself despite their recent war of words.

After that Fat Tony starts talking about his sleep regiment and I stopped listening, but you can listen to the rest above.

Stevie Churchill Video Bike Check

Filmed and edited by Nate Richter

Let’s Talk About The Guy Who Rode Over A Lamborghini On His Bike

The other day I Instagrammed a clip of this guy @ajourneythroughtime AKA Josh Navarro riding his bike over a Lamborghini. The clip went viral on Instagram getting over 2000 comments on the OSS account alone, and it’s already popped up on a bunch of news sites. This raises at least a few questions. Will he face charges over this? How many people could possibly own that exact car in the Portland area? Was any damage actually done? Finally, how fucking fun does that look? It has been suggested by various nerds that I am somehow at fault for the existence of the video, so here’s an insanely obvious and unnecessary warning: I do not recommend that you ride your bike over any luxury vehicles and if you get arrested that’s your own dumbass fault.

Instagram Slam with The Young Guns


Brandon Begin
Shawn Mcintosh
Alec Shmalec
Reed Stark
Caleb Quanbeck
Ethan Corriere
Julian Arteaga
Denim Cox

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TCU TV – The Grant Castelluzzo Interview

1:20 How did you get started riding a bike?
5:00 and how that impacted the scene
10:35: Why did you make the move to Milwaukee and how strong is the scene?
14:00: Are you offended by the term “park rat”?
19:18: What was it like doing a 720 hurricane? Did you invent the vader?
25:00: Let’s talk about Straight Edge
28:35: Let’s talk about your temper
32:40: How did you get into filming and editing?
39:44: Who are your favorite videographers?
43:34: What are your thoughts on the overall state of BMX right now? Why are there so many salty old dudes?
48:15: We talk about kids filming clips for Instagram and if there’s anything wrong with that
50:50: We talk about specialization in BMX
53:20: Is BMX no longer an outsider activity?
55:30: We talk about surrounding yourself with people who are motivated to ride

Listen on SoundCloud here:

TCU Video Bike Check: Morgan Long’s Fit Hood Bird

Pat Casey Covers Ride BMX #208

Pat Casey has landed the cover of the new Ride BMX cover. Click here to check out the contents.

TCU Webisode 02: Street Sessions & Seshollowaterboyz

18 Year Old Female BMX Rider, Nikita Ducarroz

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Odyssey X Vans “Road To Nowhere” Video

All you really need to know here is that when two vets (Sean Sexton and Gary Young) go on the road with two unbelievable up and coming am’s, the sessions tend to get heated. Check out Vans and Odyssey’s collaborative shoes here after you watch the video above.

Odyssey BMX sent a couple of their pros out on the open road with the fresh new Odyssey color way shoes to find some sun-baked street set-ups nestled far out in the California & Arizona desert. Vans pro riders Gary Young and Sean Sexton lead the charge with Odyssey flow team riders Travis Hughes and Jacob Cable along for the ride on the “Road to Nowhere.”

Music: “Is This What You Wanted” by Ride the Blinds.”