Division Brand Mixtape #1

Anyway here we have the very first Division Brand Mixtape and I must say it features a ton of amazing riding from down under and our side of the pond. The full list of riders is impressive, but even the dudes you aren’t familiar with come with some heat.

Riders: Jeremie Infelise, Mitchell McDonald, Daniel Johnson, Wolfgang Ray, Keahnu Doyle, Rex Cubic, Jack O’Reilly, Rhys Gogel, Matt Hildebrand, Carraig Troy, Owen Dawson, Chris Whyte, Anton Ayres, Dan Norvell

“Featuring almost the entire team from around the world. The WWM is a series of videos we are working on, getting as much of crew involved as possible.

Filmed by Anton Ayres, Chris Bracamonte, Cooper Brownlee, Adam Piatek, Brendan Boeck, Chris Whyte, Larry Alvarado, Polly, Jeremie Infelise, Guy Perrett, Josh Dereus, Jarrod Murfit, Jye Stuart, Mitchell McDonald, Dylan Steinhart, Clemont Carpenter”

TCU TV: The Biz Jordan Interview

Surprise: We’ve got 2 episodes of TCU TV for you this week. Today we’re happy to present you with a look into the mind of Biz, a legendary BMX rider who has been around for more BMX history than almost anybody. I did my research for this one and came through with a long list of questions about many of Biz’s most notable BMX moments and he came with some pretty candid answers. Watch the video above or tune in on SoundCloud (below) or listen to us on iTunes here. Thanks to Catfish for co-hosting.

1:40 Are you a super taster?
4:10 Biz invented the hop truckdriver
6:05 Biz’s crazy sponsor list from over the years
9:40 What it was like when he was getting offered crazy corporate money to quit Volume
12:40 Biz talks about feeling held back in terms of street by mostly hanging out with dirt riders
14:10 Biz’s “In The Life” section
17:25 Biz may have been the first person to grind up the JP rail
18:40 Why there is footage on YouTube of Biz riding a bike for the first time
20:45 Is it weird being the last dude from your group of friends who is still pro?
24:40 Biz broke edge on Mike’s Hard Lemonade with Kris Bennett
26:05 Going on Road Fools with Dave Mirra
29:00 Getting sponsored by a lame company just because of money
31:00 Some couple named their kid after Biz and asked him to read the vows at their wedding
32:40 Biz talks about how Doyle portrayed him as an idiot in the Wide Awake Nightmare bonus but how it was all a big misunderstanding
35:30 Who’s your favorite rider?
37:00 Did you invent the footjam whip on a quarter
38:25 The Squad One Halloween Tour
40:15 Running up a huge mountain for money on Road Fools
44:15 Why Biz doesn’t like his Volume “On The Clock” or Wide Awake Nightmare sections
46:20 Catfish makes fun of Biz for doing whips to frame back in the day
48:00 I realize that Biz has been pranking me for the past week
49:50 Biz is a World Champion
51:50 Biz was in the X Games and he flipped everybody off
54:00 Biz is now addicted to American Idol
56:00 Everybody used to act like Biz was such a weirdo
58:00 Biz talks about riding with Jason Enns all the time and how much it changed his riding
1:02:00 The Lynn/Billerica/Nashua rivalry that exists in our group chat
1:05:00 Biz talks about when he’ll hang it up and stop being pro
1:08:25 What’s your advice to young kids who want to make it in the industry?
1:09:45 What could you see yourself doing after you’re done being a pro?
1:11:30 What do you think of the current state of the BMX industry?
1:12:25 What do you think of the currently saturated state of the BMX media?
1:14:45 We talk about the new app RapChat
1:16:15 I talk about the murder we saw a couple weeks ago

TCU Webisode 5: Pedaling Around Hollywood

Riders: Stevie Churchill, Brandon Begin, Jake Seeley, Andrew Castaneda, Boy, Steve-o, Rocco Giuseppe of the Dab Kidz, Adam22, Nate Richter and Chris Mortenson

Put together by Nate Richter

Justin Care Merritt Stem Promo.

Filmed and edited by Scott Mcmenamin although 2 or more clips were filmed while Justin was out here in California with us.

“Justin wanted a top load stem that could be run upside down and still raise your bars. Best of both worlds, clean looks and rise. Going with forged 6061 aluminum construction for both the body and cap produced a super strong stem with a design that wouldn’t be feasible with machining and also keeps the price low. 48mm reach and 21mm rise.”


[Re-up] Eli Taylor Fiend Video

Rumor: X Games Is Canceled.

This isn’t so much a rumor as it is me pointing out the obvious: Austin is currently underwater. X Games is an event that could be jeopardized by even a little rain, so even though X Games is a week and a half away, it seems unlikely that the event could take place given the current conditions. So far there’s no official announcement, but let’s just sit back and see how this plays out.

And yes, this is clearly God executing biblical revenge upon ESPN for canceling BMX Street, thank you Lord for your infinite wisdom and judgement.

Chris Hughes Wants $40,000 To Make You Mosh.

I’ve known Chris Hughes for a few years now and always thought he was a nice enough guy but after having watched this video I now know far more about Chris than I ever expected to know, specifically that he suffered a really bad injury and that it motivated him to get serious about his […]

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Jack Dumper Grinds Handrails With One Arm.

Wow. We’ve seen quite a few videos of riders missing limbs lately but this Jack Dumper piece is pretty awesome. Amazing attitude and some ridiculous tricks. Psyched to see him wearing a TCU shirt as well.

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Tom Blyth & Kenny Horton Split

Here’s a short but satanic street edit from Tom Blyth and Kenny Horton. Watching this video makes you 9x more likely to commit a felony and/or blasphemy within the next 24 hours.

Randy Taylor Forever

One night circa 2009 we were all sitting around talking about BMX when somehow the conversation turned to a single, invented controversy: who was the better rider, Nathan Williams or Randy Taylor? Not the most critical or essential question I can think of, but being young, hopelessly obsessed with BMX and presumably lacking female companionship, we debated this topic for 20 minutes or so, as we often did at the time, going into absurd depth arguing about a question that we had concocted for the sake of having something to argue about. Then, without telling us, Kareem Williams called Randy and put him on speakerphone so that he could inform him of our debate. We were all embarrassed to have our nerdy conversation exposed, but the room fell silent whenever Randy spoke. Of course he was polite and humble but also audibly confused by the fact that this was a topic we saw fit to discuss at 11 pm at night.

I can admit this because it’s been so long, but I was the only person in the room on Team Nathan. Every other person in the room was vigorously defending Randy. I tried over and over to make my point, but nobody was hearing it. No matter what evidence I tried to present to the room, I was not just shut down, but laughed at. I soon realized that I had lost the argument before it even began, because Randy had that special something that neutralized the room’s ability to consider that anyone was better than him. He was more than the sum of his parts, and the people loved him not just for what he brought to the table but for the way he looked doing even the simplest of tricks. It’s not like anyone in the room had anything against Nathan, in fact I bet that had we been comparing Randy to just about anyone I would have lost the argument just as spectacularly.

Not many riders are able to form this sort of consensus, but Taj, Edwin, Mike Aitken and Eddie Cleveland all come to mind. Did Randy know how people viewed him this way? He must have had some idea, but like all the riders I just named, he never seemed to care much about what people thought of him. He just wanted to ride, and once injuries forced him off his bike for prolonged stretches of time, we were all left wondering when we would get to see him ride again.

And then one day, he was gone. I don’t know much about the circumstances that led to his untimely departure, but BMX collectively reeled when the news began to trickle out and most of Randy’s legions of fans from that era are probably still confused. There are never any easy answers in situations like this, but today we have one small consolation in the form of this video that Joe Simon put together from Mutiny’s deep archive of Randy’s footage from over the years. Check out the video above, look into Randy’s new frame re-issue and if any of this resonates with you, feel free to share your memories of Randy in the comments. Below, find some words from Walter Pieringer.

“Randy Taylor. Randy was a goodhearted, charismatic, creative, incredible person. One of the most fun dudes to be around ever, and one of the most gifted bike riders I’ve ever met.

Randy was a natural, there’s no question about it. No one could accuse him of taking anything too seriously, yet he excelled at everything he did – most notably riding bikes, making friends, and entertaining those around him. Everybody loved Randy. Everybody. Between his unstoppable energy, his carefree goofiness, and his unmatched talent for finding trouble, there was truly never a dull moment.

Randy always did his own thing, be it in life or on his bike. The phrase “ahead of his time” gets thrown around a lot, but I can’t think of a more shining example than Randy. Now having the benefit of years of perspective on his riding, it’s easy to see how talented and forward-thinking he really was. Even his seven-year-old frame geometry is easlily up to modern standards.

Randy may no longer be with us, but we are fortunate enough to have a fantastic video archive of his riding and of his personality. He will forever live on in the collective hearts and minds of his friends, his family, and anyone who enjoys his riding or had the good fortune of interacting with him.

The Loosefer Reissue (mutinybikes.com/loosefer) is now available, and we’ll be donating all profits from sales to a suicide awareness charity.

Rest in peace Randy. We miss you bud.”

–Walter Pieringer

Grant Germain Cult 2015 Video

For months now I’ve been hearing that Grant Germain’s newest Cult video was going to be something to write home about. Well today we all get to see it and I can confirm that those rumors were correct. Grant put in a lot of work for this one all over the East Coast and the West Coast and the result is impressive. Grant has come a long way and no doubt has a long way to go.

Shout out to Veesh on the edit and thanks to Chris Travis for the songs.

Demarcus Paul Off Merritt

(Photo: Joey Cobbs) Interesting news: Demarcus Paul is off Merritt. He’s been getting a lot of coverage lately, so I’m assuming we’ll have some news about a new sponsor soon.

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ONSOMESHIT Spring 2015 Video



TCU TV: The Dirt Ron & Patrick Kelly Interview

Everyone keeps asking me when certain episodes of TCU TV are coming out. Just so this is clear, they come out every Wednesday and the release schedule is as such going forward: Biz, Vincent Perraud, Tony Neyer, Cory Nastazio, Edwin, Jake Seeley.

UPDATE: I have the SoundCloud and iTunes totally up to date now and we shouldn’t have any problems or delays on that in the future:

Federal Bikes @ Simple Session Webisode

The Deadline DVD Intro

Glenn Salyers 2015 Video

Filmed by:

Dylan McCauley
Jacob Hossack
Joe Weist
Brooke Betancourt
Scotty Kline
Joe nix
Trista Hartmann
Chance Garison
Cole lee
Joe Tomaszewski​​
Logan long
Jeff Tabb
Billy Woodfin

The Gully Factory Beardsley Banks Jam Video

The Gully Factory had a big ol’ jam a few weeks ago and from the looks of it, it was a blast:

“It’s no question that the Beardsley banks are one of the most well known spots in the Phoenix scene. Locals threw a jam there in 2009 but no BMX events have been held since, so it seemed like the perfect location for our first jam of 2015. Nearly 200 riders, tons of prizes and one wicked hot day all contributed to make this one of the best Gully jams yet.

Filmed by Tony Malouf, Josh Betley and Tammy McCarley. Edited by Tony Malouf.”

JJ Palmere in The Come Up DVD

Thanks to Ryan Howard for ripping this for us.

TCU Webisode 4: In Search Of Flat Rails & Tacos

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