Thee Block x The Trip #BMXDAY Jam in Los Angeles

Here’s another perspective on #BMXDAY in LA courtesy of Ty Morrow and The Trip.

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Federal Split Series: Roy Van Kempen and Jason Eustathiou

Roy Van Kempen and Jason Eustathiou and teamed up for this split Federal edit that they filmed in Greece with Mike King and the result is an unfathomably complex labyrinth of technical wizardry. These dudes killed it!

Adam22’s BMX Update #4: Talking Shit With The Boys

Yesterday on the drive to The Skate House for last night’s night time BMX jam/pizza party I surprised everybody by throwing the GoPro up and recording during our entire trip to Chatsworth. Riding shotgun with me was my boy Lavell Washington and holding down the rear we had Reed Stark, Caleb Quanbeck and Brandon, a scooter kid that Lavell brought with him and who I had just met but who I instantly took a liking to based on his explanation of how to meet women while living the scooter lifestyle. We talked about a bunch of stupid shit and had some good laughs. Kids, don’t watch this in front of your parents.

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How To Do Peg Chingers With Jay Dalton

Jay Dalton hits us with a how to today in which he informs you about “peg chingers”, a more politically correct term for the daily chink which I instructed you on a few months back. He covers a few scenarios I didn’t, namely doing them on quarters, so this could be of use to you.

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Patrick Kelly: Have Fun, Ride Bikes

Recent TCU TV guest, Patrick Kelly is back with another impressive web video showing. Front brakes aint dead, pal.

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Simone Barraco – Shadow “What Could Be Left?” Video

Check out the list of the 82 local premieres going down for What Could Go Wrong? after the jump.
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Kink in Panama City

Shadow “What Could Go Wrong?” Local Premieres

Shadow are doing a ton of local premieres for their new DVD “What Could Go Wrong?” (we premiered Simone’s insane leftovers today) and we’ve got the full list above. Here’s their description… make sure you make it out to one of these!

“The Shadow Conspiracy “What Could Go Wrong?” Local Premiere Weekend is almost upon us. Starting August 14th, our newest full-length video will be simultaneously premiered over the course of three days, in 60+ shops all over the world. From California to Japan, you’ll be able to be one of the first people to watch and buy “What Could Go Wrong?” This is the biggest premiere event to go down in BMX and we hope that you will come out and support Shadow and experience three years in the making.”

Adam LZ’s Pepper Jam 2015

Adam LZ threw a jam based around this weird pepper joke he’s been milking and a massive crowd showed up, proving definitively once and for all that Adam LZ is the most popular BMX rider on the face of the planet.

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How To Turndown With Harry Main

Here we have Liverpool’s Harry Main teaching you how to turndown as part of his recent web video campaign.

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David Grant & Nick Castillo Raw Footage

Weird curved wallride experiments and down-ledge/down-rail innovation from DBG and Nick Castillo.

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Capone Rider Is Back.

Holy fuck. Long time TCU fans will remember Capone Rider. He made a 30 minute tutorial on how to make a bowl out of an apple. He posted a sex tape. He had a section in a BMXFU video. He even met me once. Well he’s back, he’s making vlogs, he has no clue how to use whatever editing program he has downloaded and he’s convinced that he not only used to be famous but that he still is. Even better, he promises more videos soon. This should be good.

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I Went To A Bikini Contest and a BMX Jam Broke Out.

One way to make a somewhat bland contest video more watchable; include a ton of b roll from a bikini contest. I spent the whole time wondering what the hell possesses an attractive woman to waste her talents on a fucking bikini contest at a BMX event but then again I haven’t spent much time […]

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Connor Lodes 2015 Video

Technically this is a seat promo but that definitely didn’t stop Connor from going in for this one. Connor is perhaps most well known for his absurd overgrinds and this video definitely delivers on that front.

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TCU Bike Check: Alfredo Mancuso’s S&M Whammo

No Jumper: The Pouya & Fat Nick Interview

They say the truth comes from the mouths of babes. Well Pouya and Fat Nick are, if nothing else, babes. Pause. These dudes are 20 years old each and they have no filter. Pretty much from the very start this conversation gravitated towards everybody’s favorite topic: sex. Most rappers keep their foul sexual tales close to their chest but Pouya and Nick happily shared many of their most graphic groupie tales with childlike glee. I’ve been a fan of their music for a while but after this interview, it was official, I’m sold, these dudes are fucking awesome. Check out the topics discussed below, check the Soundcloud player below and click here to listen to us on iTunes.

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The Street Series Snapchat Story

You guys have Snapchat, right? If so, follow immediately and upon completion of that task, click play and watch 15 minutes of BMX action that went down on the Street Series Snapchat this year.

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Press Rewind: Sombra Finding Shade

A couple months ago when we dropped the Edwin TCU TV somebody left a comment with a link to the Ells Bells classic “Finding Shade” which he put out under his Sombra imprint in the early 2000s (this version is better quality but non-embeddable). Today I got around to watching it again after having seen it approximately 5 billion times throughout my youth and it left me with a warm glow and a strong desire to go do a sprocket chunk. This was Ratboy in his prime.

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Instagram Slam at The Trails

Press Rewind: Tate Roskelley’s OSS Video

Despite the fact that this video now has almost 7 million YouTube views, we’ve actually never re-posted it on the site since it dropped roughly a year and a half ago. Only a handful of BMX related YouTube videos have more views than this section and it stands to reason that it will probably become #1 at some point in the near future. It even inspired this gif. I figure that since this week we also put out Tate’s excellent TCU TV interview it was time for a re-up. Much respect to Tate and Elf for putting this gem together.