A slight aside, the OSS store in Downtown LA is now fully stocked with Animal goods.

New Sunday Soundwave Colors Available

Sunday now has 3 new color options for their popular Soundwave frame. Navy blue, trans red and raw are all coming to you live via the flipbook after the jump.
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Chris Silva – Pegless Kinked Rail To Second Stage Bottom Bracket Grind

By this point in your life you’ve no doubt seen a ton of pegs to crooks down kinked rails (let’s not even talk about the ever controversial pegs to crook without a kink). Well for those of you who haven’t yet seen the latest, yet to be released online Macneil DVD, here’s a mind blowing rendition that Chris Silva performed pegless on a steep kinker with a huge drop on the other side. Why would he do such a thing? Because he’s Chris Silva and there’s damn near nothing he can’t do pegless on handrails. Salute!

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No Jumper – The Antwuan Dixon Interview

Today I’m happy to present you with what might just be our most anticipated episode of No Jumper yet. You see, Antwuan got arrested the first time we tried to do this (you’ll hear all about that in the interview)so it’s been a few months, during which I have been asked no less than 5 times per day when this was going to come out. I finally got Twuan into the studio with some help from Caleb Quanbeck and we basically just had a conversation for a little over an hour and while I felt like it was totally incoherent while it was happening, upon editing it I found myself really enjoying it. But I’ll let you be the judge of that. So without further explanation, here it is, the Antwuan Dixon podcast!

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Dillon Lloyd 2015 Instagram Compilation

TCU TV – The Charlie Crumlish Interview

00:00 Charlie’s music career
07:20 “Don’t get too high and talk about being in the womb”
10:30 Biking
14:00 Meeting Catfish
16:00 The Group Text
19:00 Buffalo
21:45 BMXFU
27:00 Getting on Stranger and making the move to S&M
35:45 Biking every day
38:30 Favorite rail of all time
41:00 Austin
45:00 S&M
50:30 Team Weed
54:30 Adult circumcision
57:30 Could you beat up Craig Passero?
59:30 Street vs skatepark
1:01:45 Biking
1:05:30 Kareem
1:06:30 Weed
1:10:00 Merritt
1:12:00 RYWS
1:15:00 Brakes
1:18:00 The Fu Bars

TCU Webisode 14: Barspins & Beers on Friday The 13th

Instagram Slam With The Heavy Hitters

All that doesn’t really matter though, what matters is that this is a video of a bunch of pros and ams having a good ass time and doing some crazy tricks. Watch, enjoy, then go forth and emulate.

“During the third day of the #Strangersneakatour we cough up with some of the tip plus and cult riders for this weeks Instagram slam.
Featuring riders
Brandon Begin.
Alfredo Mancuso.
Funeral Mike.
Sean Ricany.
Stevie Churchill.
Adam Lz.
Grant Germain.
Andrew Castaneda.
Kaique Machado.
Abdullah Alkhalili.”

Mikey Tyra 2015 Instagram Compilation

Austin Auginbaugh on Fit

Recent TCU TV interviewee, Austin Augie has been added to the Fit team. We’ll be dropping a video bike check with him real soon showing off his new set up but until then, go check his TCU TV interview again. Congrats Austin:

GoPro: 6 Mile Bike Ride with Brandon Begin

Music: Chilly Sosa

[Re-up] Hoang Tran’s Subrosa Villicus Frame Promo

“From Hoang’s usual super human steeze, and big drops mixed with his new bag of freecoaster tricks, Hoang is on one lately, and this video shows it.

Check it out, and look for Hoang’s signature Villicus Prime II frame, Villicus Bars, Villicus V2 grips, and Easy Rider seat at Subrosa dealers and BMX mailorders now!”

Official Stranger #SNEAKATOUR Trip Video

Adam LZ
Caleb Quanbeck
Miles Rogoish
Lewis Morgan
Michael Harkous
John Stafford
Abdullah Alkhalili
And many more…

Filmed and edited by: Miles Rogoish
Additional filming by: Nick Stanley

Instagram: @strangerco
Snapchat: @strangerco

TCU Webisode 13: The OSS Team Puts Lewis Morgan To The Test

TCU TV – The Simon O’Brien Interview

Simon O’Brien is considered one of the all time greats in the flatland world. He won an X Games gold medal. He’s put out 2 solo DVDs. He’s invented countless tricks. He has quite possibly the second most viewed BMX video on YouTube. Basically the dude is a bad ass and although I would have loved to interview him with the assistance of my usual co-host Catfish, he was in Japan or something so I held down the interview myself and did my best to help tell the story of a man so hopelessly obsessed with bike riding that he built a concrete slab in his front yard just to practice flatland tricks on. I was joined by Simon’s friend and fellow flatland luminary, Bobby Carter.

01:00 Getting started riding BMX in a town of 500 people
04:00 Lonely flatland lifestyle
07:50 First trip to the USA
11:30 Mexican food
18:30 Building a slab of concrete in his front yard
22:30 Winning the last flatland X Games gold medal
28:00 Doing his first solo DVD
35:30 Contest tricks vs bangers
39:00 Keeping brakes on
43:00 What’s it like having arguably the most viewed web video of all time?

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Robin Bourhis Welcome To Wethepeople Video

“Robin Bourhis is our Parisian connection repping WTP via those lovely folks at Frenchys Distribution. For a young dude he does not hold back, mixing tech with burly on the streets of Paris. Edited and Filmed By Leo Beauregard.”

Whale Tales in The DMV

Here’s a short but sweet one featuring a bunch of the Madera guys pedaling around the DMV:

“Blue whales are the largest animals ever known to have lived on Earth. These magnificent marine mammals rule the oceans at up to 100 feet long and upwards of 200 tons. Their tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant. Their hearts, as much as an automobile.”

None were harmed in the making of this video, but a few were consulted. The result of that consultation was this mixtape of Russell Wadlin and Dylan McCauley along with guest appearances by Mike Hinkens and Carl Espy. Though we were unable to film any aquatic shots, we spent one week riding land in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Filmed and Edited by Mike Hinkens”

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No Jumper – The TA Double Dolla Interview

TA is Xavier’s friend from back in Memphis who has become immortalized in SHWB folklore due to various shout outs (“my weed man professional, he do not say no – TA“) over the years. Mr. Double Dolla flew out to LA for the very first time to open up for Bones, Xavier, Chris and Eddy at their sold out show at The Observatory and I ended up hanging out with him a lot during his trip. I wasn’t planning on interviewing him but as soon as I spent a few minutes around the East Memphis Trap Lord I knew that I had to have him on the show. TA has the gift of gab and I would have had him on the show just to shoot the shit but we were also able to learn a lot about the early days of Xavier and Chris’ career plus what it’s like running the streets of the M serving packs and what we can expect from TA music wise going into 2016. Most notably look for the video we just shot for his new song ONSOMESHIT to drop very soon on the No Jumper channel.

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Eric Lichtenberger Stranger Grip Promo

Here we have Eric Lichtenberger doing it big in the alleys of Long Beach to promote his new Stranger grips. Eric has been living out in Virginia for a little while now but I heard he’s considering making the move back to California soon so we’ll see…

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TCU TV – The Tim Knoll Interview

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00:30 Catfish
01:30 Getting into BMX
04:30 Staying in BMX after high school
06:45 The influence from doing shows on his riding
08:20 Early BMX videos
13:30 Rodney Mullen inspiration
17:00 Tim’s first video which went semi-viral
22:00 Top 5 Most Creative Bike Riders list
33:30 Tate Roskelley
36:00 Intent to offend
40:00 Helmets
41:00 When your video goes viral
45:10 Facebook and facebooting
49:00 Sponsorship
52:20 Making money off YouTube
56:00 Adam LZ
1:00:30 Tim’s next video
1:06:30 Making How To videos for money
1:10:30 Is YouTube dying?
1:14:10 Mom filming