Eddie Welsh’s Bike Hits A Car & Joe Ellis’s Huge Gap To Wallride.

We’ve got two quick clips today. First, Eddie Welsh falling on an icepick, sending his bike directly into a passing car. And second, we have Joe Ellis eating shit and then eventually pulling a massive wallride.

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New OSS Website, Shanghai Retail Store & Button Up Shirts.


I’ve got a bunch of OSS news to drop today:

1) Our new website is up. It’s pretty simple but we like it. Check it out at www.onsomeshit.com. Turn your phone sideways if you’re on your phone.

2) We now have a second retail location in Shanghai. It’s located within SMP skatepark and it’s got our clothing, plus BMX bikes and parts just like our LA store. We’ve partnered with our good friend Kane Wang who is running the store day to day. I’ve got an interview dropping soon where I talk more about the China store.

3) We’ve loaded up the OSS web store with new products including our first cut n sew item, our button up shirts (which Brandon Begin is wearing above), new box logo shirt colorways and new stickers.

And as always, keep up with us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

Vans Oregon Trip.

Bas Keep, Ben Hennon, Kevin Kalkoff, Matt Priest, Greg Illingworth and Gary Young all went to Oregon for a concrete park trip. If you’re in the mood for 11 minutes of park shredding, you just hit the lotto.

Act Like You Know “No Days Off” Friends Section.

We’ve already dropped a couple of sections from ALYK’s latest DVD, No Days Off (check Brandon Galosi here, Ryan Howard here and Kyle Murway here) but here’s the friends section. It’s a work of art, to be honest. A huge variety of riders from all over the place including Tyrone Williams, Ratkid, Blackman, Matt Skaggs, Troy Merkle, Russell Barone and many more.

Pumped 2 Trailer.

I have still never played or even looked at the original Pumped but after watching this trailer, I must admit that Pumped 2 looks pretty damn cool. And it comes out in exactly one week.

“Dropping Thursday 25th September – the #1 rated BMX game is back!

Following the 2012 cult hit, Pumped BMX is back and packed full of more wild levels, more wild tricks, and over 500 challenges and achievements. Oh, and it’s 3D too!

- 50 levels, 500 challenges – from the simple to the fiendishly difficult.
- Game Center leaderboards and achievements, featuring top BMX pros.
- 16 legit tricks from kickouts to cliffhangers, from icepicks to nose manuals.
- Super accurate physics – as close as you’ll get to real BMX without picking up a bike.
- Amazing controls allow full creativity, from floaty 360s to frontflip bikeflips.
- Record straight to your device for full control over your videos.





Tanner Easterla Summer 2014 Video.

Tanner’s been on a tear this year, putting out all kinds of banging web videos. Here’s his latest one.

TCU Premiere: Cory Schneider 2014 Video.


Principal Does BMX Tricks To Fight Tardiness.

Courage Adams on Red Bull.

Courage Adams just got added to the Red Bull team. Congratulations buddy! If you aren’t familiar with Courage, check out this video of him and you’ll definitely understand.

New England Jam Chowder 2014 Promo.

Video put together by Josh Foisey and Javaun Crane-Bonnell.

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Meet Lewis Cunningham The 11 Year Old Street Boss.

We’re all getting pretty used to seeing small children killing it in BMX these days (or at least I would hope so ever since we saw a 9 year old crankarm a handrail on street) but here’s 11 year old Lewis Cunningham who does a bunch of rails, locked in nose manuals and various freecoaster moves all for his sponsor, Kunstform?!

A Day Riding Around LA With Ty Morrow.

What could be better than a day riding around LA with Ty Morrow? He drops a couple serious hammers in here with some moral support from Gabe Brooks, Steve Croteau and Shawn Mcintosh. Catch Ty riding Dew Tour in Brooklyn this weekend.

TCU Exclusive: Scott Ditchburn Got Moves.

TCU Premiere: Matt Barchus Benefit Jam.

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Filmed by Steven Robert. Music by DJ Smokey.

Crucial x Subrosa Barcelona Trip.

Here’s a dope new one featuring the Crucial guys and some Subrosa boys out in BCN for the Street Series earlier this year:

Back in march 2014 we went on a Crucial X Subrosa Trip to Barcelona to get involved in the DUB ‘Street Series’ JAM that was going on. The trip was amazing; great weather, good spots and a sick crew.

We had 6 people on our trip, 3 #CrucialGang Team Riders and 3 local up and coming lads that were keen to tag along for their first out-of-the-UK BMX trip.

Big thanks to Subrosa, Seventies and CrucialBMX for making this trip happen.

Scott Summerhayes
Emerson Morgan
Cappy Smith
Jordan Godwin
Max Higginson
Cam Wheeler

Filmed badly by Scott & Cappy

10 Clips With Grant Castelluzzo.

Shawn Mcintosh Primo 2014 Video.

RIP (?) Tupac Shakur

Filmed by a lot of people, edited by Miles Rogoish

Featuring a guest clip from Ty Morrow

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Tony Cherry Fall 2014 Video.

Here’s a quick one from Tony Cherry which features a lot of back wheel tapping around as well as the usual grind stuff he’s known for.

Ryan Howard in ALYK’s “No Days Off”.

Edited by:

Scott Marceau

Filmed by:

Brandon Galosi
Torey Kish
Jake Frost
Scott Marceau



Grant Germain in Cult’s “Small Talk” DVD.