TCU TV – The LFS Interview

Side note: I’m still working on getting this uploaded to Soundcloud/iTunes on Argentinian wifi but it should be up soon.

No Jumper – The Craig Xen Interview

I found out about Craig Xen a few months back through the magic of Soundcloud and his star has been steadily rising since. Tyler Grosso recently became a fan and has been working closely with Craig so it seems big things are on the horizon. I got him in the studio for an interview and found out that there’s much more to the man than meets the eyes. Enjoy the interview.

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No Jumper – The Goth Money Records Interview

We already had Black Kray on the podcast a few months so I figured it was time to get a few more of his Goth Money partners in crime on the show to further flesh out their movement. Marcy Mane AKA MFK and Kane Grocerys came through the studio for an interview in which we discussed their stylistic influences, growing up in DC, why Wale is rap’s punching bag and much much more.

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TCU TV – The Tyler Fernengel & Mikey Tyra Interview

02:30 Growing up riding together
07:00 Getting into motocross at the age of 3
08:30 Moving to Woodward to go to school
10:30 When Tyler met Charlie Crumlish and Adam
15:00 Mikey’s move to California
18:00 Hypothetical Games of BIKE
21:30 Getting on MARKIT and Red Bull
28:00 The Michigan Video
33:00 The roof to rail from Tyler’s MARKIT video
38:00 Favorite foods
43:30 Learning barspins
52:00 Tyler’s Superdome video
1:06:40 Devon Smillie’s new video
1:08:30 Getting attacked by dogs
1:16:00 2016 plans

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No Jumper – The Beagle Interview

Spencer Ryan Radio Bikes 2016 Video

Filmed and edited by Tyler Rizzi

No Jumper – The Rob $tone Interview

Rob $tone tweeted a video at me of a crazy live performance of his song Chill Bill which currently has over 6 million Soundcloud plays. I liked it and was interested in what he had going on down in San Diego, so I told him to come up to LA for an interview. I sat down with Rob, his boy J Spooks and friend of both No Jumper and Rob’s crew, Celes Karter for an interesting conversation that I am sure you will all enjoy.

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Animal Bikes x ONSOMESHIT x Thee Block Street Ride in LA

Filmed and edited by Nate Richter

Austin Mazur 2016 Video

No Jumper – The Divine Council Interview

Last weekend my dude Adam from Ham On Everything hit me up saying that he had booked a group called Divine Council to open for Keith Ape and that I should interview them because they were dope as hell. I checked out their music and quickly realized that Divine Council included Cyrax of “I Like” fame, the same dude who Yung Weej shouted out on his podcast. I perused a bit more of their catalog and soon decided they were worthy of the No Jumper co-sign. And man I sure am glad I did. These dudes are young, but also fucking hilarious. We had a great conversation about everything from Mortal Kombat to how we wish our teachers had tried to bang us in high school. Watch this interview and then get your Googles on and check out some music from these boys, I promise there are big things to come.

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Nate’s World #4: If I Don’t Grind Something Soon I’m Going To Lose It

Shout out to Stranger.

TCU TV – The Mike Hinkens Interview

This week on TCU TV we had Midwest legend Mike Hinkens in the studio. This conversation went exceptionally well so we let it run long, talking for over 2 hours in total. Check the list of topics discussed below and leave a comment if you enjoyed this!

00:30 Where you from
11:30 Straight Edge
14:00 Finding your identify through BMX
22:00 Barcelona
26:00 BMX after high school
31:00 Riding for The Take
39:00 Becoming BFF’s with Grant
40:30 Going to school and moving to Nicaragua
51:00 Fighting
58:00 Raging out
1:02:00 Romanticizing the past
1:06:00 Adam LZ and BMX as a popularity contest
1:14:00 FBM
1:23:00 My blackout drunk barber shows up
1:25:00 DC and moving around
1:39:00 Hanging out with little kids
1:43:00 Adam’s fleshlight
1:48:00 Plastic
1:55:00 Doing long feeble on rails with front brakes to slow you down
1:57:00 Never reproducing or growing up
2:02:00 Teaching
2:11:00 Dan Kruk & Bae & Dab
2:15:00 K Rob stories

No Jumper – The Asspizza Interview

Today we had Asspizza on the show to talk about the Ian Connor/Playboi Carti fight and much more.

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No Jumper – The Yung Simmie Interview

You either know about Yung Simmie or you don’t. And if you don’t, you should really do some Googles and learn a thing or two. We got this mysterious man in the studio along with fellow 275 member Yung Yogi and Don Krez of the Buffett Boys for some in depth insight into where Simmie comes from and where he’s going. Enjoy and please follow No Jumper on Soundcloud.

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TCU Webisode 24: Tyler Fernengel Is On Some Shit.

The Josh Irvine Instagram Slam



Filmed and edited by @jason_griffiths

The West Coast Mixtape

Side note, Adam, Nathan, and Tristan’s clips are all left overs from their newest videos.

Pete Sawyer WTP x Endless Video

“Me and Fooman stayed with Pete for a few days in Wales this summer to shoot some bits for Endless Magazine issue 1. The original plan was to try and film an edit to correspond with Pete’s magazine interview, sessions for session, but conflicting schedules and the various photoshoots they went on meant I couldn’t make some of the dates Foo and Pete were shooting together – but still, Pete came through with the goods!” Video by Callum Earnshaw

MADERArik: Erik Elstran in Minneapolis

Erik Elstran, a true MADERArikan, braves the diverse seasons of Minneapolis, Minnesota on a little kid’s bicycle.”

No Jumper – The Speak Interview

Today’s episode features the one and only Speak. Speak is many thing. A truly amazing rapper. A writer for himself and others. A man of taste, wise beyond his years who can speak articulately about just about any topic you throw at him. I got him in the studio and we proceeded to have an amazing conversation that I think almost anyone could learn something from. Enjoy!

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