Nigel Sylvester & John Hicks in a Beats By Dre Commercial.

Nigel and John Hicks appear in this new Beats By Dre commercial alongside just about every famous person you can think of #demselfieboyz

FBM Brawlin’ At The Belmar 2.

This doesn’t feel old to me but in actuality it took place almost 8 fucking years ago. Featuring appearances from Van Homan, Chris Doyle, Darryl Nau, Brian Foster and a lot of random dudes hurling themselves through the air for no reason.

Nearly 3 Part 1.

Alex Donnachie just won Rebel Jam and is apparently celebrating by putting his DVD from last year online. Here’s the intro and Greg Layden’s section, both of which are awesome.

The Come Up Crew at LA’s Only Public Indoor Skatepark

Stevie Churchill
Brandon Begin
Scott Marceau
Alfredo Mancuso
Dylan Stark
Chris Bracamonte
Xavier Wulf
Caleb Quanbeck.

Everyone more or less killed it except me, I tried a rocket ice for an hour and failed. Check out and visit them at

9725 Variel Ave
Chatsworth CA

Filmed by John Hicks, David Grant and Scott Marceau

Edited by Scott Marceau

Music: Multiple Sightings “Education”

A Day In The Life Of Adam LZ

I just spent a week at the Adam LZ mansion with Alfredo and Brandon and it was quite the experience. To put it bluntly, I’ve never spent time with someone like Adam before and I’m willing to bet that he would say the same about us. One day we were out riding street with a big crew of people and Alfredo tried to grind this plastic shed with a lock on it. The door broke, exposing it’s contents, a compressor or some other boring piece of machinery. We laughed and kept riding. LZ proceeded to spend 20 minutes attempting to fix the door. He succeeded in re-attaching the door and then as we were leaving, Brandon rode by it again and smashed his back peg on it, permanently destroying the door that LZ had just spent so much time trying to fix. Begin and I laughed. LZ looked at us like we were monsters. How could we care so little about someone else’s shed?

He’s got a point. It wasn’t our shred to destroy and I’m not sure why I could so easily laugh it off. If I saw some guy on the street kick in someone’s shed, I would think they were a total asshole. But I’m of the opinion that destruction of property is an integral element of riding street and I’m willing to put my morals to the side for the sake of a grind. I’ve grinded war memorials (one of the most heavily ridden spots in Brooklyn is a war memorial) and I’ve seen people grind gravestones (I haven’t personally but I certainly wouldn’t rule it out). When people say things like “OSS makes BMX look bad” I’m always kind of confused. We ride street. You have to destroy other people’s property in order to ride street. Once you’ve accepted that you’re going to cause at least some small amount of damage to things that you don’t own (wax and peg marks on ledges for instance), it’s easy to extrapolate from there and conclude that more extreme damage (riding over the hood of a car or wallriding someone’s pristine white home) is also inevitable and therefore acceptable. It doesn’t take much work to make BMX look bad; the stuff we’re out here doing is inherently bad.

A focus on the distinctly un-bad side of BMX kind of explains why LZ has 85,000 YouTube subscribers, far more than every media company in BMX besides one (cough). There are plenty of people in BMX who would have fixed the shed just like LZ did while Brandon and I laughed at him. 85,000 of them? Perhaps. If you aren’t familiar with Adam LZ’s wholesome BMX movement that he has been building up for all of these years and you’re looking for an introduction, this day in the life is probably a good place to start.

“So you guys have been asking for me to do a “Day in the Life” more than anything. It took me a while to film because I wanted to do it right, and it was tough to get my schedule to line up with my friend Brett’s. This is a typical Tuesday in my life, minus the homework and watching an online lecture around 9AM before I go to class. Forgive me if I looked insanely tired by the end of the video, I actually got up at like 6:30AM to let Brett in and set up and plan a bunch of shots and didn’t get back to sleep until 3AM. I go to the Burnett Honors College at the University of Central Florida, and my major is Business Management (entrepreneurship track). If you guys have any questions about this video or my life in general I’ll try to respond to as many comments as possible, or maybe even make a Vlog answering more complex questions. Thank you for watching, and PLEASE hit the like button and FAVORITE. It makes such an insane difference when you click that little button and most people don’t realize it. Stay in school and never stop riding.”

Rick Moliterno Warehouse Session.

I bet Rick Moliterno will still be able to nosepick a quarter when he’s 70.

Madera “Signet” Sprocket Available Now

Madera Signet #1
Madera have a new sprocket available called the Signet:

“The Signet Sprocket has a 24mm thru hole (for use with 24mm cranks) and will come with both 22mm and 19mm adapter hat washers. With that in mind, the Signet will adapt to bolt-on cranks in 19, 22, and 24mm spindle sizes.

Made in the USA by Profile Racing.

Retail: $29.99″

Jon Edwards’ Ride To Glory Footage.

Anyone who paid close attention to Odyssey’s Ride To Glory video probably noticed that their original filmer took some grief in the credits, something I noted on Twitter. The filmer, Jon Edwards reached out to me with the above link showing the footage that he filmed before he let the trip. He wasn’t particularly pleased with how he was presented in the video. We discussed doing an interview about the situation but he made it clear that he didn’t want to feed into any negativity or take shots at anyone involved, so we decided on just posting the above video with this short statement:

“Creative differences, egos and patronisation meant that i decided to cut the trip short, although someone wrote otherwise. Attached is the sample trailer from handover. Hopefully the footage and cut speaks for itself and that’s all i wanted to put out to the industry, in response to the slander.”

All this footage looks pretty good to me but hey, there are two sides to every story. If you’d like to see more of Jon’s work check out his Precisions series that he has been dropping on Defgrip.

Nasty Mondayz: Awful Backflip Crash in Chile.

Matias Ignacio Alfaro is 15 years old and from Chile. He tried to backflip this dirt jump. It didn’t go so well. Filmed by Marco Pavez.

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Devon Denham 2014 Video

I went on a trip with Devon about a year ago (he was the photographer on the Merritt trip that I met Begin on) and he got some clips, but he’s definitely gotten dramatically better since then. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t have the most bike control in the world but he sends crazy shit anyway and quite often comes out victorious.

Dan Kruk Madera 2014 Video.

“Dan Kruk has been getting older, more dialed, and more ridiculous as time goes by. This edit is a few months worth of Dan shredding at home and around the country. Dan has been on lots of Madera trips and in a few different Madera edits, but its definitely time for him to have his own edit. He doesn’t really know the meaning of chill and this video showcases the kind of riding he throws down on a daily basis just for the hell of it.”

Filmed and edited by Grant Castelluzzo

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Vital’s Rebel Jam Highlights.

Here’s the first of what I assume will be many, many Rebel Jam videos. This is the first thing I’ve watched from the contest, and I was pretty blown away by some of the stuff that went down, it’s easy to see why Alex, Garrett and AK took the top 3.

Karl Poynter Fall Web Video.

Karl’s web video output has slowed down a bit over the last few years but he’s still out there in the streets manualing around and keeping things interesting.

Above Below Available For iTunes Pre-order now

“ABOVE BELOW is the first full-length BMX feature from Monster Energy in association with DIG BMX. This two part film sees a diverse group of riders Ben Lewis, Dakota Roche, Fernando Laczko, Ed Zunda, Nathan Williams and Dan Lacey travel the world pushing the limits of BMX progression under the watchful lens of the director, Richard Forne. Ten months is a very short period of time to try and produce one video, let alone a two part release, but as you will see in ABOVE, the riders gave it everything they had and came through with something very special. BELOW then shows you how each rider achieved their goals in the face of setbacks from not only security and the eye of the law but also frustration and injury. By voicing the viewpoints of some of the BMX world’s top riders and industry figureheads, BELOW taps into the true meaning of the sport, culture and its ambitious yet creative approach. ABOVE BELOW documents what it is to have a goal and achieve that at any cost. Watch this and whether you have ridden a BMX bike your whole life or never even set foot on a pedal, this is a movie that will inspire you to get out and get at it. All proceeds go to the ‘Road 2 Recovery’ charity, dedicated to helping action sport athletes worldwide. Sit back, watch and enjoy; thank you to all who supported!”

Proper – In Between Days UK Tour

Here’s the new Proper roadtrip featuring some insane riding and black and white footage:

“After years of stealth filming missions to random European cities (and UK estates) a more social UK trip was long overdue. Rather than the usual formality of signings or demos, we wanted to meet up with local crews for a session. Thankfully things worked out really well and despite losing a day to rain we came home with some banging clips, new friends, good memories, and a fresh team rider. Let’s hope for more of the same in 2015!

Filmed and Edited by; Toby ‘Tonash’ Goodyear

The riders are; James Curry (UK) Sam Cunningham (UK) Sean Kelly (UK) Jordan Godwin (UK) Max Chuprina (Russia) Janis Cunculis (Latvia) Thomas Dunn (NZ via Australia)

The cities are; Bradford

The song is; Jel – Steady (Anticon records)”

Stolen 2015 STS Complete Bike Flip Book.

Stolen just dropped their 2015 Team Series (STS) complete bikes. They’re coming in three different colorways designed by the riders themselves, check them out after the jump.
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Hoffman Bikes Ride To Glory 2014 Video.

Diego “Mono” Navarro Skatepark Quickie

The Flat Rail Instagram Slam.

Filmed by Miles Rogoish and Fernando Gomarin, edited by Miles Rogoish

Skateboarding In An Abandoned New York City Psych Ward.

This is pretty dope, after you watch it click here to read some backstory and check out some photos.