The ONSOMESHIT / SUBROSA Jam in LA Moved To Sunday

The jam has been moved to Sunday so that we can all go to the Trip jam on Saturday. You should definitely come out to both if you live anywhere near LA, see you there!

Anthony Napolitan off Red Bull

Anthony dropped some big news on Instagram today:

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Stevie Churchill Eclat Fork Promo

“The new Éclat Stevie Fork was built with strength in mind. Made out of full liquid post heat-treated seamless 4130 crmo with fully CNCd steerer and butted fork blades, the Stevie Fork uses peg friendly invest cast dropouts and clearance for 2.40″ and larger tires.

Stevie wanted the fork to be available for all riders so we offer the fork in two offsets, 26mm for technical street riding and a more traditional 32mm for all round riding. Weighing in at 1028g (36.26oz) these forks are the perfect balance between strength and weight. Out now in Gloss Black, Chrome and Trans Green.”

For more specs, go here.

Dima Prykhodko Skatepark Session

“Wethepeople AM rider and my very good friend Dima came over to malaga from frankfurt germany for escape the cold winter there so apart of beeing filming for a video we decided to do this little edit at a skater hand made spot where we usually warm up. His riding skills are better than my filming skills but we had fun filming this!”

Instagram Slam with Stevie Churchill, Max Vu, Big Daddy & Biz

Filmed by Scott Marceau and I, edited by Scott

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TCU TV: The Nigel Sylvester Interview

Click here to listen on iTunes or use that SoundCloud player below.

Thanks a ton to Catfish and John Hicks for co-hosting with me and Sussell for filming

0:01:55: What do people get fucked up about you?

0:04:40: The comparison between Nigel and Dave Mirra and why they both catch/caught so much hate

0:07:30: Let’s talk about counting money in RWTW1

0:10:20: How Nigel got a manager and started doing media appearances

0:12:00: Do you feel like the generation before yours failed BMX by not keeping it in the public eye?

0:14:20: The issue with memes and online hate

0:21:30: Let’s talk about posing nude

0:26:34: Let’s talk about Twitter and a couple of Tweets you’ve sent which turned out to be controversial this year

0:31:42: When you say that you’re doing things differently, what does that mean to you? What’s the difference between what you’re doing and what Edwin did?

0:34:34: When people say that you’re not making BMX bigger and that you’re just making yourself bigger, what do you say to that?

0:37:25: Let’s talk about your relationships with A$AP Ferg and Pusha T

0:41:45: You’ve gotten some shit for your outfits on social media too this year

0:46:50: Can you split BMX into two sides, those who want it to be bigger and those who don’t?

0:49:10: BMX brands not treating their riders like professional athletes

0:51:45: Reader question: “Why don’t you ever ride?”

0:52:30: Do you smoke weed?

0:53:55: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

01:01:45: Do you get recognized everywhere you go in New York?

01:05:00: The comparisons between Nigel and Kanye West

01:09:30: I wonder out loud if the haters will feel that I did a good enough job representing their arguments

01:12:30: What do you say to people who don’t think you’re good enough at riding to deserve where you’re at?

01:14:35: Outside of your camp, who is your favorite rider to watch right now?

ONSOMESHIT / SUBROSA Street Ride January 31st


This month’s OSS street ride is on January 31st in collaboration with Subrosa. Kyle Hart and Hoang Tran are coming out and we’ll be riding all day. Come out, get some clips and win some shit!

STRANGER Cherry Park Session with Sean Ricany, Eric Lichtenberger & Caleb Quanbeck

Mike Brennan in Ride BMX “Insight”

Overheard by a 19 year old who watched this in the shop with me: “Holy shit, did he just double dribble the biggest tailwhip ever?”

Yes, yes he did. Here’s Mike Brennan’s unbelievable Insight section filmed and edited by Ryan Navazio.

Is BMX Street Out Of X Games?

I’m getting reports from multiple different sources saying that BMX Street has been removed from the X Games and possibly replaced by Big Air Doubles. I have no words that can express how fucking lame this is, but hey, what did we expect?

Update: Confirmed.

The Kitchen Skatepark Presents: The Battle For Midwest BMX


The Kitchen skatepark are still trying to raise enough money to stay open and one part of that is this Battle For Midwest BMX contest. Be there and donate some dollars.

Peep Game “Peep Hering” Promo

Robb Bank$ – “2Phoneshawty” Video


Excuse me, I just had to get that out there. If the Snapchats I receive on the OSS account are any indication, a lot of you reading this have gone crazy for Xavier Wulf and Bones this year. Well today we’ve got the visual for Robb Bank$’ “2Phoneshawty” which Bones shot the video for. Robb kills it, if you’re into this and haven’t yet caught wind of him, spend some time watching his other videos on YouTube, he’s been quietly killing it for years and all signs point to him having a big 2015.

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A Day in LA with Brandon Begin

TCU TV: The Gabe Brooks Interview

Oh and hey, feel free to comment your thoughts below and

02:40: Gabe talks about finally getting off probation

03:17: Who introduced you to filming and putting together videos?

04:55: You started out riding trails, how did you fit in within the trails scene?

05:15: Tell us about the time you threw some big name pro riders out of your trails.

06:00: Gabe talks about going to Russia when he was 12 for a gymnastics meet

07:25: We discuss “The Gabe Roll”

10:25: You also spent a lot of time doing Muay Thai kickboxing

11:52: How did you get the “One Punch” nickname?

13:00: Tell me about your high school days

14:55: John and Gabe talk about his first Vital video and then going into jail for 3 years

17:45: Gabe’s first sponsor was Diamondback

19:40 We talk about the time Gabe bunnyhopped over a soccer goal

23:24: What was it like being on the Kink team?

24:39: Gabe talks about filming his OSS video with Mike Mastroni and being critical of filmers while working on videos

26:15: John talks about working with Gabe and how difficult he can be to film with

29:07: Is it weird for you being a celebrity in BMX?

29:50: Gabe talks about being into gardening and painting

33:00: Let’s talk about your reality show

36:20: Let’s talk about your Selling Swag video part that you filmed with Hicks

37:02: Who are your favorite riders to watch?

38:30: We talk about Steve Croteau and criticizing your friend’s riding

41:00: The insane uprail line Gabe did in Denver Nugs

43:23: Do you plan out your outfits for when you film a clip?

44:44: Let’s talk about your uprail to superman banger in your second Vital video

46:00: Let’s talk about your part in the new Stranger video

47:32: Who’s your favorite black rider besides yourself?

49:00: Adam describes how Gabe breathes confidence into white boys

50:10: Gabe talks about getting his viral Vine in a WorldStar compilation

52:35: Adam talks about how Gabe always tells everyone that they are like Tupac

Film credit goes to Miles Rogoish, Andrew Jackson, Mike Mastroni, Darryl Tocco and more.

Dan Norvell Don’t Give A Fuck.

Game Of BIKE with Mark Burnett and Matt Ray

Music: DJ Smokey

A Day In The Life Of A 9 Year Old Japanese BMX Rider

I just barely woke up and I’ve already watched a video of a 9 year old Japanese kid throw a peace sign air. No, it gets better, it’s edited to a Sublime song. I can already tell today is going to be a good day. Anybody want to fill me in on what’s written on that piece of paper? Oh and his name is SHUNSUKE JIMBO, what could be better than that?

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Nigel Sylvester’s Vice Sports Documentary Part 2

In part 2 of Nigel’s Vice documentary he discusses the criticism that has increasingly trailed him as his star has shined brighter and brighter in this BMX world. Coincidentally we are having Nigel on TCU TV tonight, so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments, positive or negative, and we’ll address them on air.

Check part 1 here.