Viral Facebook Fight Shows BMX Rider Get Choke Slammed

Jordan Nimmer just hit me up about a video that he posted to his Facebook which has already gotten over 100,000 views. In the video (seen above) you can see a confrontation between a small crew of BMX riders and a few infuriated locals. There are two sides to every story and this situation is no different…

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Jason Watts: Welcome To The Shadow Conspiracy Video

I’ve been freaking out over Jason Watts’ Instagram for a few months now and today we get to see his Welcome To Shadow video and it’s mind blowing. This dude might just be the craziest park rider on the planet at this moment…

“The Shadow Conspiracy is proud to release Australian shredder Jason Watts Welcome to the Family edit. Jason is a unique rider with the ability to shred anything with a unique mix of style and creativity. Whether in the air or on his nose, Jase makes anything look good. Hit play to see what we mean!

Filmed and edited by Troy Charlesworth

Run to You

Tony Neyer In Stable Condition After Head Injury.

Our thoughts are with Tony Neyer who went down hard yesterday and had to get surgery but he is now in stable condition, albeit with some metal plates in his dome. Be careful out there kids…

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Dennis Enarson in Realtime

Here’s a dope 10 minute behind the scenes video featuring Dennis Enarson living out a day in his life. This is super well done, hat’s off to Fraser Byrne for putting this together.

Dan’s Comp Parking Lot Jam

Dans Comp just hit me up about an event they are doing that sounds like it’s going to be pretty awesome…

“Dan’s Comp is pleased to announce a huge BMX event for the summer. On Saturday, July 25, we are hosting the first ever Dan’s Comp Parking Lot Jam and Warehouse Sale. There will be a course built for the event (similar to the one depicted here), Dan’s Comp pro and flow team riders, tons of stuff on sale, mini-events (best tricks on different obstacles) with cash and product prizes, free food and high-fives for everyone. Helmets required, Waiver required (under 18 must have parent/signed waiver). Dan’s Comp is located in Mt Vernon, Indiana, so start planning your trip now, this is going to be a good time!”

#TUESDAYSATTIP 3 with Grant Germain


RIP Scot Breithaupt

The founder of SE Bikes, Scot Breithaupt has passed away. Nobody who works for TCU is old enough to have anything interesting to say about Scot but you can read this write up over on Fat or this article about his passing for more information. RIP. Watch Joe Kid On A Stingray after the jump:

Press Rewind: Game Of BIKE: Rob Diquattro vs Erik Elstran

This weekend let’s take a look back at this ridiculous Game Of BIKE that Rob Diquattro and Erik Elstran did a few months back. Two words describe this video… MAXIMUM SILLINESS. Go forth and have a chuckle.

No Jumper – The Shop Jeen Interview

When I started doing these No Jumper podcasts I knew that I had to get the Shop Jeen girls on the show. I met Erin and Ameelia by chance a few years back and ever since I’ve been amazed by the business that they’ve built out of nothing but hard work and a deep understanding […]

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TCU TV – The John Hicks Interview

00:30 How did you meet Xavier and Nigel?
02:00 Filming BMX videos vs filming rap videos
05:15 Being home schooled
08:30 When you’re a filmer are you also a part time therapist?
12:00 Being motivated by the reaction from fans
13:45 Do you consider yourself a filmer or an editor first?
17:30: When did you decide to put filming before riding?
18:30 Filming the Brandon Begin El Toro crash
20:40 Do you care about your footage coming out on a DVD?
21:30 We talk about going to college
25:50 How John’s Mother’s health problems motivated him in putting together Brandon and Stevie’s videos
28:55 Staying out of trouble and not going down a bad path
31:15 Filming Xavier’s OSS video
34:15 What’s up with that Chad Kerley TCU Exclusive?
35:45 The first time John ever met me
39:55 Have you ever had to sacrifice creativity for money?
42:15 People saying John’s the best filmer in BMX

Listen on SoundCloud below and iTunes here.

ONSOMESHIT Long Beach Skatepark Jam

Nathan Williams’ Above Below Section

Here it is, the main himself Nathan Williams with an entire video part in which 90% of the tricks are switch. This shit is just amazing, thanks to Monster, Rich Forne and Creasy for putting this together.

A Day In The Life Of Pro BMX Rider Josh Irvine

– Nate Richter

If you liked this you should probably watch this too:

Brenden Tombow 2015 Video

Instagram: @tombow1

Colton Satterfield Podcast with Fat Tony

Fat Tony emailed me this with a winky face emoji so I figured Colton would be throwing shade at TCU in it, but instead it’s an hour and 10 minutes of nonstop positivity, inspirational verbiage, Martin Luther King Jr and Colton’s plan to win the most gold medals in X Games history. Listen on iTunes here.

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Riding Down Kinked Rails On A Road Bike

So you think you can tire ride? How about tire riding highway barriers like this one with death drops into the ocean on the side? Oh and you have to do it on a road bike. Although weirdly you’re allowed to dangle your foot off to the side for balance, which hasn’t really caught on in BMX yet.

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Diego “Mono” Navarro 2015 Cult Video

Today Cult and Diego “Mono” Navarro have a surprise for you; this amazing video featuring your favorite Argentinian 2 pegger brutalizing the streets of BCN. This one is a little different but I loved it and assume you will too.

Also Mono made some t shirts featuring his famous parrot, here’s a little video promoting them:

coco-T from N O V I S A on Vimeo.

After you watch this, do yourself a big old favor and Subscribe to The Come Up on YouTube:

#TUESDAYSATTIP Episode 2 with Ethan Corriere

Stacked BMX Street Ride in Riverside

A word to the kids: do not drink Bud Ice before grinding rails.

Thanks to Nate for filming and Larry for having us.

Team Shralp’s 10 Year Anniversary Jam

Dean just hit me with some info about the Team Shralp 10 year jam that is going down this weekend:

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