Press Rewind: Tony Neyer for The Trip.

This isn’t that old (it came out in June) but it’s definitely worthy of a re-watch… 6 minutes of Tony Neyer smashing rails and ledges is never a bad thing.

Asif Malik Doing Some Wheelies in India Circa 2010.

I tell people to subscribe to our YouTube all the time. But today for some reason I felt compelled to actually look through some of our recent subscribers one by one. I supposed it’s kind of strange that I’ve never done this before. I’ve only looked through a couple dozen so far, so I don’t have anything terribly interesting to point out (besides that a lot of our subscribers seem to also be into anime and videogames) but I did find this video of a rider named Asif Malik from India doing some wheelies. Four years ago. He hasn’t posted much on YouTube since aside from this unwatchable tutorial on how to capture your screen on a computer, which to be fair, is a pretty useful technique albeit not one that should take 5 minutes to explain. He also posted this video of him and his friends operating a robot which is kind of cool. It’s interesting that Asif decided to follow both TCU and Network A today since he hasn’t posted a video of him riding his bicycle in nearly half a decade, but it’s nice to know that he’s still interested enough to watch a few videos.

The Internet, this corner of it anyway, is stuffed to the brim with videos of people doing astonishingly difficult bicycle tricks. Today it was nice to be reminded of the fact that even if every single person in the BMX community were to fall victim to some sort of hypothetical nuclear holocaust, there would still be some guy like Asif who presumably knows almost nothing about the history, culture or subtleties of doing tricks on a bicycle but who still feel compelled to learn a few tricks and look up some videos online.

Pre-Texas Toast House Park Session With Nate Richter.

Spencer Ryan’s 2014 Video.

Brandon Begin Gets Slammed By A Professional Wrestler.

Perhaps you’ve heard about this Randy Orton meme going around The Internet. Basically, people edit this wrestler dude into videos of people falling. It’s funnier than it sounds. And they got Begin!

Nikita Zharkov Stress BMX 2014 Video.

This is a video promoting Nikita Zharkov’s new signature frame from Stress. It features one of the craziest songs I’ve ever heard from a band called “Golden Earring”, some absolutely breathtaking motorcycle b roll and a bunch of crazy BMX stunts, natch. Mother Russia is the greatest:

“My name is Nikita Zharkov and this is promo of my signature The Aim frame by STRESS. The main idea was to make barspin tricks convenient. We’ve made the seat tube angle 72.5 degrees instead of the standard 71. A seat gets to your knees much easier and faster.
We had a great time filming this. The camera guy was freezing, I was sweating, falling, taking the pain, getting back up and nailing my favorite tricks! Hope you like the result, enjoy the ride.

Filmed/Edited: Valeriy Korenev
Additional camera: Alexey Maltsev
Idea: Nikita Zharkov
Music: Golden Earring – Going To The Run

The Stevie Churchill & Brandon Begin Interview.

I’ve been sitting on this for a few weeks now waiting to be approved by iTunes. I woke up this morning and I thought of all the poor souls who were going to be sitting on planes, trains and automobiles headed towards Austin without a single BMX podcast loaded onto their phone. So with all that being said, here it is, our first episode of the newly revived TCU podcast featuring Catfish and I interviewing Stevie Churchill and Brandon Begin. Topics covered include El Toro, the homeless bunnyhop controversy, growing up riding together, how Brandon Begin went from 1000 followers to 34,000 followers in a year, eating at McDonalds, Pumped BMX, dealing with fans and much more.

We also play 10 songs throughout the course of the video, check the tracklist after the jump.
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Innocent Bystander “Couch Locked” Trailer.

Follow Jake Hunter and JD for more information as it becomes available.

Cody Anderson Welcome To Hoffman Video.

Filmed by Alex Hammett.

Kevin Kalkoff Welcome To Shadow & Subrosa Video!

“The addition of Kevin Kalkoff to The Shadow Conspiracy (@theshadowconspiracy), Subrosa Brand (@subrosabrand) and the Sparky’s family was an easy one. From being a huge staple in the French scene, to his friendship with Shadow Art director Arnaud Mauler, it only made sense to welcome him with open arms. We are proud to release this amazing Welcome edit from the creative mind of Will Evans. Hit play and check out Kevin shred France in a style that is undoubtedly his own. From stylish bowl lines to some insane street moves, this video is one you won’t want to miss.

A huge thank you to Sparkys France (@sparkysfrance), Will Evans (@williamevans), The Come Up (@thecomeupbmxnet), and Arnaud Mauler (@arnaudmauler) for making this happen!”

Delayedit #7.

The new one from one of America’s leading polejam enthusiasts, Damian Racut:

“Cleveland lacks street riders but I was able to get a few people out here and there. A few weekend trips were taken throughout for this segment.”

What Is No Jumper?

Congratulations, you’ve found No Jumper. This is a new section of The Come Up where you will find videos of just about anything that doesn’t have to do with BMX. Back during print’s heyday most BMX magazines included at least some non-BMX coverage even if it was just a couple of pages of music reviews. I don’t necessarily know what we’re going to be posting in here but we’re open to suggestions and I’ve already posted a bunch of stuff that should give you an idea of the kind of thing that you might find here.

If you don’t like this section, ignore it.

These posts won’t be appearing on the front page of TCU aside from some small text links here and there.

Oh and for those of you with good memories, you’ll remember that No Jumper was originally a rap blog that I started with a friend of mine. We’re using the same name but this new section doesn’t have anything to do with NJ’s previous incarnation. We’re not using yet although we do own it.

Let’s see how this goes.

“Look How Dat Boy Mind”

Fact: This is Stevie’s favorite YouTube video of all time.

Boob Twerking Is A Real Thing.

I bet I could do this with my ass cheeks and nobody would care.

RIP Frankie “Blue” Leggens.

Greenville local Frankie “Blue” Leggens passed away in a motorcycle accident Saturday. I didn’t know him but Dan Foley posted a short description on Instagram that I think sums up how a lot of people in North Carolina are feeling right now:

“Lost a great friend and human being yesterday. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever know a more genuine person. RIP Frankie, you’re a legend and a true one of a kind. Gonna miss you man.”

Frankie’s medical bills are piling up and his family is having a hard time dealing with them. There’s a GoFundMe page set up where you can donate, already over half of their $10,000 goal has been reached.

Future & Wiz Khalifa – “Your Pussy Overrated”

Wiz Khalifa and Future, both recently separated from their significant others on account of infidelity, have apparently took it upon themselves to record a song entitled “Your Pussy Overrated”. Classy. I expected this to subtly reference their recent relationship drama, but the lyrics don’t seem particularly topical which makes me think it might have been recorded before they Future and Wiz became estranged.

I’ve listened to it 3 times and I’m pretty confident that it’s horrible.

The Lamest Jeopardy Contestant Of All Time.

This guy had his chance to tell a story of his choice on television to millions of viewers. He could have said anything. And instead he said… this.

Terry Adams Riding BMX With His Wife.

You can just read Terry’s description of this one, my brain can’t form full sentences right now:

“Check out my latest edit that features my beautiful wife Vanessa. This edit was made to over exaggerate what is it like for a wife to be married to a BMX rider. The entire idea and most of the filming all came from my friend Dave Mavro, he just wanted to do something fun that made BMX look rad and flashy.. He Completely accomplished that for sure.”

Jake Frost “Riding Around After Work”

New one from Jake Frost courtesy of 90east:

“Only a few in BMX get to concentrate full time on riding. The rest have to work to live and still find the time to ride. For Jake Frost that work is as a bicycle messenger in downtown Boston. Despite the full time hours and pedaling around the city all day in all types of weather, Jake still finds the time to enjoy riding BMX plus work on his part for the upcoming 90East video. In this edit we get a quick look at Jake doing his day job and then riding BMX in his off time which led to the name “Riding Around After Work”.
More details soon on the upcoming full length 90East video featuring Jake and the rest of the crew.
Riding: Jake Frost
Film/Edit: Lino Gonzalez
Music: Edo G – Acting Intro / O.G.C. – No Fear

Chris Doyle/Chad Osburn Kink 2014 Video.

Wow this new Kink video starring Chris Doyle and Chad Osburn is absolutely insane. Watch this NOW.