Charlie Crumlish S&M Tall Boy Video

Charlie Crumlish on the other hand isn’t so convinced that the apocalypse is coming. Why would he be? His signature Tallboy frame means that he is now one of the select few riders to have been honored by BMX’s foremost institution, S&M Bikes. He continues to progress his own brand of technical street riding beyond what anyone once thought possible and the decade or so he has spent burrowing deeper and deeper into his audiovisual wormhole has earned him not just an entirely unique style of video editing (what else would you compare this to?) but an unexpected foray into music production with some assistance from DJ Smokey. People spend a lot of time talking about positivity and creativity, but Crumlish is living it. He’s doing his own thing, having fun and progressing in his own way, on his own time, and as of late he’s been doing it on his own bike too. So what’s all this fire and brimstone talk for?

Check out more info on Charlie’s Tall Boy after the jump:
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TCU TV – The Desmond “Blackman” Rhodes Interview

If you wanted to know what Blackman has been up to since then, you’d have been hard pressed to find any information. That all ends today. We got Black to tell us all of the juicy details and whether you agree with his rendition of the events or not (something tells me Edwin and Glenn PP are going to fall into the second category), you’re definitely going to want to watch. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… The Blackman interview.

Shout out to my co-hosts, Catfish and Scott Marceau.

2:53: How did you get started riding a BMX bike?

5:00: How did you get the nickname Blackman?

7:40: Why do you say you feel like you were born to ride BMX?

10:40: Blackman talks about what’s wrong with the NYC scene

13:50: Blackman talks about getting the cover of Ride when he was 16

18:25: We talk about filming for Living In Exile and how he feels Glenn PP wronged him

22:08: Did you steal a wheel from Dave Mirra?

27:13: I call Blackman out for stealing bikes from fans and he talks about fleeing NYC for Alabama

33:00: Blackman talks about living at Post Bikes in Brooklyn and his dramatic departure

36:50: We talk about why Blackman wasn’t in the Skavenger DVD

39:10: How did you end up getting 1.4 million views on your most recent video?

41:40: Why are your pants always hanging off your ass so far?

44:15: We talk about the brutal fall Blackman took when he came on Megatour 8 with The Come Up and we discuss the insane Brownsville rail hop he did

47:20: How Blackman met Nigel and why they stopped hanging out

49:27: Blackman talks about filming the first ever AM:PM video of him in Downtown NYC riding over cars

52:15: I explain how Blackman was the reason I started The Come Up

53:30: Blackman explains why he fed an energy shot to a dog in a web video and he blames it on Prodigy of Mobb Deep

59:30: We all attempt to discuss The Kardashians

1:02:50: Do you feel like you’re happy and comfortable with where you’re at in life?

1:09:36: We listen to Blackman’s song “Hood Happy Bitch”

A Sunday Afternoon With The OSS Crew

Brutal Dirt Crash Compilation.

This weekend the Hillside Dirtjam is taking place in Australia thanks to Cam White. Here’s a video of some of the insane crashes that have happened throughout the last 7 years that they have been doing the event. Check out their description below, the video above.

“Contested on possibly the biggest and most dangerous BMX Dirt jumps in the world, Dew Tour Champion Cam White has created a truly spectacular action sports event on his outback Australian property. The Milwaukee Hillside Dirtjam is a private contest for riders and friends, designed to progress the sport and show fans where BMX Dirt came from, and where it is headed. As we fast approach the 8th annual Milwaukee Hillside Dirtjam, let’s look back through 7 years of incredible BMX Dirt history.”

Paul Ryan Covers Ride UK #197

New Ride UK featuring Paul Ryan on the cover shot by Eisa Bakos. Learn more here.

Tom Villarreal Video Bike Check

The Best Instagram Slam Ever.

Filmed by Nate Richter, Scott Marceau and I

If you want to see more of this park, watch The Trip’s video from earlier this week.

TCU TV: Ed Pollio talks Indoor Skateparks and BMX vs Scooters

Some show notes:

0:00:00: We discuss Wu Tang Clan, specifically Catfish’s Wu Tang tramp stamp

0:01:45: We talk about Ed’s skatepark, 5050 and why he’s the only person running an indoor skatepark in New York City

0:03:35: Some kid is suing Ed and the skatepark because he broke his ankle riding the park

0:07:20: We talk about what makes 5050 Skatepark unique

0:08:39: We talk about scooters and how big the scooter scene has gotten


0:25:00: How much support does your skatepark get from the NYC BMX community?

0:26:45: We talk about TCU TV and Ed’s favorite podcasts we’ve done

0:28:45; How Ed got started riding

0:35:00: How Ed got involved in the BMX industry and how he started building ramps for Red Bull

0:38:40: We talk about younger BMX riders not showing enough respect to older riders

0:44:45: We talk about how many BMX riders there are on Earth?

0:48:00: What is Group Home Bikes?

0:51:30: We talk about young kids not supporting BMX brands

0:55:04: Ed talks about why he thinks BMX needs more girls riding

0:59:15: Ed talks about how nobody in BMX answers their emails

1:03:30: Ed talks about little kids getting influenced to try drugs from BMX videos

1:06:46: Ed tells his Lou Bickle story

1:08:10: Ed talks about having his shop burglarized by a local BMX rider

Anthony Derosa 2015 Video

Filmed in: NYC and North Jersey
Filmed by: Bryan Carter

Check out Anthony’s other 2 most recent web videos below:

Anthony DeRosa from bryancarter on Vimeo.

Behind The Scenes At The OSS Jam

Riders include Devon Smillie, Alec Shmalec, Stevie Churchill, Brandon Begin and Adisson Sasso.

Drunk Guy Jumps In Disgusting River for $5, Gets Mocked by Children

Anyone who went to the OSS x Subrosa street ride a few weeks ago is probably familiar with Bizzle now. He was acting like a damn fool everywhere we went that day, culminating at the Hollenbeck plaza where he stripped down and jumped into the water where he cut his feet open on the broken glass and then got mocked mercilessly by 2 small Vietnamese children. I’m so happy I filmed this.

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Sean Ricany Blender Sunglasses Promo

Nate Richter met up with Sean Ricany the other day and filmed this promo for Sean’s sunglass sponsor in Venice. They kept it pretty simple but of course Ricany always holds it down.

TCU Suburban Flat Ledge Session

Unreleased Richard Mungall Footage

Logan Reynolds was nice enough to send through some never before seen footage of the great Richard Mungall who hasn’t appeared on the site in many years. Mostly filmed in Milwaukee, WI with a few clips from Portland OR.

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WTP: Dillon Lloyd & Dan Kruk in San Diego

Dillon Lloyd has basically moved into the OSS apartment over the course of the last month. He was supposed to come out for a couple weeks but at this point it’s hard to imagine him ever leaving. Around the time he first came out, WTP sent him on a quick roadtrip to San Diego with up and coming stunter, Dan Kruk to put some work in with Francis Castro. Observe the miraculous tricks that were filmed above and check their description below:

“Dan Kruk is new to the AM squad and when we heard word he was going to be in Cali around the same time Dillon Lloyd was we thought about getting those two to film a 4 day trip to San Diego. Francis Castro behind the lens and these two knuckle heads meant only one good things could happen.

Shout out to QBP our new U.S.A distro for arranging this.

make sure you hit up QBP to find all of our product in the US

Press Rewind: Kink in Mexico City

A year or so ago Kink went down to Mexico City for some BMX riding. The crew consisted of Darryl Tocco, Dan Coller, Tony Hamlin and Calvin Kosovich. A lot of good shit went down but you probably need to see Tony’s flip out of a tiny street fountain to believe it.

Press Rewind: Shawn Mcintosh Primo Web Video

Here’s a really good Shitty section from a few years back when he first moved to California. See that ledge at the 1 minute mark? I went and looked at it the other day and they basically skate stopped it by planting a huge tree right next to it. Shawn Mac kills it, tree or no tree.

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This Bicycle Parking Technology Will Blow Your Mind.

This is pretty fucking cool, but I’ve got to wonder if it’s been built to handle a bike with pegs sticking out everywhere.

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Ant Life in Los Angeles

“I mean pretty much we (Phil Bartlett, Jordan Hickey, Ryan Antle and I) just wanted to get out of Newfoundland to ride and chill somewhere that winter isn’t a problem. Our buddy Dave Scott from Newfoundland who has been living in BC the last few years met us out there part a few days in. We ended up drinking a lot of cheap booze, met a lot of dope people, smoke a lot of good dope, and had some fun on our bikes it was a solid time.”

Check out a photo gallery and write up that Dave Scott put together from the trip here.

Follow the crew on IG:


TCU Bike Check: Augie Simoncini’s Stranger

Filmed and edited by Nate Richter