The Dirty Dozen #1

Featured riders include Brett Silva, Matt Nordstrom, Weston Vaughn, Josh Babu, Charlie Crumlish, Chris Ryan, Luke Shelton, Lucas Dartford and Hersh Patel

Please note that while the Instagram Slam brand name has already been dragged through the mud to such an extent that even scooter kids are ripping it off, The Dirty Dozen will be guarded closely and anyone who attempts to film their own without obtaining permission from TCU will be prosecuted in a court of law and beaten with a pillow case full of bars of soap.

Also please note that drinking alcohol at a skatepark is illegal in some parts of the world including Austin, Texas where this was filmed, so watch your back.

*Cue boring Americans getting mad about a few guys drinking 2 beers each at the skatepark*

Dan Paley ONSOMESHIT x DUB Video

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Dan, Jack Dub and I were working on a small line of collab OSS x Dub products. I spent a ton of time with Jack, Jay Bean and Lacey this year doing The Street Series and through our many deep conversations about the nature of street riding, I kept thinking more and more about how we could do something together. 2 shirts and a hat isn’t much, but it’s something and I’m super hyped on how everything came out.

So here you have it, Dan Paley killing it for OSS and Dub in the streets of LA. If you’re in the United States pick up this stuff from the OSS store or the TCU web store and if you’re in Europe it might be cheaper shipping wise for you to order from the Dub site directly.

Filmiers: John Hicks, Aaron Brenner and Brandon Begin

Editor: John Hicks

OSS x Dub Collab Shirts Available Now

You probably caught wind of the OSS x Dub collab yesterday when you watched Dan Paley’s new video, but just in case you missed it… cop this stuff (along with the rest of your Christmas gift needs) from the TCU web store.

The TCU iPhone App Is Fixed.

As of last night, the TCU app is back. Thank you for your patience in dealing with this bullshit.

Skapegoat 10

This dropped a while back but it’s back online today and it’s a classic Scerbo production.

Angry Customer Goes Insane On Delivery Guy.

I stole this post from World Star, but wow, this is really something. The end is where it really gets good, it’s always a nice touch when the camera guy gets involved.

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Matt Closson Rides The New Las Vegas Skate Plaza

Drew Bezanson & Morgan Wade Riding Some Insane Ramps In The Woods

This is a trailer for an upcoming series that Drew and Morgan have going through Red Bull where they got to build some dream ramps deep in the woods

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TCU TV: The Common Crew Interview.

00:22: What was the first iteration of the Common Crew?

02:06: Where did you guys ride at since Huntington doesn’t have a park?

02:56: What made you interested in filming in the first place?

04:00: Adam’s story of how he met Sauce

06:33: How did the idea for a DVD come together?

08:00: How close are you to having it done now?

08:29: Who is going to have full sections?

12:17: Who were you guys influenced by to make a DVD?

12:55: Stylistically, Francis, who would you say you most want to emulate as a filmer?

13:32: Will there be juggalos in the video?

14:12: Do you guys just ride that one school in Huntington all the time?

15:20: How big of an influence was Dakota on you guys growing up?

18:23: Has there been anyone who was supposed to have a part in the video but then didn’t?

18:48: How does it feel to have an amazing concrete park in your city that you’re not allowed to ride?

20:27: Is there an overall goal that you guys have with The Common Crew?

22:48: Sauce got his braces off 8 hours before this podcast.

23:57: Adam talks about how kids should go about making a name for their crew

28:26: Let’s hear about the time you got fucked up in China and lost your iPhone 6 and your chicken.

Follow @thecommondays on Instagram and check out our other episodes of TCU TV here.

Road to FISE World – Into The Unknown – Ep.1

So this is episode 1 of a new series featuring Catfish, Maxime Charveron and Mike Varga – as the description refers to them “3 of the most talented and progressive BMX riders in the world” – as they travel the world riding their bikes. The production quality is pretty insane, wait til you see the bike wiggling in slow motion.

“On 7 December, three of the most talented and progressive BMX riders in the world – Zack “Catfish” Yankush, Maxime Charveron and Mike Varga – embarked on an epic 15-day journey across Malaysia to find the perfect ride.
With the trip culminating on Langkawi Island for the final stop of the 2014 FISE World Series, we sent a crew along to capture their crazy riding, and even crazier antics!”

Team Shralp Portland Skatepark Benefit

Dean Dickinson just hit me up about an event happening next month that you definitely won’t want to miss if you’re in the area:

“TEAM SHRALP is proud to present a Portland Skatepark Benefit Showing of Tim Burton’s bicycle comedy classic, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. The Portland BMX/Skate Community has been advocating for a master plan of 19 public skateparks for over 10yrs. 6 parks down and 13 to go. Come join us as we make Portland the SKATEPARK CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!!!

This benefit screening takes place on Friday January 2nd 7:30pm at Velo Cult (1969 NE 42nd Ave Portland, OR 97213). Raffle, Prizes, Drinks, & more! All ages event with a $8 suggested donation at the door. Also featuring BMX shorts provided by: Bone Deth, Goods BMX, Boicott, and more!

Spread the word and join in on the FUN!!! Hope to see you then!

Flyer Art By: Ben Hucke”

Dylan Stark – Tire Ride Switch Whip

dylan switch whip

When we rolled up to this spot, which I’ve seen in a million California BMX videos but never actually rode until today, I said to Scott:

“Is this spot for real? Why would this spot exist naturally?”

To which Scott replied:

“I think this one was an inside job”

I mean I get why people build perfect flat rails. To some business owners it probably seems like a pretty logical way to prevent someone from driving their car into the wall. But why would someone build a rail like this that goes from low to high? It looks funny and serves no purpose for anyone who isn’t grinding it. I have no idea if this spot has been modified, but it certainly seems possible.

Which isn’t to say it’s perfect. It’s slanted to the side, so If you’re grinding up it on the left, your tires are going to rub the uprights which can be an issue. If you’re going to hit it on the right, you’ve got to worry about hitting your left shoulder on the wall should anything go wrong. Which is to say nothing of the other flat rail in the background which is even more fucked up.

But still. Two low ass flat rails in a row. Thank you, California. And thank you, Dylan Stark for the tire ride switch whip.

Photo by Scott Marceau

MARKIT New Years Eve Jam

New Years
The MARKIT guys are throwing a big New Years Eve jam. Get out there and get involved.

Adam LZ Meets Boqer123

I watched all 15 minutes of this just so that I could attempt to list off some things that might conceivably make you want to watch this if you’re not already an avid LZ/BQR123 fan:

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Grant Castelluzzo Mutiny Obscura Frame Promo.

Filmed by Mike Hinkens and Andrew Brady

Here are the specs on Grant’s new frame available now.


100% 4130 Chromoly Sanko tube set


Top Tube: 20.2″, 20.5″, 20.8″ and 21.1″

Chain stay: 13″ slammed with 1/2″ of adjustment

Head Tube: 75 degree

Seat Tube: 70 degree

BB Height: 11.8″

Seat Tube: 70 degrees

Standover; 8.95″

Weight: 5 lbs

Tim Knoll’s Crashes.

Tim Knoll has gone viral to the tune of roughly 8 million views thanks to his bizarre take on flatland. But along the way, he has taken a few spills just like everybody else. Except unlike everyone else, his crashes are fucking hilarious.

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How To Conceptualize and Create a Logo in 15 Minutes

I’ve paid people to make logos for me a few times, but until now, I never put much thought into what it must be like to come up with some branding from scratch. This video will make you want to learn Photoshop and start designing some shit right now.

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Crazy Buddhist Steals (and then burns) Some Guy’s Marijuana Crop.

This is so fucking funny: “This is a condensed version of a video, and the reason I did that is because the real one is over 10 minutes long, so if you would like to see the back story, look in my videos, and it will be there for you. Anyways, time for the video […]

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Adam Banton / Patrick Kelly 2014 Video.

Chris Brown, Raul Ruiz & Friends: Da Office (Basic Bitch)

I’m a fan of the way this is titled on Vimeo:

“Da Office (Basic Bitch)”

Inside we have some pretty banging footage from Raul Ruiz, Chris Brown and a bunch of other LA affiliates. There are some absolutely brutal crashes in here, mostly from Chris who isn’t even slightly scared to throw himself down huge rails.

Filmed by Tommy Blanco

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