Behind The Scenes in Barcelona with Alex Kennedy, Ben Lewis & Ed Zunda.

Riders: Alex Kennedy, Ed Zunda, Dakota Roche, Ben Lewis, Mical Smelko, Fernando Laczko and featuring guest appearances by Tom Creasy and Rich Forne.

Hit up for more information on Monster’s upcoming BMX events.

Stevie Churchill Talks X Games.

He speaks. X Games is coming and we all know that every pro BMX rider loves riding in Austin in the middle of June.

TCU Premiere: The Fit Instagram Slam.

Song: “Virus” by Bones.

TCU Premiere: Dem Clips Volume 1.

Filmed/Edited by Alex “Frenchie” Coumailleau
Additional filming: Marty Wolf, Heath Sheehan and Todd Henshall”

Press Rewind: Dave Thompson Verde Video.

ASAP Ferg Is A BMX Rider.

According to a new interview on the Green Label site, ASAP Ferg (who has become close friends with Nigel Sylvester over the past couple years) has roots in BMX:

“A lot of people don’t know that I do ride BMX. [Nigel] just built me a new bike, and I’ve been riding since before I was rapping. That’s a side of me that the world will see soon. We’re gonna bring the sport back up because a lot of people have been supporting the skateboarders recently. It’s time to bring the cool back to the BMX life.”

Agreed. This is an interesting development. If you want to see Ferg stop by the TCU Headquarters some time to talk BMX, let us know in the comments.

FULL DVD: Nearly 2 by Alex Donnachie

The first time I watched this video was a few years ago when the BSD team were sleeping at the original OSS Long Beach house. It took me a few minutes for it to register that Alex Donnachie, who filmed, edited and stars in the video was sitting approximately 5 feet away from me. At that time he was 16. I was blown away that someone so young could film, edit and ride on such an unbelievable level. Alex, unsurprisingly, was too shy to say anything besides “thanks” as I bombarded him, and this DVD, with compliments. He squirmed with discomfort as he usually does when people are saying positive things about him, which is more often than not from my experience.

Since then I’ve gotten to hang out with him a bunch, he filmed a section for my DVD and he’s put out a smattering of other web videos plus completed Nearly 3 (not yet online) and is currently at work on Nearly 4.

The Fit Team @ MLK Skatepark.

Jordan Hango, Matt Nordstrom, Jared Swafford and Morgan Long do a few thangs one morning at MLK. We have an Instagram Slam with these guys (minus Jared, plus Begin and Justin Spriet) dropping tomorrow.

Corey Bohan Fought a Meth Head at the Skatepark.

“These things happen quite often in Australia.”

TCU Premiere: Macneil “Any Means Necessary” Trailer.

Nate Richter Off The Set.

Bones, Xavier Wulf & Chris Travis – “We Don’t Believe You”

The other day our friends Bones, Xavier Wulf and Chris Travis came through and filmed a video for their new song “We Don’t Believe You” at the OSS store. Stevie Churchill and Brandon Begin did a little riding and Begin even re-created his legendary homeless hop but this time we paid the guy 8 dollars and listened to him talk for a half hour afterwards. This song was produced by Purpdogg who also produced that new Soulja Boy & Drake song.

Harry Main – 180 Backflip Drop In.

Just spotted this on Harry’s Instagram and figured it was worth a share on the TCU Facebook. Absolutely unreal.

ONSOMESHIT Spring Line Commercial.

Brandon Begin and Alfredo Mancuso spent an afternoon riding around Long Beach and John Hicks filmed it to show some of the new OSS spring line which is available now from the TCU web store. Free stickers with every order.

Nigel Sylvester & ASAP Ferg Cover Size Magazine.

Nigel Sylvester and ASAP Ferg cover the newest issue of Size magazine, a Chinese sneaker periodical. Check out a bunch of the pages from the issue after the jump.
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Sam Marden Covers Ride UK #187.

More info on this issue here.

Lahsaan Kobza & Tammy McCarley Split Video.

LK and TM came through with another dope VX edit of them killing it out in AZ.

Team MMA Is A Real Thing.

Okay, I know that this is a BMX website. And I know that most of you don’t watch the UFC and you only have a vague understanding of what MMA is. That’s fine. But still, you have got to witness this. This is the absolute dumbest thing I have ever seen yet it’s also incredibly fascinating. Via Deadspin.

Sam Hulse – Pegs Over Downside Whip To Fakie.

Ryan Taylor vs Alex Hiam Game Of Bike.

I would rather spend the rest of my days consuming only human excrement instead of food than even be in the same room as a Rocker BMX. Ryan Taylor on the other hand doesn’t seem to have such qualms. Here he competes against Alex Hiam in a Game Of Bike. The weird thing about this is that both guys seem endlessly amused by the tiny bike. Why? It’s not funny. Amity went bankrupt and instead of getting a job like anyone with a modicum of self respect would do, Marc Brotherton (the owner and admitted non-BMXer) started making these things. Then he pays guys like Ryan and Harry Main to ride them in web videos hoping that you, the naive teenage consumer, will think they are cool. Then he litters their online presence with sentences like “Rocker Mini BMXs Are All About Having A Laugh With Your Mates” so that when someone points out how dreadful they are, he can say “you just can’t take a joke!”

Well actually no, I can take a joke, I just don’t like the joke. The joke sucks. Luckily I can think of a way better joke: every single person reading this never purchasing a Rocker product and publicly humiliating anyone that they see riding one. I know that most of you reading this already do both of those things but for anyone who doesn’t, start. I know that may not sound like a “joke” in the traditional sense of the word but I promise you that when Rocker goes out of business (just like Amity before it) every person in the BMX industry will have a nice, long laugh at their expense.

Over and out.

Aaron Ross Bike Check.

Aaron Ross has a dope new bike check on Sunday that you can either check out right here or after the jump.
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4 Year Old Twins Riding BMX.

They’re 4 years old, they’re twins and they can jump spines. Meet Jake and Theo. I can pretty much guarantee your emotional circuit board is about to overload from all the cuteness contained within.

TCU Premiere: Nathan Williams 2014 Video.

Shout out to Tom Creasy and Monster Energy for hooking this up. If you live in Spain, make it out to the Barcelona Street Series that Monster are doing this upcoming Sunday, Nathan won’t be able to make it but I’ll be there and so will Dakota, Dan Lacey, Ben Lewis and more of the Monster team.

TCU Premiere: Project After Hours.

TCU Premiere: Full Factory March Madness Warehouse Session.

Oh yeah sorry about the deinterlacing issue we just got this camera and are still figuring it out.

Thanks to the Full Factory and Odyssey guys for having us.

Song: Yung Simmie – “So Cool” from his mixtape Basement Muzik 2.

Sean Ricany 2014 Primo Video.

Matt Dalley’s Cancer Is In Remission.

The name “Matt Dalley” might not ring a bell but he’s the rider with cancer who requested that Dan Lacey do a turndown to fakie in the Monster Instagram Slam from over the Summer. Well he just reached out to Dan to let him know that his cancer is in remission after 8 months of intense chemotherapy. He’ll be back to riding soon as he gradually gets his strength back.

Drew Hosselton Volume Barista Bar Promo

Volume just dropped this amazing bar promo showing off the new Drew Hosselton signature Barista Bars. Drew is one of the most creative riders out there and nobody is ready for how unbelievable his Volume DVD section is going to be.

Volume just got their YouTube set up so you should go subscribe to that now.

Check out some more info about the bars below:



Drew Hosselton’s signature 9” bar. The Barista Bar is made from all new thicker 13 butted 4130 heat-treated CRMO tubing that was designed with all the butting in all the stress points of the bar. Hoss approved!


2-pc bars made from 13-butted heat treated 4130 CR-MO tubing
Rise: 9″
Width: 29″
Backsweep: 10°
Upsweep: 1°
Crossbar OD: .75″
Crossbar Height: 6.5″
Crossbar Width: 11.2″
Material: 13 butted, heat treated CRMO. Thickest point is 1.8t (.070)
Weight: 32.8 oz


Chrome & Flat Black

TCU Premiere: Chad Kerley MARKIT Denim 2014 Promo.

Mike Hoder Gets An S&M Face Tattoo.

The tattoo shop across the street from the store is called Crimson Unicorn and they are always stoked to tattoo BMX riders so if you’re interested, let us know when you come in and we’ll introduce you. Check out the artist Casey on Instagram here.