Instagram Slam with The Young Guns


Brandon Begin
Shawn Mcintosh
Alec Shmalec
Reed Stark
Caleb Quanbeck
Ethan Corriere
Julian Arteaga
Denim Cox

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TCU TV – The Grant Castelluzzo Interview

1:20 How did you get started riding a bike?
5:00 and how that impacted the scene
10:35: Why did you make the move to Milwaukee and how strong is the scene?
14:00: Are you offended by the term “park rat”?
19:18: What was it like doing a 720 hurricane? Did you invent the vader?
25:00: Let’s talk about Straight Edge
28:35: Let’s talk about your temper
32:40: How did you get into filming and editing?
39:44: Who are your favorite videographers?
43:34: What are your thoughts on the overall state of BMX right now? Why are there so many salty old dudes?
48:15: We talk about kids filming clips for Instagram and if there’s anything wrong with that
50:50: We talk about specialization in BMX
53:20: Is BMX no longer an outsider activity?
55:30: We talk about surrounding yourself with people who are motivated to ride

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TCU Video Bike Check: Morgan Long’s Fit Hood Bird

Pat Casey Covers Ride BMX #208

Pat Casey has landed the cover of the new Ride BMX cover. Click here to check out the contents.

TCU Webisode 02: Street Sessions & Seshollowaterboyz

18 Year Old Female BMX Rider, Nikita Ducarroz

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Odyssey X Vans “Road To Nowhere” Video

All you really need to know here is that when two vets (Sean Sexton and Gary Young) go on the road with two unbelievable up and coming am’s, the sessions tend to get heated. Check out Vans and Odyssey’s collaborative shoes here after you watch the video above.

Odyssey BMX sent a couple of their pros out on the open road with the fresh new Odyssey color way shoes to find some sun-baked street set-ups nestled far out in the California & Arizona desert. Vans pro riders Gary Young and Sean Sexton lead the charge with Odyssey flow team riders Travis Hughes and Jacob Cable along for the ride on the “Road to Nowhere.”

Music: “Is This What You Wanted” by Ride the Blinds.”

GAME OF BIKE: Matt Nordstrom vs Grant Castelluzzo vs Addison Sasso

During their stay in LA, Matt Nordstrom and Grant Castelluzzo not only filmed an Instagram Slam, they also completed this Game Of BIKE with Addison Sasso (AKA the 17 stair barspin in the rain dude) along for the ride. Many difficult tricks were accomplished and good times were had, once you’re done with this go watch their Instagram Slam too:

Dan Norvell Instagram Compilation

Apparently Instagram Compilations are a thing now (I may have started this) so here’s another one from Dan Norvell who is very, very good, pretty much never has a real filmer around and who recently started getting hooked up by S&M.

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Eric Lichtenberger’s Stranger “No Hype” DVD Part (ORIGINAL)

Last week we dropped a remix of Eric Lichtenberger’s Stranger “No Hype” DVD section on the site because there were some issues with the music. Well we figured out how to get it on to YouTube with the original soundtrack so for archival purposes, here it is in all it’s original glory. Thanks to Rich Hirsch for hooking it up and Miles Rogoish for putting it all together.

Crispy Stream “Fall From Grace” Trailer

There’s a new Crispy Stream video in the works and today we’ve got a glimpse of the trailer:

“This is the trailer for the second full length Crispy Stream DVD, this time entitled ‘Fall From Grace’. DVD is planned for release on the 9 May 2015.

Feat. full sections from Cody Pollard, Big Mac and Wilton Hedley. Other sections include an Adelaide Trip, Trails and 2 mix sections.

Filmed around Australia (mostly Brisbane and Adelaide) over the last year.

Filmed/edited by Mike Vockenson (DVX100b, VX2100, HPX200).”

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Fat Tony Has A Podcast.

We’ve been going hard with TCU TV for a few months and I’ve been wondering who would be the next BMX personality to give the podcast format a shot. Fat Tony (who I actually interviewed a few years ago) just dropped his podcast with 8 brand new episodes with Daniel Dhers, Ben Hucke, Jamie Bestwick, Dustin Grice and more. I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to them yet but I’ll be tuning in soon and you should consider giving them a listen as well.

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Bikes Over Baghdad Video

The situation in The Middle East is infinitely complicated and the presence of American troops in the area for the past 14 years or so adds another layer of complexity on top of it. But there’s one thing that both our armed forces and ISIS can agree on: backflips are tight.

Brandon Begin 4 Kegs Video

The other day I watched Instagram Slam 5 and realized it’s been almost 2 years since I first started hanging out with Brandon Begin. He’s grown up a lot since then and really blossomed as a rider but this video (which was supposed to be part of the 4 Kegs video project which is currently in some sort of perpetual limbo) shows him before he made the move to California and started really making a name for himself in the BMX world.

Filmed by Jeff Dupaul, Jefferson, Tascon, Tom Lavorgna and various homies

Guest clips: Gabe Cruz, James Romaniello, Dylan Jacquemin, Tom Lavorgna and Izzy Ramos

Erik Elstran and Rob Diquattro in LA

Filmed and edited by Scott Marceau

TCU Bike Check: Eric Lichtenberger’s Stranger Ballast

We premiered Eric Lichtenberger’s amazing Stranger DVD section remix earlier this week, so today let’s take a look at the machine he uses to wallride all over Long Beach. Have a look and keep an eye out for the original version with the original music dropping on the TCU YouTube this weekend.

Eric Lichtenberger Stranger 2015 Video

Filmed and edited by Miles Rogoish. Follow his new Instagram @rogoishfilms

TCU TV – The Erik Elstran & Rob Diquattro Interview

I also went the extra mile and transcribed this entire thing (which took fucking forever) so that our non-English speaking fans can watch it. Just play the video and click the “CC” button then select your language and it should work. Thanks in advance to anyone who listens, let us know what you think in the comments either here or on YouTube! Also if you’re a TCU TV fan and you’re interested in transcribing future episodes, get in touch.

The web video that Rob and Erik filmed while they were out here will be online tomorrow so tune in tomorrow for that.

Show notes:

1:08: Do you love BMX and if so what does that mean?

2:25: Rob have you seen a change in Erik’s riding over the years?

4:42: What drives you guys to do scary ass shit?

8:01: Can we talk about the curved wallride to bush landing?

8:56: Is BMX funny enough?

13:15: Erik at what point did you realize you wanted to do such different bike tricks?

17:08: When you show up to a spot do you already know what you want to do or do you have to session it to figure out what might work?

20:20: Does your mentality on BMX relate to playing video games?

22:30: Erik talks about riders today staying within their comfort zone

25:32: They discuss their strategy of treating serious tricks like jokes

36:00: Rob why did you almost not release your legendary Chedit video?

39:40: Are kids too thirsty these days?

43:00: Rob,why do you relate to Eminem so much?

44:25: Thoughts on Cali spots vs the spots you ride where you live?

49:00: Editing can make the most serious session ever seem silly and vice versa

52:20: If you weren’t riding BMX would you find some other way to punish your body?

53:00: We watch the entire “Shit People Say When Kicking You Out Of Spots” video

57:10: You guys are strong proponents of filming on your phones whenever possible

59:10: Do people take spots too seriously in BMX?

1:04:11: “I’ve never done an uprail”

1:07:30: Have you ever done any painful ABDs?

1:09:50: How do you feel about the dry ice?

1:15:00: Rob talks about watching rollerblading videos

1:17:20: Rob, at what age do you think you’ll still be doing handrails?

1:21:25: You guys don’t really drink or smoke weed, what’s up with that?

1:29:28: Let’s talk about shitting your pants

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“Nowhere To Go” Mixtape with Joris Coulomb and Anthony Perrin

“Anthony Perrin and Joris Coulomb filmed a bunch of clips with their VX during various trips around the South East part of France and Barcelona.

Riders: Anthony Perrin, Joris Coulomb, Max Terasson and Theo Zannettacci.

Filmed/Edited by Anthony Perrin and Joris Coulomb”

Cristian Porras Fit Bikes 2015 Video

Woah. Cristian Porras is an absolute beast from Colombia who kills street, park and trails (mostly in Austin) for this amazing new Fit banger.