ONSOMESHIT February Street Ride Video

We aren’t doing a street ride this month but look for something a little different towards the end of April.

Check out the new OSS line on our site, the TCU web store or in person at 127 east 5th street in Downtown LA.

Riders who killed it include Stevie Churchill, Devon Smillie, Rocco Giuseppe, Tombow, Augie Simoncini, Chris Hughes, Ethan Corriere, Morgan Long and more.

Filmed by Scott Marceau, Nate Richter and Adam22

Check out another video of the jam that Adam Centko put together as well:

TCU TV: The Adam LZ Interview

Also the SoundCloud and iTunes have been updated with this episode and all the other recent ones so feel free to listen there although it might take a little bit for this episode to finish processing and show up.

0:01:10: How has your trip to LA been?

0:03:10: So how did you get started with the whole YouTube thing?

0:13:00: How would you define why your channel is successful?

0:19:34: “People are so scared of long content”

0:22:00: How did you get started with your clothing line?

0:24:26: Who is the average Adam LZ fan?

0:29:05: What is your girlfriend’s role in this whole thing?

0:31:20: We talk about why Adam’s videos are pretty family friendly

0:37:10: Do you feel like you’re accepted by the BMX industry?

0:40:20: Why do you think your videos are so polarizing?

0:44:30: Why aren’t you sponsored?

0:50:30: We talk about turning riders into pros

0:56:05: What’s with the whole Taylor Swift thing?

0:58:35: You’re insanely busy. How do you pull it all off?

1:03:00: What would you say to a kid who just graduated high school who is thinking about going to college?

1:10:40: What would you be doing right now if you weren’t in college?

1:13:20: How do you see your brand evolving over the next few years?

1:18:30: What is Froth?

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Help Get A Public Dirt Park Built In Los Angeles

The more public spaces we have which allow BMX riding, the better. So I was pretty happy to see this video in my inbox today… go here and sign the petition to show the city that this is serious.

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The Package Volume 1

“After a 2 year hiatus from the first Package web series, we’ve got back into the swing of things with this mixtape video featuring Daniel Johnson, Jack Kelly, Marnold, Jax Anderson, Lachy Swanton, Kym Grosser, Mick Bayzand, Cooper Brownlee, Frenchie, Rex Cubic, Diz, Sean Falkenstein, Luke Vandenberg, Age Barling, Luke Parker, Adrian Fox and Ben McDonald

Filmed by Cooper Brownlee, Kym Grosser, Sean Falkenstein, Jack Kelly, Lachy Swanton, Aymon Roche and Jay wilson.

Edited by Cooper Brownlee


TCU Bike Check: Caleb Quanbeck’s Stranger.

Press Rewind: Instagram Slam #5 with Mark Burnett and the Merritt Team

Hard to believe we’ve been doing these things for damn near 2 years… here’s a throwback to #5 which featured a short haired Brandon Begin, an even younger Mark Burnett (and his Mom) and Mike Brennan x up frame whipping in the mean streets of Pittsfield.

INSTAGRAM SLAM: Adam LZ and Caleb Quanbeck



Takahiro Yamashita Addiction Video

DAMN look at that feeble. This whole section is awesome but that last clip…

“Takahiro Yamashita Kill the ledge!!!
Filmed by Shuhei Max Azuma.
Edited by Shuhei Max Azuma
Addiction – addictionbmx-tokushima.blogspot.jp/”

Freedom Magazine Is Done With Print

Here’s the cover of Freedom‘s 123rd issue’s cover. With this they also announced that while they have one issue still yet to be released, after that they will no longer be publishing a print edition. This means that even just a year ago Factory Media was publishing 3 different BMX magazines but that with the death of Dig and Freedom’s print editions they are now only responsible for Ride UK, which recently got bumped down to 8 issues a year from 12.

TCU BMX 01: Penis Pole Jams & Trash Pizza

TCU TV – The Mike Hoder Interview

Having Mike Hoder on TCU TV has been quite literally a dream of mine since we first started doing these interviews. Hoder is a guy that everybody knows but that nobody really knows what to think of. If you run into him during daylight hours you might be surprised to find that Hoder is one of the nicest, kindest guys around and when he’s in the mood for it, one of the craziest BMX riders of all time. But if you catch him after hours, all bets are off. That duality is what makes him so fascinating and at least part of what has made Hoder so beloved by so many people in BMX. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… Mike Hoder.

Footage courtesy of Facad, Lotek, Animal and S&M.

Thanks to Catfish, Sam and Dylan Ambrose for co-hosting.

0:01:00: We start with Hoder’s story about stealing weed from his neighbor as a kid and selling it at school

0:04:40: Talk about when you moved from Seattle to Huntington Beach

0:08:30: When you moved back to Seattle was that when you got serious about BMX?

0:10:05: Let’s talk about your first Sponsor Me tape that got you noticed

0:13:35: Hoder talks about being the first rider on Sunday

0:15:50: We talk about his split Shook section with Davey Watson

0:18:00: Hoder talks about why he left Lotek and Sunday

0:24:25: Who were your influences to ride pegless?

0:26:00: Hoder talks about the huge gap into the bank he did in Facad

0:32:00: I ask Hoder about beefing with Sean Burns and one-upping him repeatedly back in the day

0:36:05: Hoder talks about getting kicked off Sunday and getting into smoking PCP

0:40:30: Dylan Ambrose comes on the show to talk about how Hoder got on S&M

0:43:35: Hoder talks about 360ing El Toro

0:48:00: What does BTM mean?

0:58:39: We talk about Hoder’s wallride in Philly from Animal QSS 6

1:02:00: We talk about an insane trick Hoder tried in Seattle

1:04:50: Are you the last of a dying breed of street riders?

1:08:55: What’s the drunkest you’ve ever been?

1:15:50: What’s your favorite road trip you’ve been on?

1:17:56: We talk about Hoder’s Animal video part

1:20:36: We relive the hijacking of Chris Doyle’s Nora Cup acceptance speech

1:23:23: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

OSS Spring Line 2015 Line Available Now

The new OSS line is up now on onsomeshit.com and thecomeup.bigcartel.com. Free stickers with every order and free lighters with orders over $100.

Game Of BIKE: Adam LZ vs Caleb Quanbeck

I know a lot of diehard LZ fans were let down when he got unceremoniously crushed by Stevie Churchill in their recent battle. LZ wanted a rematch but Stevie was in San Diego so I called up local mercenary Caleb Quanbeck to fill in and believe me, the sparks flew. Look for an Instagram Slam with these two to drop on Friday.

Jordan Stump’s Word “Five” Section

The 5th WORD video just premiered this past weekend, but thanks to Mankind we get a look at whats sure to be one of the best sections in the DVD. If you didn’t know what a fuckin’ boss Jordan Stump is, consider this your slap in the face. It looks like Stump worked his ass off for this section and comes through with a two song bag full of hammers. Don’t sleep on this one!

“Stump worked on this video part for two years despite the fact that many of these clips were filmed during the last two months before the video was finished. The clips speak for themselves, but if you haven’t kicked it with Stump you don’t know the half of it. He routinely handles the scariest setups while nobody around is nervous because he’s that damn good. His riding is a prime example of when natural talent meets passion and hard work; and his unwavering optimism ensures that he’s always an asset to the squad. Whether it’s filming, grinding rails, or driving his boys across the country to ride, he’s down. You’d be hard pressed to find anybody with a bad word to say about Stump, and rightfully so. He’s a hog on all fronts.”
– Word filmer/editor Tyler Rembold

Lachy Swanton Kink 2015 Video

Filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee

TCU TV – The Matthias Dandois & Alex Jumelin Interview

0:02:00: We talk about how flatland is different in Europe vs America

0:04:20: The guys talk about how much flatland has changed in the past few years

0:06:35: We talk about what happened when ESPN took flatland out of the X Games

0:09:25: Alex talks about why he started doing the Ninja Spin contest series and we talk about the flatland contest scene in Japan

0:13:10: We talk about what the flatland scene was like when Alex started riding

0:15:00: We talk about why Alex loves America so much

0:17:00: The guys rant and rave about how great Fise is

0:19:35: Alex explains how he brought Matthias up under his wing

0:25:40: They talk about the death of scuffing and how much the rules have changed

0:29:50: We talk about Matthias’ interest in riding street and how Alex is progressing at it

0:31:20: I ask what kind of person becomes a flatlander and we talk about how crazy flatland judging is

0:35:00: Is it still a big deal to steal tricks in flatland?

0:36:30: How does the flat community stay connected on The Internet?

0:38:08: Where do you see flatland in 5 years?

0:43:32: Matthias talks about how Stevie Churchill is one of his favorite flatlander and we discuss how Stevie would do in a flatland contest

0:45:25: Why does Matthias enter street contests?

0:47:15: Are there really still a million flatland tricks left to learn?

0:50:15: We talk about Alex’s relationship with Booba, one of the biggest rappers in France

0:54:00: Matthias is a judge on a TV show in France similar to America’s Got Talent

0:56:55: Matthias talks about how he got sponsored and put on in the flatland game

0:59:20: Do you consider it your duty to spread flatland around the world?

1:00:00: Who is the greatest flatlander of all time?

1:03:32: How much of an emphasis on style and speed is there in flatland?

1:05:20: Do you get dizzy all the time?

1:10:40: Alex talks about running a flatland school

1:14:26: We talk about how street riders are kind of closed minded about flatland tricks

1:18:59: What’s your daily practice schedule like?

Mat Hoffman & The Lars Ligament

I saw this pop up in my email earlier today and had I known exactly how insane it was to be, I probably wouldn’t have put off watching it for 8 hours. Here we have Mat Hoffman describing in vivid detail what it’s like to have a big hole drilled in your knee cap WITH NO ANESTHETIC. Think about how bad it hurts hitting your knee on your stem, nevermind having a Canadian doctor plunge a drill bit through it. Essential viewing. Thanks to Taj for putting all this together.

“In 1999 Mat Hoffman endured an experimental synthetic ACL replacement surgery with no anesthesia. He stayed awake while doctors drilled through six inches of bone. Story told by Mat Hoffman and illustrated by Taj Mihelich.”

Game Of BIKE: Stevie Churchill vs Adam LZ

Adam LZ wanted to film a Game Of BIKE with Stevie while he’s out here in LA and the other day I filmed them making it happen. Who do you think won? Watch this and find out…

“I’ve known Stevie for quite some time now and we actually used to play games of BIKE all the time. Stevie is one of the best riders in BMX and I’m stoked on this video regardless of how awfully I rode. I had a ton of fun and hope you guys enjoy this! I’m going to try to film a few more things while I’m out in Cali, it’s interesting out here for sure…”

TCU Bike Check: Kriss Kyle’s BSD Passenger

TCU at The Full Factory “March Madness” Jam