Fit “Holy Fit” DVD Trailer.

Here’s the trailer for the new Fit DVD, “Holy Fit”. Stew Johnson also has an interview on Defgrip where he talks about the project at length. Don’t miss the premiere this Saturday in So Cal, all the information is below:

“8/23/14 HOLY FIT Premiere
Team signing, jam and official Holy Fit Screening at:
The Building
1300 S. Lyon street
Santa Ana, CA. 92705
Jam starts at 5PM, screening at 8PM
Fit riders in attendance will be Brian Foster, Van Homan, Shawn McIntosh, Tom Dugan, Mike Aitken, Justin Inman, Dan Conway, Ben Lewis, Justin Spriet, Jordan Hango, Brandon Begin, Jared Swafford, Matt Nordstrom, Morgan Long, Troy Blair, Joel Barnett, Angie Marino and Ethan Corriere.

DVD will officially go on sale Sept 15th. There will be a limited supply of advanced copies for sale at the jam on Saturday.”

Erik Elstran vs The Rail/Ledge.

Today’s Nasty comes courtesy of Charlie Crumlish and features Erik Elstran going to war for the first clip in his split video with Jake Seeley, which is definitely worth a re-watch. He ends up tangled in the rail, dips his feet into the nearby pond but ultimately comes through with the move as the sun went down.

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Riding With DeMarcus Paul.

Volume just posted a bunch of photos that Joey Cobbs shot of DeMarcus Paul with a nice interview about the joys of pedaling around. Check that out here.

TCU Premiere: Marvin Morales Video.

Here’s a new one that Craig Passero filmed for us featuring his friend Marvin tearing it up all over Long Island. Craig’s barspins have apparently worn off on Marvin a bit since he does a ton of good ones in here in some pretty unique situations.

2 Skaters Arrested For Jumping A LOVE Park Security Guard.

Here we have some brutal footage of 2 skaters beating the shit out of a security guard at famed skate spot, LOVE Park which we’ve seen in BMX video as recently as Fiending back in June. Skating and riding has been banned at LOVE for years (I got a ticket there in 2003) and the vast majority of riders and skaters seem to have gotten the memo at some point within the past 2 decades: if you’re going to ride or skate at LOVE, be ready to take off as soon as you see a cop. Here we have 2 dumbasses who aren’t old enough to buy a lottery ticket fucking shit up for everybody by beating the shit out of a park ranger when they could have just skated off like everybody else.

Malaga Skatepark Session.

Alex Raban’s Rail Hop To Grind To Gap.

A little behind the scenes look at a clip from Alex Raban’s Ruin Your Whole Summer section along with a couple of clips that didn’t quite fit.

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NASTY MONDAYZ: Jordan Dwan’s Ledge Hop.

Press Rewind: Garrett Reynolds’ Dew Tour Downhill Street Run.

Remember that time Garrett Reynolds filmed an entire video part in a single contest run? This was just about 2 years ago, can’t wait to see it all go down again on Sunday.

Vans x Cult Video.

Cult and Vans have some new shoes dropping together, check out this dope little video promoting them featuring some riding from Dakota, Bobby Simmons, Timmy Theus and Trey Jones. Everybody kills it but you’ve got to see this tailwhip that Timmy does at the end…

“Continuing our collaboration with VANS, we were psyched to get some of the CREW together and film a quick edit in support of the shoe release…We hit some spots in Cali and had a blast doing so…Check out the ERA PRO and CHUKKA MID CULT COLORWAYS…This time around the technology has been stepped up with the DURACAP process, basically these last super long and can handle it…MORE SOON…”

There’s Another BMX Video Game Project In The Works.

So apparently there’s another BMX video game in the works, perhaps inspired by the upcoming BMX: The Game project. To be honest this one looks like shit but it’s something, right? Go here for more info.

Nigel Sylvester – Ridin’ With That Work 2

Here’s Nigel Sylvester’s sequel to last year’s Ridin’ With That Work. Featuring a guest appearance from Pharrell and production by John Hicks. This goes hard.

BMX: The Game Bike Editor Footage.

“This August and September we will show a lot of great news that we’re working on: sneak peek release, bike editor mobile edition, sneak peek mobile edition, news about the consoles versions, collaborations and agreements with BMX companies and others related to BMX, office for Barspin Studios and new team members – development and business -, support for virtual reality, and approach to the games industry. We’re really excited for all this”

Exciting. You can pre-order the game here.

RIP Robin Williams.

Every media outlet under the sun is reporting about Robin Williams’ death, but let’s take a moment to remember the time that he performed a little bit of rudimentary flatland in the 1996 film “Jack”.

Nasty Mondayz: Huge Front Flip Crash.

Mongoose Jam Street Finals.

Here’s Ride’s video of the finals from this year’s Mongoose jam:

“From beginning to end, this four minute recap of the Street Jam at the Mongoose Jam is pretty damn unreal. Opening up with Corey Martinez’s never been done half cab to ice down a rail, a front flip off a ledge, a tooth hanger-to-over ice, tailwhip to ice down a rail, more than a few wild backwards grinds, and ending with Peraza’s super clean 540 cab down a set of stairs.

“During today’s Mongoose Jam Street Competition, pros and amateurs ripped at the Block, the Plaza, and the Outdoor Street course at Camp Woodward. Riders landed tricks in all three areas, but the coolest feature was Mongoose’s custom “M” logo ramp. The Street Comp was the second event in the Mongoose Jam, and the teams showed no signs of slowing down.

Campers cheered on the teams as everyone gathered in the designated Street Comp zones each offering riders a chance to show off a variety of skills. Every team had three runs in each section – the Block, the Plaza and the Outdoor Street course. Highlights included Team Illingworth’s Corey Martinez nailing a never-been-seen-before half-cab to icepick grind at the Plaza; Team McCann’s Kyle Baldock landing a perfect front flip off an upledge at the Block; and Team Peraza’s Jeremiah Smith’s technical combinations in the Outdoor Street course, to put Team Peraza in first.

Team Wallace’s Matt Ray, an amateur camper last year, took first place in Street showcasing incredible consistency and never falling off his bike. Additionally, Mongoose team captain Kevin Peraza, out of his usual Park environment, pulled off some wild lines and placed third.

Tomorrow, Mongoose Jam wraps up with the Dirt Competition, where it will be decided which team takes home the largest portion of the $50,000 prize purse. In addition, each amateur will take home a custom, American-made Mongoose frame as well as a brand new GoPro 3+.

Continue to check out live updates at

Street Comp Top Five Individual
1. Matt Ray (Team Wallace)
2. Ben Lewis (Team Ryan)
3. Kevin Peraza (Team Peraza)
4. Corey Martinez (Team Illingworth)
5. Jeremiah Smith (Team Peraza)

Overall Standings Day Two
1. Team Peraza – 190
2. Team McCann – 160
3. Team Ryan – 160
4. Team Wallace – 150
5. Team Illingworth – 140″

Stevie Churchill & Brandon Begin When They Were 12.

This just got submitted to the OSS Facebook page. This is Stevie and Brandon riding together back when they were 12 or 13. Pretty hilarious. Watch both of their OSS web videos from a few months ago after the jump.
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Colorado Street Mix.

“Today we present you with a street mix that we put together most in Colorado with a few ABQ clips peppered in. The boys all kill it in this with near misses on smashing pedestrians to hitting moving cars in the streets. Give it a watch and thanks to all the homies who rode and killed it for the camera.

Riders -
Eddie Welsh
Joe Poisson
Dan Pederson
Gil Montoya
Derek Dial
Derek Cano
Little Johnny
Dan Neilson
Mike Meister
Alex Gonzales
Dom Roark
Paul Smith
Tammy McParty!

Music – A Cosmic Gift – Dreams of the sea”

We The People: 83.5 Hours In Vienna.

The WTP team ended up in Vienna for just a couple days but still managed to make some magic happen thanks to the ridiculous skillz of Dillon Lloyd, Moritz Nussbaumer and Ed Zunda. The thing that Dillon does at 2:45 is absolutely fucked and I’m scared to call it a half cab nollie downside whip but that’s roughly what it appears to be.

Make It Happen DVD Trailer.

Despite attending the premiere, I still haven’t managed to see more than a minute or two of Make It Happen but apparently I’ll be able to right that wrong later this week:

“Hopefully you’ve been able to get hold of a Make It Happen book and DVD over the last few months, but if not the project will be released online next week, with the book being uploaded on Tuesday 12th August and the full length video on Thursday the 15th of August. The video features Greg Illingworth, Gary Young, Ben Hennon, Kevin Kalkoff, Tammy McCarley, Paul Ryan, Maxime Charveron, Matthias Dandois, Ed Zunda, Josh Harrington, Matt Preist and Brian Kachinsky.”

Looking forward to checking this out,

Mark Mulville Covers BMX Plus.

Mark Mulville scored the cover of BMX Plus this month with a lipslide on vert.

DUB Now Available In The TCU Web Store.

Pretty hyped to announce that we are now carrying DUB in the USA! I’ve always been a fan of the brand but over the course of the past year I’ve really gotten to know Jack, Jay, Lacey and the rest of the crew and just from talking to them it became clear to me that they needed someone to push their shit over the pond. They have one of the dopest brands in BMX and one of the best teams as well. We have a lot of cool stuff in the works for the next year and this is just the start. Hit up for all your #lolweed needs.

Oh and you can pick up all the new Dub stuff from our headquarters over here at the OSS store in LA located at 127 east 5th st.

Little Girl Knocks Herself Out Riding Off A Truck.

TCU Premiere: Cult x Vans Skatepark Jam

The Chicago Instagram Slam

Brian Kachinsky: @bkachinsky
Timmy Theus: @teezus_theus
Kevin Porter: @kevinporterbmx
Trent McDaniel: @trentmcd
Alex Duleba: @alex_duleba
Matt Lough: @mattloughbmx
Dill Gossett: @lifebehindbrz
Timothy Burkhart: @timothyburkhart
Patty Rich: @patty_rich
Two Brake Tony: @twobraketony
Lil Kyle: @lil_kyle_bmx

Filmed by: @andrewbrady

Broc Raiford for ONSOMESHIT.


Daniel Dhers With A Freecoaster & Four Pegs.

TCU Premiere: Brandon Begin Merritt Video.

Song: Chris Travis – Two Minutes

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Nasty Mondayz: 360 Down Stairs Gone Terribly Wrong.

TCU Premiere: Jordan Hickey Video

Paul Pike filmed this out in Newfoundland. They were planning on making a full Summer edit but he sprained his ankle on the last clip so they decided to put these clips out and start fresh for the fall when he healed up. Shout out to Charlie Crumlish for helping hook this premiere up too.