Colt Fake’s Insane Tire Ride.

NASTY MONDAYZ: Jake Ortiz Takes It To The Ribs.

TCU Premiere: Grant Germain in Southern California

“Grant recently spent a couple weeks living, riding and of course filming with me every day around Southern California. Between 4 AM night missions and a few notorious California school yard sessions we managed to whip this up”

Shout out to the homie Chris Travis for the song, follow @kenshintravis on Instagram.

TCU Premiere: Madera DMV Trip.

Thanks a ton to Mike Hinkens for making this happen and Grant Castelluzzo for putting it all together.

10 Year Old Max Vu’s Cult Video.

Press Rewind: Connor Lodes Premium Video.

Bicyclists Who Wear Helmet Are More Likely To Get Hit By Cars.

This is a video that Buzzfeed made about the dangers of being a cyclist. Some of the numbers are kind of obvious (88% of people who die in bicycle accidents are male) but some are pretty shocking, like the fact that the average age of those who die in bicycle related deaths has been rising dramatically over the last few decades. The factoid that I assume will be the most controversial on TCU though? This claims that those who wear a helmet are actually more likely to die while riding in traffic because cars drive closer to bicyclists with helmets on. Now of course this doesn’t mean that you should stop wearing a helmet, but it’s interesting food for thought nonetheless.

Jaden Leeming “Reincarnation” Video.

Jaden is from New Zealand and he’s crazy good with a unique style. He may also have a unique knack for writing video descriptions based on this colorful paragraph:

“Featuring BMX manoeuvres, spinnin whippiin grindn fun, crashing, Shuttling, playground plaining, wax on wax off, armed offenders squad skatepark shut downs”

Press Rewind: Premium 2012 Colorado Trip

Fail: Dude 360s A 12 Stair & His Bars Fall Off.

[Re-up] Volume & Demolition Japan Trip

“Last month we went to Japan with some Demolition dudes & the help of Motocross International Distribution. We got to visit a ton of awesome shops, some amazing skateparks & street quareterpipes, and of course filmed some clips along the way for you to enjoy. Check out Broc Raiford and Alex Raban killing it along with the likes of Dennis Enarson, Tyler Fernengel, Kris Fox, & Connor Lodes. Big thanks again to Motocross International for making this trip a reality, and for taking such good care of us during our stay over there.”

TCU Premiere: Denver “Eat The Streets” Jam 2014

“So this is our first ever street jam out here in Denver CO. thrown under the ABQDNV name. I felt it was a good idea and with these type of jams popping off all over as of late why not do our own, right? So we came up with a date and got some people involved so we could have some goods to hand out and just pump everyone up. With very few snags along the way, ( cutting locks to get into the school, and beyond lazy security guard ) it turned out to be a great time.

With the success of this first one the next is being planned already and have some new sponsors lined up and cash money to give out the whole day. Keep your eyes open for dates on that around the end of the summer.

I just wanna give a huge thanks to all our sponsors, all the homies and new friends who made it out and all possible. Without them it would have never made it this big or this much fun, so to that I say thank you and see you all soon.

Main Killers of the Day -
Joe Poisson
Adrian Vigil
Adam Accardi
Tremaine Stewart
Justin Zimmerman
Derek Cano
Dustin Arp
Tammy Mccarley
Mike Meister
Nate Richter
Derek Dorame
Johnny Atencio
Ernest Peters
Devin Burks

Shotty filming by-
Mario Carrasco
Kenjoe Robbinson
Chris Cutright”

NASTY MONDAYZ: The Definitive Scorpion Grind.

Andrew White & Andrew Lettieri Are 16 And Way Too Good.

Follow both of these boys on Instagram, @andrewwhite856 and @andrewlettieri.

NASTY MONDAYZ: Curved Wallride To Head Smash

All Star Peep Game LA Session.


Shurva: The Ukranian Stevie Churchill.

UPDATE: Durrrr, this was already posted (under a different name and on a different YouTube) but whatever, we’ll let this post rock since it’s already getting a ton of traffic.

Guy Jumps Off Huge Ramp With No Landing.

NASTY MONDAYZ: Dude Smashes His Head & Loses Hair.

NASTY MONDAYZ: Kyle Walker Breaks His Leg.

Mark Burnett 2014 Web Video.

NASTY MONDAYZ: Alfredo Mancuso Kinked Rail To Knockout.

So he opened up his computer (we weren’t on wifi) and this was the first clip of himself he saw. He pressed play and her jaw just dropped. Up until that point she hadn’t realized that her new boyfriend’s hobby at least sometimes involved knocking himself out on handrails. She is now dating some golf dude with a moustache. I hope that’s working out for her.

Darryl Tocco 2014 Kink Video.

Kink BMX is proud to present a full web part from Darryl Tocco in the name of his new signature colorway for the Kink “Titan” Frame. Filmed all over North America including Austin, Dallas, Baltimore, Kitchener Ontario, Rochester and Florida. Darryl spends a heavy amount of time behind the lens and still manages to put it down in front of the lens as well…enjoy!

Guest clip by Brett Tocco

Filmed by:

Dan Coller
Jay Roe
Jake Petruchik
Aaron Smith
Christian Rigal
Devon Hutchins
Brett Tocco”

BMX Riders & Skaters Beat Up Dude With A Hammer.

I guess I spoke too soon when I said I was scraping the bottom of the barrel by posting crash clips. Here we have a fight that Isaiah Espinoza caught on camera in which a couple of BMX riders and skaters beat the shit out of some old guy with a hammer. Apparently he was drunk and fucking with all the little kids. Brutal. Yet I can’t look away.

Keith Mulligan Is No Longer With Ride BMX.

Ryan Fudger just dropped the news on the Ride BMX Instagram: Keith Mulligan, long time senior editor of Ride BMX is no longer with the company. Their statement:

“After over 18 years with the Ride family, beginning with SNAP, transitioning to TWBMX, and the last nine years at the helm of Ride, Keith Mulligan will no longer be Senior Editor of the magazine. The impact he had on the world of BMX through his work is insurmountable and he did it all with a passion, focus, and love for BMX…and he blasted doubles and roasted gaps in between deadlines. We (Jeff Zielinski, Adam Watkins, and myself) wish Keith the best with his future endeavors, as he is truly a friend and someone who we respect ’til the end. As for Ride itself, we will continue to stay dedicated to print, online, NORA Cup, and everything in between…and you can expect some more news within the coming weeks.”

A Crash Clip & Some Thoughts About Crash Clips.

Over the past few months you’ve no doubt noticed an uptick in the number of crash clips making their way onto the pages of major BMX sites, and TCU is no different. Perhaps it’s worth discussing why that is.

The most basic explanation is that they are simply in demand. Gross crashes get a lot of views. People watch them and then they share them with their friends. There’s something about watching someone nearly die that just makes you want to show someone else. In much the same way, if I saw a fight break out on the street my first reaction would be to watch intently and my second reaction would be to yell for my friends so they wouldn’t miss it. When situations arise in which injury or death seem imminent or even just possible, people affix their eyes. And since media companies are in the business of capturing eyeballs, it stands to reason that TCU would be wise to at least dabble in crash clips.

We’ve started posting more of them over the past few months and as a result my inbox is flooded with these sort of falls on a daily basis. Which is great! It helps bring in viewers and those viewers help make us money that we can then spend to pay professional videographers to create high quality content for the site. But it also forces me to face some questions which previously, I had never had to think about.

What makes a good crash? Take the above clip for instance. The first thing I can say in it’s favor is that it’s got some length to it. The riding element of the clip is only 20 seconds but it’s better than say, that tailwhip where the kid’s wheel falls off which is only 7 seconds. Ideally a good crash clip contains some context. If the rider tries something a few times, THEN falls and gets hurt, that’s good for the viewer. If he rolls around on the ground screaming for 45 seconds before the clip ends, that’s good too (it’s not good that it happened but it’s good for the viewer’s sake). This sounds kind of sadistic but it’s true; people want to feel like they have gotten to know you a little bit before they see you break your leg. It makes the whole experience a little more real to the viewer. Context is key.

Gore helps, as does hyperbole. As soon I watched “The Worst Shinner Ever” (an obvious title I thought up as soon as I saw the gash), I knew it would do well. He tries the rail a few times which lets you begin to feel like you know this guy, then he falls in such a way that it’s easy to imagine it happening to you. Relatability is a big factor in why any BMX video does well on The Internet. This 18 stair 360 attempt ended with a broken ankle but it didn’t get that many views because it doesn’t look like he broke his ankle. I had serious doubts about using the clip of Joe Weist. The resulting injury is pretty disgusting (which is why I made it the thumbnail) but the fall itself doesn’t look too bad.

Some crash clips certainly push the limits of good taste. I believe at one point a former TCU blogger posted the Stephen Murray crash which left him paralyzed (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me but it could have been). It was removed within a few hours once we became aware of the extent of Stephan’s injuries. I had serious reservations about putting out Brandon Begin’s now infamous El Toro crash just because I thought it was too gross. He really wanted to put it out so I consented and he is now known as “the guy who tried to half cab El Toro” to a lot of people, which I guess isn’t the worst thing in the world.

I try to be mindful of the fact that profiting from videos of people injuring themselves is a kind of morbid business to be in, but I can’t feel too bad since business is hardly booming. Crash clips do well on YouTube if you consider that most of them take only a minute or two to film and aren’t even edited. But the still average 20 or 30,000 views meaning that if TCU were to even send each rider a free t shirt for their trouble, posting crash clips would cease to be profitable. Yes, YouTube pays that badly.

Sometimes it helps if the rider is trying something particularly progressive or insane (Begin’s crash is a good example) but often the funniest crashes are the ones that happen when a rider is trying something incredibly simple. The video embedded above is an example of this. He appears to be merely airing the hip, which makes it even funnier when he is submerged in water for his troubles. Somehow if this were a clip of a rider 270 tailwhipping the hip I think it would be less funny. Watching someone trip while walking down the street is funny because walking down the street is easy. If someone tripped while running up a mountain it would be less funny because we all assume that running up a mountain is at least somewhat difficult. Falling while running up a mountain is excusable in a way that falling while walking down the street is not.

There is perhaps no better benefactor of this than the shirt fling kid. He is doing a trick that pretty much everyone who rides a BMX bike can do and he falls in a way that is almost impossible to imagine happening to yourself. Maybe some people have fallen like this in the past but it’s doubtful that the crash was caught on camera. The sheer unlikeliness of that clip existing in the first place is what makes it viral.

My main criticism of the video above is that the filmer stops filming too quickly. As soon as he lands in the water, it cuts out. That’s a shame because I think watching him climb out of the muck would have made the video way funnier. There are two very distinct phases within the life of every human being; wet and dry. Humans are dry most of the time and usually when you get wet, you’re ready for it. You get naked before you get in the shower. You wear clothes and carry umbrellas in case it rains. When you do something where you plan on getting really sweaty, you wear clothing specifically intended to get sweaty in. Which is why it’s so funny when this guy falls into the water. One second he’s dry riding his bike and all of a sudden he’s fucking soaked. It’s funny for the same reason a dunk tank is funny. One second you’re dry and a split second later you’re wet and it’s the funniest fucking thing in the world all because somebody threw a baseball at a little red circle. Human beings are easily amused.

My dream crash clip would be a little like the shirt fling clip but with one added bonus: dog shit. Trust me. Dog shit is hilarious. I don’t even really care what the trick is, I just want to see somebody land face first on the ground with a big pile of canine diarrhea waiting for him. Now that would be fucking funny. Hopefully if this ever happens the cameraman has the good sense to keep filming as the rider comes to grips with the fact that he has poop all over him. You spend your entire life very specifically trying to avoid getting fecal matter on your face and most people are able to make it to their death bed without ever getting so much as a smear of shit on their head. And for those who do fuck up and get some of the brown stuff on their skull (changing a diaper? anal sex? a malfunctioning toilet?), there is no reward because there is no video.

This kid will be different. If this hypothetical BMX rider ever materializes with his face encrusted in a Doberman’s dung, he will be a viral superstar. Not because of what trick he was trying, but because millions of people will want to watch the few seconds afterwards where he deals with the fact that he has made the transition from human to human with somebody else’s stool on his face. Ultimately that’s what all these crash clips are about. You watch something unfortunate and statistically improbable happen and then you get to see how that person deals with it all while silently pondering what you would do if you were in their place. I’m not denying that I’m peddling garbage by posting these sorts of things. Crash clips are about as low brow as it gets. But we’re only posting them because we know that you, the viewer, will watch them. And we’ll continue to post these them until we find that mythical dog shit crash in the sky.

This post was written by Adam22. Follow him on Facebook. If you still want to after reading this, submit your crash clips via the link on the right of the site.

[Re-up] Matt Closson 2014 Stacked Video.

The Worst Shinner Ever.

Got a nasty crash you’d like to see on the site? Send it through via the Submit link on the right and let the world cringe at your pain.

[Re-up] Mike Gray’s Haro Video.