Paul Kaoud 2015 Video

Paul is an LA local who has been coming out to our jams and riding his ass off for the last few years, check out his new video featuring some action throughout these streets.

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TCU YouTube Channel Trailer

Normally I try to retain as much control over TCU’s branding and image as possible. So when our YouTube network told us they wanted to make a trailer for our channel to use for promotional reasons, I immediately started micro-managing the project. After a couple of minutes of working on it I decided, hey, it’ll be interesting to see how our MCN views us. So here we have a 40 second introduction to the TCU YouTube engineered entirely by a professional video company who doesn’t know anything in particular about BMX. Overall I would say that they did a pretty good job. What do you think?

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Demolition Colorado Camping Trip

The Demolition crew (Tyler Fernengel, Chris Doyle, Kris Fox, Rob Wise, Matt Cordova, Connor Lodes, and Dennis Enarson) went off to Colorado for a camping trip and a lot of skatepark shredding. Mastroni filmed the shit out of it and Tyler did the biggest gap to manual ever. Amazing section, everybody check it.

Adam22 & Brandon Begin on Suicide Girls Radio

TCU TV – The Subrosa Interview

00:30 Ryan Sher introduces us to the Subrosa team
03:00 How’s the current state of BMX?
05:30 The new Shadow DVD
06:15 Ronnie Bonner
09:40 The original Subrosa team
13:30 Simone
16:30 Bobby Kanode
23:30 The Subrosa Street Rail
27:30 Gay porn & fat porn & golf
31:10 Subrosa Street Catheter
34:45 Lahsaan’s Shadow section and the Blunted DVD
40:00 Drew York
44:15 Additional Subrosa Street Rail additions that are coming out
48:00 Getting into relationships
49:45 Satan
54:00 We discuss our diets
57:30 Ditchburn and nightly beer drinking
1:02:00 Eric Bahlman
1:04:40 The Orlando scene
1:08:00 Give D
1:12:35 Snake eating at the OSS house

US Open BMX Park Video

The US Open went down in Huntington Beach and our very own Nate Richter was on hand to capture some of the action. Riders include Kevin Peraza, Tyler Fernengel, Kris Fox, Daniel Sandoval and many more.

RIP Joe McIntire

Ride PA BMX is reporting that Joe McIntire AKA Slow Joe has passed away. Joe is perhaps best known from his section in Left/Right (above), his involvement with Animal Bikes, his Shook section and his work on the Status Quo video project. I got a chance to ride with Joe a few times over the years and he was definitely a good guy who was hopelessly obsessed with street riding even if he ended up going down a bad path over the past few years. I’ll update this post when we know more.

Game Of BIKE: Brandon Begin vs Jake Seeley

Drunk 8 Year Old Scooter Kid At The Skatepark

I stumbled upon this video earlier today and while some of you might have already seen it (it’s got well over 2 million views), it was new to me. Basically it’s footage of a drunk ass 8 year old kid at a skatepark in England New Zealand and it’s a tiny bit funny but mostly just sad. I’m just going to say it because you’re all thinking it; scooters are a gateway drug.

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Zack Gerber in Daily Grind’s “Hard Times”

The Daily Grind DVD has been dropping for the past few weeks and while it will be tough to beat the excitement generated by Devon Denham eating his own shit, Zack Gerber’s absolutely insane bike tricks should do the trick.


Stephan August sent over this mixtape of him and his boys riding some scenic Cali spots.

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Mike Mastroni in Volume’s “The Finer Things”

Here’s a section that is sure to set The Internet ablaze… Mike Mastroni in Volume’s “The Finer Things” DVD which was released earlier this year. This is Mastroni’s first full length section since Football (although he’s had a few solid web edits in between) and it is unbelievably epic in every way. I got Mastroni to talk at great length about his own riding, filming and the Volume DVD as a whole for an upcoming episode of TCU TV but in the meantime watch this part a few times and marvel at this insane section.

Caleb Quanbeck Video Bike Check On His New Frame

Ambipegstreetest – Intro/Shay Lashley

Here’s the intro/first section from Damian Racut’s Ambipegstreetest DVD:

“Whenever Shay has a bike he is always down to ride. He constantly juggles between skating and riding. Nowadays he mainly skates out of convenience and cost reasons.

Physical copies of the full video available at

Press Rewind: G Sport Los Angeles Trip Video

So here’s a re-up for ya. Back in 2012 the G Sport team took a trip to LA and absolutely bodied this fine city. Even though 4 of the 5 dudes on this trip have moved on from the pro rider life, this will always be one of my favorite sections.

Van Homan
Garrett Reeves
Andrew Jackson
Dave Thompson
Randy Brown

Gremlin and Jake Coulson in Daily Grind’s “Hard Times” DVD

Our staff has been slacking on posting these sections (which sucks but at least it gives Gerber something to subtweet about). Well, better late than never, here’s Gremlin and Jake Coulson’s sections which are both pretty awesome.

Matt Barchus Brain Bash Jam & Shook Section Re-up

As you’ve probably heard, Matt Barchus has been dealing with brain cancer for a while now and his health has taken a turn for the worse. A lot of his friends are getting together to celebrate Matt’s life and raise some money to help his family. Check out a re-up of his Shook part above and check out the info about the jam below. Most importantly, keep Matt in your thoughts during these trying times.


No Jumper – The Gangsta Boo Interview

The other day I saw on Instagram that Gangsta Boo was celebrating her birthday at our local bar out here in Hollywood, Black. I figured that I would head over and somehow convince her to appear on my podcast. I rolled through with my usual crew of deviants, I got an IG photo, I swam up in her DM’s and miraculously just a few days later I had the Queen Of Memphis herself in the OSS store for an interview. I brought along Vine sensation/overall funnyman Nick Colletti as well as professional BMX rider/human compost pile Brandon Begin to assist. We ended up having an hour long conversation about not just her career but much, much more. Check the show notes below and make sure you Subscribe on SoundCloud and click here to subscribe on iTunes.

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TCU TV – The Cooper Brownlee Interview

Shout out to Eric Cupier and Wolfgang Ray for sitting in on the interview.

Click here to listen to this interview on iTunes and check us out on SoundCloud below. Thanks in advance for liking, following and subscribing on YouTube, iTunes and Soundcloud.

Also as part of the release of this podcast we wanted to hook one rider up with a prototype 20.5 Division Lanark frame. These won’t be available until October but we’ve been testing them for a while now so we know it’s tough enough for the abuse it will cop.


All you have to do is…
Follow both @divisionbrand and @thecomeupbmx on Instagram.
Repost the image and use the hashtag #lanarkframe so we can pick a winner.

Winner will be announced on September 1st.

00:30 What exactly do you do at Colony?
02:00 How street riding changed when the Animal video came out
03:10 Doing rails into grass in Australia
04:25 Josh Irvine and Clint Miller, in that order
05:40 Focal Point
08:00 Cooper’s van and spot book combo
10:15 Did it hurt the scene when the magazines fell off?
12:00 Hardcore music and zines
13:15 Cabinet making
15:00 Straight Edge and friendship
18:30 The scooter takeover of Australia
21:15 We briefly attempt and fail to get Wolfgang to talk
24:00 Park vs Street in Australia
27:00 Cooper got his bike stolen by the cops in Barcelona
29:20 What’s the sketchiest situations that you’ve been involved in when riding street?
34:00 Favorite riders to film
37:45 Filming park riding vs filming street riding
40:00 Boring vegetarianism
43:00 BMX’s generation gap
47:30 Keith Treanor
48:20 We talk about Division
50:00 Crispy Stream
51:30 Having glasses
54:15 What video projects are you working on?
56:15 What happened to Liam Fhay Hampton?

Atte Myllykoski Instagram Mix

Atte Myllykoski (or as I’m going to refer to him for the rest of my life, “Latte without the L”) is a local So Cal shredder and honorary #waterboy who is fairly prolific on Instagram. Here’s a mix of some of his finest moments over the last year.

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