We The People #RideEverything World Series.

We The People did a few street jams last year and this year they are doing 4 more in Australia, Canada, France and England. Check out all the details after the jump.
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Morgan Wade Tried To Loop Baldy Again.

Here’s a new video interview with Morgan Wade which most notably includes footage of him falling trying to loop Baldy again (you may remember that he was the first one to loop a full pipe back in the day). He also talks about wearing a helmet and knocking his teeth out.

TBR: Instruments. Selection Two.

Matt Coplon put together this dope skatepark edit featuring a lot of different FLorida locals riding some indoor parks.

“Instruments. Selection Two. The second of several edits to be released documenting what I’ve captured within our scene as well as our friends abroad on the road.
Clips span from January to August 2014 while hopping from park to park: a succession of sister edits to follow.
Clips of Spencer Foresman, Lucas Porzio, Chad Degroot, Brian Fox, Mike Sugdinis, Zachery Rogers, Aaron Simone, Aaron Behnke, Cory Foust, Eric Holladay, Mike Potoczny, Chris Arriaga, Mark Mulville, Lukas and Nathan Halahan, Jimmy Smith, Dillon Leeper, Dre Tylee, and Kent Pearson.
Check out what’s going on in Florida here: fl-bmx.com
Filmed and edited by Matt Coplon”

Chris Doyle VS The Curved Rail.

We all know Chris Doyle as one of the smoothest dirt riders around. But every now and then he fires out some street clips and at least once in a while, they don’t go so well. They show him falling on this in Doyle’s Safety First section but I had no idea how many times he fell until now. It was definitely worth it to conquer such a unique rail. Shout out to Kink for sending this through.

ONSOMESHIT August Street Jam.

I’d like to update this post with a complete list of names so feel free to shout out your homies (and what clip they did) in the comments.

Marv’s Section From The “Savour” DVD.

Here’s Marv’s section in the Savour DVD. Tons of never before seen English spots and Marv’s classic style. You can purchase the DVD here.

Double Nasty Mondayz: Dislocated Finger & Brutal Handrail Crash.

Okay so today we’ve got two Nasty Mondayz for you. The first features Dylan Thayer dislocating his finger before having it dramatically ripped back into place. The second features Dan Kruk taking a dive on a handrail in a bizarre fashion where his hands never leave the bars. Thanks to Glenn Salyers for the first [...]

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John Dye Interview.

John Dye, owner of Bicycle Union and the Volt shop out in London has an interview up on Breaks Mag where he talks about the origin of both brands, what it was like riding in London a couple decades ago and the BMX industry as a whole. Here’s a small excerpt where he talks about the BMX industry as it exists today, but make sure you read the whole thing:

“BMX as a ‘market’ – it’s pretty much impossible for small brands now. Nothing really material separates us from other brands, but its always been that way to some extent, unless you go way back. Every brand is marketed on image – always has been. I mean, obviously some people make a better product than others but that doesn’t mean that brand sells more, usually its the other way round. The brand with the better image will out sell the brand with the lesser image and better product. What i mean by better image now days is latest trends and appeals to the most people. Not the old better image which was core and DIY. Now its purely a mainstream image for 99% of big brands. We try to still be a brand who has character and still portrays things we are into, its not mainstream enough to be popular which is fine cause thats what we are.

A successful formula does exist now, if you have a lot of money or borrow to gather up all the latest teeny boppers or hard hitting superstars you can cobble a team together, put the latest wannabe Apple Mac chic on a product or advert and sell something pretty easily, now seems the less character the brand the more popular most of the time. There are many examples of this out there.”

Press Rewind: A 3 Year Old Craig Passero Video That I Really Like.

I’m in the mood to do a few Press Rewinds today so here’s the first, a 3 year old Craig Passero Stranger web video filmed before he made the move to S&M where I saw his signature frame being welded just a few days ago. Craig’s always been crazy good but this edit shows an experimental time period that occurred between his Football section and now in which he took his pegs off for a while and even rode a brake for a few weeks.

A Day In The Life Of Connor Lodes.

BMX Videographers Talk “Video Parts” VS “Web Videos”

Man in home office on telephone using computer and frowning
The first thing I thought out when I heard that Ride BMX were creating a new category for “best web video” in this year’s Nora Cup was that it was going to be really, really confusing. Fiending was released as a web video, but it features multiple sections which could be considered the best video part of the year. And there just haven’t been that many DVDs released this year. What if the web video of the year ends up being objectively better than the video part of the year? Defgrip just posted a big interview with some prominent BMX videographers where they all try to make sense of the web video vs video part discussion, and as expected, there are a ton of different opinions present, which you should go read.

One quote I found interesting comes from Mike Mastroni who isn’t happy with the face of BMX media currently:

“I personally feel like BMX has this entire problem because there’s absolutely no filter on what content is deserving to be front and center on “professional” BMX websites and what isn’t. These days every kid with a video camera and a crash clip can somehow sit right there on the front page of every single reputable BMX media outlet next to legit professional riders/videographers who have worked hard to get where they are at. It’s seriously bullshit and everyone working in BMX knows it. With that being said, I believe EVERYTHING that’s good no matter where it comes from does in fact need to be front and center, but 90% of content these days is just more more more disposable crap with the purpose of “getting it out there” and less less less time and attention to making things better. I think people are starting to realize this, but at the same time I haven’t seen any reputable outlets raise the bar yet.”

I feel what Mike is saying and we’ve discussed this topic at length in the past. Mike specifies that he feels this is a problem across the board, but do you think TCU posts too much low quality crap? My rebuttal has always been that TCU posts less now than we ever did before (we average less than 12 posts per day now versus over 20 a few years ago) and that if we only posted content from legitimate, professional BMX filmers, we would probably only post 2 or 3 things a day, which would probably upset our readers like crazy. I’ve always thought that part of TCU’s appeal is that we post professional video content and reader content side by side. Just yesterday the TCU staff discussed and agreed not to post two separate videos that featured pro BMX riders and were filmed by professional BMX filmers because we thought they were too low quality, so the discussion of what deserves to be on a popular BMX site is one we’re constantly having. If you’ve got an opinion, air it out in the comments.

An All Girl Punk Band Wrote A Song About Bone Deth.

What we have here is an all girl, self-described “cuntpunk” band named Maid Of Ace from Hastings performing their new song “Bone Deth” while riding around on BMX bikes, accompanied by some male BMX riders who I was unable to identify. Further information is still coming in but this is definitely interesting.

Aaron Smith Kink / Demolition Video.

It’s been an oddly slow today on the Internet but Kink and Demolition just dropped a banging web video from Aaron Smith making the most of New England’s street offerings with his usual style and speed. Edited by Lee Hopkins.

Joe Weist 2014 Video.

Andrew Lazaruk in California

Boyley Jam 2014.

Earlier this week we posted an Instagram clip of a guy doing a barspin with his bike dressed up as some sort of fighter pilot. Here’s the video of the entire Boyley jam which is held every year by the guys from 4Down to celebrate the life of Richard Ball AKA Boyley. Click here to watch last year’s jam.

“As ever this year’s Boyley jam was a blast. James Cox put together this rad edit of the day so everyone can share the good times. Thanks to all the sponsors and supporters and everyone who turned up to ride and have fun. Boyley Forever!”

Damian Racut Video.

You’ve probably seen Damian bonking around on the TCU and OSS Instagrams over the past couple weeks as he’s been out riding with us in LA along with Scott Marceau and David Grant. Here’s a new video that dropped on David’s Vimeo and features some insight into Damian’s mind along with some of his signature clips.

Lloyd Wright Kink Video.

Lloyd Wright is Kink‘s English tech boss and in his new edit he does a ton of insane shit without the prerequisite 4 pegs and freecoaster of the day:

“Lloyd puts his technical touch on spots from Rochester to Austin during his last visit to the States. Everything is precision and flawless as usual, all while promoting his new “Wright Tire” available now!

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco
Additional filming by Walter Pieringer and Dan Coller

THE WRIGHT TIRE: http://www.kinkbmx.com/parts/tires/wright/

Instagram Slam with Devon Smillie & The Common Crew.



Press Rewind: Texas Toast “Together We Shred” Documentary.

This 13 Year Old Girl Is Really Good At Riding Trails.

Jordy Scott is 13 and she is really, really good at riding trails. This is awesome.

Seen on Can You Dig It.

Fit “Holy Fit” DVD Trailer.

Here’s the trailer for the new Fit DVD, “Holy Fit”. Stew Johnson also has an interview on Defgrip where he talks about the project at length. Don’t miss the premiere this Saturday in So Cal, all the information is below:

“8/23/14 HOLY FIT Premiere
Team signing, jam and official Holy Fit Screening at:
The Building
1300 S. Lyon street
Santa Ana, CA. 92705
Jam starts at 5PM, screening at 8PM
Fit riders in attendance will be Brian Foster, Van Homan, Shawn McIntosh, Tom Dugan, Mike Aitken, Justin Inman, Dan Conway, Ben Lewis, Justin Spriet, Jordan Hango, Brandon Begin, Jared Swafford, Matt Nordstrom, Morgan Long, Troy Blair, Joel Barnett, Angie Marino and Ethan Corriere.

DVD will officially go on sale Sept 15th. There will be a limited supply of advanced copies for sale at the jam on Saturday.”

Erik Elstran vs The Rail/Ledge.

Today’s Nasty comes courtesy of Charlie Crumlish and features Erik Elstran going to war for the first clip in his split video with Jake Seeley, which is definitely worth a re-watch. He ends up tangled in the rail, dips his feet into the nearby pond but ultimately comes through with the move as the sun went down.

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Riding With DeMarcus Paul.

Volume just posted a bunch of photos that Joey Cobbs shot of DeMarcus Paul with a nice interview about the joys of pedaling around. Check that out here.

TCU Premiere: Marvin Morales Video.

Here’s a new one that Craig Passero filmed for us featuring his friend Marvin tearing it up all over Long Island. Craig’s barspins have apparently worn off on Marvin a bit since he does a ton of good ones in here in some pretty unique situations.

2 Skaters Arrested For Jumping A LOVE Park Security Guard.

Here we have some brutal footage of 2 skaters beating the shit out of a security guard at famed skate spot, LOVE Park which we’ve seen in BMX video as recently as Fiending back in June. Skating and riding has been banned at LOVE for years (I got a ticket there in 2003) and the vast majority of riders and skaters seem to have gotten the memo at some point within the past 2 decades: if you’re going to ride or skate at LOVE, be ready to take off as soon as you see a cop. Here we have 2 dumbasses who aren’t old enough to buy a lottery ticket fucking shit up for everybody by beating the shit out of a park ranger when they could have just skated off like everybody else.

Malaga Skatepark Session.

Alex Raban’s Rail Hop To Grind To Gap.

A little behind the scenes look at a clip from Alex Raban’s Ruin Your Whole Summer section along with a couple of clips that didn’t quite fit.

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NASTY MONDAYZ: Jordan Dwan’s Ledge Hop.

At first the Nasty Mondayz thing was just a way to tie all the crash clips we were getting submitted together for handy search purposes. But I decided that instead we would just change the second TCU YouTube channel into a Nasty Mondayz channel and expand the Nasty concept to include pulled clips as well. [...]

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Press Rewind: Garrett Reynolds’ Dew Tour Downhill Street Run.

Remember that time Garrett Reynolds filmed an entire video part in a single contest run? This was just about 2 years ago, can’t wait to see it all go down again on Sunday.