TCU TV – The Mike Mastroni Interview Part 2

00:00 Picking music for the Volume DVD
10:30 Getting Broc’s ender
15:40 Castillo
17:30 Putting the video online
22:50 How have your thoughts on filming changed between 2009 and 2014
30:00 Filming inspirations
37:40 Mastroni as a rider and filming his Volume DVD section
48:00 Richie Jackson
56:30 The new Volume video project “Volumes”
58:30 Never doing another DVD
1:00:00 Filming forever
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Nate Richter Stuck In Denver Video

Every day Nate Richter has a new hair-brained idea. The other day he decided he was going to be a full time Yelp reviewer. Then he decided he was going to run a food blog. Then it was a laundry service where he was going to charge us $5 per load to do our laundry in our own house. While he’s unlikely to win Shark Tank any time soon, Nate is a certified badass on his bike when he chooses to be. Basically all you need to know is that this section contains Nate’s curved wallride to downside ice which won him a 2 page spread in Ride and it is awesome.

“My head has a headache” – Nate Richter

Filmed and edited by Mario Carrasco

Tanner Easterla Radio Bikes Video 2015

Filmed by Matt Freiheit, Benjamin Guinn, Eric Mesta and Peter Adam. Edited by Ben McPherson.

“To celebrate the release of our 2016 Radio Complete Bike line, we are proud to drop this banger of an edit from our dude Tanner Easterla. Filmed over the course of the past year, Tanner put his pegs to use on some of the burliest rails and ledges in California. Radio Bikes is proudly distributed in the US by QBP. Look out for Tanner’s signature #NEMESIS frame, fork and bar dropping later this year.”

TCU TV – The Mike Mastroni Interview Part 1

00:00 What hats do you wear at Volume?
01:30 How did we first start working together?
05:00 The progression of Mastroni’s self filmed web videos
10:00 Driving around looking for spots to ride by yourself
16:30 Mastroni and I met via a girl we both hooked up with from Myspace
19:00 The original OSS team
20:00 Filming with dollies
22:30 Craig Passero the Boston Strangler
28:00 Realizing you’re the filmer
33:00 Realizing you can do whatever you want
40:00 Making the move to California
51:00 Denver Nugs
44:30 Getting on Volume
1:00:00 Kicking people off the team and adding riders to Volume

Miles Rogoish in Stranger’s “No Hype” DVD

Products: Mike Hoder’s Signature S&M Grips

Sometimes I have nightmares where I’m a newly hired product designer at a major BMX brand and on my first day on the job they tell me to design a new and exciting BMX grip. Okay obviously that’s not true but it seems like some pretty decent subject matter for a nightmare. What could you possibly do to set your grips apart from the already flooded marketplace? Almost every idea has been tried. Long grips. Short grips. Grips of customizable length. Grips with flanges. Grips with no flanges. Grips with flange levels somewhere in the middle. Grips in every color of the rainbow. Hard grips. Soft grips. What are you going to do to set yourself apart from in this competitive marketplace? You’re a product designer! You better think up something and you better do it fast.

When Mike Hoder designed these new signature S&M grips he may not have thought up anything terribly outlandish to separate them from the fray but nonetheless I have heard many BMX luminaries call them the best grips they’ve ever rode. It was enough to make me give them a try and sure enough, they feel amazing. S&M chose to have them made in the USA by ODI and while I’m not in the position to say that American rubber is any better than any other, the proof is in the pudding; these things feel sensational.

Julian Arteaga: Welcome To Eclat Video

Ollie Evans / Joe Jarvis Federal #SplitSeries Video

Joe Jarvis and Ollie Evans are the latest in Federal‘s ongoing #splitseries video project. These guys are both two of the best UK street riders out right now and they deal with a ton of England’s sparse street offerings in this video. Amazing job by everyone involved.

Filmed by Mike King, edited by Rich Forne to his favorite song

Stevie Churchill: Welcome To S1 Helmets

Stevie recently got added to the S1 Helmets team and while he was hurt for the introductory edit,
S-One Helmet Promo featuring Alex Donnachie, Dylan Stark & Alfredo Mancuso he managed to catch a skatepark session the other day. It just so happens that the No Ho park is one of the slipperiest parks I’ve ever been to, so if you’re ever going to wear a helmet it’s a pretty good spot to do so.

Filmed and edited by Alfredo Mancuso
Beats by Fumanbeatz (aka Charlie Crumlish)

Dan Kruk in Barcelona

Dan Kruk went to Barcelona for a month and came back with this video full of overwhelming flat ledge combos and general savagery for We The People.

12 Year Old Beats Lyme Disease; Jumps Off Roof To Celebrate

Dorian Giordano is 12 years old and has already had to endure a bitter fight with Lyme disease. We told him that once he got better he needed to film a video for us and sure enough, here it is. He just got the word from his doctor that he was in remission so he went out with Tyler Rizzi and filmed this to celebrate and the result is amazing; a 12 year old kid, thankful to be alive and well, killing it on his bike. Props to Dorian for killing it.

Team Shralp 10 Year Anniversary Jam

Team Shralp has been putting on jams and helping build skateparks for 10 years now and to celebrate, they threw a jam. This jam also acted as a benefit for Portland’s 19 future public skateparks. DIY ramps, BBQing, concrete shredding, and good times! Featuring: Lil Jon, Kc Badger, Paul Williams, Andy Merrall, GJ, Jimmy Cogan, & more. Video By: Logan Reynolds

Brighton Aint Ready 2 (Full DVD)

Featuring Dan Lacey, Stevie Churchill, Caleb Quanbeck, Anthony Perrin, Alex Kennedy, Albert Mercado, Bas Keep, Tony Hamlin, Bruno Hoffmann, Grant Castelluzzo, Shawn Mcintosh, JJ Palmere, Chris Mills, Dakota Roche, Hoang Tran, Lahsaan Kobza, Lloyd Wright, Mark Love, Matt Roe, Oli Jones, Ollie Evans, Robbo, Roy Van Kempen, Scott Ditchburn, Sean Ricany, Sean Sexton, Simone Barraco and many more.

Rest In Peace Matt Barchus

Rest in peace to Connecticut legend and all around great dude Matt Barchus who has finally ended his battle with cancer. Matt made a huge impact on a lot of people during his time on earth. We’ll update this post as we know more, but as far as I know this jam will still be going down on September 5th to raise money for his family.

Lil Wayne @ 50/50 Skatepark

The fact that Lil Wayne skateboards isn’t news but it’s still cool to see him catching a session at an indoor skatepark, especially one owned and operated by BMX rider and good friend of TCU, Ed Pollio. Wayne doesn’t land many tricks in here but Evan Hernandez makes up for it.

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Bizarre Russian Challenge Video

Kirill Sugarev is a Russian dude who runs a very strange BMX meme Instagram and who sends me stuff to post all the time. Usually I don’t know what the fuck he’s talking about to be honest, but this one caught my eye since it includes a lot of goats and some Ride To Glory-esque challenges that I found pretty entertaining. Watch all the other entries from all the other teams after the jump.

“Hug a security guard who is kicking you off the spot, change your clothes while cycling on a street, order food with a big BMX sticker on the forehead, fall off a chair on a crowded crossroad so your friend can hop over you on the bike, score a goal with a shoe kicked into a backpack and so on, to win Bmxashka’s Pedal Games and/or simply have fun with your friends who love the variety of BMX as much as you do.

This is one of the greatest Pedal Games videos and we hope you all will love it as much as we do.”

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No Jumper – The DJ Two Stacks & Nedarb Nagrom Interview

For the 8th episode of No Jumper I had two of my DJ/producer homies on for a frank discussion of just about everything from the extremely serious (mass shootings, parenthood) to the deeply immature (buttholes).

DJ Two Stacks is perhaps best known for producing both Kreayshawn’s smash hit “Gucci Gucci” as well as producing a child made up of approximately 50% her DNA. He’s an accomplished producer regardless of all that and has been making ever increasing waves with his new projects, Depressed Teenager and Snaked. Follow his Soundcloud here.

Ned is perhaps best known for the “Tears On My MPK” instrumental tape that he did with Xavier Wulf although he’s also done songs for Black Kray and various other underground celebrities. Ned hasn’t impregnated anyone yet although not for lack of trying. Follow him on Soundcloud here.

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Boyd Hilder Berlin 2015 Video

We premiered a pretty epic Boyd Hilder video a little while back but he’s back with more fire. This guy is amazing.

“Aussie all around great guy and natural shredder Boyd Hilder has spent a few days this summer in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany to film for this edit during his Australia – Europe – USA- Australia world trip! Enjoy!”

Larry Edgar on Fly Bikes

Larry Edgar isn’t off SE; he’s just on Fly for parts much like Matt Roe before him. Fly whipped up this video to welcome Larry to the team and Matt Cordova manned the camera.

Merritt – O Canada, the “In Da 6″ Promo

If this doesn’t get you hyped to watch Merritt‘s “In Da 6″ promo dropping soon, nothing will. What could be better than a GoPro taped to a taser? Some amazing riding happens in here as well, so check it out and keep an eye out for In Da 6 dropping soon.

Filmed and edited by Navaz.