TCU Webisode: Massive Albuquerque Jam

Alex Hiam & Lewis Mills – Insane Skatepark Session

“Alex Hiam was recently visited by young Lewis Mills to hang out for 5 days in Brisbane. Inbetween some heavy street sessions and on rainy days Lewis and Alex managed to conjure up a manifest of jaw dropping park footage at the Village Skatepark ( the daily Warm up spot ). This was a productive time thanks to everyone that Helped & showed us a good time – Ben Norris ( Filmer & Editor )”

TCU Webisode: Mikey Tyra Has Godly Nose Manual Powers

TCU Webisode: Breaking The Law

Matt Ray: Welcome To Subrosa Video

“We all know Matt Ray has had the skills to be Pro for a longtime now, but like anyone else, you’ve got to put time in with the team and family at Subrosa to make sure the fit is right.

We are stoked to welcome Matt Ray to our Pro team and we are excited to see what the future holds. Believe me, my man is just getting started.

-Ryan Sher

Film & Edit
Bobby Kanode

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OIDA Tape #4

Riders in order of apperiance:
Erwin Münch
Simon Pfister
Kevin Wollek
Valentin Moder
Andrija Ruzic
Tamas Nagy
Patrick Zellhofer
Georg Senger
Fran Ceko “

Dan Conway & Albert Mercado on GT

Dan Conway and Albert Mercado (who left Fit and Kink respectively over the past couple months) are now riding for GT. Sometimes in this life, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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John Stafford Stranger Co Warehouse Session

Demarcus Paul War Horse Part

13 Year Old Street Prodigy Lewis Cunningham for Animal

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TCU Webisode: Skatepark Freak Out

Dylan Stark S1 Helmets Video

Filmed and edited by Nate Richter


Oleg Ushakov Stress BMX Video

Caleb Quanbeck in Stranger “No Hype”

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TCU TV – The Ronnie Bonner Interview

Check it out on Soundcloud here.

TCU Webisode: BMX vs GOD

Village Supply Subrosa Flat Rail Jam

1st song – PARIS, $UICIDE BOY$


Thanks to David Pendleton for putting this together.

Nate’s World: BMX & Drift Cars ( Hoonigan & Stranger )

John Hicks Webisode: Xavier Live & LA Ledge Session