Kink House Driveway Session

“Take a look at a causal #KinkHouse morning warmup session outside the front of our spot in San Diego, California. Dudes get the blood flowing for the day, just steps from the crib! Shoutout to the Subrosa Rail, and Albert Mercado for lending the setup for our residence. Riding from current Kink House residents Travis Hughes, Tony Hamlin, Jacob Cable, Dan Coller, Jake Petruchik, and Ben Basford. #kinkhouse #kinkbmx”

TCU TV – The Boqer BMX Interview

Tim Knoll’s TED Talk

TCU Webisode 44: The Best Day Of My Life

Gimbals available from:

Charles Littlejohn’s Got Broads In Atlanta

Also shout out to Desiigner who has the #1 song in the country right now

Fernando Laczko Ciao Crew Video

Nate’s World: BMX With The Smallest Dog Ever

Boqer BMX meets the ONSOMESHIT Crew

TCU Webisode 43: We Pedaled Up A Mountain

Nate’s World Webisode: Girls Love BMX

TCU TV – The Kink Bikes Interview

TCU Video Bike Check: Reed Stark’s BSD Raider

Sebastian Keep Starts Tall Order Bikes

“Join me on my journey to start and run a BMX company called tall order. Documenting the whole process on YouTube i’ll be travelling overseas to look at product design and manufacturing, searching out and sponsoring talented BMX riders, introducing the team, filming projects, putting on contests and much more. It’s going to be a huge challenge and I know there’ll be highs and lows but for me the journey is the reward so lets do this. – Sebastian Keep”

Broc Raiford Pro Part

Tammy McCarley “Forever Rolling” Leftovers

Lahsaan Kobza & Mark Burnett TCU Exclusive Video

TCU Webisode 41: 15 Year Old Rides His Bike Off The Roof

Thumbnail photo shot by Tony Neyer


There are tons of great skateparks in Southern California but the Vans park in Huntington might just be our new favorite. We hit it up and had a blast with a huge crew of amazing BMX riders! We’re going to go back next week so look for another one dropping soon.

Riders: Brandon Begin, Reed Stark, Jacob Cable, Denim Cox, Connor Keating, Mikey Tyra, Josh Delcour, Dan Kruk and many more.

Simple Session 2015 Highlights

TCU TV – The Shawn Mcintosh & Reed Stark Interview

02:00 Drinking at Black
05:45 Shitty’s freestyle
06:30 Meth tales
13:00 How Shitty got into BMX
16:00 Congratulations Brian Kachinsky
21:00 Making friends as an adult
25:00 Kendama
27:30 Tetris
29:50 Ben Hucke’s Dig cover
32:00 Favorite photos
34:00 The time Reed creeped Tyler, The Creator out
38:00 Catfish is an idiot
41:00 Eskimo brother lifestyle
42:30 The state of BMX in 2016
44:30 Dan Conway off Fit
47:00 Toughest BMX pros
51:00 When Shitty met the Road Fools crew
55:00 Bit by a toucan
56:30 Shitty vs Mastroni
59:20 Freestyle session