Insane Russian DVD Trailer for “Уроды 4″

All I have to say to get you to watch this trailer for some Russian DVD that I’ve never heard of is that you get to see a guy do a footplant tailwhip where he SMASHES THE FILMER IN THE HEAD WITH HIS BACK WHEEL. I wish it was a couple seconds longer so I could make a Vine out of it. There are a bunch of other wacky clips in here as well, watch this now.

Morgan Wade’s Props Bio.

Props just released Morgan’s bio from Props 56, perhaps in relation to his recent controversial statements about web videos (immortalized by an inevitable Rodeo Peanut post). Regardless of if you like web videos and/or George Bush, there is no denying that this is a beast of a section.

Double Nasty Mondayz: Worst Leg Break Ever & Broken Frame Celebration.

This week we’ve got 2 Nasty Mondayz for you. The first features my buddy Terrell Middlebrooks with one of the worst leg breaks ever, the second features a kid breaking his frame while every kid at the trails freaks out. The first one is hard to watch and the second is quite the opposite.

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New England Jam Chowder 2014.


Nick Kearney
Jake Cormier
Jake Seeley
Mark Burnett
Denny Pescasio
Josh Pescasio
Seth Bernard (nose manual to candy bar)
Christopher Bernardo
Tyler Dadak
Maicol Monsalve
Darryl Tocco
Trey Jones
Rob Starbird

Kevin Peraza Web Video.

Kevin Peraza has an interview in the newest issue of Ride. This is a video that was filmed while he was taking the photos for that feature. He mostly rides an indoor park and a cement ditch but at the end he does some pretty crazy street tricks including a big decade down stairs and a truck over a rail.

[Re-up] Phil Jones 2014 Video.

- the manual to sprocket chunk to over in a line

- the rail hop to peg smash at 1:36

- that rollover at 2:20

- the massive drop in at 2:53

- the sideways flat rail ride to rail at 2:58

Anyway, yeah, just watch this, it’s a keeper. Shout out to Phil for letting us re-up this, if you’ve got anything you want to premiere on the TCU YouTube, don’t ever be scared to hit us up, submissions AT

Cory Nastazio Interviews Adam22 On The Nasty Show.

A few weeks ago I appeared on Cory Nastazio‘s radio show, The Nasty Show. They just sent me the file so that I could put it up on YouTube. I’m not going to attempt to chronicle the things we talked about, so give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comments.

You can listen to The Nasty Show on Dash Radio.

The TCU iPhone App Is Temporarily Unavailable For iOS 8.


Bad news: the TCU iPhone app isn’t working on iOS 8. So if you haven’t upgraded your phone yet, don’t. If you do, you’re going to have to wait for approximately a month while the app is being re-built. I know this sucks but I assure you that our mobile site isn’t too bad either. We’ve got our developer hard at work on getting it fixed and it’ll have a few new bells and whistles too. As always, thanks for all the support.

Unrelated, TCU TV will be back with new and improved episodes soon.

TCU Premiere: Scott Ditchburn Skatepark Video.

Shout out to Scott’s sponsors, Subrosa and Shadow.

Esteban Bustamante Video.

Did you ever think you’d see an FBM web video edited to a Riff Raff song? Me neither. Their Colombian rider, Esteban Bustamante kills it in this new web video though, he’s definitely figured out this whole crankslide thing and even throws a whip out of one.

“World’s First BMX Rafter Hang Drop In.”

I might have to take issue with Dustin Grice‘s title on this one because I vaguely remember seeing a clip in a Props commercial 10+ years ago of somebody (possibly from Florida) doing an air on a quarter, grabbing onto the rafters, hanging for a second and then dropping back in. Can anybody send me that clip? Either way, here we have a video of Kyle Heaser tying his bike to his body with neon green string and then hanging from some rafters and dropping into a resi.

Scotty Wemmer in ALYK’s “No Days Off”.

I’m genuinely stoked to re-watch each of these ALYK sections every day and today is no exception. Scotty Wemmer is not only in charge of much of the branding and graphic design for ALYK, but also TCU and OSS as well. He’s an unbelievably talented guy and that clearly translates into his riding as well, he may not be the most technical rider but he’s got a great eye for street spots and the gumption to deal with them.

Pete Sawyer – Welcome To Kunstform?! Video.

Here’s Pete Sawyer’s newest web video, this time introducing him to the Kunstform?! team. Pete’s smooth, Pete’s good, Pete’s always hungry… what else is there to say besides that in this video Pete manages to grind a double ledge made of rocks that I think very few people would have even attempted to lay a peg on?

Panos Manaras vs The Blue Ramps.

“Recently we change our backyard called Bogiatiland. Every year we change the course and always Bogiatiland Crew come up with something new. So we desided with Panos Manaras to film some clips for the intoduction of this place. Built your own fun. Bmxers are more than welcome. Hope to enjoy it”

Filmed and edited by Anas Mansour.

Troy Tunney in ALYK’s “No Days Off”

Troy Tunney is some kind of grind god. He’s got what is most likely the nibbliest, most technical, flat ledge oriented section in the video but it is amazing and he does a ton of absurdly cool shit. ALYK.

Gabe Brooks Has A Reality Show. Here’s The Trailer.

There’s a new reality show dropping in approximately a month that features, amongst others, Gabe Brooks. The show is called Welcome To Fairfax and here’s the description:

“On Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, a new generation of musicians, fashion designers, and entrepreneurs are at the leading edge of street culture’s massive global rise. The four-block stretch at the heart of this creative nexus has long been home to streetwear brands that are so exclusive, shoppers will camp out for days just for the opportunity to buy a one of a kind t-shirt, pair of sneakers or piece of new gear. The scene has also given rise to some of the most cutting edge rap icons while attracting some of hip-hop’s biggest stars. Now, the next generation of tastemakers are coming up on “The Block” like the emerging culture brand Just Be Cool at YOUth and the on-the-cusp underground hip-hop group, The Chill Black Guys (CBG). From all over the country, Fairfax draws a diverse group of BMXers, skateboarders, visual artists, designers, and filmmakers driven to succeed on their own terms despite their personal circumstances. A “Do It Yourself” code powers everyone while collaborations across music, fashion, art, and action sports unite the creators to build their own brands and images.

Welcome To Fairfax, premiering October 17 on Pivot.”

Updated with embedded YouTube player.

Joe Jarvis Dub Video.

Having been on something like 6 roadtrips with Jack Dub and Dan Lacey this year, I’ve gotten to hear a ton about this kid named Joe Jarvis who has been absolutely killing it all around the English countryside. I got to see some of his skills up close and personal during the Barcelona jam but some of the stuff they told me about sounds too good to be true. Here’s some video evidence, and it’s definitely shocking. Joe has some of the craziest crankslides in the game and a bunch of flat rail tricks that you’ve got to see to believe, including pegs to over smith to ice to 180. Watch this one now.

Damian Pel – Welcome To Stress BMX.

[Re-up] Dakota Roche Cultifornia Video.