Capone Rider Is Back.

Holy fuck. Long time TCU fans will remember Capone Rider. He made a 30 minute tutorial on how to make a bowl out of an apple. He posted a sex tape. He had a section in a BMXFU video. He even met me once. Well he’s back, he’s making vlogs, he has no clue how to use whatever editing program he has downloaded and he’s convinced that he not only used to be famous but that he still is. Even better, he promises more videos soon. This should be good.

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I Went To A Bikini Contest and a BMX Jam Broke Out.

One way to make a somewhat bland contest video more watchable; include a ton of b roll from a bikini contest. I spent the whole time wondering what the hell possesses an attractive woman to waste her talents on a fucking bikini contest at a BMX event but then again I haven’t spent much time […]

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Connor Lodes 2015 Video

Technically this is a seat promo but that definitely didn’t stop Connor from going in for this one. Connor is perhaps most well known for his absurd overgrinds and this video definitely delivers on that front.

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TCU Bike Check: Alfredo Mancuso’s S&M Whammo

No Jumper: The Pouya & Fat Nick Interview

They say the truth comes from the mouths of babes. Well Pouya and Fat Nick are, if nothing else, babes. Pause. These dudes are 20 years old each and they have no filter. Pretty much from the very start this conversation gravitated towards everybody’s favorite topic: sex. Most rappers keep their foul sexual tales close to their chest but Pouya and Nick happily shared many of their most graphic groupie tales with childlike glee. I’ve been a fan of their music for a while but after this interview, it was official, I’m sold, these dudes are fucking awesome. Check out the topics discussed below, check the Soundcloud player below and click here to listen to us on iTunes.

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The Street Series Snapchat Story

You guys have Snapchat, right? If so, follow immediately and upon completion of that task, click play and watch 15 minutes of BMX action that went down on the Street Series Snapchat this year.

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Press Rewind: Sombra Finding Shade

A couple months ago when we dropped the Edwin TCU TV somebody left a comment with a link to the Ells Bells classic “Finding Shade” which he put out under his Sombra imprint in the early 2000s (this version is better quality but non-embeddable). Today I got around to watching it again after having seen it approximately 5 billion times throughout my youth and it left me with a warm glow and a strong desire to go do a sprocket chunk. This was Ratboy in his prime.

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Instagram Slam at The Trails

Press Rewind: Tate Roskelley’s OSS Video

Despite the fact that this video now has almost 7 million YouTube views, we’ve actually never re-posted it on the site since it dropped roughly a year and a half ago. Only a handful of BMX related YouTube videos have more views than this section and it stands to reason that it will probably become #1 at some point in the near future. It even inspired this gif. I figure that since this week we also put out Tate’s excellent TCU TV interview it was time for a re-up. Much respect to Tate and Elf for putting this gem together.

[Re-up] Jack Kelly’s Colony Video + 4 Photos

Adam22’s BMX Update #3: Stevie Churchill Q&A

Yesterday on our way to the skatepark I surprised Stevie Churchill by busting out the Go Pro for an impromptu Q&A. Luckily he agreed to my shenanigans and filled the world in on such topics as breaking his thumb, surgery, getting his bike stolen…

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Alec Siemon – Welcome To Primo

Troy Merkle in Daily Grind’s “Hard Times”

Anybody who knows anything knows that Troy Merkle has been killing it for as long as I can remember… here’s his DG section which is light on the shit eating and heavy on the tech tricks.

Panos Manaras in The Ionian Islands

Panos Manaras took a little trip to The Ionian Islands (or so I’ve managed to glean from translating the page on which this video appeared) and did a bunch of bad ass stuff as is to be expected from this mad man.

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Dans Comp Parking Lot Jam

Dans Comp is doing it big this weekend, check out all the details below:

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TCU BMX @ The Street Series in San Francisco

Some, but not all of the riders featured (comment the names of your friends and what tricks they did below and I’ll update the list): Caleb Quanbeck, Shawn Mcintosh, Broc Raiford, Mikey Tyra, Dylan Stark, Josh Clemens, Alex Raban and many more.

TCU TV: The Tate Roskelley Interview

Listen here on iTunes and check the SoundCloud player after the jump.

3:40 How did you start out riding?
4:50 We get a surprise phone call from Matt Beringer
12:35 Talk about how you met Elf
17:45 We talk about da haterz
19:00 Would you rather film for a DVD section or for Instagram?
24:15 How do you feel about your Volume section?
27:20 Have you ever been bitten by an animal?
31:25 We talk about Tate’s career in the grocery industry
36:30 What inspires you?
39:00 Catfish talks about how he can do more tricks than Brian Kachinsky
41:40 Do you ever ride skateparks?
42:45 Guest question: How did you get the name “Tate Roskelley”?
45:00 What do you think of Erik Elstran?
47:00 We talk about Elf’s upcoming Killjoy sequel “Dollar Bet”
53:50 Let’s talk about the drifter and how you learned it
1:02:00 Fuzzy
1:06:00 Tate talks about how he can’t film more than one section at once
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#TUESDAYSATTIP 5 with Eric Lichtenberger

Adam22’s BMX Update #2: #BMXDAY in San Francisco

What a fucking week it’s been. For my second weekly update I gave Nate Richter a ride to the OSS store and on the way I discussed some topics including our trip to SF for BMX Day, the loss of a friend, Brandon Begin’s bed bug infestation and some new music you should definitely listen to.

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Matt Priest Fox Video

Fox are dropping 5 web videos throughout the rest of 2015 and here’s the first featuring the one and only Matt Priest. He broke his ankle 2/3rds of the way through this but this shit delivers either way.

“Fox Head Europe is proud to present the first of our 5 part BMX 2015 video series by cinematographer Will Evans. Part 1 features Matt Priest who has become synonymous with style in BMX. So we sent him to two of the most scenic riding cities in the world, Cape Town & Malaga. Unfortunately Matt broke his ankle right before his third trip to shoot for this video, but being as dialed as he is… we had all that we needed to finish it up. Enjoy the video and wish Matt a speedy recovery while he masters Fifa on Xbox.”