TCU TV 03: The Glenn PP Milligan Podcast.

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The other day I had Glenn PP Milligan on the show with Biz Jordan as my co-host. For those who don’t know, Glenn is one of the most accomplished filmers in the history of BMX having worked on such videos as Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Domination, Standard Country, Shutdown, Industry, Turbulence, Drop The Hammer, Writing On The Wall and many more. Glenn’s had an up close perspective on a gigantic chunk of BMX’s history and as a result this podcast is insanely informative. Anybody who listens to this is going to learn a ton about the history of street riding and BMX videography.

I’ve included a list of quotes and topics discussed below so that you can skip around if you want. Thanks a ton to anyone who listens and shares this podcast and check out our previous episodes with Stevie & Brandon Begin and Xavier Wulf if you haven’t already.

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0:43: Adam: “The first BMX video I ever cared about was Don’t Quit Your Day Job. You edited it. How did that situation unfold?”

4:22: “What was Brooklyn like back then as a BMX rider?”

6:24 “Were you conscious of the fact that you were doing something very out of the ordinary by making a video that was mostly street riding?”

7:40: “What was your first impression of Will Taubin?”

10:15: “Did you steal your first camera?”

12:45: “Who embodies the spirit of New York City street riding the most?”

14:58: “Do you remember when Edwin first started coming around?”

15:59: “The first video I ever made was called New York Hardcore back in 1990″

16:37: “What was your first impression of guys like Joe Tiseo and Ralph Sinisi?”

19:53: “DMC was a guy who came to Manhattan more than most pros. And Rick Thorne too for that matter”

23:12: “Around the time Neighborhood Superheroes came out, it almost seemed like BASE could have been what Animal ended up being”

25:15 “Was Rick Moliterno a huge dickhead?”

29:37 “Did you pretty much go straight from working for Standard to working for Ride?”

33:34: “What was an average day like for you when you first started working for Ride?”

38:21: Glenn edited the classic Ells Bells video “Shutdown”

39:50: Filming a Dave Mirra video part in 2 days for “Industry”

40:45: “People can say whatever they want about Dave Mirra. Hands down, best BMX rider of all time”

44:54: “The authenticity you get in BMX, a PR person would fucking shit themselves for”

44:59: “Were you the only videographer in Southern California for a long time?”

47:37: “You filmed with Josh Heino for Turbulence. Was he a total psycho?”

50:57: “Did you edit the most racist BMX video of all time?”

55:12: “Blackman was a guy you tried to prop up and push out there. And obviously you weren’t too happy with your experience”

56:40: “After Ride did you leave and go straight to the Nike video? Or was there something in between?” “That was Vital”

58:27: “The thing about Vital is that Vital wasn’t supposed to be what it is now”

59:47: “I guess probably your biggest contribution to the Vital brand name was The Big Big BMX Show”

1:04:27: “People are very thin skinned in BMX. Rodeo Peanut proves that on a daily basis”

1:04:48: “Can you imagine if the BMX media covered divorces or adultery?” “No”

1:07:28: “Does Spinner get a bad rap?”

1:11:40: Filming Nigel’s early Gatorade “Go All Day” web videos

1:15:00: “I’m not saying you fell out of love with BMX, but did you reach a point where you just really fell out of love with working in BMX?”

1:17:11: “There are people out there who own companies who just stay in because they don’t know where else to go. Motherfucker, it’s time to go”

1:19:05: “How the fuck are you going to be some motherfucker sitting in an office telling people who do it every day how they’re going to do it?”

1:21:03: “What are some things that you think are holding the BMX industry back?”

1:23:10: “Say BMX as a whole was a corporation and you were the CEO. What would you do to try and make BMX more popular?”

1:26:09: “What’s the most exciting thing you’ve worked on outside of BMX?”

1:26:30: “What kind of projects have you filmed with Kobe Bryant?”

1:28:40: “You probably passed the point of geeking out over BMX riders a long time ago, do you still get that way around big NBA guys?”

1:31:00: “What’s your own personal relationship with BMX now?”

1:37:24: “McGoo should be credited a lot more in BMX. He was a pretty smart dude”

1:38:12: Glenn’s advice to young BMX riders

1:40:43: “What are you most proud of that you’ve worked on in BMX?”

Flat Rail Session with Brandon Begin, Caleb Quanbeck & Vicente Candel.

BOQER123 in Barcelona.

Here it is: 30 minutes of the Boqer crew in Spain. I’ve watched 8 minutes so far and they managed to find 2 skateparks which is exactly 2 more than we managed to find there during the month we spent in Barcelona.
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Game Of BIKE – Adam Banton vs Patrick Kelly

If you want to shoot a Game Of BIKE for TCU, get in touch: submissions AT thecomeup dot com.

Music by Adam Banton, download his album “Escapism” here.

[Re-up] Jack Kelly Colony 2014 Video.


Andrew Schubert S&M Video.

“Shot throughout Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, and Edmonton, Canada between the months of February to October 2014

Filmed by
Luke Santucci
Brad Hill
Scott Grant
Isaac Barnes

Massive thanks to these guys, could not have made this happen without them.

Ty Segull – “The Hill”

Editing: Andrew Schubert

Thanks to everyone at S&M Bikes and everyone at 1664distro for the support.”

[Re-up] How To Barspin With Craig Passero.

Rail Talk DVD Part 1.

The Rail Talk DVD has reached over a million views on YouTube. What can I say, when the algorithm smiles upon you, life is good. Mario is releasing the sections one by one on his ABQ DNV channel (which you should subscribe to), here’s part 1 which is basically the intro.

[Re-up] Subrosa in Albuquerque.

2 Days In Austin With Panos Manaras.

This is the Craziest BMX Movie Trailer You Will Ever See.

Maybe it’s just me but I’m pretty sure this is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. If there indeed exists an entire movie like this, it is going to be amazing. Have you ever launched your bike off of a moving car and wallrided a street trolley? Exactly.

“The Bike Brothers” is a brand new project with Dawid Godziek that is about to show freestyle BMX from a totally different and unique perspective. Dawid who is a well-known dirt rider decided to take part in a “Hollywood style” biking movie. The effects are quite interesting.”

Extreme Wheelbarrowing.

If they’re going to let video games into X Games, why not wheelbarrowing next? The best part has got to be when all the people clap for him at the end. Skip a minute in if you want to get straight to the action.

For more non-BMX videos like this, check out our new No Jumper section.

Help get Bikes into the Santa Rosa, California Park.

They’re building a new skatepark in Santa Rosa, California (just a couple hours north of Los Angeles) and despite the involvement of BMX riders throughout the construction of the park, the council has now decided that bikes will not be allowed. Alex Raban has started an online petition to get bikes into the park. This sort of thing happens all the time but it would be awesome if TCU as a community could make a difference on this skatepark in particular. It’s frankly just unthinkable that our tax money is still being used to construct skateparks which we aren’t allowed to use. It takes two seconds, click here to sign the petition.

Everything You Need To Know About Skateboarding.

LOL. That’s all I got to say.

VIDEO: A$AP Ferg Made a Song About Riding BMX.

Mr. Green (whose beats you’ve no doubt heard in a lot of the Animal videos) made a beat using some audio he recorded of Nigel Sylvester riding and had A$AP Ferg rap over it. Ferg even made the chorus about riding. This is pretty dope. Dirt mountains. Check out Green’s description after the jump.
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ONSOMESHIT Fall 2014 Available Now.


The OSS Fall/Winter 2014 line is up now in the TCU web store and the OSS online store. After the jump check out some photos that John Hicks and our friend Nelson Park took during the filming of #PLUGPRICES which we are dropping sooner than you think.

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VIDEO: London BMX Rider Assaults Bicyclist.

This popped up yesterday and I didn’t post it because it didn’t have much steam and I didn’t want to see the guy get caught on account of a TCU Post. But it’s already got over 100,000 views and it’s been featured on at least one other BMX site, so I suppose we might as well:

“Raphael Carrondo captured the road-rage incident, which took place on Victoria Embankment, on his bike-mounted ‘GoPro’-style camera.

Mr Carrondo was trying to overtake a coach when he was undertaken by another cyclist, on a BMX.

The BMX rider kicked his front wheel, knocking him off his bike where he almost fell under the wheels of a coach.

Luckily, he escaped with only minor injuries.

Mr Carrondo writes on YouTube: “Please help me find the person in the video to bring him to justice. If you have any information that can lead to identifying the person on the video will be much appreciated.

“The incident happened in London at around 5:15 pm in front of the embankment station on Wednesday August 6th 2014. Please comment below if you have any information. Sharing the video will also help.”

Monster Speed & Style Event in Vegas.

While most of the BMX world was paying attention to what was going on in Austin this weekend, Monster held an event in Vegas that combined racing with dirt jumping and Ride put together this video from it.

VIDEO: Stevie & Begin Talk El Toro + Unseen Footage.

I also just wanted to speak on the helmet thing, since I’m sure the juxtaposition of Brandon’s crash with him talking about still not wearing a helmet will upset a lot of people. I just want to make this clear: Brandon and Stevie are just talking about their personal preference. If you wear a helmet, keep wearing a fucking helmet. If you don’t wear a helmet, definitely don’t let anyone else’s opinion stop you from starting to wear one. At the end of the day, wearing a helmet is a decision you have to make for yourself. I can’t help but feel like this video is going to set off a firestorm of controversy on the helmet issue and I just wanted to make it clear that we are not anti-helmet in any way.

The goal with TCU TV is to push the overall BMX conversation and hopefully this video does that one way or another.

Filmed and cut by John Hicks.

Garrett Reynolds vs Broc Raiford Game Of BIKE.