Is BMX Truly Limitless?

BMX constantly progresses but you would think certain tricks seem almost impossible and will never be pulled. Just take for example a 540 bar to fake nose manual, will that trick ever be pulled? or even a whip to nose manual is something i’ve never seen. I suppose a truck to nose is possible but is that something that could ever really be pulled on a true street ledge and not off a box jump lip? Basically what i’m trying to ask is do you think BMX has a limit trick wise?

Can I imagine a 540 bar to fakie nose? Not really. But 15 years ago I couldn’t have imagined a long nose manual on a flat ledge. 10 years ago I still thought manual 180s were basically impossible (I hadn’t seen anyone do them besides Joe Rich and Brian Castillo, who definitely weren’t human in my eyes). And now every 13 year old kid can do those tricks. I see people do tricks all the time that I couldn’t have imagined up until seeing them actually done.

So is BMX limitless? No, in the sense that Earth only has a finite number of days left as we know it. But for our purposes, if BMX continues to be popular for the next 200 years, do I think tricks will keep progressing? Yeah, definitely.