Can A Deaf Rider Get Sponsored?

(Def Paul. Photo by Tal Roberts via the S&M Flickr)

Yo, Adam, i got a question for you brotha. I’ve been wondering about is it possbile that deaf rider get sponors for riding? Also, being deaf, it can be have a loss balance, things in ears helps to balance but deaf, all it doesnt work. “def” Paul uses hearing aids, it might help him as well. But im 100% deaf, never use hearing aids, i’ve been riding for long time. Importantly, is there possible a deaf rider gets sponors, or companys doesnt want deaf riders?

Thanks, Adam!

Just like you said, Def Paul was the first rider to come to mind, but you’re right he’s not fully deaf and talking to him in person is pretty much just like talking to anyone else once you get used to it.

As for getting sponsored, I can’t imagine any BMX company having any serious prejudice against sponsoring a rider just because he was deaf. If a guy was good enough and cool enough to be worthy of sponsoring, nobody is going to give a shit about his hearing. Good riding is good riding.

As for whether hearing aids help or not, I don’t know but hopefully by posting this someone reading this might have some advice. Anybody?