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Question for Adam
It seems lower back pain is getting more common these days and it effects everyone(surprised to hear it that you have it as well Adam) and I know other pros and had to go through the same thing, Bruce Crisman, Ruben Alcantara, Taj Mihelich, and they found a way to ride their bikes again. My question is, what steps, exercise, surgeries etc, they had to do in order to be where they are now?

It’s definitely a huge problem for people who have been riding a long time. A lot of guys I ride with out here like Rich Hirsch and Jeff Z are constantly dealing with back pain and in Rich’s case it pretty much took him out of the pro rider picture altogether. He had back surgery and it never really got comfortable like it was before. Same deal with Taj, I know I’ve read that he can’t even bunnyhop because of his back. Ruben put out a web video recently where he said that he got braces and his back pain went away, which is pretty incredible if it’s true. Personally I definitely deal with it every day. It goes through phases, sometimes it’ll be really bad and sometimes it’ll be pretty minimal, it’s definitely always there though no matter how much I stretch, go to the chiropractor, etc. Jeff Z has got a lot of guys I ride with stretching every day before we ride though, which I definitely think makes a difference.

I have a theory that a lot of the back pain guys like us deal with is related to how illogical our bikes were built even just 10 years ago. Bars that are less than 8 inches tall are just stupid. Bunnyhopping with low ass bars is just asking for trouble. I’ve heard shops say that the Perfect Ten bars (with a whopping 10″ rise) are their best selling bars now, which tells me that even though most pro riders are still in the 8-9″ range, a lot of kids are sold on even bigger bars. Combine that with the fact that bikes used to weigh almost twice as much and it’s no wonder that so many riders are dealing with this stuff now.

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  1. Most stuff on your body repairs itself with time, take a break from riding BMX if your back is hurting. Go and swim for few hours every week, that stretches out the muscles and allows everything to slide back into place. Try and keep proper posture and work on core strength exercises. Make sure you warm up before riding and stretch, also varying the type of riding you do will help.

    The jury is out on massively high bars as an option to sort out back pain, there is a level when the extra height is a disadvantage as you have to use your back muscles more to hop as your arms are no longer in the correct extension-position to be of any use. A lighter bike however is an obvious advantage to reducing the mileage on the whole of the body.

    Surgery should be the very last option ever, fusing vertebrate and removing disks is permanent and dangerous.

  2. Yo! Just thought I'd add something here, back pain sucks and two things helped me out..
    A proper sports physio gave me really subtle exercises to do, as riding BMX for 15 years made my muscles in my back develop in a weird way, that was good and affordable.
    Also, I recently had a trapped nerve which made my left side from waist down cramp up for weeks on end, I couldn't even drive with that fucker, the best thing for that was an inversion table by teeter hang ups for 15 minutes a day.
    I now use that once a week and I'm pretty much good to go. Hope this helps, I know backs can be a killer so I just thought I'd drop this and hopefully it helps somebody. Peace!

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