Thomas Hancock’s Last Session.

Trent McDaniel off Country Bikes

As seen on Trent’s Facebook:

As for 2012 I will no longer be riding for country bikes. I wanna thank torsten and matt for everything the past year and a half. Good times and good people!

A Day With Kevin Porter.

KP is a recent So Cal convert and here he gets some riding in (his manual/barspin/toboggan manual game is ever evolving), drinks some coffee and hits a few companies up for some free gear.

How To Ice 180 With Aaron Smith.

Fitzy Video.

Fitzy is the newest rider on the Loot team.

Rob Wise & Dave Thompson Drop By We Are One

The weather has been kind of shit lately so Rob Wise,Dave Thompson and myself stopped by We Are One for a quick session. Stoked to see Rob back on the bike after breaking his hip filming for his KillJoy section last fall.“- Sunsets & Sodas

Nick Verdoni Edit

I’m so into this edit. I’ve never heard of this kid, and after getting 100+ Oven submissions, I assumed it was another one. I couldn’t have been more wrong. What a pleasant surprise.

T.K. Billups Late Summer

I suspect this was sent in to be on The Oven (since it’s 4 months old), but I think he’s got what it takes for the front page.

Subrosa Matte Army Green Print Advertisement

Hey people, Here’s Subrosa Brand’s latest print ad from Ride UK. It features our Matte Army Green aftermarket products which are available now.“- Subrosa

Fly Tierra Line Promo

Fly just released this fun edit of Kevin Porter to promote the 2012 version of his Tierra frame.

Drew Hosselton Lotek Video.

Oh he’s also a new member of the Lotek team, congrats man!

Now might be a good time to go back and watch Drew’s Volume pro section.

Macneil Vegas Trip/New Print Ad.

After the jump check out a new print ad featuring Andrew Lazaruk.
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Jared Washington Bike Check.

Part time plastic peg convert, Jared Washington has a bike check up over on Animal.

Trenton Culver Welcome to Entrikit Brand Edit

Trenton hammers out some solid stuff for his Entrikit Brand welcome edit. Is it a song jack if it’s a cover of a previously used song?

Joe Dodd Leaf Edit

This edit was originally intended to go on a DVD, but for whatever reason, that plan was abandoned. Joe put 3.5 years of effort into this, which is pretty intense.

Markus Manninen Welcome to Felt bikes Edit

Markus Manninen is the newest name of the Felt team roster. Here’s the edit he made to kick it all off.

Filip Strbad Winter Warehouse Edit

It gets really, really cold in Croatia. Lucky for Filip Strbad, he has a full warehouse at his disposal to escape the harsh winters. Check out his latest Shadow edit for some chill moves and stylish riding.“- Shadow

Vans Orlando Closing Video

Yeah, I know we already posted a Vans Last Session edit, but while that one focused mostly on the locals, this is made up of a night before private session with the pros that came in to town and their riding on the final session. It also has a ton of angles of that wild transfer Scotty did as first seen on Cottle’s Twitvid, and then on the other edit.

Beast Mode: Lotta Heat

Here’s a street mix edit from a bunch of Atlanta area riders, including the recently transplanted Devon Smillie.

Nathan Williams Bike Check.

Yesterday United posted Nathan’s section from last year’s “This Is United” and today we have a fresh bike check from the man himself.